Book 12 Chapter 65 - Those Who Used to Be In Charge Of This City

When Principal Zhang brought Big Black into this majestic city, Ni Henian was still only a modest cultivation student. While watching the battles that took place one after another, he was trying to find a fighting technique that would allow him to get some footing in this grand city. After many years passed, he comprehended all types of amazing dao, now already becoming the most powerful individual in this entire Central Continent City.

That was why there wasn’t a single Central Continent Guard who appeared nearby Yellow Sparrow Temple to intercept Zhong Cheng, because the appearance of any Central Continent Guard would be a waste.

As for Nightingale who had already been forgotten even by those past ruffians, this was something completely unexpected. During the most crucial moment of Ni Henian and Zhong Cheng’s battle, her sound ripping technique saved Zhong Cheng, injuring Ni Henian. This in itself was already something worth feeling pride over.

During the past many years, in this world’s most majestic city, there already weren’t many people left who had the qualifications to challenge Ni Henian. As the Imperial Court’s Great Consecrator, he was like a city guarding boulder, one that could intimidate all Sacred Experts, preventing them from acting randomly.

Ni Henian, under her strike, released a muffled groan. If a Sacred Expert was fine, he naturally wouldn’t release this type of sound.

Only, this still couldn’t change anything.

This last Jiang Family Sacred Expert and Zhong Family’s most powerful expert Zhong Cheng still couldn’t withstand a single strike from him.

Ni Henian’s power didn’t only lie in comprehending a certain soul force profound secret, possessing extremely powerful fighting techniques, it also laid in that his soul force cultivation itself was much more powerful than ordinary Sacred Experts’.

He was already at the peak of Sacred Expert level, someone who was only a step away from becoming a Sacred Master.

That was why when Nightingale and Zhong Cheng made their way through two alleys, Ni Henian was already less than fifty steps from the two of them.

Zhong Cheng coughed out a mouthful of blood.

He didn’t recognize Nightingale who had long been forgotten by this city either, but the moment Nightingale took action,  he knew that she represented Jiang Family.

That was why as he coughed blood, he calmly turned around to look at Nightingale, saying with a smile, “My injuries are too severe, you should leave first.”

Nightingale’s steps stopped slightly. No one knew what kind of decision this woman who had remained secluded for several decades, her beautiful appearance ultimately hidden behind endless wrinkles and past memories made. It was because right at this time, a luxurious carriage appeared in the alley in front of her and Zhong Cheng.

The curtains moved aside, revealing a deeply moved aged face, a set of red priest robes.

“Who would have expected that you would still be alive.”

This black haired red robed High Priest whose face was covered in countless wrinkles walked down from the carriage, looking at Nightingale while saying this with a sigh of endless emotions.

Zhong Cheng and Nightingale both recognized this red robed High Priest, but they didn’t understand what kind of standpoint he held at this time, didn’t know if this was friend or foe. That was why both of them stopped.

Ni Henian’s brows furrowed deeply, also stopping his footsteps.

This Priest Hall red robed High Priest’s every movement could represent the movement of another influential family in the royal court, Yuhua Family’s decision and standpoint.

This was enough to make anyone’s expression become grave.

“You two, enter the carriage and leave.”

A flower of light bloomed in this red robed High Priest’s fingers, incredibly pure and holy. The flower instantly shattered and faded, scattering into countless wisps of light that cascaded upon Zhong Cheng’s body, entering his body.

Just these simple words and these simple movements already fully expressed his standpoint.

A hint of a moved and hot-blooded expression flashed past Zhong Cheng’s calm eyes. He didn’t stop, bowing respectfully, and then passed by this red robed High Priest’s figure.

Ni Henian released a fierce shout. “Zhuge Qianshan! Is this your decision or is it Yuhua Family’s decision?!”

“It is my decision.”

The red robed High Priest revealed a wise and farsighted smile as he said, “Priest Hall is still waiting on Chen Family and Hu Family’s message, but I felt like I couldn’t wait any longer. I believe that the things I am doing will also help them make their decision.”

“Nothing more than a scoundrel!” True killing intent appeared on Ni Henian’s face. As he advanced, his body moved through the wind, the streets and alleys to his side seemed to be torn apart like paper under the crazy winds his movements produced, toppling over.

