Book 13 Chapter 13 - Those Who Deceive and Those Who Are Truly Virtuous

Wind blew the golden grains of sand, gently pattering against even more golden thick armor, sliding along some complex and detailed patterns and piling up.

However, even after piling up for a long time, it still couldn’t cover the golden armor.

It was because this armor was covering giant white elephants.

These massive Tangcang divine elephants, even after they died and fell, they gave off a shocking presence.

Lin Xi stood beside one of these elephant corpses on the side that blocked the wind, carefully examining a piece of soap in his hands.

Ha wass currently in the empire’s very western extremity, now even more so in Sanskrit Passage, strictly speaking already outside of Yunqin Empire, standing in Tangcang Ancient Country’s territory, seemingly already far away from Central Continent City, South Tomb Province and those other places where great changes took place. However, sources of information from Green Luan Academy, Grand Secretary Zhou and Auspicious Virtue, these three sides, continued to keep him tightly connected to this empire, allowing him to know about the great events that were currently happening and those that were about to happen in this empire.

Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan were both standing behind Lin Xi. When she saw Lin Xi crush that soap in his hands into powder, only then did Gao Yanan ask, “What kind of new information is there?”

“This time, it is mainly Zhantai Qiantang[1] and Nangong Weiyang who wanted to tell me some things.” Lin Xi replied, but then said some nonsense in a bit of an embarrassed manner. “It really is a bit of a pity that I am not in Central Continent City.”

Bian Linghan was also someone who understood Lin Xi’s nature well. When she heard Lin Xi say this, she immediately released a light snort. “You are definitely feeling like there are so many changes taking place in Central Continent City, so much brilliance happening, yet you couldn’t personally experience it.”

“At this type of time… Central Continent City is indeed most like the ruffians’ lakes and rivers I have imagined, a type of feeling that normally cannot be experienced… it truly is fascinating.” Lin Xi nodded his head, revealing a smile. “However, there is another reason, which is that I have never seen this world’s most majestic city, so this ruffian aura is even stronger.”

“That is indeed quite the large and spectacular city.” Gao Yanan who had been to Central Continent City more than once nodded. She thought about the current changes that were taking place, suddenly becoming a bit silent.

“Zhantai Qiantang and Nangong Weiyang have thought about things faster than me, and are even more daring than I imagined.” Lin Xi gave Gao Yanan a look, saying, “For the sake of finding enough craftsmen and some other useful personnel, they directly broke into great prisons in Judicial Sector one after another, directly seizing the people they wanted from the prisons… They actually directly broke into the prisons during the Imperial City’s chaos.”

Gao Yanan’s pretty eyelashes moved slightly. She actually didn’t feel a bit of shock either, saying, “Nangong Weiyang is just like a young Li Ku, someone who would do what they thought of without any reservations, just that she is more involved in the secular world than Li Ku[2], understanding how to make use of some resources more. I reckon Li Ku’s death will also bring her a bit of useful experience.”

Lin Xi looked at the two of them and said, “Actually, the most important thing isn’t that her and Zhantai Qiantang successfully broke into the prisons, the biggest matter is that she took advantage of the chaos to enter True Dragon Mountain.”

Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan were both stupefied.

“Even though they encountered a True Dragon Guard who didn’t pass away yet in True Dragon Mountain, there was even that emperor’s Shadow Sacred Expert who chased over so she couldn’t stay in True Dragon Mountain for too long, yet she still discovered a True Dragon Mountain[3] secret.” Lin Xi remained silent for a moment, feeling like it was best to only tell these things to Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan for now. As such, he looked at the two of them and directly said, “Nangong Weiyang is confident that all of the so-called True Dragon Gem mines in True Dragon Mountain only came from a set of dragon remains. The True Dragon Gems’ supply has already been severed.”

Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan’s expressions paled slightly, not because of alarm, but rather because this information was a bit shocking.

People on their level naturally understood extremely clearly that the True Dragon Gem, apart from being the cornerstone of Changsun Clan’s rise, equivalent to Changsun Clan’s treasury, most importantly, True Dragon Gems represented great lightning power in itself. To a great degree, it was one of the sources of Yunqin’s reverence towards the Imperial City.

