Book 12 Chapter 60 - True Dragon Mountain’s Secrets

When ordinary people looked at this world, they used their eyes. However, many times, for cultivators, they could use their perception to view this world.

There were also countless wind and vital energy streams flowing through this heaven and earth.

Even if it was a gentle breeze that didn’t stir about any tree leaves, in a cultivator’s world of perception, it would be extremely clear. Some slight changes in vital energy that was even more fine than the wind would also be keenly seized by cultivators.

Di Choufei swiftly and aggressively advanced through True Dragon Mountain. He was only gambling that no Sacred Experts were in True Dragon Mountain right now, that before any Sacred Experts came, he would do his best to see more places in True Dragon Mountain.

He was always Immortal Academy’s most outstanding student, already a cultivator at the very peak of State Master level just like Zhantai Qiantang. In his perception, he quickly sensed some places that had different auras. In a few breaths of time, he already crossed over three palaces. He dropped down from a palace rooftop, and then with a crash noise, directly entered through a window.

There were no lights lit in this hall, the only light entering this place came through the window he shattered. However, the entire palace was still extremely dusky.


His legs moved, instantly taking seven steps in succession. He reached out the longsword at his waist, bringing it through the throat of a palace maid that just happened to stand in his way.

Blood splashed everywhere. His head lowered slightly forward. A streak of cold light passed over his head. The longsword in his hands hacked out underneath his arm in reverse, stabbing through the throat of another maid.

Without waiting for the sword’s tip to separate from this palace maid’s throat, with a hong noise, his aura exploded again. With a strange stance, his body smashed into this palace maid, bringing her with him as he smashed into the chest of the person behind her, the collision crushing all of the bones of that individual.

In that instant, Di Choufei instantly dispatched three cultivators in one go, not allowing these three cultivators to release even a hint of sound from their lips.


However, at this time, a fierce shout sounded. A streak of sword light flew outwards. Right when Di Choufei’s previous motion still hadn’t finished, new strength still unavailable, it hacked towards Di Choufei’s underbelly, instantly piercing through his snow-white outer and inner armor, stabbing an inch into his flesh.

Di Choufei released a fierce low shout, the longsword in his hands suddenly sliding down like a long river, sticking to this person’s sword radiance, quickly seizing over control. He actually stopped the other party’s longsword through a sword against sword grinding stance, preventing the opponent’s longsword from stabbing deeper in this instant, moreover unable to twist it within his body. The golden bricks underneath his feet instantly shattered. His body took a step back, separating from this longsword.

“Immortal Sword Adhering Strike! You are someone from Immortal Academy!”

The other party’s soul force erupted, making this palace feel as if a great storm was stirring about. However, in that instant, he actually discovered that no matter what kind of fine movements he tried to make with his longsword, the other party’s sword stance always stuck to his sword, bringing his longsword towards the side of Di Choufei. In that instant he reacted, releasing this fierce shout, Di Choufei’s body already followed his sword into his body, his shoulder smashing into his chest!


Blood gushed out crazily from this cultivator’s mouth, splashing across Di Choufei’s white clothes like giant blooming roses.

Di Choufei’s body borrowed this forward momentum to free his longsword from the other party’s longsword, planting it into this cultivator’s throat.


This cultivator fell to the ground.

Di Choufei quickly wrapped up the wound on his abdomen. This sword didn’t stab that deeply, but the rippling of the soul force already injured his inner organs. However, during this slight moment of break to catch his breath, his expression already became increasingly fiery.

This final swordmaster he dispatched wasn’t a female attendant, but a man with a fifty something year old appearance. However, this man was just like the three palace maids he killed, their eyes caved in, all of them blind!

That was why the four of them didn’t need to light any lights in this type of dark palace at all.

True Dragon Mountain was a restricted land to begin with. Moreover, even the people employed inside were blind, this even more so proved that True Dragon Mountain wasn’t as simple as just serving as Changsun Clan’s imperial ancestral land, but rather definitely had some great secret no one else could see, no one else could know about!

While breathing heavily, Di Choufei sensed an aura from deep within this palace that felt strange.

He didn’t stop in the slightest. His two feet tapped on the ground, quickly crossing over thirteen layers of curtains. He saw that the center of these curtains was empty, the ground carrying a bit of golden radiance. However, at the same time, his body instead shook fiercely, taking more than ten steps back, leaning over to look downwards.

Where he was standing, the floor was no longer golden bricks, but rather some type of cold green metal, its surface carved with streaks of deep grooves… as if they were all runes!

The border between the green metal and golden bricks was curved. He took a few steps back while holding his breath. He was now already sure that he was standing on a several dozen meters radius metal disk!

This green metal was embedded into the ground, unknown just how much it weighed. Meanwhile, there was a bit of golden light at the center, originating from more than ten pigeon-sized True Dragon Gems that were gathered together.

This was completely something Di Choufei had never seen before, something exceeding all of his knowledge. That was why he was a bit absent-minded at this moment.

The ones who were trying to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain in Central Continent City weren’t limited to only Di Choufei alone.

