Book 13 Chapter 5 - Future’s Battle, Today’s Battle

Lin Xi’s current expression completely gave off the feeling of giving a Sacred Expert a slap in the face, and then Bian Linghan giving a slap in the face too. Then, he even asked Gao Yanan if she wanted to deliver another slap as well?

Gao Yanan was a bit speechless.

“Are you sure Gao Yanan can also hit him?” Even though Bian Linghan understood how weird Lin Xi was as well, Lin Xi’s words still left her extremely speechless.

When faced with Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan’s expression, Lin Xi revealed an embarrassed smile, “It’s a bit difficult.”

“You really do whatever you want.” Bian Linghan placed the Big Black in her hands into Lin Xi’s hands, giving him an expression of ‘do what you want’. “You might as well just let Teacher Li Wu also give it a shot.”

“Sorry, Teacher Li Wu… I just felt like he was a bit too carefree.” When she said these words, Bian Linghan felt like she was a bit disrespectful towards Li Wu who couldn’t see, immediately apologizing in embarrassment.

Li Wu revealed a faint smile, saying, “It’s fine, I understand that you naturally aren’t mocking me for not being able to see.”

“Just treat it as acting willfully then…” Lin Xi said in his defense, “If Yanan cannot kill him in one shot, Teacher Li Wu can also fire an arrow. It’s a pity that since this Divine Wooden Flying Crane can only carry our weight, Teacher An headed over to the Provincial Supervisor Manor’s Jiang Family’s side, or else Teacher An could also give it a go. Everyone giving this fella a shot… isn’t this something rather interesting? This might be the Sacred Expert who died in the most sullen way in all of Tangcang cultivators’ history, right?”

“You might feel like this is rather interesting, but it is still causing trouble.” Bian Linghan shot him a look. “You are going through this much trouble in killing someone. Moreover, if the other party knew that we didn’t want to talk with him at all, just wanted to kill him in this manner… for someone like him, would he really just stand there stupidly and wait for us to kill him? Wouldn’t he just kill himself?”

Lin Xi stared blankly. He looked downwards, his expression instead becoming a bit more serious. “Seems like what you said is right… Teacher Li Wu, will your respected self lower this Divine Wooden Flying Crane a bit?”

“Lower it a bit?” Gao Yanan’s brows furrowed slightly. “What are you trying to do?”

“I changed my mind.” Lin Xi’s expression became a bit more serious. “Sacred Experts aren’t individuals we can easily meet, fighting against true Sacred Experts is also not an experience we can have often. He can at least let me sense the power of a Sacred Expert, bring me a bit more experience in facing a Sacred Expert. After all, in the future, we will definitely have to fight Sacred Experts head on.”

“You were acting willfully just now, but you have instead gone mad now?” Bian Linghan’s brows furrowed into a 川 shape, looking at Lin Xi and quietly berating, “No matter how wounded a Sacred Expert is, they will still be Sacred Experts in the end. Moreover, your soul force has already been almost completely used up, so how will you fight against him?”

Bian Linghan’s words were obviously absolutely correct.

The soul force power of Sacred Experts was who knew how many times greater than a State Knight’s. Even in his current seriously injured condition, with Fan Shaohuang only able to display a fraction of his usual soul force output, this type of power might still be able to directly blast a State Knight level cultivator flying, or tear them to shreds.

However, Lin Xi instead nodded in an extremely calm manner. “Soul force, this type of thing can be discussed with him. I believe he will happily accept the chance to fight against me, because even if he dies, this will allow him to die in a bit more of a dignified manner. Moreover, you all can relax… I obviously have confidence in doing this type of thing, it is naturally not suicide.”

It sounded like nonsense, but regardless of whether it was Bian Linghan or Gao Yanan, they knew that when Lin Xi was extremely set on doing something, the two of them were both already used to not arguing against him.

That was why the Divine Wooden Flying Crane slowly descended.

When there was still more than ten meters from the ground, Lin Xi directly jumped off.

The yellow sand surface was extremely loose, so with a slight squat, the muscles on his body relaxing a bit, he easily neutralized the force, standing steadily on the ground.

Fan Shaohuang was still standing next to the yellow sand covered White Divine Elephant corpse. He looked at Lin Xi, the expression in his eyes extremely complicated, but he completely calmed down.

His hands joined together, showing Lin Xi a greeting. “You are precisely Green Luan Academy’s Divine General of this generation, Lin Xi?”

Lin Xi bowed slightly in respect. “I wonder what your distinguished self’s surname is?”

Fan Shaohuang’s expression became even more serious. “Fan Shaohuang.”

“We won this battle in terms of strategy, the victory lies in the Divine Wooden Flying Crane.” Lin Xi looked at him calmly and said, “By having the rest of the Divine Elephant Army’s officers leave you, you naturally aren’t the type to be greedy for life and afraid of death. You understood that you will inevitably die, yet you still aren’t dead. Is there anything you wish to say?”

Fan Shaohuang bowed, displaying Yunqin’s greeting again. “This battle’s blame is entirely on me, it was me who didn’t have enough respect towards Green Luan Academy. However, I have already given the order for the Divine Elephant Army to not seek revenge from Green Luan Academy, so I must still plead Green Luan Academy to not completely wipe them out, to leave those people in the Divine Elephant Army with a way out.”

