Book 12 Chapter 63 - City’s Sacred Experts

Since Hong Xianhua could appear here and interrogate Zhang Qiuxuan together with Xu Zhenyan, it meant that he was Wen Xuanshu’s trusted aide, at the same time serving as a type of check on Xu Zhenyan. His abilities and will were definitely not as simple as he looked on the surface.

However, this secret really was too shocking.

The position Principal Zhang represented in the hearts of the people vaguely even exceeded Yunqin’s late emperor. This was someone who was made completely divine, countless Yunqin people searching for glory under his past deeds… If Principal Zhang was really directly set up and harmed to death by Yunqin Emperor, then they wouldn’t only be facing Green Luan Academy’s wrath, what Yunqin Imperial Palace would have to face would be the wrath of all of Yunqin’s people.

This wasn’t a strand of rice straw, but rather a huge tree, one that was enough to completely crush Changsun Clan.

“If this really is the case… as long as we can find some conclusive proof to show the people of this world, then Changsun Clan would naturally fall apart…” Hong Xianhua’s body was shaking, his silk clothes completely drenched in layers of cold sweat. “This world will naturally be Grand Secretary Wen’s.”

Xu Zhenyan’s hands were also shaking slightly.

Regardless of who it was, when they suddenly gripped something that could bring down the royal family of such a massive empire, they would all be like this.

“Do not forget.”

However, at this time, he still turned around to look at Hong Xianhua, saying slowly in a difficult and extremely cold manner, “Even if we end up obtaining proof or not, what we do still depends on Grand Secretary Wen’s decision, and is not something we can decide… Also, if we want to find proof, there are only two places where proof can be found: True Dragon Mountain or the Ice Snow Divine Plains behind Heaven Ascension Mountain Range. This is also something only Grand Secretary Wen has a chance of doing.”

Hong Xianhua froze up momentarily. He understood the implications behind Xu Zhenyan’s words, revealing a pale smile. However, his back instead produced another layer of cold sweat.

“That is why we only need to let Grand Secretary Wen know this secret as soon as possible, we definitely cannot let anyone else know. Otherwise, we will die much sooner.” He gave Xu Zhenyan a look, easing his own nervousness and nauseating fear while saying this.

Xu Zhenyan nodded his head slightly, lowering his head.

“Regardless… this is at the very least a way to kill a Divine General, a way to make a Divine General disappear from this world… if there really are no other things that can kill someone like a Divine General.” After remaining silent for a long time, Xu Zhenyan said this slowly to himself with a voice only he himself could hear.

This day, all three of True Dragon Mountain’s greatest secrets were respectively grasped by Nangong Weiyang, Di Choufei and Xu Zhenyan.

In this world of cultivation, there were actually only two types of people.

One type was friend, the other enemy.

When one had friends, then there would be enemies… this was fair for everyone.

What everyone needed to do was choose their friends and enemies.

At this time, in Central Continent Imperial City, a battle was currently being carried out in front of the Yellow Sparrow Temple.

Yellow Sparrow Temple was a daoist temple for scholarly individuals.

Yunqin’s independent daoist temples were normally places where scholars without ambition chose to engage in mental and spiritual cultivation. They didn’t believe in buddhas or deities, only seeking peace and the natural. Lightning lights and fragrances, in these independent daoists’ words of self-mockery, were just there to add a bit of an atmosphere, give them a bit more things to do.

That was why unlike some Tangcang buddhist temples who advised one to be benevolent, Yunqin’s daoist temples were instead a place where scholars gathered, full of human heart, helping people cure illnesses and passing on some methods of good health and longevity.

This type of place normally didn’t have too many people living nearby.

Before Yunqin Empire was established, Yellow Sparrow Temple’s temple master previously secretly helped the late emperor do many things. That was why after Yunqin was established, the late emperor granted Yellow Sparrow Temple quite a bit of land and repaired a few old buildings. However, these things weren’t the reason why it was so well known… The main point laid in that Yellow Sparrow Temple was located in the southern outskirts of Central Continent City, at the very edge of Central Continent City’s most bustling streets. It rested right between liveliness and peace. Behind the temple was a small bare mountain, behind the small mountain some vegetable gardens and farmland, in front of the temple were large amounts of bustling markets. There were two alleys that led towards Yellow Sparrow Temple. In front of the temple were large amounts of smooth stone ground. In the past, when the independent daoists of the temple scattered grains on the stone path, they would often attract quite a few yellow sparrows. There was a temple master who excelled at drawing, deciding he might as well focus on drawing these yellow sparrows, even making the sign board for the Yellow Sparrow Temple. Independent daoists later on thus gave this place the name Yellow Sparrow Temple.

Since there was this stone area, moreover a land of peace amidst the noise, just like some lakeside weeping willow shores of Central Continent City, this place also became one of the most well-known places where Central Continent City’s cultivators fought.

Whenever cultivators decided to fight in front of Yellow Sparrow Temple, there would immediately be a huge crowd who swarmed over into the stone field’s surroundings. It was to the extent where even roofs of the stores and wine shops around the stone stage would be full of people. However, today, there weren’t any spectators.

It was because this wasn’t a duel, but rather a battle between the Imperial Palace and assisting subjects.

Even the idle daoists who normally liked to move over some stools and chew on melon seeds while watching the battles didn’t appear. Yellow Sparrow Temple’s main entrance was even tightly shut.

Ni Henian slowly walked out from an alley.