Zhantai Qiantang led more than ten prisoners he had freed from the Ghost Prison through Central Continent City’s underground drainage system.

Central Continent CIty didn’t lack water, and if the ground wasn’t paved with stone, then it was earth, having great water seepage. That was why the drainage system wasn’t like Tangcang’s Quicksand City, undergoing such careful and strict planning. Most of the drainage systems only simply led towards certain streams, and most of them were so narrow one couldn’t easily move about within.

However, there was not a shred of despair in the eyes of the dozen or so prisoners who followed behind Zhantai Qiantang, their eyes instead only contained shock.

They saw that the area before them had been dug a bit wider, some hay scattered across the ground. Meanwhile, resting on the dry grass were five massive eggs that were over half a person in height.

Since this type of light yellow colored egg wasn’t that tall, their shapes also round like balls, they seemed especially large.

Under these prisoners’ shocked eyes, Zhantai Qiantang directly walked up to these five eggs, his hand lightly tapping against one of them. When a muffled copper striking noise sounded from his tapping, these prisoners heard that there were some shattering noises coming from within the giant egg as well.

That day, those who dared enter True Dragon Mountain were similarly not limited to Di Choufei alone.

Nangong Weiyang was not only intelligent, she was raised in Central Continent Imperial City, so she was extremely familiar with Central Continent City and Central Continent Imperial Palace. The most important thing was that when she did things, she would always carry them out more seriously, with more concentration. Moreover, she was definitely more bold and daring than most people in the world, had less misgivings about the consequences.

For people like her, any law in Yunqin and any rules of this world were fleeting and transient to begin with.

True Dragon Mountain was a place she had wanted to enter a long time ago.

Only, before leaving Central Continent City with the imperial princess, even if she used less than twenty years of time to break through into the Sacred Expert level, Nangong Weiyang still understood extremely clearly that Central Continent City had more Sacred Experts than any other place, the number of formidable figures more numerous in Central Continent City than anywhere else. She still couldn’t act willfully, and she also knew that True Dragon Mountain normally definitely had formidable figures. There was no way any Sacred Expert could just go and take a look just because they wanted to, and then safely return after their sightseeing.

Both her and Zhantain Qiantang originally only wanted to obtain some craftsmen and usable personnel, which was why they arrived in Central Continent City without Lin Xi’s knowledge.

They just happened to arrive during the Emperor and Zhong Family’s sudden developments. Her flying sword was even stronger than before, even better at fighting. In this type of situation, she obviously had even more reason for entering True Dragon Mountain than Di Choufei.

While Di Choufei rushed into a certain palace that was less than halfway up the mountain, discovering that he was standing before a giant metal disk, Nangong Weiyang was currently in the rear mountain, about to approach the peak, standing in front of an extremely ancient palace’s entrance.

This palace that was entirely made from stone was underneath a cliff.

This cliff was only forty to fifty meters in height, but since its very top was already this mountain’s summit, when one looked further upwards, it seemed like it was connected to the sky, so the feeling it gave off was rather majestic.

The green vines covering the cliff had all already become as thick as a person’s thighs. Some of the finer branches hung down, not only covering this entire cliff, but also casting themselves over the extremely ancient palace below that seemed to have been carved out of this cliff itself. The ancient vines’ branches were lush, blocking quite a bit of sunlight as it rested on the stone palace, making this palace seem especially quiet, even a bit terrifying.

Nangong Weiyang’s perception was naturally more powerful than Di Choufei’s.

She ascended from the rear mountain, not heading anywhere else. Her being directly drawn here wasn’t because this palace looked ancient, but rather because of the aura released from within this stone palace.

In front of this stone palace, the still serious expressioned Nangong Weiyang revealed a rare bit of hesitation. Then, she still moved, continuing forward along the mottled shadow covered stone stairs, walking into this exceptionally peaceful and secluded stone palace.

True Dragon Gem, for Di Choufei, was naturally extremely precious. A single piece of True Dragon Gem could very well bring him a formidable soul weapon, granting him redoubled power. However, this aura from this giant metal disk that exceeded all of his knowledge made him not dare act randomly, preventing him from carelessly digging up the True Dragon Gem at the center.

He leapt out of this palace, and then continued to quickly advance in True Dragon Mountain.

In his perception, among the palaces he passed, there was another whose aura was enough to entice him, but it was already a bit familiar.

An expression filled with shock appeared in his eyes, his expression under his cold mask also showing a change in expression, revealing shock.

The waves of aura that were similar to the metal disk from just now seemed to vaguely reveal some secrets, but he couldn’t immediately figure it out.

He suddenly raised his head, looking upwards.

He sensed a wave of especially powerful aura. That wave of power was released precisely from a palace not far beneath Boundless Palace![1]

This was a type of intuition that was close to the results of a certain type of secrets. His heart twitched slightly, and then without even tending to some air shattering noises that sounded behind him, he once again pushed his soul force to the limit, rushing towards that palace.

1. Imperial residence in True Dragon Mountain

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