Book 2 Chapter 33 - Classified As Heaven’s Core

“Old Xiao, don’t be so impatient.” Vice Principal Xia nodded. He looked at him and said, “The more convincing it seems, the greater the importance we need to attach to it. Those on your end, aside from you, has anyone else noticed anything?”

“No.” The agitation on the chubby old lecturer’s face decreased, but his voice was still fretful. “Apart from I, Xiao Mingxuan, who else would be so interested in these new students’ detailed information?”

After a slight pause, he then thought of something else, adding, “However, Old Luo has already come into contact with Lin Xi, moreover even personally chose a watchman, which is why he should have already discovered what is strange about Lin Xi as well.”

“That means we should be the only three who know about this.” Vice Principal Xia chuckled. “It’s not a big deal, I’ll look for Old Luo in a bit. I will assign some people to revise everything regarding him before passing his information into your Milky Way Hall. The degree of confidentiality of this matter, will be Heaven’s Core Level.”

Only then did the fat old lecturer Xiao Mingxuan nod in satisfaction, calming down.

After a slight pause, feeling like there didn’t seem to be much else to talk about, he prepared to leave. However, after walking out just two steps, he suddenly paused again, turning around to look at the quiet thinking Vice Principal Xia, “Since he has this type of talent, together with the fact that he might not necessarily be able to become a Windstalker, why don’t we just directly make him a Braveslayer, stop having him waste time with archery.”

“Who says that he can only become a Braveslayer and not a Windstalker?” Vice Principal Xia spoke out in opposition for the first time. Under the twilight glow, he looked at Xiao Mingxuan in a profound manner, saying, “Even though his soul force aptitude isn’t outstanding… do not forget, that bow, when facing others at the same cultivation level, the power he can display won’t be lower than a Windstalker with Bian Linghan’s talent. His soul force density should also support him in this endeavor. Apart from Braveslayer and Windstalker, he might reach even greater heights.”

Xiao Mingxuan’s bloated figure trembled again. He suddenly turned around, a bit unable to control himself. “Don’t tell me you think he has the chance of becoming a wargod like Principal Zhang?! …however, that bow…”

“As a living person, we will always hold onto a bit of hope.” Vice Principal Xia looked at Xiao Mingxuan in a rather proud manner. “Old Xiao, you’ve been a member of our academy for so long, when have you ever seen us not even try to retrieve the things we lose? Correct, that bow has been lost in the hands of that man, but out of fear that we might assassinate and seize it, he hasn’t dared show himself anywhere near Tangcang Empire’s borders. Because of a bow, a great general has been filled with fear, not daring to approach the borders… by leaving this bow in his hands, we have suppressed him for ten years. For us, this isn’t something completely intolerable. This bow… it is just that it is not time yet. When the time comes, we will naturally seize it back.”

The peak Vice Principal Xia and Xiao Mingxuan had this conversation on, was called Heaven’s Core Peak.

Ever since that middle-aged uncle established unimaginable glory, seizing great mountains and rivers for Yunqin Empire, becoming Principal Zhang, this peak became a place only thirteen people could enter.

He didn’t care about privilege, but he cared about reverence.

Faith made one resolute, reverence bound the person. He used his own way of thinking to alter this Green Luan Academy, also altering the way many people looked at this world… however, as many people aged, as many people passed away, together with his own departure, right now, in Green Luan Academy, there were only four people who could enter this peak.

Heaven’s Core Level, this was the highest level of authority and access privilege. This was to say, this special aptitude that was detected in Lin Xi’s body, in all of Green Luan Academy, it would only be known by four people.

Not long after Principal Xia and Xiao Mingxuan’s conversation ended, the lecturers in the new student training valley underwent some slight adjustments. There were some lecturers who left the training valley, either heading to the other areas in Green Luan Academy or leaving Green Luan Academy to accompany some students in their practical training. Because these adjustments were extremely slight, moreover within a reasonable scope, it didn’t draw any attention.

The only one who had an inherent sensitivity to a bit of scattered data, possibly discovering that these lecturers had all previously come into contact with Lin Xi in the training valley, was Xiao Mingxuan, someone who was one of the four to begin with.

Xiao Mingxuan who had never set foot into the battlefield had previously been designated by Principal Zhang as one of the thirteen individuals who could step into Heaven’s Core. Apart from the many unknown contributions he made and his absolute loyalty to the academy, there was another important reason, which was his talent.

According to Principal Zhang’s judgment, if Xiao Mingxuan wasn’t in Ailao Peak’s rear mountains serving as the main brain of the Milky Way, he could still take over the role of Yunqin Empire’s vice head, someone who overlooked all of the eight sectors’ sector chiefs.

No one would question the appropriateness of Principal Zhang’s judgment, because if he said Xiao Mingxuan could become the empire’s vice head, as long as he formally proposed it, Xiao Mingxuan would quickly truly sit on the empire’s vice head position. Meanwhile, whenever he deemed someone worthy of trust, then that person would be truly worthy of trust. This was something that had never been wrong in the past sixty years’ test of time.