The robes he wore were woven out of several types of metal threads. There were crane decorative designs on them, around his collar and sleeves were small coiled dragon patterns, while his shoulder had dragon scale patterns.

This set of robes looked exceptionally detailed and durable, and it was also extremely respected, already at the highest level of status as a subject.

It was because after the late emperor’s True Dragon Guards, even the highest praise and recognition for Yunqin subjects didn’t have full coiling dragon patterns, only able to have some small golden patterns around the sleeves and collars. As for dragon scale patterns, this was a special reward from the emperor, the message behind it was riches and honor, that with me under this sky, your posterity can also enjoy glory and splendor, obtain shelter, that your posterity have the qualifications to enjoy feudal fiefdom.

Ni Henian definitely had the qualifications to wear these robes.

It was because he was Yunqin Imperial Court’s Great Consecrator.

There were more than one Consecrator in the Imperial Court, but only the most powerful one of them all could be called Great Consecrator.

That was why for an extremely long amount of time, he was the most powerful cultivator in the entire Central Continent City.

He had experienced who knew how many battles against powerful cultivators, and later on… many cultivators didn’t even have the qualifications to challenge him anymore.

His current opponent was standing in front of Yellow Sparrow Temple’s gates, a black clothed middle-aged man with dark skin.

This black clothed middle-aged man’s appearance was extremely ordinary, but when he casually stood in front of Yellow Sparrow Temple with his hands behind him, it was as if he was a great mountain that watched over the Yellow Sparrow Temple, his presence completely filling up this stone covered land that could accommodate ten thousand people.

This was already no longer the presence of a great master, but rather someone who viewed themself as the very peak, someone who had the confidence to contend against the heavens.

Ni Henian calmly walked over, but the aura around his body was also drawn by this black clothed middle-aged man, his attention also completely focused on him. That was why this black clothed middle-aged man could only be a Sacred Expert, moreover definitely not an ordinary Sacred Expert.

“You’ve arrived.”

While looking at Ni Henian who walked over, at the extremely precious robes Ni Henian wore, this calm expressioned dark clothed middle-aged man bowed slightly, carrying out the greeting of a junior, as if he was facing an elder he was well acquainted with.

“Zhong Cheng, you should just surrender.”

Ni Henian bowed slightly, returning the greeting. He calmly looked at this black clothed middle-aged man, calmly but sincerely saying this quietly.

“Why?” The black clothed middle-aged man said with a calm smile. “All things in this world need a reason.”

Ni Henian was normally not fond of speaking too many words, not all that kind towards others. However, his expression and tone today were much more peaceful than amiable and easy-going people. This was because those normal people didn’t have the strength to chat with him on equal footing, while this black clothed middle-aged man before his eyes did.

“His majesty’s orders are the sky. If the monarch wants a subject to die, then the subject has no choice but to die.” He looked at this black clothed middle-aged man, calmly and slowly saying, “The operation of the world must have law, all people must respect this law.”

The black clothed middle-aged man said with a smile, “However, the restrictions of any law are not free from reason. No matter what one does, they must be reasonable. His majesty naturally must be reasonable as well.”

Ni Henian’s brows furrowed slightly, remaining silent for a few breaths of time before saying, “Zhong Cheng, even though you are Zhong Family’s most powerful member, you are not my match. Central Continent City’s population is over a million, but within this million, those who have reached the sacred level are only those one or two per family. Even back then when Principal Zhang entered Central Continent City, ten years before Yunqin was established, endless talents gathering in Central Continent City, the number of Sacred Experts the most numerous, they could still be counted on two hands. Since then, the number of Sacred Experts in Central Continent City has decreased further and further… For us, this Central Continent City has become larger and larger, yet the scene before our eyes has grown more and more tedious. Meeting a Sacred Expert when turning around a noodle shop in the alley, meeting two masters who are more formidable than yourself within a lake… to the extent where four or five Sacred Experts might use some small methods to compare skills and mutually gain enlightenment, this type of flourishing period of cultivators… These types of times will never exist again in the future. Those at the sacred level are all great beams supporting the empire, I cherish talents.”

“These words of yours are spoken with true sincerity.” The black clothed middle-aged man said with a smile. “Since both of us have already reached the sacred level, the world in our eyes is naturally entirely different from ordinary people. Some so-called rules, before our eyes, are also extremely faint. You cherish talents, but the emperor does not. My father named me Zhong Cheng as a homonym, to remain loyal to this city.[1] However, even though Zhong Family has served Changsun Clan for a hundred years, remaining loyal to this city, there was instead this type of result. I naturally have no choice but to fight.”

Ni Henian nodded. “However, you will still be defeated by me, which makes this completely meaningless.”

“I at least know that you have later generations residing in this Yellow Sparrow Temple, which is why you must come here because of me. If I am here, and you are here, by stalling you, there is no way you can free yourself to do other things, so this carries meaning for my Zhong Family.” Zhong Cheng said calmly.


Ni Henian nodded slightly. He didn’t say anything more either, only calmly and seriously cupping his hands towards Zhong Cheng.

Zhong Cheng’s expression also became serious. He slowly reached out his hands, cupping his hands and saying, “Please.”

Ni Henian didn’t move.

Zhong Cheng took a step out. In front of Yellow Sparrow Temple, the ordinary vital energy between heaven and earth was shattered, countless crazy winds appearing from nothing.

Zhong Cheng moved towards Ni Henian within these crazy winds.

1. The same pronunciation as Zhong Cheng, but different characters, can mean city loyalty and devotion

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