Book 13 Chapter 2 - This Age That Should Have Been One of Glory

A northern goshawk was currently flying over the edge of Jadefall City.

The world beneath it had one side that was jade green like an ocean and one side that was instead covered in endless yellow sand.

Within the rustling yellow desert, there were only a few desert rats and some hares that occasionally entered the desert land, not much food for it, so it naturally flew towards the jade sea-like side. Sanskrit Passage seemed just like a natural boundary this world made for it.

Once this boundary was crossed, penetrating deeply into the blistering hot yellow sands, it might perish not long afterwards. This didn’t even necessarily have anything to do with food.

The heat that rose in waves from the yellow sands made it so that even if it crossed the border after having its fill of water, it would quickly experience exhaustion due to heat. When it sensed that something was off and then flew back, it might already be too late. The end result would be that it would fall straight into the yellow sands like a boulder, drown under the winds and sands, turning into dried bones.

That was why in this world, there were many things where even if no one set rules, in reality, there were still bottom lines and boundaries.

The northern goshawk spread its wings, moving through the damp and cold skies above Jadefall City. It quickly alarmed, discovering that a massive fleet was silently arriving through the northern parts of Sanskrit Passage. They were like giant boulders that filled Sanskrit Passage.

It released a cry, seemingly sensing this troop’s austereness and terror, choosing to head into the distant Jadefall City hills.

After who knew how much time had passed, it broke through a layer of thin clouds, and then suddenly felt even greater fear. It saw a big bird flying between some thin clouds in the sky before its eyes. Moreover, this big bird released yellow radiance, yet wasn’t like a living object at all. There were even a few people on the back of this big bird.

A strange cry of alarm sounded. With a speed even faster than when it normally caught prey, it swooped down, not daring to turn around.

Fan Shaohuang sat on the golden saddle of the largest White Divine Elephant at the very front, leading this entire Divine Elephant Army through Sanskrit Passage.

Regardless of what age it is, there will always be some shocking and stunning individuals.

If it wasn’t because the now already deceased Tangcang Holy Mother Empress Dowager who reached some type of secret agreement with Green Luan Academy, he would have undoubtedly become Tangcang Ancient Country’s most outstanding and domineering figure.

Tangcang and Yunqin were originally enemy countries.

Regardless of which age it was, Tangcang who always had a water shortage wanted to seize Jadefall City. They had fought many battles against Yunqin Empire in this Sanskrit Passage border.

The reason why Wenren Cangyue had so much authority and prestige in Yunqin military was mainly because of the continuous defeats of Tangcang’s troops, the continuous setbacks Tangcang suffered.

Nangong Mo[1] and Gu Xinyin, the two of them, under this type of historical background, separately headed into an enemy country, becoming spies.

Tangcang’s defeats back then, to a large extent, came from the country’s unstable political situation, continuous years of drought and the strength of Green Luan Academy in those years.

In reality, during those years, for the sake of stopping Tangcang from invading east, many powerful Green Luan Academy cultivators died in Tangcang’s borders, or died on this border.

When Sanskrit Temple’s Holy Lady became Tangcang’s political ruler, Tangcang’s political situation stabilizing, she used all of the forces on stabilizing internal affairs. All the way until her death, she didn’t ever mention expanding east or contending for world supremacy against Yunqin Empire.

After many years of development, the Divine Elephant Army, in Fan Shaohuang’s generation, instead flourished, becoming exceptionally complete and powerful.

Some methods researched by Fan Shaohuang greatly increased the reproductive abilities of the Divine Elephant Army’s divine elephants. With the Divine Elephant Army’s numbers increased, it meant that not only did they have enough battle mounts, they also had enough loading divine elephants and reserve divine elephants. The Divine Elephant Army could already carry its own military equipment and army provisions as they fought from one place to another.

The Divine Elephant Army’s most powerful area, apart from their strength, was their ability to carry out sustained transport.

All of the divine elephants needed a large quantity of food, which was why even though refined grain only consisted of a small part of the divine elephants’ diet, most of the food coming from some brambles and other things along the way, without enough transport divine elephants, if the Divine Elephant Army wanted to go into battle before, they had to have a massive transport troop following them.

To digest that much food, moreover most of it hard tree stalks that were hard to digest, the Divine Elephant Army’s White Divine Elephants needed to do a lot of activity to begin with.

Many people might subconsciously think that this massive thing definitely didn’t walk that much each day… but this type of subconscious belief was entirely mistaken.

All of the White Divine Elephants, even if they didn’t carry out military tasks, had to move a lot each day.

Since their bodies were too large, a single step was equivalent to many steps of an ordinary horse. That was why the march of the Divine Elephant Army that normally already looked quite fast, in reality, for these White Divine Elephants, it was just like a walk after a meal to aid digestion. This type of ‘stroll’ that was helpful to them to begin with, could be carried out close to twenty hours a day.

The backs of the White Divine Elephants were extremely wide. While moving, the members of the Divine Elephant Army who had already experienced bitter training since they were young could even quickly fall asleep on their backs to rest.

That was why the Divine Elephant Army was completely like a constantly moving wall, a fort that was always moving.

