Book 12 Chapter 58 - Attraction, So-Called Beliefs

Whenever ruffians fought, there was never something like a gentle conclusion.

Di Choufei wasn’t only an outstanding cultivator from Immortal Academy, he also had the background of a former Dragon Snake Border Army high ranking military officer with acute foresight.

He understood extremely clearly that in the end, this was a battle between the Emperor, those nine senators and Green Luan Academy. What he had to do first if he wanted to take advantage of this crisis, was to obtain power on that level. In this type of situation, whether he would ultimately obtain any benefits would all hinge upon whether the power he relied on could win in the end or not. That was why in his opinion, taking advantage of this situation to kill some of his enemies or those opponents who might pose any hindrance towards him in his rise within the royal court was something completely useless.

If he wanted to set himself apart from those who were just like him in this age, he had to grasp the crucial point, possess some things other people didn’t have.

In the past, when Principal Zhang made his first formal appearance in Central Continent City, it was precisely with a type of unrivaled stance. The key reason was because of the ‘Big Black’ in his hands.

‘Big Black’ wasn’t a soul weapon any craftsman in this world could make. Principal Zhang had it, others didn’t, which was why Principal Zhang whose soul force cultivation didn’t yet reach a point where it could overwhelm many experts in Central Continent City, instead already seemed  exceptionally powerful.

‘Big Black’, a weapon like this, came from a place untreated by the people and cultivators of this world. No one knew where Principal Zhang picked it up from.

There were many unknown and mysterious places in this world.

For example, the frozen plains behind Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, the endless yellow sand desert behind Sanskrit Temple, the Sky Devil Plains behind Purgatory Mountain.

Moreover, this world also had the True Dragon Mountain which was located within Central Continent City, this kind of place that had the densest population in all of Yunqin. In reality, True Dragon Mountain was also an unknown place for most people. It was because even before Yunqin Empire was established, True Dragon Mountain had always remained as one of Changsun Clan’s restricted areas.

The reason why Changsun Clan could play its role in Yunqin, becoming one of the most powerful lords before Yunqin Empire’s establishment, was not completely unrelated to True Dragon Mountain’s resources.

The only thing Yunqin people knew about True Dragon Mountain was that True Dragon Mountain produced golden True Dragon Gems.

This type of gemstone, when certain runes were carved into them, or if they were used to apply some runes, they could release powerful lightning, they could even be refined into extremely powerful soul weapons.

A pigeon egg sized True Dragon Gem was already invaluable. It could be grinded up into many fine granules and then embedded into the runes of many soul weapons. The soul weapons unique to Thunder Academy that could release golden lightning used precisely this type of True Dragon Gem.

Yunqin surrounded this True Dragon Mountain. There were always various legends regarding this place. Di Choufei always wanted to know just what kind of other secrets it carried apart from the True Dragon Gem.

This was especially after he entered Central Continent City, able to see True Dragon Mountain every day, his desire to enter True Dragon Mountain was like that of a bamboo shoot in a spring day rainy season, stirring crazily and uncontrollably within Di Choufei’s heart.

Whenever he saw this True Dragon Mountain, Di Choufei would always feel like that place had something extremely mysterious, something that was waiting for him inside.

This was especially the case after he came into contact with some ancient texts, learning that Principal Zhang, under some of the late Emperor’s tactful intentions, didn’t enter True Dragon Mountain, this fact even more so making him feel that it was mysterious. He was determined to enter True Dragon Mountain in person.

This type of thought became a type of curse that left him completely obsessed.

What was taking place today would completely revert back to the type of age before Yunqin Empire was established, when Juliu Clan and Changsun Clan contended for supremacy.

The various influential families would definitely voice their stance one after another. In the capital’s streets and alleys, cultivators would fight against other cultivators, who knew how many soldiers and cultivators would fight each other. It was to the extent where it was unknown how many Sacred Expert level battles would take place.

Di Choufei could also understand some actions the Emperor took.

Since he originally already firmly held onto the intent to remove those nine seats, those nine elders behind the curtains, going for broke in a one time settling, in the eyes of someone who already had no patience and went completely mad, it was much better than continuous experiencing bloodshed again and again.

Moreover, an instantaneous complete rupturing would instead mess up some influential families’ arrangements, leaving some of them feeling a bit at a loss for what to do.

Those elders all made arrangements layers upon layers, wishing to use strategy, use the methods of ordinary people to win. If one wished to win against these elders in this field, it really was impossible. It was instead this type of crazy huge gamble that didn’t make any sense, muddle-headed rupturing that disregarded all consequences that instead had the highest chances of winning.

Right now, on the Emperor’s side,  the only advantage he had in these sudden developments came from the army. Even if the far-reaching battles were still to come, today, the Emperor definitely wouldn’t be in True Dragon Mountain, completely cut off from the outside world. He would definitely oversee the Imperial Palace, transfer all of the forces he had.

This way, even if True Dragon Mountain had some trump cards the Emperor didn’t reveal to the rest of the world, they should still be gathered at his side today, or roaming about Central Continent City, acquiring some victories in the Emperor’s place.

