Book 12 Chapter 53 - A Chess Piece in That Woman’s Hand

Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse had never fought against anyone before.

If he left Central Continent City, there would naturally be an army following him, a Great Consecrator following along. He had never revealed his own strength and cultivation before anyone.

However, everyone knew that Changsun Clan who had True Dragon lineage were cultivators with extremely good cultivation talent. Meanwhile, even though this delicate and pretty palace maid was already at the State Master peak level cultivation, before Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse, her aura was still clearly much inferior.

That was why Changsun Jinse’s cultivation was something that at the very least, the delicate and pretty palace maid understood well.

What appeared in Yunqin Emperor’s eyes and world of perception in this instant was naturally much greater than what a normal cultivator would perceive.

He could clearly see this delicate and pretty palace maid continuously coughing out blood, yet even so, her face carried a type of strange expression.

He saw quite a few guards and silver-armored soldiers currently rushing over, but they were immediately shouted to a stop by those officials who already deduced that this situation had been fully contained. A bit of careful searching was currently quickly unfolding.

There were Imperial Court Consecrators who appeared, starting to ask about some things.

Within this scene, the changes in expression of that silver-armored young Central Continent Guard officer who was a couple dozen steps in front of him seemed the most strange to him.

His eyes didn’t gather on that delicate and pretty palace maid who was still coughing out blood, yet still didn’t die, but rather on this young Central Continent young officer.

He naturally recognized all of the high ranking officers who could command armies within the Imperial City.

This Central Continent Guard young high ranking officer was surnamed Zhong, named Tiankuo. He was an outstanding talent among Central Continent City’s younger and middle-aged personnel, a future important talent for the royal court.

The most important thing was that he was the son of one of the nine senators, Zhong Mulin’s eldest son. Normally, he was someone who the emperor admired, so according to normal reasoning, this type of person naturally wouldn’t do anything that would offend the emperor’s dignity at this type of time.

However, even when the emperor’s extremely overcast gaze landed on him, his head was still raised, and his gaze actually still didn’t shift to the emperor, but rather behind the emperor.

At this moment, the only person behind the emperor was Yun Fei.

That was why Zhong Tiankuo, this young high ranking officer, could naturally only be looking at Yun Fei.

He absentmindedly looked at Yun Fei. He was actually beside himself before the son of heaven. Only when the other people around him released a low cough, did he snap out of his daze a bit, his expression pale as he lowered his head.

However, even if his complicated expression was ignored, just the fact that he looked straight at Yun Fei, at the emperor’s woman with fixed eyes, was already great disrespect!

The world within a Sacred Expert’s field of view was entirely different from an ordinary person’s.

That was why in this instant, within Yunqin Emperor’s brain, countless colors even he himself didn’t understand appeared, the toxins that entered his body already expelled. However, in this instant, the emperor’s body instead felt even colder than when he was poisoned just now. His hands also began to tremble uncontrollably.

He slowly turned around, looking at Yun Fei.

Yun Fei’s head was slightly hung, quiet, as if she didn’t see his gaze.

His trembling hands began to shake even heavier. He slowly turned around again, looking at Zhong Tiankuo.

The cultivators around Zhong Tiankuo didn’t understand why Zhong Tiankuo would lose his composure like this, they only felt like a type of atmosphere that made them feel uneasy appeared out of nowhere, pervading this place, making them feel exceptionally cold as well.

“Gouge out his eyes.”

After Yunqin Emperor remained silent for a moment, he said this coldly and slowly.

Zhong Tiankuo couldn’t help but clench his fists tightly, his face becoming snow-white. However, he didn’t speak, nor did he raise his head.

The other cultivators at his side were flooded with coldness, momentarily hesitating as to whether they should obey Yunqin Emperor’s orders.

Yunqin Emperor didn’t speak, his expression only becoming even more cold and fierce.

Zhong Tiankuo clenched his teeth, reaching out his hands, about to gouge out his own eyeballs.

However, right at this time, a voice sounded from behind Yunqin Emperor. “Don’t.”