It was easy to imagine that if Changsun Clan had a shocking amount of True Dragon Gems, then it meant they had many terrifyingly powerful soul weapons. However, there would only be one or two sets of the True Dragon Armor Zhang Qiuxuan previously wore at most. It was to the extent where if there was no more True Dragon Gem in the future, that type of formless reverence would naturally be greatly reduced.

“This is just like a local wealthy landlord family where once it reached Changsun Jinse’s age, it has been completely used up.” Lin Xi released a forced laugh. “This might be one of the reasons why Changsun Jinse was in so much of a rush these years.”

“He has gone through such extents to try and suppress Green Luan Academy, but Thunder Academy couldn’t reach his expectations, Green Luan Academy not being something he could subdue either. In the future, Thunder Academy might head downhill. These might be the reasons why he did so many incomprehensible things.” Bian Linghan nodded.

“His nature is indeed a bit warped and crazy, disregarding consequences, but we cannot refute that he is indeed someone who is quite smart and understands how to play with politics.” Lin Xi brought out his water sack, taking a gulp before slowly saying, “Actually, True Dragon Gem is only equivalent to a treasury of his. However, Changsun Clan’s true backing comes from the prosperity of Yunqin in these past few decades. During these past few decades, most of Yunqin’s people had decent lives, their quality of life even more so exceptionally good compared to before Yunqin was established. That is why all Yunqin people feel a powerful sense of belonging and glory, all of them feeling that Yunqin is great, that the emperor is brilliant and wise. Even if they have a bit of dissatisfaction recently, it is merely dissatisfaction. If anyone were to publicly declare they want the emperor overthrown, then that indeed won’t do.”

“If things drag on for many more years, if the style of governing and the war against Yunqin’s enemies make the people’s complaints grow worse and worse, completely losing the will of the people, he wouldn’t have any backing anymore.” After a slight pause, Lin Xi continued, “That is why doing things crazily at this type of time is indeed quite the good opportunity, taking action while he still grasps Yunqin’s greatest strength.”

“The emperor’s greatest strength comes from Yunqin’s past few decades of prosperity.” Bian Linghan said with a bit of an annoyed sneer. “However, Yunqin’s past few decades of prosperity, wasn’t it mostly still because of Principal Zhang?”

“That is indeed the reasoning.” Lin Xi laughed. “However, taking advantage of this situation, in the emperor’s eyes, is a decision that is naturally without fault.”

Bian Linghan looked at Lin Xi. “Then what do you and Zhantai Qiantang you think? Are you going to spread this information?”

“Zhantai Qiantang and Nangong Weiyang only told me, so I am assuming they do not wish to. I am also of this opinion.” Lin Xi took a deep breath. He looked at the massive elephant corpse behind him, saying with a quiet voice, “That batch of military equipment… I changed my mind on some things.”

Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan’s brows furrowed at the same time. “What do you want to do?”

“For me, the greatest enemy right now is naturally still Wenren Cangyue. Wen Xuanshu is much more dangerous than the emperor, the emperor will only at most wish to break down the structure, he still wishes to make Yunqin Empire more prosperous in the end, so he naturally doesn’t wish for Yunqin to completely crumble. However, Wen Xuanshu’s ambition is temporarily to sit in that seat. Even if he sits in that seat, he might not be able to stabilize all of Yunqin… That is why no one knows just what kind of plans he has. Once Yunqin breaks up into several pieces, he might only take one piece, but even plotting some kind of conspiracy with Wenren Cangyue isn’t something completely impossible. That is why if we are going to act against someone, the first one we should deal with is Wenren Cangyue, so we should naturally deal with Wen Xuanshu.” Lin Xi looked at these two, the corners of his lips carrying a bit of a mysterious feeling. “If we want to deal with the emperor, we might not necessarily be able to deal with him… Moreover, there is another small reason you two know about, I have to leave him with a bit of leeway.” 

Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan both nodded. They both experienced those things in Jadefall City that were deeply etched into their memory. They naturally knew that this small reason Lin Xi spoke of was because of the request before Changsun Wujiang’s death, because Changsun Jinse was Changsun Wujiang’s father.

