Book 12 Chapter 69 - Dao of the Strong, Dao of a Great Master

Lin Xi’s expression was extremely serious and respectful.

He didn’t know what exactly would happen when this type of radiance landed on his body, just what kind of thing will happen, but he knew that this powerful fiend beast that middle-aged uncle brought out from who knew what unknown land already didn’t have much time left, that it was already the time for its swan song.

That was why he didn’t move at all, allowing the pure rays of light to land on his body and enter inside.

Pu pu pu pu…

Lin Xi’s body released waves of extremely fine rumbling noises. Countless fine small stones that were hard to make out with the naked eye shot out, carrying all types of bloodiness as they shot in all directions, as if these were dust that had accumulated within him for a long time.

In that instant, even someone as intelligent as Gao Yanan didn’t even have enough time to think over what exactly was happening.

Only Lin Xi himself could clearly sense what exactly was happening.

From the moment he first entered Dragon Snake Border Army, to Great Desolate Swamp, to Jadefall City, to South Tomb Province, and then to Thousand Sunset Mountain, he had already experienced many battles unimaginable to ordinary cultivators. Many of these battles were against cultivators with much higher cultivation levels than his own.

Even if he had his special talent, many times, when facing cultivators of higher level than himself, he could only use his own body’s wounds as the price to kill his opponent.

He had been injured many times.

There was also much cultivation not even Nangong Weiyang could carry out, this cultivation also leaving behind a lot of hidden injuries within his body.

That was why even though all of the injuries looked fine on the outside, there were many injuries that were hidden. There were many areas where his bones and tendons reformed, so there would be some irregularities. There were some injuries where after they are healed, even if no scars could be seen, some of his flesh might become a bit rougher than before. For ordinary people, this might lead to a lack of qi and blood, making them feel a bit of pain during cloudy and rainy weather. However, for cultivators, these hidden injuries would affect the speed of soul force flowing within the body, just like a smooth flowing canal suddenly having many small stones blocking the flow. When these small injuries accumulated and reached a serious degree, it would definitely affect one’s future cultivation somewhat.

Lin Xi had many of these hidden injuries within his body.

However, at this time, when the radiance Brother Ming released from its body entered his body, through power far greater than Lin Xi’s current imagination, it directly pushed out all of those ‘small stones’ plugging up his body out.

In that instant, the inside of Lin Xi’s body was covered in an expanse of brilliance. In his perception, Lin Xi even felt like he was pure and transparent.

In that instant, all of the hidden injuries were completely healed by the power Brother Ming released.

This was indeed Priest Hall’s Radiance, but it should be a radiance even more powerful than Priest Hall’s Radiance!

Lin Xi’s mind was shocked.

However, the things that were happening in his world of perception instead left him even more shocked, making his body even start to shake uncontrollably.

He could sense that the soul force within his body, under the push of the other party’s tremendous radiance force, started to circulate. Within his body, his own radiance began to form. Then, under the stirring of the other party’s great power, the endless pure radiance he produced condensed, quickly attaching itself to every channel his own soul force flowed through.

The inside of his energy channels formed a layer of radiance walls. Every single path seemed to have become a path of radiance.

This was a type of powerful secret method.

Lin Xi was able to sense this, so he knew that the other party was passing on this secret technique it had to him.

However, this type of secret technique seemed to be one Gu Xinyin had told him about, extremely similar to the secret technique Sanskrit Temple’s little monk Yun Hai cultivated[1]!

He became absent-minded, completely in shock, but he didn’t have much time to think about this.

It was because even more of the soul force within his body turned into radiance. Then, the power the other party released at this time didn’t further cause the radiance within his body to gather within his meridians, instead making it quickly surge along these meridians.

Lin Xi’s hands’ ten fingers and eyes all began to shine.

They began to release extremely pure radiance.

Endless fine gemstone-like light stars emerged, and then formed extremely pure streaks of light.

Gao Yanan and the others were all horrified as they watched this inconceivable scene.

Extremely pure streaks of light appeared even in Lin Xi’s pupils.

When that Central Continent City Priest Hall red robed High Priest fought Ni Henian with no regrets, the radiance fired from the red robed High Priest injured Ni Henian’s eyes, but his own eyes were also blinded[2].

However, right now, Lin Xi’s eyes weren’t blinded, they were still fine and well.

In his perception, the radiance the other party passed onto him seemed to be a bit different from Priest Hall’s Radiance.

It was just like two flowers who looked identical, yet they were drawn by two great painters.

However, because of some slight changes in the painting technique, the radiance he released at this instant became even more pure, the power even greater.

The dazzling radiance released from Brother Ming’s body began to fade.

In Lin Xi’s world of perception, this process was extremely long, yet in reality, it only lasted a breath or two of time.

The radiance in Brother Ming’s eyes also quickly became dim.

It gave Lin Xi a look.

In reality, it obviously understood everything Lin Xi and the others said, just that sometimes, since the middle-aged uncle who took it with him around the world didn’t even leave behind anything more, it naturally wouldn’t speak too much either. It was because it understood that this middle-aged uncle knew what he was doing extremely clearly. He didn’t want those of later generations to feel any burden because of any of his own choices.