Right now, it should be True Dragon Mountain’s most vacant time.

However, this mountain was still a restricted area. According to Yunqin law, civil and military officials entering without permission would be killed on the spot.

The more something was unknown, the more it would make one feel fear.

However, that mysterious attraction instead suppressed all fear, making Di Choufei really head towards True Dragon Mountain.

This was also one of the biggest gambles of his life!

True Dragon Mountain had golden walls. These walls weren’t that tall, only three meters or so in height, any cultivator able to easily jump over.

Only, if he wanted to approach this wall, the difficulty was incredibly high.

Even if there was Central Continent City’s situation today, there were still two hundred Central Continent Guards patrolling the gardens and forests around the mountain.

There was a silver mask on Di Choufei’s face. When he made his way through some gardens, his body released some ka ka noises. His figure suddenly became a bit shorter and smaller. This way, no one would associate this person with him from his external appearance.

Just like a ghost under the sunlight, when some Central Continent Guards had just left, their rear figures not completely disappearing yet, he quickly leapt over the golden wall. He crossed over all of the flowers, trees and pavilions, heading straight towards the palace at the very peak of True Dragon Mountain at full speed.

The first level palaces were right before his eyes.

Di Choufei flung out his hand, and then a hidden dart flew out, nailing a palace maid who noticed him, about to open her mouth to cry out to death.

Then, he who was dressed in tight white colored clothes flew over a palace wall like a large white bird, his stance even more crude and domineering, leaping onto the glazed roof tiles.

He needed speed.

He had never held the extravagant hope of being able to directly stand in front of a certain True Dragon secret. He understood extremely clearly that being discovered was only a matter of time.

What he wished for extravagantly was only that there were no Sacred Experts guarding True Dragon Mountain right now, so he could rely on speed to search through some more places in True Dragon Mountain.

While great waves were stirring in Central Continent City, Di Choufei entering True Dragon Mountain’s first level of buildings with great speed, Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and the others already descended on this caravan that originally belonged to Revival Friend Company.

The Divine Elephant Army officer Nan Qike was blasted by the arrows until half his body entered the earth. Even though was heavily injured, to the point where he couldn’t even struggle free from the ground, he still didn’t die yet, nor was he like the other enemy cultivators Lin XI encountered before, he didn’t end his own life before Lin Xi approached his body.

He waited all the way until the Wooden Divine Flying Crane descended and landed in front of him, until Lin Xi and the others walked over and appeared before his face. Only then did he see Lin XI, using Tangcang’s language to say some words.

Lin Xi didn’t understand Tangcang language, so he gave that Tangcang officer whose head and back were covered in tattoos a look, and then turned around to ask Gao Yanan, “What did he say?”

“He says that this world doesn’t have any buddhas, there is no way Divine Generals can exist, that you will definitely die under their Divine Elephant Army’s revenge.” Gao Yanan looked at Lin Xi and said.

“What you said is correct.” Lin Xi didn’t get angry at all. He turned around, giving Nan Qike a look, saying calmly in a curious manner, “Of course there are no buddhas in this world, just more things the people of this world do not understand.”

Even though Nan Qike spoke Tangcang language, this was merely his way of expressing his final dignity, not that he didn’t understand Yunqin language. Right now, he already closed his eyes, preparing for death, but Lin Xi’s words instead made his body tremble slightly, making him open his eyes in shock.

The people of this world might not know the reason behind the conflict between the ascetic monks who founded the Divine Elephant Army and Sanskrit Temple, but everyone in the Divine Elephant Army knew it clearly. It was because those ascetic monks believed that this world didn’t have any buddhas at all, they believed that those teachings, those monks in Sanskrit Temple were all deceiving the world for fame, using some things that completely didn’t exist to deceive the people of this world. Meanwhile, the people in this entire world all willingly allowed themselves to be duped, feeling like the buddhas Sanskrit Temple spoke of existed. He didn’t expect that Lin Xi would actually speak in agreement, saying that this world lacked deities, speaking these types of words.

“You really believe that this world doesn’t have deities?” He looked at Lin XI, unable to help but say these words seriously.

“Turns out you knew Yunqin language.” Lin XI gave Nan Qike a look, saying naturally, “Whether there are deities or not, isn’t it still to teach people to understand respect? Why does this matter?”

Nan Qike wanted to erupt in fury, because this was a conflict of faith. It was because in the eyes of their Divine Elephant Army, the rupturing of those ascetic monks and Sanskrit Temple also came from an argument; at that time, a Sanskrit Temple great master said indifferently ‘Isn’t it the same?’. If it was true, then it was, if it wasn’t, then it wasn’t, how could it be the same? However, when Lin Xi spoke these words at this time, his attitude made him mysteriously unable to become mad.

In the end, he only released a sigh, closed his eyes, and then lowered his head towards Lin Xi, passing away.

Lin Xi moved aside the rain tarp covering several carriages.

Wenren Cangyue’s military equipment flickered with cold radiance, fully revealed before him.

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