Meanwhile, this Xiao Mingxuan who had the ability to serve as vice head, his judgment from all of the data and experience he had accumulated, was that any matter, if one wanted to maintain an absolute level of secrecy, there was only one way, which was for all those who came into contact with the information to die. Since there was no way he could make all those who came into contact with it die, there was no way of making an airtight wall, if he didn’t want this to be discovered by others, then there was only truly recording it, tampering with it a bit, and then deliberately misleading others. This way, even those who came in contact with the truth would produce incorrect judgments with his guidance.


“One more five emblem withdrawal and I can exchange for a course point, seems like I really must be a bit more careful…”

That day, before he began his meditation cultivation, Lin Xi, who had once again tormented himself until his entire body was aching, unable to even lift a finger, thought this to himself. Meanwhile, he had no idea that even though no one in this world knew his and Principal Zhang’s true secrets, those powerful individuals in Ailao rear mountains, through the comparison between fine details, already discovered his ‘two bowls’ aptitude. Moreover, from this day forth, many things regarding him would be faithfully recorded, but some things would instead be tampered with by Xiao Mingxuan through his unique methods. His special aptitude, in Green Luan Academy, would forever only be known by four people.

The academy’s sequence of processes would always be that fast and efficient.


Only, the night Lin Xi began meditation cultivation, a ‘General Merit’ level piece of information already entered Xu Shengmo’s hands. “Braveslayer candidate? … Lin Xi actually has the talent in becoming a Braveslayer?” When he undid the flame lacquer sealed small sheepskin scroll, Xu Shengmo’s brows furrowed slightly, but the expression on his face didn’t change that much. However, a bit of a haze suddenly flashed past the depths of his eyes.

After silently tossing this small sheepskin scroll into the furnace in front of him, watching as this small sheepskin scroll was completely burned into a type of strange ashes, sticking to the red charcoal, the exceptionally ice-cold, smooth, and fair-skinned Xu Shengmo suddenly couldn’t help but release a smile of ridicule.

He, Tong Wei, and Xia Zhiqiu weren’t the same type of people at all. However, right now, just like the ashes left by this small sheepskin scroll and the charcoal, merging together in a strange manner… regardless of the difference in opinions and way of looking at this empire, at this world, didn’t they still have to shoulder the same mission? This really was a bit too ironic.

Almost at the same time, a small sheepskin scroll recording the same contents entered Mu Qing’s hands.

“A Braveslayer with an aptitude of two? Lin Xi, seems like you really are quite special.”

The instant she saw these contents, an expression that seemed a bit between laughter and tears immediately appeared on this outwardly mediocre female lecturer’s face.

While tossing this small sheepskin scroll into the furnace, this female lecturer’s eyes stopped over a letter that was already opened before her.

On the ordinary waxen yellow paper, there were gentle and beautiful words written in an extremely careful and neat manner: To my beloved son Lin Xi.

Even though she hadn’t read the contents of this letter, just from the handwriting alone, she could already picture how warm, caring, and compassionate the woman who wrote this was.

This letter, if it was through normal postal speed, it would take another five days before it would reach Green Luan Academy, but because the academy just happened to have some people hurrying back from Dragon Snake Border Army, this letter arrived a few days ahead of time. When she thought about how this youngster from Deerwood Town would feel when he received this letter tomorrow, a beautiful smile appeared on the corners of Mu Qing’s lips.

Early the next morning, the lively Lin Xi still walked out together with Tang Ke, Bian Linghan, Hua Jiyue, and Li Kaiyun from Self Defense Freshman Dormitory.

For Lin Xi, today’s Toxicology elective course was one that tested one’s patience, observation skills, and memory, this type of overcautious and unimaginative class. As long as he didn’t make any mistakes, properly waited for the course to end, then he would obtain two points. However, what immediately filled the faces of all of these new students who walked out from Self Defense Freshman Dormitory with shock, was that there were two black-robed lecturers standing outside the Self Defense Freshman Dormitory in the first glimmer of dawn.

Standing outside the entrance was Lecturer Mu Qing, while standing next to a cliff not far from a silverthread zipline, was their strict Martial Skills course lecturer Xu Shengmo.

“Your family sent you a letter. Because the academy just happened to have someone returning from Dragon Snake Mountains, this letter arrived a few days early.” Without wasting much words, Mu Qing gently gestured towards Lin Xi, calling him over, and then produced a letter from Deerwood Town, placing it into Lin Xi’s hands.

Lin Xi was first stunned, and then he lowered his head slightly to look at the gentle and graceful handwriting on the waxen yellow paper’s cover. He immediately became momentarily stumped for words, staring blankly for a long time.

Sometimes, he felt like the heavens were cruel for him who had never experienced much love and affection to be thrown into this completely different world. However, sometimes, he felt like the heavens were benevolent and fair. Right now, in particular, he even more clearly felt what was called happiness spreading through his heart, experiencing that in this world, it was what he truly cared about.

“Pops, mom, old sis, what are you all doing now?” In his mind, he couldn’t hold back the different scenes of Deerwood Town from pouring into his mind. This letter written on the waxen yellow paper, right now, completely filled his heart.

“Read it when you have some time later.” The corners of Mu Qing’s lips were slightly curled upwards, warmly looking at Lin Xi while reminding, “Lecturer Xu is still waiting for you over there.”

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