Book 13 Chapter 8 - No Justice, Only Meaning

Nian Chenjing didn’t recognize An Keyi, but the black robes An Keyi wore instead already clearly declared her identity.

That was why this middle-aged gentle and quiet man dressed in a Provincial Supervisor official uniform reached out a hand, having all of the still extremely shocked subordinates withdraw from the Provincial Supervisor Manor.

Jadewater and Heavenfall Province had just been established for less than a year, replacing Yunqin’s most vast but sparsely populated province. However, the administrative infrastructure still had to be fully established, this Provincial Supervisor Manner naturally also had to be built according to Yunqin royal court’s standard, the scale exactly the same as the other provinces. After all of the soldiers and officials withdrew, this massive Provincial Supervisor Manor naturally seemed especially vacant.

An Keyi slowly descended from the sky, landing precisely in front of Nian Chenjing.

This world’s cultivators could do things completely beyond the power of ordinary people, so carrying out some conceptions in practice was much easier for cultivators. Something like landing accurately, for powerful cultivators, only needed a bit of soul force release, and then they could change the wind streams of the surroundings. There was no need for any other techniques or skill.

When An Keyi stood steadily on the ground, Nian Chenjing showed her a deep bow of respect, looking at An Keyi while calmly saying, “The academy’s Divine Wooden Flying Cranes have indeed completely changed everything regarding battles.”

An Keyi wasn’t good at conversing with others. That was why when she heard Nian Chenjing’s words, her brows furrowed slightly, momentarily not speaking.

“The academy obviously wouldn’t send someone to seek me out for no reason.”

Nian Chenjing didn’t ask An Keyi for her name either. He calmly looked at An Keyi, asking with a tone of asking for guidance, “I wonder if the reason the academy sent you to seek me out was because they are supporting me in mobilizing troops or are they opposed to it?”

An Keyi’s slightly furrowed brows loosened. She said calmly with her usual bookish tone, “Vice Principal Xia wants you to let go.”

“Let go?”

Nian Chenjing released a light sigh. He lowered his head, remaining silent for a moment, and then raised his head again. He looked at An Keyi, not expressing anything, only calmly saying, “Could you listen to a story of mine first?”

An Keyi wasn’t in a rush. Moreover, since she already accepted a mission from the academy, she had to ensure that this mission was completed. As such, she naturally nodded.

“I was originally a scholar from North Sprout Province.”

Nian Chenjing looked at An Keyi, calmly starting to narrate, “You should also understand that North Sprout Province has always been the part of Yunqin that was most impoverished and lacked private schools, the least civilized place. Their farms and trades are still doing okay, but if they wanted to do well in studies, compete against those from Qiantang, Xiaoxiang and other provinces, or even Central Continent’s scholars, pass Government Sector’s examinations or acquire some scholarly honor, it is extremely difficult.”

“My parents are only ordinary tenant farmers, they cannot even read, but they are the most enlightened, the type of parents who understand how to love their children dearly. They wanted me to not be like them, to face yellow sandy soil and muddy water every day, that I could leave North Sprout Province and see the world, which was why they chose to have me study.”

“A family that has trouble even filling their bellies, if they want to produce a scholar, the amount they have to sacrifice is truly unimaginable. My little sister, for the sake of supporting my studies, always pretended like she had no interest in studying at all, becoming the concubine of a wealthy merchant a long time ago, all of this just so that she can save up a bit, grant me a bit of support.”

“However, my little sister’s time in that family was extremely bitter. Forget about that family ordering her around like a servant, when they discovered that she was secretly using the bit of silver she saved up to support me, they would often beat her viciously, many times not even letting her fill her stomach. My little sister hid all of these things from me. In the end, there was a time when because my little sister accidentally broke a flower vase, she had her legs directly broken.”

“When I learned of this, I was naturally furious, so I went to that family to discuss this matter. However, after she was given a beating and I wanted to complain, I was instant accused of trying to steal that family’s belongings. My little sister was crippled and I was about to be thrown into prison, there wasn’t even any money to treat my little sister, my parents both about to commit suicide by Judicial Sector out of helplessness. At this time, there was a Jiang Family sir who took action, returning my innocence.”

“That Jiang Family sir not only paid for the treatment of my little sister’s legs, when they saw that I wasn’t bad at studying, they even paid for my studies and martial training. Even though later on, it was also because of my own hard work that brought me here step by step, without that Jiang Family sir, we would have been destined to become destitute and homeless. My little sister and my parents might have all died with remaining grievances.”

“Jiang Family didn’t only show favor towards me, they showed tremendous kindness towards my entire family. That is why I am not only a Jiang Family disciple, this life of mine, the life of my entire family was granted by Jiang Family.”

