Book 13 Chapter 15 - Youngsters Walking Along the Front Lines

The battle situation in South Tomb Province became more tense and bitter by the day.

The military department established in Rudong City was equivalent to the brain of half the front line’s troops. Many military intelligence related to the back lines gathered here, and then military orders would leave from this place one after another, directing the transferring of the reserve army as well as the transferring of soldiers from even further back.

Right now, all types of military orders were released from the military department, now already three times as many as usual.

Since many pieces of military intelligence were time sensitive, within some places, there wasn’t time to set up a military sand table at all.

Military Strategy Division’s Military Governor Cao Zheng looked at the chubby youngster standing beneath him. He rubbed his temples that had already begun to feel a bit of pain because of great anxiety and prolonged exhaustion. His brows furrowed as he said, “You are saying that there is a problem with this military order 6734? Where is there an issue?”

The chubby youngster replied with a respectful voice, “It clashes with military order 6595… order 6595 has already ordered that troop to carry out a rapid advance towards Shrine Horse Town. Even though that troop should be there right now, order 6734 has ordered it to carry out another five days of rapid advance… this is something that this troop definitely cannot do, there is no way they can reach the location designated by this order within the time limit. That troop’s original task was to receive a provisions escort army. There might be some small Great Mang troops who might appear along the way, so if this troop cannot reach that region within the time frame, that provisions escort army will be in great danger. While on their itinerary, they will have to give new military orders and make adjustments.”

Cao Zheng’s brows were slowly raised, a bit of a shocked expression appearing within his grave and stern eyes. In this type of situation where the battle situation was extremely tense, where there wasn’t even time to make a sand table to simulate the battles, some errors in the transferring of small troops were unavoidable. In the statistics of the Military Department, when the percentage of mistakes didn’t exceed five percent, then it meant that the one in charge of overlooking the command hierarchy was already extremely competent.

The war now already changed all of Yunqin, already changing from the initial southern expedition revenge of a powerful country to a great battle related to Yunqin’s life and death. That was why now, in Rudong City’s entire Military Department, the various divisions gathered all of the elites of elites from the military, the most intelligent individuals and the most famous generals, which would inevitably push the percentage of errors even lower. This chubby youngster was only transferred over a few days ago, merely in charge of some quick final checks of wording errors for ordinary military orders in the Military Strategy Division, checking if they might cause any misunderstandings, this type of odd jobs young officer. After the continuous bustling matters, Cao Zheng didn’t even pay attention to his name, never expecting that this type of ‘odd jobs’ member could keenly sense the connection between these two military orders among countless other military orders, noticing a mistake from this.

“What is your name?” Cao Zheng looked at this young chubby official who looked a bit uncomfortable and cautious, not first giving an answer, only asking, “These military orders that passed through your hands, you could remember them all clearly?”

The young chubby official said in a reserved manner, “I am Meng Bai… not all of them, but I can remember most of them.”

“What are the contents of military order 6624?” Cao Zheng’s gaze moved slightly, randomly asking.

The young chubby official rubbed his fair and round hands together out of habit, a bit nervous, but still immediately said, “It is an order related to the transferring of military horses.”

“Excellent. In a bit, have Government Sector’s people send your background to me.” A hint of an expression of pleasant surprise flashed past Cao Zheng’s eyes, but his face still remained calm and stern. He slowly said, “From today onwards, you will be transferred to me, I will put you in charge of some military orders matters.”

To be directly transferred from an odd jobs position to working directly under a big shot was naturally something that would skyrocket one’s career. However, the young chubby official’s expression remained normal, not showing any special joy, only still retaining a cautious and respectful stance, bowing and accepting the orders.

Where South Order Province and South Tomb Province intercepted, on a desolate slope not far outside the fort, the black metal light armor a young military officer wore was wiped until it was shiny. While looking at the clear and barren wasteland and the distant visible Thousand Sunset Mountains, his sharp brows furrowed slightly as he said, “His majesty’s actions are naturally giving Great General Gu the greatest support, but once the three provinces behind South Tomb Province become completely empty, it is undoubtedly just like propping Great General Gu on a stick to be roasted, not giving him any way out, leaving him with no choice but to fight to the death in South Tomb Province.”

“There is no point in thinking about these things now. If we can win this battle, at the very least, it doesn’t need to be constantly dragged on anymore.” A black-armored high ranking military officer next to this young officer turned around to give him a look, saying in advice, “It’s better if you don’t speak these types of complaints in the military. Other than affecting morale, it doesn’t have any use.”

This black-armored young officer had an ordinary build, to the extent where he even looked a bit weak and thin. However, his gaze was resolute, his face having a type of iron-blooded divine radiance of devotion. This was precisely another good friend of Lin Xi’s, Li Kaiyun.

The young officer was surnamed Fang, given name a single Du character, a Thunder Academy student.

Even though Thunder Academy, under the emperor’s will, was always at odds with Green Luan Academy, in the military’s front lines, especially in the lower ranks, they naturally didn’t care about their background, so this didn’t stop these hot-blooded youngsters from becoming good friends.

“I naturally wouldn’t say this type of thing in the military.” Fang Du’s mood was clearly more vexed than usual, but he seemed extremely accepting of Li Kaiyun. After releasing a low snort, he nodded, thought for a bit longer, and then said seriously, “Kaiyun, I want to be transferred to Meteor City. If I cannot, then those cities near Meteor City are also fine.”

Li Kaiyun turned around, patting this young officer’s shoulder, shaking his head and saying, “Are you fearing that if you were by the edge of this great battle, that even if you want to sacrifice your life for the empire, you might not be able to exert yourself? If this really is what you are thinking, then there is no need to leave this place at all.”