“Don’t!” It was also at this moment that Zhong Tiankuo fiercely raised his head, also releasing this type of sound. His entire body even began to shake intensely.

The cultivators at his side didn’t raise their heads, but they were greatly shaken inside.

Yunqin Emperor suddenly turned around, looking at Yun Fei. His expression also became incomparably pale.

Yun Fei looked at him. Just like during their usual chats, she said with a gentle pleading voice, “Your Majesty, let’s just have the remaining people leave first.”

The corners of Yunqin Emperor’s lips remained rigid for a long time, his voice much more strained and difficult compared to usual. “Wait outside the Fragrance Palace.”

This order naturally didn’t include Zhong Tiankuo.

Zhong Tiankuo stood there rigidly. The other cultivators’ entire bodies were soaked through in cold sweat, quickly retreating from this Fragrance Palace.

Yun Fei slowly knelt down.

The instant she knelt down, Zhong Tiankuo’s body shook fiercely again.

“This matter has nothing to do with him.” Yun Fei looked at Yunqin Emperor, quietly saying, “He didn’t know about the situation.”

Yunqin Emperor’s face even began to warp. The instant Yun Fei spoke these words, his heart suddenly sunk, hitting rock bottom.

“It was me who coveted riches, honor and your majesty’s care, which was why I seduced him.” Yun Fei looked at him, seriously saying, “He doesn’t know my identity. Even when I met him, it was only while dressed in the clothes of an ordinary palace maid, so he thought that I was only an ordinary palace maid. That is why all of the blame lies on me. If your majesty wishes to kill, then please kill me, it has nothing to do with him.”

Yunqin Emperor’s body shook even more heavily, but in that instant, he couldn’t breathe, his entire chest starting to feel tearing pain.

At this time, Zhong Tiankuo who also already set his resolution fiercely raised his head, clenching his teeth and saying fiercely, “This matter has nothing to do with Yun Fei, it only lies with me…”


Before he even finished speaking, a blast of thunder radiance flooded the space between him and Yunqin Emperor. His body was blasted out several meters, and then landed back on the ground.

Streaks of thumb thick lightning radiance coiled around Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse’s body. One hand gripped Yun Fei’s hand, his five fingers holding her fiercely, as if he was going to pick her up in this way, by gripping her head. Countless streaks of thunder radiance appeared and disappeared around his arm like streaks of golden snakes, as if they were about to devour Yun Fei’s face.

“You all… how could you dare…” Yunqin Emperor’s head rose and fell violently, his voice indescribably hoarse, completely unlike his usual voice.

Zhong Tiankuo coughed out a mouthful of blood, but he still stood up.

He looked at Yun Fei under Yunqin Emperor’s hands, his eyes filled with sadness.

Yunqin Emperor’s other hand reached out, a finger reaching forward, pointing at him from the distance. This finger was also continuously shaking.

“This emperor only wishes to know one thing.”

Yunqin Emperor breathed with difficulty. He looked at Yun Fei who was right beside him, using all of his body’s strength in order to speak with a voice only he and Yun Fei could hear, saying with difficulty, “The seed in your belly… is it mine, or is it his.”

Yun Fei revealed a hint of a smile, saying seriously with a gentle voice, “If your majesty believes it is yours, then it is yours.”

Yunqin Emperor’s hand tightened, Yun Fei’s face also warped a bit. “Even at this type of time, you are still speaking these types of words. Could it be that you really think this emperor won’t kill you?” Yunqin Emperor’s expression was ashen, his hand still not letting go of her. Instead, he bent down, looking at her face while saying this slowly. When he thought about how this woman’s appearance and soft body that left him infatuated and reliant on had actually been toyed with obscenely by another man, that all the places around her body had already been wantonly pinched and played with by another man, that everything she had done with him had also been done with this other man, his rage became greater and greater, even more so making him lose control of his own emotions.

“Your majesty needs a crown prince.”

There was still no expression of pain to be seen from Yun Fei’s face, her voice still gentle and pleading, “Whether or not lightning can be produced, this is only secondary… The key lies in that your majesty needs someone to inherit the imperial position. The key lies in that the crown prince is of the Changsun Clan.”