Nian Chenjiang looked at An Keyi, on his face a trace of a distressed smile. “However now, that Sir Jiang who saved my family back then, his father, and even his children were all ordered to be executed in Central Continent City. How can I not mobilize troops?”

An Keyi opened her mouth. However, before she could say anything, Nian Chenjing already looked at her, becoming calm again. “Jiang Family, from ten years before Yunqin was established until now, the things they have done for our empire are things everyone under the sky knows… However, the current emperor wants Jiang Family eradicated, this doesn’t conform to reason, what justice is there left? The reason I am leading troops isn’t because I want to vent out some personal spite, I only want a bit of justice… If Green Luan Academy doesn’t wish for me to mobilize troops, then you all definitely have your own reason. However, as for me, I can listen to the academy, not mobilize troops, but your Green Luan Academy, can you all give us justice, can you kill the emperor, bring back justice for Jiang Family?”

“We do not wish to only advise you not to mobilize troops, it is just to remain low-key.” An Keyi thought for a bit. Forming the words she wanted to say seemed a bit difficult, but her serious and strained appearance instead allowed others to feel her sincerity and seriousness. “I know that Huang Family have some powers that will also cooperate with you in Jadewater Province, but even if you could control all of Jadefall Province, how many troops will remain? In the end, there is no chance of killing the emperor. Rebelling here will at most kill some Yunqin soldiers who have nothing to do with the emperor. This is a meaningless affair.”

Nian Chenjing had long set his resolution, which was why he remained calm. When he heard An Keyi’s words, he instead felt excited and moved. “What does the academy really intend to do? Could it be that the academy really will kill Changsun Jinse?”

“Not necessarily.”

An Keyi looked at Nian Chenjing and said, “The academy will only do things beneficial for Yunqin and Yunqin’s people, so the academy cannot give you any promises now. However, I can promise you that as long as the academy still exists, as long as the academy has the ability… if we are truly forced to the point where we must abdicate the emperor from the throne, we will naturally make this choice. However, you similarly must understand that Principal Zhang is not here, and Changsun Clan isn’t that easy to deal with. The academy doesn’t have the ability to take on the entire world as their enemy. What the academy can do right now, is do their best to preserve any useful powers within Yunqin.”

Nian Chenjing’s expression paled a bit. Right now, he was coming into contact with many concepts he normally never touched upon, understanding much of Green Luan Academy’s reasoning.

He stared blankly for a moment, understanding even more. He looked at An Keyi and said, “Principal Zhang doesn’t exist, but the academy has a new Divine General.”

An Keyi nodded. “Green Luan Academy and Vice Principal Xia understand the abilities of a Divine General more clearly than anyone. Vice Principal Xia and the others have always believed that a Divine General can change all of Yunqin… but he needs a bit of time.”

Nian Chenjing’s palms were covered in a bit of fine sweat. He took a deep breath and then nodded. “Principal Zhang changed an entire age… He made Green Luan Academy the world’s most powerful cultivation holy land. Green Luan Academy doesn’t have the ability to take the entire world as their enemy, but a new Divine General can bring about a new age.”

An Keyi nodded. “I have quite the confidence in him… which is why instead of doing some meaningless things, it is better to have a bit of patience, to wait for the future.”

Nian Chenjing thought for a long time. Then, he set his resolution, showing An Keyi a bow of respect. “What does the academy wish for me to do?”

“We will deal with the Divine Elephant Army. The academy wishes for you to preserve the peace of Heavenfall and Jadewater Provinces. As for you and your subordinates who must leave, the academy will arrange for you all to leave and head to a different place.” An Keyi could tell that Nian Chenjing already accepted the academy’s arrangements, her face also revealing a hint of a rarely seen smile, bowing slightly in return while saying this.

Nian Chenjing nodded, but a hint of shock appeared in his eyes. “You all will deal with the Divine Elephant Army?”

An Keyi nodded. “He has already gone… if there is nothing unexpected, the Divine Elephant Army should have already been dealt with.”

“He? Lin Xi? He is in Heavenfall Province? The Divine Elephant Army has already been…” Nian Chenjing’s body trembled fiercely, his eyes full of shock and disbelief.

Apart from medicinal knowledge, An Keyi wasn’t too great at conversing with others. Right now, when faced with Nian Chenjing’s shock, she didn’t know what to say again. However, inwardly, she couldn’t help but quietly say to herself that if you were to head to the place arranged for you… if you meet those people, you might feel even greater shock. Also, in the future… once you learn of some of the things he did, you will feel like it is even more inconceivable.

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