As long as the Divine Elephant Army was moving, even Fan Shaohuang, the highest level commander of this Divine Elephant Army didn’t know what kind of army from Yunqin could stop the Divine Elephant Army’s mobile warfare and surprise attacks.

The Divine Elephant Army could just continue to advance domineeringly, push forward with irresistible force. Together with some other armies or cultivators, it was extremely easy for them to throw Yunqin Empire’s entire western territory into complete chaos.

This was probably the Divine Elephant Army’s most brilliant age.

The Divine Elephant Army could charge unhindered through the entire battlefield, establish one legend after another.

However, without war, the Divine Elephant Army wouldn’t be able to display these legends or this type of radiance.

That was why in the hearts of the other Divine Elephant Army high ranking officers, even though their separation was because of a clash of beliefs between the Divine Elephant Army and Tangcang’s beliefs, in his heart, the lack of war because of the agreement between Tangcang and Green Luan Academy was also one of the most important reasons.

According to the newest information that returned from Central Continent City, Wen Xuanshu who cooperated with them still didn’t step off the stage, while Yunqin Emperor already adopted a crazy stance, breaking off relations with those influential families who supported Yunqin one after another.

The last purge Heavenfall Province’s Jiang Family was going to carry out was already about to arrive. The Divine Elephant Army didn’t mind showing its power to the world, which would even more so add to the misconception of Jiang Family’s collusion with them, moreover giving the now already collapsing Yunqin even greater pressure.

An age of glory that belonged to the Divine Elephant Army was arriving.

Within Sanskrit Passage’ dim mysterious rays, Fan Shaohuang seemed to already be able to see the descent of their Divine Elephant Army’s age of glory.

However, right at this time, he smelled a wisp of bloodiness.

Compared to Yunqin Empire, the number of Sacred Experts Tangcang Ancient Country had was much less. Fan Shaohuang was the only Sacred Expert in this Divine Elephant Army. Right now, he sensed a hint of irregular bloodiness, but the Divine Elephant Army soldiers behind him still didn’t smell anything, still calmly resting.

There was no sign of battles or killing, but the bloodiness that filled his nose still seemed more and more clear.

Within an extremely short amount of time, he sensed the origin of this bloodiness!

This bloodiness came from the White Divine Elephant below him, from the mouth of those White Divine Elephants behind him!


His expression suddenly changed greatly, an unprecedented fierce shout sounding. While all of the Divine Elephant Army soldiers were alarmed and confused, the golden-armored Fan Shaohuang already jumped down, arriving beneath his White Divine Elephant’s body.

He saw pink wisps of blood within this Divine Elephant’s saliva.

His expression changed again, his figure leaping past several White Divine Elephants within several breaths of time.

His breathing stopped. A wave of extreme coldness and completely indescribable emotion flooded his entire body.

These White Divine Elephants’ mouths mostly had some similar pink bloody wisps.


“How could they have possibly been poisoned?!”

In that instant, shouts of alarm continuously sounded within this massive army. Some Divine Elephant Army soldiers also began to notice that something was wrong.

Fan Shaohuang felt the cold tear apart his very soul.

“Examine the divine elephants’ provisions!” Suddenly, he reacted, releasing another fierce shout!

Several abnormally pale faced Divine Elephant Army soldiers rushed towards the large groups of loading divine elephants with the fastest speeds they have ever moved with.

Bags of cornmeal and other foodstuffs were diligently cut open roughly by weapons, scattering everywhere.

Nothing out of the ordinary could be seen from the color or smell.

A Divine Elephant Army soldier cut open several bags of divine elephant provisions. In this situation where they still didn’t discover anything wrong, this Divine Elephant Army soldier clenched his teeth. A decisive expression flashed past his eyes, and then he directly removed the golden helmet on his head, throwing the cornmeal into his own mouth in large handfuls, forcibly swallowing it.

He only continuously swallowed several mouthfuls.

All of the Divine Elephant Army soldiers saw that this Divine Elephant Army soldier whose movements were extremely rushed suddenly went rigid.

With a pu sound, a mouthful of blood and cornmeal that he had just swallowed sprayed out everywhere in front of him.

The blood he spat out wasn’t a dark red blood, but rather an extremely strange pink color!

“There is…”

After spitting out this mouthful of blood, this Divine Elephant Army soldier only turned around. He said this to all of the Divine Elephant Army soldiers, and then his body suddenly became like a stone stake, fiercely falling, all signs of life instantly disappearing.

Sanskrit Passage became deathly silent.

“What kind of poison is this?!”

After an instant of absolute silence, many Divine Elephant Army soldiers began to scream as if they went mad, some people even unable to help but wail crazily.

That Divine Elephant Army soldier was a cultivator.

Yet after just a few mouthfuls… he was poisoned to death.

Just what kind of poison was this powerful and fierce, moreover this hard to detect?

The corners of Fan Shaohuang’s lips began to twitch slightly.

“We’re leaving! Flee!”

He suddenly realized just what power was capable of this, thus releasing another fierce roar. He jumped onto the back of another White Divine Elephant, frantically controlling the Divine White Elephant towards the endless yellow sand.

In this instant, that age of glory that belonged to the Divine Elephant Army came to a rumbling collapse.

1. Tangcang Ancient County spy who spent more than 10 years in Green Luan Academy B9C68

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