Yunqin Emperor began to laugh.

His laugh was exceptionally strange and cold.

“Since this emperor normally listens to your opinions, do you now think that you can teach this emperor what to do?” Yunqin Emperor laughed, looking at her while saying, “This emperor is still young… also, even if this emperor needs to consider your thoughts, even if I just grab any random child… don’t tell me that I should allow the lowly sweat of another person to land on this emperor’s woman’s body, could it be that I have to tolerate the filth of another lowly person entering this emperor’s woman’s body?”

“Anyone who deceives this emperor, deceives this emperor’s emotions, will have to pay hundred fold the price!” Yunqin Emperor’s voice warped, exceptionally cold and fierce as he said, “This emperor will ask you once more. The seed in your stomach, is it this emperor’s, or is this renegade’s?! If you do not reply, I will immediately give the order to carry out an execution of death of a thousand cuts.”

Yun Fei also began to laugh.

“He has merely seen my appearance, just the changes in his expression already made you think of all of this, that I wanted to deceive and cheat you, there is absolutely no way of overcoming your suspicion. You yourself have already even developed a lack of confidence in whether or not you could leave a seed within my body.” She laughed, looking at Yunqin Emperor as she said, “Actually, from the words I spoke just now, you should have already heard the answer, yet you are now still just lying to yourself… in that case, I can tell you that it is his. The days are clear, it should be his, there is no exception.”

“Very good.”

Yunqin Emperor released a light cough, a hint of blood released from the corners of his lips. He began to laugh, his teeth exceptionally white, but there was blood all between his teeth, bright red in color. “That is why if if there was no assassination attempt today, if this emperor didn’t discover your relationship with him, Yunqin Emperor’s next emperor might be surnamed Zhong, being someone from Zhong Family.”

“Your majesty doesn’t need to think about things too complicated.” Yun Fei looked at him and said, “This is just my own matter. Moreover, I previously already spoke clearly with your majesty that it was just out of my own greed for wealth and your majesty’s doting, which was why I conspired this type of thing. A Central Continent Guard like him wouldn’t have any chances of entering the inner court, so I felt like borrowing a seed from him was extremely safe. Who would have thought that today, there would be an assassin, that he would just happen to be in charge of the Central Continent Guards, rushing in, thus letting him see my appearance.”

“This emperor has thought in a manner that is too complicated?” Yunqin Emperor laughed in a bitter manner, looking at her and shaking his head. “Do not forget that when this emperor chose you as an imperial concubine, it was because I felt like you didn’t have any schemes at heart, that you didn’t lust after vanity, that you didn’t fawn over hypocrisy. Your nature was originally one of glory and splendor, you shouldn’t care about these things at all. Yet now, you are saying that it was just because of status and wealth?”

Yun Fei remained silent for a moment, and then said quietly, “Your majesty, people change. Moreover, you can also see that he indeed doesn’t know that I am the emperor’s woman.”

“He doesn’t know, but could it be that others don’t either?” Yunqin Emperor said coldly by her ears, “This emperor has obviously seen that you really like this traitor. Could it be that those old things wouldn’t purposely arrange for this type of man to enter your eyes?”

Yun Fei gently said, “This really is just my fault alone, your majesty can refuse to trust my words, but can it be that you don’t even trust Elder Zhong’s words?”

Yunqin Emperor slowly straightened his waist, using his sleeves to wipe the bloodstains at the corners of his lips, coldly saying, “Even you have even deceived me, so who can this emperor still trust?”

“This emperor has always maintained strict supervision over the women’s rooms in the palace. Just when exactly did this type of thing happen with him?” He looked at his own toe tips, asking in a cold and quiet manner.

“Those days the crown prince died.” Yun Fei said slowly, “You spent quite a bit of time in True Dragon Mountain. During that period, you didn’t have much interest in monitoring us, so I often ordered some palace maids to change my clothes, and then secretly went out, going to many places I normally wouldn’t be able to go to, also seeing many people I normally wouldn’t be able to meet with.”