Fang Du stared blankly. “Why?”

“Meteor City is obviously a city Wenren Cangyue must attack, because Meteor City is the greatest stronghold in all of South Tomb Province. The military equipment and provisions of other cities for the front lines also all have to go through Meteor City. Once Meteor City is taken down, all of South Tomb Province will collapse. However, Wenren Cangyue doesn’t have several times Yunqin’s military strength, so how could he possibly really plow through cities one by one? In the current situation, as long as a few more cities and strongholds are taken down, Great Mang’s army could begin its penetration, he will definitely try to further cut off supply from our rear lines. The troops who are being transferred from the back are all rearguards, some of them individuals who haven’t received enough training. Their numbers aren’t few, but there is a problem with their fighting strength.” Li Kaiyun explained calmly, “There is still a chance of Great Mang’s army dividing up into several parts. If this happens, he will definitely use the consumption of some troops to isolate certain regions, to the extent where he might not even hesitate to pay the price to take down some places, completely enclosing them before bringing them down.”

Fang Du’s brows furrowed, coldly saying, “That place could only be Meteor City.”

Li Kaiyun nodded. He looked at him, saying with a chuckle. “Where we are right now is also a place extremely suitable for Great Mang’s later waves of attacks. Moreover, there are several southern major paths behind us.”

Fang Du suddenly turned around, looking at the stronghold and some places even further out. “That is why you are saying that as timing would have it, where we are right now might also become one of the major battlefields?”

“At the very least, it is a crucial place. If the final result of Meteor City’s front lines is a fruit on a tree, then where we are is at least one of the main roots that supply this tree.” Li Kaiyun took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. “That is why by remaining here, the only thing we have to worry about is if we will still be able to keep our lives after all of this, there is no need to worry about a lack of fighting at all.”

Towards an extremely great military campaign, there are some places that could either be attacked or avoided. The enemy might attack these places, but they might also move around it. However, there are some places that were like the throats of both armies, places where there would inevitably be bloodiness. Fang Du was also an outstanding officer, previously just a bit blinded from his tunnel vision. Now that he and Li Kaiyun began to chat like this, he suddenly woke up. When he thought about some military transferring and orders that were passed down during these past few days, he quickly understood that this region that seemed calm right now might very well quickly become a major area of conflict. As such, he became excited and nervous, a bit unable to stay still. He patted his bottom and stood up, saying to Li Kayun. “You worked hard today, rest a bit longer. I am going to return to camp and take a look, those brats really are a bit too slow.”

“Brats! I only ordered you all to dig some gutters and wave your iron shovels, yet you are so slow. When the time comes to have all of you brandish your blades to cut down enemies, wouldn’t your arms and legs be even softer?”

“Show me some spirit, hurry up! You all should think a bit for yourselves! Right now, our brothers in other places are hacking down men and being hacked down by men. If you all don’t dig a bit deeper, how can you all hack down more Great Mang bastards in revenge for our brothers?!”


Crude shouts continuously sounded from the barracks’ surroundings.

When he heard Fang Du’s shouting and curses, as well as the shouts of replies from some soldiers, Li Kaiyun also released a weary chuckle.

His mood was heavy.

To still be able to wantonly laugh and curse at this type of time could only prove his maturity.

Now, he had already become a seasoned soldier, a high ranking officer with sharp intuition. This was especially after Jadefall City and the events that took place then, these things even more so making him and some other youngsters become more mature.

Only, it already wasn’t some advanced studies he was undergoing, but true war. Even in Jadefall City, that period of time, they still had large numbers of teachers involved in some higher level battles, still protecting all of them. Meanwhile now, after the academy’s changes, these youngsters already became part of the academy’s main force. In this type of battle, the only ones they could rely on were themselves.

However, what made his heart heavy wasn’t the war situation in South Tomb Province, it was some more distant things… Currently, the academy has already begun to arrange for youngsters like him to enter the military and the royal court. With the academy’s abilities, during this type of chaos, arranging for some students to become some officials in various sectors was naturally an extremely easy task. However, the future investigations from Central Continent’s influential figures and Imperial City will naturally detect them as well.

The past extremely innocent Li Kaiyun wouldn’t necessarily be able to understand such a deeply rooted reasoning, but now, not only did Li Kaiyun understand that this was the academy’s retaliation. The academy would use some of the royal court and other powers of this world. Li Kaiyun could also vaguely sense that some internal battles and great changes within Yunqin involving Green Luan Academy might also quickly arrive once Central Continent City and some influential figures discovered the academy’s interference and other actions.

More than ten days ago, Li Kaiyun already continuously carried out several military tasks, his performance quickly reaching the level Lin Xi displayed during his ime in Sheep Point Field Patrol Army[1], quickly changing the attitudes of the soldiers here from that of distrust to extreme trust. Since his body was indeed already extremely weary, he didn’t think too much anymore either, lying down on this slope, closing his eyes, and then taking a relaxed nap.

While half -asleep, he vaguely heard some carriage sounds. He didn’t display any alarm either, knowing that this was a Yunqin troop carrying military equipment that was passing by today. It would remain in this stronghold he was in briefly, unloading a batch of military equipment that would strengthen the strength of this fort. He first stretched his body again and then rubbed his eyes, turning around and looking towards the fort behind him in a calm and unhurried manner.

That fleet was still quite far from the fort, the faces of the people inside this fleet still not clear within his view. However, when his eyes swept over the face of one person in that fleet, even if it was just a blurry outline, his heart already began to pound uncontrollably.

1. B8C3 

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