It didn’t know if Lin Xi completely understood the things it passed onto him or not.

However, it looked at Lin Xi who was holding Big Black, feeling extremely satisfied.

It already didn’t have much time… It was precisely because it didn’t have much time left that Principal Zhang left it behind in Green Luan Academy. Right now, at the last moments of its life, during its final bit of time, Lin Xi who carried Big Black made it recall many parts of its life… It thought back to the moment that middle-aged uncle appeared in front of it, thought about how that middle-aged uncle brought it into Central Continent City for the first time, truly giving it a fright, making it realize that this world actually had such a magnificent city.

If it didn’t have these memories, then this life might have really been extremely senseless, right?

It wouldn’t smile, but in its heart, it was smiling right now.

It knew Lin Xi already had no way of knowing that back then, when it walked into Central Continent City, it didn’t know this radiance.

It merely fought a good while with that Yuhua Lingyu[3] who wasn’t all that humble or well-tempered back then, secretly comprehending and learning this radiance from his body, later on making this radiance even more powerful.

“Not knowing is also fine… I am bright and glorious, how could I possibly steal the things of another?”

When it thought about how there wasn’t anyone else in this world who knew this secret, it began to smile even happier inside. While reminiscing about its past in the scattering radiance, its breathing stopped.

Li Wu’s body was the first to tremble. He took a deep breath, and then solemnly and respectfully bowed respectfully towards this powerful Fiend Beast who had defended the academy.

Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan also knew what happened. Their expressions became a bit pale, both of them clutching their mouths, showing it a bow of respect, sending it out of this world.

Lin Xi bowed respectfully. Only after remaining silent for a moment, did he reveal a somewhat bitter smile, looking at Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan, saying, “We should feel happy for it… At the very least, in the end, we helped it complete this final cherished desire.”

Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan nodded. Before they even had time to say anything, they both released an ah cry of alarm.

Many specks of light appeared from Brother Ming’s body.

This was some of the last soul force within its body.

There already wasn’t much power left within its body, but this was the power it had already controlled. After its death, this wave of power would scatter outwards, and then its body would disappear within these specks of radiance, as if purified by these specks of radiance it previously released, disappearing into fine specks that couldn’t be seen through the naked eye, scattering through this world.

“Extremely dignified, confident and at ease.”

Lin Xi looked at this scene that he previously only could have seen from his past world’s movies, unsure of what kind of emotions he was feeling right now, unable to help but release a light sigh.

Gao Yanan watched as this legendary powerful existence completely disappeared from this world, until all of the stars of light completely disappeared for a long time, and only then did she turn around, slowly asking, “What did Professor Ming do in the end?”

Lin Xi took a deep breath.

Only now did he have a bit of time to think to himself.

He remained silent for a bit and then raised his head. “It helped me cleanse my bones and marrow, removing all of the hidden injuries within my body… and then it also taught me two powerful secret techniques.”

“Two powerful secret techniques?”


When faced with Gao Yanan and the others’ questioning, Lin Xi nodded seriously.

“The most crucial thing is that it also taught me many principles.”

Lin Xi released a sigh, deeply moved, then quietly said this.

He understood extremely clearly inside that the secret technique of lining his meridians with crystal walls wasn’t the same thing as radiance, that they were two entirely different secret techniques.

During the last moments of Brother Ming’s life, when it scattered into the radiance, Lin Xi didn’t let down its expectations.

Lin Xi understood the principles it truly wanted to tell him.

Cultivation methods could be learned.

In Principal Zhang’s life, he had traveled through who knew how many places, saw who knew how many powerful opponents. He might have encountered Sanskrit Temple’s cultivators as well, which was why Brother Ming learned this type of secret technique.

However, learning wasn’t the end point.

Through learning different things, combining it all and making some things that belonged to oneself, making oneself become even more powerful, this was what true cultivation was.

In its eyes, Lin Xi was obviously full of promise like Principal Zhang, able to become a true great master.

That was why in the final moments of its life, it tried to tell Lin Xi to not rigidly restrict himself, to not purely limit himself to the things predecessors left for him.

Gao Yanan understood Lin Xi, so right now, she wasn’t in a rush to push him for more details. She wanted to give Lin Xi enough time to think, to think through some things more clearly.

At this time, both Lin Xi and her instead sensed something, both of them turning to look into the sky.

A streak of faint yellow radiance flew between the white clouds, and then it quickly descended, becoming a clear Wooden Divine Flying Crane figure before their eyes.

The Wooden Divine Flying Crane descended under their watch.

It landed next to them.

Someone walked down from atop of it. While looking at the scene before her, she said in a bit of panic, “Did I… come too late?”

When he heard this person still carry a bookish tone at this time, looking at her somewhat messy hair and bookish, yet delicate and pretty appearance, Lin Xi couldn’t help but produce a faint smile, bowing respectfully and greeting, “Teacher An… your arrival is not that late.”

1. Sacred Mountain Wall - Yun Hai cultivates the Sacred Mountain Wall. A technique which is able to condense one’s soul power into a layer of crystal wall, protect one’s own body’s blood vessels and even allow the other party’s power to pour in and then make a counterattack

2. Zhuge Qianshan B12C65

3. Priest Hall’s Eternal High Priest B9C13 

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