Yunqin Emperor became quiet, his expression not showing too many great changes. Even the golden lightning around his body completely disappeared. However, the aura around his body instead became even more sinister, as if there was a wave of death energy that was released from his body, the death energy absolutely horrifying.

Yun Fei laughed inwardly.

She had waited for all this time, played this type of game for so many years, and now, she finally waited for this type of result, finally seeing Yunqin Emperor become someone who was truly completely cut off from others.

She was extremely happy. However, when she saw the young man who was seriously injured by the emperor, but still stood back up, also seeing the gaze this man she used looked at her with, she now truly felt a bit of guilt, looking at him with true affection and saying, “Sorry.”

Her gaze that carried true and sincere affection, in Zhong Tiankuo’s eyes, only brought this young Central Continent Guard’s heart even more piercing pain.

In his opinion, Yun Fei, this type of woman, was one who only showed a longing and sincere expression on the outside. Then, she encountered him at an unsuitable time, ultimately bringing about this type of bitter result. His heart pounded intensely continuously, “It was me who used force…” He began to try and do anything to help Yun Fei out of this situation, help Yun Fei free herself from a bit of guilt, especially today… it was because he saw Yun Fei’s swelling abdomen, shocked to see the result of those nights of emotions in Yun Fei’s stomach, realizing that it was because he couldn’t control his own emotions, that the emperor was able to instantly notice something. After all, he was a naive and innocent young man who didn’t have much experience in the secular world. He still had a bit of extravagant hope in his heart, wishing to protect Yun Fei’s name, to protect his own child.

“Shut your mouth!”

However, the instant his voice just sounded, Yunqin Emperor’s body already rose into the air. A streak of golden lightning flooded his field of view, crushing his tongue and blinding his eyes, making his body fly out heavily again. “This emperor will make it so that you will plead for life but not obtain it, plead for death but not obtain it either!”

The tip of Yunqin Emperor’s toes trampled down on his body, crushing his crotch.

Yun Fei’s happy feeling, because of this scene, began to feel discomfort, the pain making it hard to breathe. However, she immediately began to laugh in self-mockery in grief, thinking that for someone who was about to die, these types of emotions really were senseless and unnecessary. The instant Yunqin Emperor turned around to look at her, she removed the jade hairpin from her head, and then in a calm and precise manner, pierced her own heart.


While blood gushed out from her stomach, forming a shocking red arrow of blood, Yunqin Emperor screamed out, frantically jumping out. Golden lightning rushed out like a tide, instantly devouring the bodies of those cultivators who were waiting outside the fragrance room.

Meanwhile, in Wen Family’s courtyard, Wen Xuanshu only calmly looked at the black and white chess game in front of him.

The birth of all matters had a reason behind them.

There was no hatred that was without a source, nor was there any hatred without a source.

Just like how Wenren Cangyue’s betrayal, in the beginning, was only because the nine senators rejected his request to take one of the positions behind the layers of curtains.

It was just like how the Divine Elephant Army’s batch of military goods, if they entered Heavenfall Province military’s hands, it would make that Jiang Family’s person have even more confidence in starting a rebellion that would affect the entire western situation.

An important Yunqin subject like him, if he wanted to rebel, wanted to scheme against the imperial throne, it was naturally not completely without reason. There naturally had to be an important reason that carried enough enticement for him, making him feel like it was well worth doing.

This reason, was precisely because of a woman who walked up to him many years ago and played a game of chess with him, telling him about many arrangements.

This woman was precisely Yun Fei who, in the eyes of Yunqin Emperor and the court counselors, was extremely ordinary.

However, only Wen Xuanshu knew who this woman who changed his entire life trajectory was., Her name, was Juliu Yunpin, from Juliu Clan.[1]

She was the last person from Juliu Clan. That was why from today forth, Juliu Clan would no longer exist in Yunqin. The revenge of Juliu Clan, would thus have no one left to carry it out.

“Juliu Clan has no one left, it is about time for Changsun Clan to end as well…” Wen Xuanshu quietly shook his head, placing a black piece on the chessboard.

1. The clan that had a dispute with the late Changsun Clan over the internal affairs workshops, fought for the imperial throne B12C42

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