“This is something extremely contradictory.” Lin Xi looked at him seriously and said, “You all have killed quite a few Yunqin people, while your people have also died under our hands. There are many divine elephants who will definitely die as well. This type of bloody event isn’t something a simple forgiveness can resolve. It is just like right now, I can see the expression of resigning yourself for death, you cannot even pretend like this matter hasn’t happened… Even if I can ensure that I won’t take the initiative to go after the Divine Elephant Army, can you ensure that those people alive in the Divine Elephant Army really will obey your military order, to not get revenge for you? To not cross Sanskrit Passage again?”

“This is merely the plea of the defeated for something that might happen.” Fan Shaohuang maintained a humble stance, calmly accumulating his own soul force, preparing to sever his own arteries.

“I will consider your request. In the future… if there is a chance, I will do my best to hold back a bit.” However, what was unexpected was that he heard Lin Xi speak these words.

He suddenly raised his head, but he saw Lin Xi look at him and say, “I need experience in facing a Sacred Expert… that is why the price you need to pay is to fight against me.”

Fan Shaohuang took a deep breath, dispersing the soul force he gathered towards his heart artery. He instead began to transfer his soul force to protect the inner organs’ injuries, doing his best to contain some bleeding within his internal organs. The expression on his face also began to become serious.

During these two years of time, Lin Xi already became the most well-known figure in all of Yunqin, or even the entire world. Fan Shaohuang naturally knew about the grudge between Lin Xi, Xu Qiubai and Wenren Cangyue. He understood that one day, just like how Lin Xi faced Xu Qiubai, he will definitely unavoidably face Wenren Cangyue as well.

Wenren Cangyue was someone almost unmatched in the Sacred Expert level, so he could understand why Lin Xi had to accumulate a lot of experience in facing Sacred Experts.

However, Lin Xi’s choice similarly allowed him to die with more dignity.

“You have courage.” He didn’t feel like Lin Xi was crazy, only sighing with admiration and respect. Then, he slowly sat down, looking at Lin Xi and saying, “I believe you need some time to recover soul force.”


Lin Xi smiled, also directly sitting down on the slightly hot sand surface, closing his eyes, almost instantly entering meditation cultivation.

Fan Shaohuang calmly observed Lin Xi.

When he sensed that Lin Xi almost instantly entered meditation cultivation to replenish soul force, much more true respect and admiration appeared in his eyes.

Cultivation in a dangerous place, in this world, this was something only a trifling dozen or so individuals could do.

After a long time had passed, Lin Xi finally opened his eyes.

Fan Shaohuang calmly waited for a long time, waiting until Lin Xi opened his eyes again. He slowly stood up.

Lin Xi also slowly stood up.

“Since you wish to feel the power of a Sacred Expert and to obtain some experience in fighting a Sacred Expert, when we fight in a bit, I won’t hold back at all.” Fan Shaohuang looked at Lin Xi and said this.

Lin Xi bowed slightly. “Many thanks.”

“Right now, I can roughly display around seventy percent of my strength, and because of the injuries in my body, there will be some areas of sluggishness in terms of soul force transfer and release. I hope that it will not result in any deviation in your perception.” Fan Shaohuang nodded and said, “My perception is no different from usual, which should be the most useful aspect for you in this exchange.”

Lin Xi nodded. “I understand.”

“Please.” Fan Shaohuang didn’t say anything else, showing Lin Xi a ‘please’ hand gesture.

Lin Xi moved.

The soul force in his body completely poured out from his body with speed far exceeding a State Knight’s, bringing him slightly off the ground like countless transparent wings.

Within the air shattering noises, the yellow sand beneath his feet actually only blew up a bit of dust.

Lin Xi instantly reached his maximum speed.

It was because he understood extremely clearly that if he truly wanted to face a Sacred Expert, especially a sword controlling Sacred Expert, any distance between them would completely be that Sacred Expert’s advantage. Only by closing the distance as quickly as possible, could he minimize the chance of a Sacred Expert exploiting this type of distance to directly kill him.

When facing Lin Xi who charged at him with full speed, Fan Shaohuang didn’t do anything, only calmly standing there.

This was completely the normal reaction of a non sword controlling Sacred Expert when facing a State Knight level cultivator who challenged him.

Normally, a Sacred Expert like himself would only raise his hand in disdain after the other party rushed right in front of him, easily blasting the other party flying, even directly making their body explode.

Lin Xi was ten steps from Fan Shaohuang.

His hand moved backwards, the feeling he gave off was that he was going to instantly draw the longsword from his back, following this charging stance in piercing Fan Shaohuang.

However, when his hand had just risen upwards, the longsword wrapped in cloth strips on his back suddenly exploded. His light green flying sword released a vibrating noise, flying out from his back and shooting towards Fan Shaohuang.

Lin Xi’s sword draw was only a bluff.

This instantaneous true killing move was a hidden attack executed by his flying sword and Lucky.

In front of the flying sword, Lucky leapt out towards Fan Shaohuang’s lower abdomen, using all of its strength to fire ice-cold energy at Fan Shaohuang’s face.

The flying sword’s speed far exceeded the surging icy cold aura. According to normal reason, it should approach Fan Shaohuang’s body first.

However, right at this instant, it was as if a pebble was thrown into a lake.

A clear and gentle sound could be heard in Fan Shaohuang’s surroundings.

The speed of the flying sword suddenly decreased!

In front of Fan Shaohuang, it was as if an invisible protective screen appeared.

This was merely the power of the air around Fan Shaohuang being compressed from the release of his soul force… Only, even just like this, Lin Xi’s flying sword would feel like it sank into mud, its movement difficult, becoming slower than the blast of ice and snow.

Fan Shaohuang reached out his right hand, sweeping towards the incoming ice and snow.

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