Book 13 Chapter 7 - The First Air Battle of this World

Heavenfall Province.

A Divine Wooden Flying Crane flickering with faint yellow radiance flew through the faint white clouds.

“Nian Chenjing has prepared an entire army, half of Heavenfall Province is now like an iron board. Only, it is a pity that the current Jadefall City is already no longer Wenren Cangyue’s Jadefall City. The world of cultivators already entered a new age.”

While looking at Heavenfall Province’s Provincial Supervisor Manor not far below, a slightly chubby green clothed youngster seated on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane released a heartfelt sigh.

He was Cheng Lishu, one of Central Continent City’s most well-known new wave figures. Even though he is still young, his cultivation already reached the peak of State Master level. He was praised by the Central Continent Guards and publicly viewed as the one who had the highest chance of becoming an Imperial Court Consecrator among Central Continent City’s younger generation.

The most crucial part was that he studied under Mountain Yin Province’s Han Banchi. Han Banchi[1]was originally named Han Yuchi, the only non-governmental Sacred Expert who emerged from Yunqin’s Mountain Yin Province in the last few decades. Moreover, he practiced the close combat dao, always remaining close to his opponent, the distance with another never breaking free of half a foot, almost sticking to the other person’s body. This way, the enemy not only had even less time to react, they would also feel extremely uncomfortable.

This type of individual who dared to fight in close combat, able to shift and adjust his body within an extremely short amount of time, soul force able to meticulously face an enemy within a square inch of land, was naturally someone who was quite good at fighting.

Cheng Lishu was at the State Knight level of cultivation when he entered Central Continent City. Ever since the moment he entered Central Continent City until now, he faced more than twenty battles against enemies of similar level, yet never lost once. That was why right now, he was gently rubbing his smooth and chubby fingers, his expression filled with powerful confidence, as well as a hint of excitement he couldn’t hide.

“Let’s go, let’s see off Nian Chenjing, this Jiang Family’s different surname individual.”

He turned around, showing the dark and shriveled middle-aged man who controlled this Divine Wooden Flying Crane a smile, and then said this.

Central Continent Imperial City had long started a purge, the emperor naturally wouldn’t let off the last bit of important power Jiang Family had in Jadefall City.

Even though since the changes that took place in Sanskrit Passage, Jiang Family’s Provincial Supervisor already had the military make many arrangements, the military guarding many regions like iron buckets, Nian Chenjing only recently crossed into the State Master level, his subordinates were also at most some State Knight level cultivators.

After Jadefall City’s great battle and Wenren Cangyue’s betrayal, there were no Sacred Expert level cultivators left in all of Jadewater and Heavenfall Province.

The massive army could stop and kill powerful cultivators last year, but now, the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, this type of thing, could easily pass through the army’s blockade and pursuit. The dark skinny middle-aged man who was controlling the Divine Wooden Flying Crane was one of the emperor’s personal attendants, his cultivation also already reached the peak of State Master level.

There was now confirmed intelligence that Nian Chenjing was precisely in the Provincial Supervisor Manor, several capable subordinates of his already stationed in Heavenfall Province, preparing to mobilize troops. Under this type of situation, Cheng Lishu naturally had confidence that no one in the Provincial Supervisor Manor below could stop him from killing this Jiang Family different surname member.

As for the dark and skinny middle-aged man who was controlling this Divine Wooden Flying Crane, despite having cultivation a bit higher than Cheng Lishu, in a true battle, he might not necessarily be this youngster’s match. Moreover, Cheng Lishu was the one in charge of this operation, he only received orders to cooperate, so he naturally wouldn’t go against Cheng Lishu’s orders. He silently nodded, about to bring this Divine Wooden Flying Crane down rapidly in descent.

However, right at this time, he heard some air shattering sounds in the skies above.

In that instant, when he raised his head, twisting his neck to look in the direction where the noise sounded, he thought of a possibility in his head, his expression becoming a bit pale.

Cheng Lishu’s brows also instantly furrowed.

His reaction definitely wouldn’t be slower than this dark and skinny middle-aged cultivator’s.

That possibility that instantly appeared in his head naturally produced fear in his heart as well. Only, he was always a prideful youngster, his pride still overwhelming his fear even at this moment. The instant his brows furrowed, his hands lowered to his sides, body directly standing up on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, turning around to look backwards.

Right now, the Divine Wooden Flying Crane was high up in the sky, everything around it naturally a boundless sky, only crazy winds and flowing clouds were visible.

He arrogantly stood on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, as if he was standing on an arrogant lone peak.

His eyes immediately narrowed slightly. In the boundless and spacious sky, in the skies even higher than this Divine Wooden Flying Crane, he saw a streak of rapidly descending yellow light.

That streak of yellow light was also a Divine Wooden Flying Crane.

In this world, only Yunqin Emperor and Green Luan Academy had this type of Divine Wooden Flying Crane. He and the dark skinny middle-aged cultivator were people on Yunqin Emperor’s side, so the other party could naturally only be people from Green Luan Academy.

Just now, when they heard the clothing fluttering sounds from higher up, what made both his and the dark skinny middle-aged cultivator’s mind feel fear, were precisely the words Green Luan Academy.

However, when they clearly saw this descending Divine Wooden Flying Crane, Cheng Lishu’s tightly furrowed brows also loosened, a low cold snort sounding from his mouth.

It was because there was only one person on this Divine Wooden Flying Crane.

It was a black robed young woman.

