Book 13 Chapter 4 - Divine General Is Precisely Exceeding Levels

This was a brand new age, an age of turbulent times.

Ever since the chaos of Great Desolate Swamp, Jadefall City’s chaos and the southern expedition, to the recent Central Continent City… as well as the battles happening between Green Luan Academy and Heaven Ascension Mountain, unknown to the rest of the world, many experts of the older generation passed away during these battles.

The current Yunqin might not be as brilliant and varied as ten years before Yunqin Empire was founded in Ni Henian’s memory, but it was similarly cruel and bitter.

While elders who previously shook the whole word withdrew from the stage, there were also many younger generation figures who quickly grew up.

During that summer that left many youngsters depressed, when Lin Xi was unconscious, his body fragile like a glass person who might shatter at any time, Bian Linghan left Jadefall City while coughing blood the entire time.

Meanwhile now, she already stopped coughing a long time ago.

She became the only person who was like Yunqin’s imperial princess, a female cultivator with the power of a Heaven’s Lens Mermaid[1].

The instant her three fingers landed on the bowstring, an illusion-like Heaven’s Lens Mermaid appeared above the black bow body, splendid and magnificent in appearance.

The Heaven’s Lens Mermaid brought with it a surging amount of power, instantly disappearing. It became a dark night, descending towards Fan Shaohuang.

In Fan Shaohuang’s perception, this dark night was no longer like a pure expanse of dark night. What suddenly appeared within this expanse of dark night was a surging great river.

This wave of power was indeed much more powerful than the power Lin Xi released before, and it was also filled with a type of feeling that he felt was a bit different.

However, what made him feel shock, even making him a bit baffled, was that this time, Big Black’s attack didn’t shoot towards him, instead landing rather far from him.


The dark night descended, falling several dozen steps away from him. As endless yellow sand surged, there really was endless water vapor, furthermore, there were even droplets that exploded, really as if a surging black sea descended.

Under this watery mist’s refraction, the sunlight actually formed an extremely long seven-colored rainbow.

Endless yellow sand, sandstorm, fallen White Giant Elephants, the standing Sacred Expert, rainbow, all of this formed an exceptionally gorgeous scene.

Lin Xi watched this with keen interest.

However, regardless of how beautiful it was, this arrow was still too far from Fan Shaohuang.

Bian Linghan who used up all of her strength to fire this arrow felt a bit ashamed and even a bit annoyed. She looked at Lin Xi who was enjoying this scene, shouting out, “Didn’t you tell me to trust you?”

Lin Xi laughed and said, “There’s no rush, try again.”

“Am I not a Divine General?” Like those cliche movies he watched in the past world, he shook his head, smiling as he shouted the word ‘return’ inside.

Time returned to before Bian Linghan fired that arrow.

When Bian Linghan’s three fingers landed on the three zither strings, her eyes landing on Fan Shaohuang, Lin Xi chuckled and said, “The position in your mind right now, shift it around forty three steps backwards, adjust this a bit.”

Bian Linghan’s eyes flickered, her fingers making some slight adjustments.

The dark night descended.

Once again, a rainbow appeared over the yellow sand.

Even if Fan Shaohuang already couldn’t evade at all under Lin Xi’s previous two strikes, the arrow radiance still couldn’t land on Fan Shaohuang’s body, only a few steps off.


“Move roughly forty steps from where my finger is pointing at.”

“Alright, shoot again!”

Bian Linghan loosened her fingers. Big Black’s arrow radiance descended like a dark night, locking onto Fan Shaohuang’s body with incredible precision!

Fan Shaohuang didn’t know what happened before, he only knew that this arrow radiance was like a great black river as it poured down towards him.

He who couldn’t evade, had long given up on dodging, so he just raised his hands, pushing towards this great black river.

The river suddenly separated, intercepted by his power and broken apart.

The waves swept in all directions, striking everything around him.

Endless water vapor and water droplets scattered outwards. An even more beautiful rainbow appeared in the skies.

Fan Shaohuang’s figure suddenly sunk.

The yellow sand beneath his feet was like a wave, first spreading outwards and then surging backwards, wishing to completely bury him deep within.

The yellow sand that rushed backwards buried the giant white elephant at his side, only a layer of golden color visible on the sand’s surface.