“What a true priest represents, will forever be radiance.”

The red robed High Priest declared solemnly, revealing a smile. Then, great brilliance erupted before his body.

Countless extremely pure streaks of radiance that were brilliant to the point where no colors could be seen instantly flooded this alley.

At this moment, all of Central Continent City was bathed under sunlight, but this alley was instead the brightest place.

Ni Henian released an overcast fierce grunt. His hands reached out, blocking in front of his own eyes.

During the past sixty to seventy years, he already understood just what kind of thing this radiance was from watching the battles of many Priest Hall High Priests.

As for this type of radiance, in his opinion, its strength in treatment was far greater than its power in facing enemies, unable to compare with the flames of Purgatory Mountain at all. However, today, this light was especially powerful, powerful to the point where even he was shocked.

That was why there was only one possibility… This red robed High Priest already completely disregarded his own injuries, releasing radiance like he was burning up his very life.

Before this type of radiance, he couldn’t ensure that his fragile eyes could withstand this type of power.

That was why he used his arms to help shield his eyes.

The red robed High Priest was still smiling calmly.

The radiance this High Priest released from his body turned into nothingness before Ni Henian’s hands.

Ni Henian’s soul force formed countless grooves before his hands, looking like countless rune inscribed files as they cut through the radiance.

At this time, the red robed High Priest’s body shook fiercely. When it shook, his eyes became transparent, and then two exceptionally pure streaks of brilliant light were released.

These two streaks of light blasted through the countless transparent grooves in front of Ni Henian’s hands, smashing into his hands.

Ni Henian’s expression changed greatly. A crack was smashed open in his arms.

It was only a crack, but this was already enough. Many strands of pure light scattered through the crack, landing on Ni Henian’s eyes.

Ni Henian already closed his eyes, but this type of light’s power still penetrated his eyelids, stabbing deeply into his eyeballs, piercing his eyes.

Ni Henian released a fierce scream. Two fine streaks of blood flowed out from his eyes. His body continued forward, his arms separating, pressing against this red robed High Priest’s body.

The red robed High Priest fell with a smile.

He knew that his eyes would already go blind the instant he released this type of radiance, already no longer able to see, but because he believed what he did was correct, when he died at this time, he was still inwardly full of brilliance.

It was because only when one had a clear conscience, feeling no regrets, could the heart be full of radiance.

When this Priest Hall High Priest fell, a city gate in Central Continent City’s east corner opened.

Central Continent City was extremely massive, having a total of nineteen of these city gates.

Twelve among them were used by ordinary people, while seven were opened during emergencies, when the military moved, or if the royal court had other uses for them.

At this time, there were some gates that were opened in Central Continent City, but for some people the emperor wanted dead, there was no chance of them reaching these gates.

There were some gates that were closed. Even if some people could reach these gates, they still couldn’t move through them.

The city’s eastern corner gate was supposed to be closed, the city crossbows and other powerful military equipment guarding the city should also all be aimed at the city gate.

However, this gate was opened and all of the soldiers in charge of operating the military equipment were instead transferred away.

“Just what exactly is going on?!”

“Who was the one who gave this order?!”

A silver-armored Central Continent high ranking officer with hundreds of heavy armor soldiers hurried here, his complexion pale as he roared fiercely, wishing to know the reason for this city gate’s opening.

According to normal reasoning, this wasn’t something those influential families could interfere with. After all, these were the Central Continent Guards, and when his majesty issued the secret decree, all of the Central Continent Guards had already underwent a purge.

Suddenly, this silver-armored Central Continent Guard thought of a possibility, someone who seemed to be the only one who had the power to do this type of thing, someone who previously grasped Central Continent Guards. “Grand Secretary Zhou?” This silver-armored Central Continent Guard high ranking officer cried out in horror.

This was something related to all of Yunqin, so all Yunqin people had to make a choice.

In the old residence Grand Secretary Zhou resided in, Grand Secretary Zhou who was dressed in ordinary cloth clothes washed his hands. Then, just like he was going for a stroll like normal, he walked out of his courtyard gates.

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