The unique black robes naturally even further defined the other party’s Green Luan Academy identity. The ones who could wear these black robes already weren’t only Green Luan Academy’s students, the other party’s strength couldn’t be determined from their outer appearance and age. However, right now, through the faint aura transmitted through the air streams, Cheng Lishu was sure that the other party’s cultivation didn’t reach Sacred Expert level either.

If it wasn’t at the Sacred Expert level, moreover, when she had to use a portion of soul force to control the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, how could she possibly fight against him?

Even though Green Luan Academy’s black robed lecturers were the most eccentric existences in this world, the most powerful cultivators, in the end, they were still, they still had to conform to the reasoning of this world.

This Central Continent City’s most powerful young cultivator was prideful.

However, in the next instant, his pride completely changed into panic. His body, because of its rigidness, already completely turned into a statue.

An intense cry full of disbelief sounded from both his mouth and the mouth of the dark and skinny middle-aged cultivator at the same time!

The other party’s Divine Wooden Flying Crane was like a meteor, directly smashing into the Divine Wooden Flying Crane the two of them were on!

Cheng Lishu was great at battles, but he had never experienced this type of battle before!

While releasing this cry of extreme fear, his close combat fighting style he was proficient in was completely useless. When the other party’s Divine Wooden Flying Crane carried roaring crazy winds, smashed into the Divine Wooden Flying Crane he was on, his brain only went empty, becoming like a Central Continent City peasant farmer who didn’t know how to fight, directly throwing out a fist towards the opponent.

The only difference was that a Central Continent City’s ordinary peasant farmer didn’t have soul force, while his fist, under his extreme fear, sent out a small half of his soul force, causing his sleeves to completely explode.

An explosive hong noise sounded.

Green Luan Academy’s delicate and pretty black robed woman whose figure carried a bookish air pushed forward with both hands. An extremely muffled snort sounded from her mouth.

Her body separated from the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, flying backwards.

The Divine Wooden Flying Cranes smashed into each other. Under the clash of soul force, the two Divine Wooden Flying Cranes didn’t snap right away, the rigid wooden strips first only showing signs of breaking apart. The two wooden cranes then directly broke apart, turning into countless wooden plates, shooting outwards like countless small sharp yellow blades.

A wooden plate struck Cheng Lishu’s extremely pale cheek, leaving behind a bloody scar.

Cheng Lishu who was above countless flying wooden plates opened his mouth, but he couldn’t release any sounds, everything seemed as if he had frozen in midair.

This type of extremely great height, the fear he felt from suddenly having nothing beneath his feet to rely on, this weightless free falling feeling, all of it was completely unimaginable for those who had never experienced it before. In that instant, his heart even contracted to the point where it directly stopped its beating, as if all of his blood instantly flew out of his body, gathering in the thin layer of skin on his skull, as if his heart and all of his blood were going to shoot out of his head together.

The acceleration of falling from this type of altitude between the white clouds was something not even the soul force of a Sacred Expert level cultivator could neutralize, even Sacred Experts would still die when they made contact with the ground.

That was why right now, Cheng Lishu knew that both him and the dark and skinny middle-aged cultivator would already inevitably die.

Only, he didn’t understand. By adopting this type of method, there was no way the other party could live either.

Could it be that Green Luan Academy’s people all went mad?

The instant he began to rapidly fall, facing death, Cheng Lishu, this Central Continent young cultivator who was no longer prideful, gave that dark robed delicate and pretty woman who was falling not far from him a look.

Then, he saw that this black robed delicate and pretty woman pulled a metal wire.

His expression froze.

He saw that behind this black robed delicate and pretty woman, a large black umbrella unfolded, an extremely sturdy large umbrella that wrapped around the wind.

It was just like a massive black flower that blossomed in the sky.

In his line of sight, under his senses, this black flower that blossomed in the sky seemed to instead bring this black robed delicate and pretty woman slowly into the air, wandering about in the sky.

This was the first air combat of this world in the truest sense.

When An Keyi who was slowly floating through the sky saw the frightened, helpless and then ultimately frozen expressions of Cheng Lishu, she calmly and rather pitifully slowly shook her head.

After this battle, the emperor’s side would definitely learn a bit of a lesson through this battle, learn some things.

However, in this world, only Green Luan Academy had a Divine General.

Green Luan Academy would always have some advanced knowledge that exceeded this world, as well as all types of thinking and creativity at the forefront of this world.

That was why there would definitely be many people who made Green Luan Academy their enemy who would die like Cheng Lishu today, which was why Green Luan Academy’s black robed lecturers and professors would carry a type of pride the people of this world couldn’t understand.

Nian Chenjing and many people from the Provincial Supervisor Manor raised their heads towards the sky together.

When Cheng Lishu and the dark skinny middle-aged cultivator released screams of extreme fear, the people in the Provincial Supervisor Manor already sensed something. Nian Chenjing was already within the protection of dozens of bodyguards. Then, both him and these dozens of guards saw the intense collision of these two Divine Wooden Flying Cranes high up in the sky.

Duo duo duo duo…

Countless sturdy wooden fragments began to rain down on the Provincial Supervisor Manor like rain, even blasting open a hole in the roof of the Provincial Supervisor Manor.

Two extremely loud muffled noises sounded within these fine sounds.

Cheng Lishu and that dark skinny middle-aged cultivator fell fiercely into the ground, and then even bounced off of the ground, instantly dying from the internal damage.

Nian Chenjing leapt up to these two deceased cultivators. When he saw blood gush out from their seven apertures, seeing their deformed bodies, as well as the craters smashed open in the ground, he took a deep breath and then raised his head again, looking towards that black flower that slowly floated down from the sky.

1. Banchi means half a foot

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