“That secret letter your father sent previously explained in detail that Wenren Cangyue already feels like the chance has arrived, now launching a great offensive. Right now, Yunqin’s royal court is like a boat leaking in many areas. Even if all types of countermeasures are used… Wenren Cangyue’s ability is something we all understand extremely clearly. That is why Gu Yunjing[4] is in great danger.” Lin Xi turned around to look at Gao Yanan. “This is perhaps your father’s way of expressing his plea to the academy to be a bit more tolerant towards the emperor.”

“My father has always defended the emperor’s faction.” Gao Yanan’s eyelashes jumped, saying, “However, I understand his nature. Just from how he killed some of the people sent by the Yunqin Emperor to monitor him when he left, this already fully expressed his attitude… At the very least, he has begun to pressure the emperor, there is already no chance of him standing by the emperor’s side.”

“You’ve misunderstood my intentions a bit.” Lin Xi shook his head, seriously saying, “According to some of the information the academy previously sent, it has already clearly stated that the reason Zhong Family and some other families’ powers were able to withdraw from Central Continent City, some officials remaining safe, was because of his work. He already clearly expressed his stance of standing on those elders’ side… doing things like this doesn’t bring him any benefits. That is why he is the type of person who has always viewed Yunqin and some matters more importantly than himself. I was only worried about his safety, worried about my father-in-law’s safety.”

When she heard Lin Xi openly say the words ‘father-in-law’, Gao Yanan’s face became a bit red. However, her mood was a bit heavy, not becoming as shy as before. “You believe that he will be more worried about others than himself?”

“Both him and Gu Yunjing are of the same sort, he obviously wouldn’t be willing to watch as several provinces experience famine, scenes of white bones accumulating. That is why he will definitely concentrate his greatest power in South Tomb Province. If the situation really is too dangerous, he might even head to South Tomb Province himself, which will also be a chance for the emperor and Wen Xuanshu to deal with him. The emperor is still allowing Wen Xuanshu to do his thing precisely because he wants Wen Xuanshu and the elders’ side to mutually destroy each other.” Lin Xi took a deep breath and said, “Turtle Edge Mountain has enough time, but South Tomb Province doesn’t have enough time. No matter how well the private army is equipped, if it isn’t used to deal with the enemy, it is still nothing more than scrap metal.”

“That is why you want to try and deliver this military equipment into Gu Yunjing’s hands?” Bian Linghan’s brows furrowed. “But there isn’t enough time.”

“Wherever they end up is where they will end up. If they could be of some use, I will have Zhantai Qiantang and Nangong Weiyang find a way and make considerations.” Lin Xi’s gaze shifted to the armor on this elephant corpse, saying quietly, “The material of these armors are extremely great, I will also find a way to send it out. This kind of armor can be brought to Turtle Edge Mountain, they might be of great use in the future.”

Bian Linghan gave Lin Xi a look. “That is why you are also of the same sort as Grand Secretary Zhou and the others.”

Lin Xi shook his head firmly. “How can I be compared to them… I am far more selfish than them. East Forest Province isn’t that far from those provinces, I just don’t want Wenren Cangyue to reach East Forest Province.”

Gao Yanan’s expression paled a bit, quietly saying, “I want to go to South Tomb Province.”

Lin Xi understood what she was thinking, immediately sticking out his chest. “When the wife calls the husband follows, of course I am going too.”

Gao Yanan was moved, but she truly felt a bit embarrassed. She immediately stepped on Lin Xi’s foot. “Can’t your skin be just a bit less thick?”

Lin Xi howled in pain, looking towards Bian Linghan with a pleading expression.

Bian Linghan instead remained completely expressionless, fiercely stepping on Lin Xi’s other foot.

“You…” Lin Xi was stupefied, wishing to cry yet no tears were coming out.

“Can you have a bit more misgivings for others’ feelings and not be so sickening?” Bian Linghan put on an expression that looked like ‘you reap what you sow, stop being so corny for your own amusement’ while saying this.

1. Successor Zhantai Mang,  Great Mang Dynasty’s Emperor chose

2. Roadside Shrimp Watching Li Ku B7C43

3. Changsun Clan’s restricted area where the Imperial Residence is

4. Dragon Snake Army Commander-in-chief, currently in charge of the fight against Wenren Cangyue’s forces

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