Book 13 Chapter 6 - Brilliant Battle Without Regrets

Fan Shaohuang’s right hand reached out in an extremely gentle manner, but Lin Xi’s breathing instead instantly froze. His heart contracted intensely, instantly entering the very same extreme state it was in when he faced Big Black’s power in that lake. Many hormones his body normally didn’t excrete now filled his body in large amounts.

A great rumbling noise sounded.

In his perception, a boundless power that was completely impossible to defend against directly blasted apart the stream of ice and snow, and then it swept out in reverse.

In this instant, he felt as if he was standing at the very top of a frozen peak, suddenly encountering an avalanche.

He collapsed like a mountain, but not backwards, instead falling forward.

Chi chi chi chi…

Fine specks of snow flew out like swords. At this time, he only wore ordinary cloth clothes, his back instantly having many cuts hacked out. When blood just poured out, it was frozen by the extreme cold, his entire back directly losing feeling from numbness.

Fan Shaohuang’s left hand reached downwards, flicking his finger at Lin Xi’s slowed flying sword.

A noise sounded.

The air suddenly froze, and then it spread in all directions like great waves. Lin Xi’s flying sword spun backwards in a miserable manner, the light completely disappearing.

Lin Xi released a muffled groan, feeling as if it was his chest that was flicked by Fan Shaohuang instead. A mouthful of viscous blood instantly rushed to his throat.

Was this the power and strength of sacred level cultivation?

While feeling the terrifying taste of his back going numb and his connection with the flying sword being instantly severed, this sigh of sorrow sounded in Lin Xi’s brain.

In reality, he already couldn’t sense how Fan Shaohuang blasted his flying sword flying.

If Xu Qiubai’s reactions and speed felt a bit faster than his, right now, the speed of a Sacred Expert like Fan Shaohuang was completely close to double his.

When he could release one attack, do one thing, Fan Shaohuang could already do two things.

It was like when two warriors with similar strength but different levels of perception fought, directly brandishing their weapons at each other. In the instant a warrior hacked out one blade, the other party would not only have already blocked this blade, he would have already delivered another strike to his opponent’s body.

However, from the moment Lin Xi left Green Luan Academy, most of the battles he fought were against those more powerful than himself, against cultivators who were faster. That was why right now, he knew that fear was definitely useless even down to a subconscious level. As such, his body converted the extreme fear to excitement almost by instinct.

When Fan Shaohuang struck his flying sword, the instant his inner organs were injured because of the surging of soul force, he raised his head. The soul force surging in his body turned into radiance, and then rapidly fired out from his eyes.

Radiance erupted!

Two pure streaks of light carrying a type of outwardly cold but hiding boiling powerful might inside shot towards Fan Shaohuang’s eyes!

Fan Shaohuang was always one who pursued standard cultivation battle methods.

Overwhelming power and double the other party’s perception speed gave him more than enough time to counter every move, to retaliate afterwards.

However, Lin Xi couldn’t keep up with his speed, so the current Lin Xi was completely fighting based on a method he already thought of in his head before, delivering attacks without any regard for the current situation.

This undoubtedly made Lin Xi a bit faster.

Moreover, the speed at which his soul force accumulated and released was far above that of similar level cultivators.

That was why in this instant, Fan Shaohuang’s calm eyes revealed a bit of an irregular expression.

This battle between them instantly produced a bit of a sign of being outside his grasp.

He obviously still had time to react.

That was why he closed his eyes extremely directly, transferring his soul force to his own eyes.

Then, he took a step out. His right hand spun out, forefinger bending a bit, flicking towards Lin Xi.

However, right at this instant, his face froze a bit, becoming sluggish.

His eyes actually produced intense stinging pain!

The battles between cultivators didn’t only involve cultivation and secret techniques, there was also experience.

A Sacred Expert like Fan Shaohuang naturally also understood Priest Hall’s Radiance well. Before he entered Yunqin, he obviously already prepared to fight against Yunqin’s High Priests. In his opinion, as long as he closed his eyes and released a bit of soul force, this was naturally already enough to block the radiance released by someone of Lin Xi’s cultivation level.

However, the two beams of light Lin Xi released were instead greatly beyond his expectations.

His body intuitively reacted to danger, naturally transferring even more soul force towards his eyes. This error in judgment made his movements display a hint of sluggishness.

However, he was still much faster than Lin Xi.

This bit of sluggishness only bought Lin Xi enough time to move his arms in front of his face.

Lin Xi could only raise his body, block with his arms in front of his body.

Fan Shaohuang’s eyes were closed, rays of light spilling out from his eyes. He arrived in front of Lin Xi with a single step, his finger moving towards Lin Xi’s crossed arms.


Before his finger truly reached Lin Xi’s arm, the clothing covering Lin Xi’s arm already had many cuts made on it. His left arm that was in front already released bone fracturing sounds.

In his perception, world covering power was about to be released from Fan Shaohuang’s fingertip.

During this extremely short instant, Lin Xi already flew out like a broken sack, blood from his body scattering everywhere.

However, he didn’t die.