However, Fan Shaohuang instead took a step out, standing on the soft sand surface.

He raised his head towards the sky, looking at that Divine Wooden Flying Crane flickering with yellow divine light.

Even though he seemed to be standing steadily, the instant he raised his head, his eyes were filled with a strange emotion. A mouthful of bloody mist rushed out from his mouth.

“Worthy of being a true Windstalker, worthy of being Big Black.”

While looking at Fan Shaohuang who was still tenaciously standing, blood rushing out from his mouth, Lin Xi released a light sigh of admiration.

Bian Linghan possessed the soul merging power of the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid, the power her soul force surged with even already exceeded that of the initial stage State Master level. Moreover, she was a true Windstalker, her unique soul force properties made it so that when she used Big Black, there was even a special additive effect.

When using a soul weapon longbow, her power might even be equivalent to a mid stagee State Master.

A mid stage State Master, when using any type of strong bow, still might not be able to seriously injure a Sacred Expert.

However, what she held in her hands right now was Big Black.

This was the weapon the newly risen Sacred Expert Principal Zhang brought into Central Continent CIty, the Big Black that made all experts in Central Continent City completely lose their splendor.

A newly matured Winstalker together with Big Black, this fully displayed the academy’s power.

Li Wu’s eyes couldn’t see.

He merely did what he could to use up his energy and contribute something, purely like a coachman who helped Lin Xi and the others control this Divine Wooden Flying Crane.

However, he could sense the power of Lin Xi’s two arrows, as well as Bian Linghan’s single arrow.

He revealed a smile of gratitude.

It was as if these academy youngsters instantly grew up after that Jadefall City night, starting to truly become individuals the academy could rely on.

Bian Linghan believed in Lin Xi, but the power of her arrow that could truly hit the target also completely left her stunned.

She was momentarily at a loss for words, even feeling like this was a bit unfair… She knew that Lin Xi’s cultivation was more bitter than her or anyone else’s, so how could the power of her arrow be even stronger than his?

However, this thought disappeared in an instant.

It was because she recalled that Lin Xi fired two arrows.

Lin Xi was a Divine General.

He had ‘two bowls of water’. Even though his soul force still didn’t reach the peak of State Knight level, the density of soul force within his body might also already be close to mid-stage State Master level.

In that instant, she thought of why even though Principal Zhang used so many soul weapons, including a powerful bow like Little Black, in the end, he gave up on all of those powerful soul weapons, in the end choosing Big Black.

It was because Big Black, this bow whose power increased the more soul force was poured in, this was the soul weapon that was most suited for the Divine General talent to begin with!

Big Black was indeed the reason why Principal Zhang already established an undefeated legend after he entered Central Continent City… However, the true reasoning behind this was still in Principal Zhang himself.

That was why as long as Lin Xi’s cultivation continued to make breakthroughs, once he reached the State Master level, as long as no Sacred Experts approached him, he had the strength to cross levels, to threaten Sacred Experts!

That was why Divine Generals would always have the strength to fight against those who were higher level than themselves!

She naturally had no chance of exceeding Lin Xi.

Moreover, she didn’t believe that the arrow she fired could hit Fan Shaohuang without Lin Xi here.

Fan Shaohuang stood on the yellow sand, coughing lightly.

Even though his injuries weren’t light, they weren’t fatal. However, at this time, he already gave up on using soul force to suppress his own injuries.

It was because in this type of situation where the opponent had a Divine Wooden Flying Crane to suppress him, even if the other party decided to slowly whittle away at his strength, he would still eventually die.

Right now, in his head, he only thought about a saying that was circulated within some cultivators with extremely high cultivation. “The reason why Green Luan Academy is the world’s most powerful cultivation holy land is because Green Luan Academy has a Divine General.”

Gao Yanan was also a bit shocked at the power Bian Linghan displayed through Big Black. She also began to think about what kind of method Lin Xi was going to use to deal with this Divine Elephant Army’s Sacred Expert as early as possible.

However, what she didn’t think of at all was that after Lin Xi released a sigh of admiration, he instead turned around to look at her, saying with a smile, “Do you want to give Big Black a try too?”

1. B9C80

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