In that instant, he fiercely released a pent-up breath.

The soul force flowing along his arms first formed countless fine golden whips of lightning, striking Fan Shaohuang’s fingers, striking this arm.

The golden lightning was directly destroyed by Fan Shaohuang’s soul force.

However, when the lightning made contact with the body, it would naturally produce some stinging pain and twitching. Under the instinctive reaction of the skin and flesh, Fan Shaohuang’s rapidly outputting soul force would suddenly become a bit clogged up, the soul force that poured out wouldn’t be as majestic as before.

Right at this time, a streak of golden light rushed out from behind Lin Xi, fiercely shooting towards Fan Shaohuang’s head!

This was the golden little phoenix Ruirui who already learned how to fly.

When Lin Xi released that shout, Ruirui who, despite still being young, already fought side by side with Lin Xi in many battles attacked without holding back at all, attacking this unprecedentedly powerful opponent.

At this time, Fan Shaohuang’s eyes still hadn’t opened.

He also didn’t have time to think about what exactly happened.

The stinging pain and the numbness on his arm informed him that the other party’s soul force turned into shockingly powerful lightning.

His mind also produced a hint of fear towards the unknown, but his movements didn’t stop in the slightest.

His finger truly made contact with Lin Xi’s left arm.


Lin Xi’s left arm snapped.

At this time, the soul force flowing through Fan Shaohuang’s arms wasn’t smooth because of the lightning strike. However, there was still a wave of soul force that erupted from his fingertip at this moment.

A wave of power from a Sacred Expert’s body was already enough to blast Lin Xi flying, or even directly kill him.

However, in the next instant, Fan Shaohuang’s body instead trembled. A wave of mysterious fear and shock erupted from within him.

The soul force that he released entered Lin Xi’s body, blasting apart some of Lin Xi’s meridians and flesh, but it didn’t shatter even more flesh like he expected, nor did it send Lin Xi flying out.

His soul force seemed to have poured into many canals, passing through Lin Xi’s body, and then rushing out from behind Lin Xi!

Unexpected things that happened again and again finally made the battle situation fully break free from his control.


Ruirui fiercely smashed into his head. His golden helmet immediately caved in a bit.

A sharp cry sounded. Ruirui was blasted away by the soul force he transferred to his head. It was extremely miserable, as if it was going to directly faint.

However, at the same time, faint blue veins could be seen on Fan Shaohuang’s pale face. With a pu sound, blood rushed out from his mouth and nose.

Only at this time did Lin Xi’s body back up, staggering about. After continuously taking a few steps back as if he was drunk, a mouthful of blood also spurted out from his mouth.

Fan Shaohuang’s eyes only just opened again at this time.

Right now, he felt like his sight was extremely blurry, his thoughts also a bit chaotic. However, there were some thoughts, some instantaneous segments during that instantaneous exchange that were still extremely clear in his head.

While looking at the blurry world and staggering, clearly extremely weak Lin Xi whose legs couldn’t even stand still, he raised his head slightly, starting to roar with sky shaking laughter.

The crazy laughter continued.

Lin Xi finally couldn’t stand still any longer, sitting down.

Fan Shaohuang couldn’t stand still anymore either, sitting down on the ground.

However, Fan Shaohuang’s great laughter still didn’t stop.


“Truly a brilliant battle.”

“Who would have expected that before my death, I could actually still experience such a brilliant battle.”

“Worthy of being a Divine General, actually able to fight against me to this degree with this type of cultivation.”

Fan Shaohuang roared with laughter, full of happiness. “To experience such a brilliant battle, dying after this type of battle, I don’t have any regrets with this death either.”

He laughed loudly, coughing out blood while looking at Lin Xi. After saying these words, he didn’t try to stand up again, only using the last of his soul force to attack his own already severely injured internal organs.

Shattered internal organs mixed together with blood shot out from his mouth.

This Divine Elephant Army commander who would be a shocking talent regardless of which age it was died happily.

Lin Xi coughed lightly.

The front and back of his clothes were all soaked in blood.

He knew that right now, it was best to not move, to wait for Li Wu and the others’ following treatment.

However, when he saw Fan Shaohuang fall, he still stood up with great difficulty, slowly and seriously showing Fan Shaohuang a bow of respect.

This was an opponent deserving of his respect.

While fighting, he also taught Lin Xi quite a few things. Moreover, towards the end, Lin Xi could tell that the other party also held back a bit.

Even though he had the ability to do things over again, even though Fan Shaohuang had no chance of truly killing him, this type of holding back, in Lin Xi’s eyes, was already a type of favor.

“How do you feel?”

Bian Linghan and Gao Yanan rushed to Lin Xi’s side, urgently asking.

“Nothing too serious. My left arm was broken simply, my meridians and the inner organs’ injuries should recover after two weeks or so.”

While Lin Xi said this and shook his head, blood gushed out from his mouth. The aftereffects on his body were ruthless, he himself just directly fainted, falling into Gao Yanan’s arms.

The instant he lost his consciousness, he only felt like they were quite large, quite soft.

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