Book 12 Chapter 51 - Symbol of Change

Lin Xi had been on an airplane before, but he had never ridden on this type of ‘open sail airplane’ Wooden Divine Flying Crane before.

Even though he understood well that the dark green leather strap that would hold him in place was made from some type of fiend beast leather, that he definitely wouldn’t fall off, the higher this type of dead object that used soul force to move flew, the more powerful the air streams in the air would be, so Lin Xi could only describe this type of fantastic process as horrifying.

When he touched the extremely sturdy Wooden Divine Flying Crane material that flickered with yellow radiance, Lin Xi understood more and more clearly why when he told Gao Yanan everything about his world truthfully, Gao Yanan couldn’t understand it at all, only able to interpret it through her understanding. Right now, even though he understood clearly that it was soul force power that made this Wooden Divine Flying Crane fly through the air, it still contradicted the world Lin Xi was familiar with a bit. Lin Xi still couldn’t help but produce a type of feeling like ‘how can this thing possibly fly’.

The Wooden Divine Flying Crane flew higher and higher.

Some paths in the meadow below began to look fine like runes.

Lin Xi suddenly couldn’t help but start to laugh quietly.

It was because he realized the horror completely originated from his subconscious belief that it was impossible for this type of thing to bring him into the air. Now that it flew high into the air, he didn’t feel any fear of heights, instead, because he previously jumped off cliffs all the time to cultivate, when he saw this type of altitude, he even felt a type of urge of wanting to jump off.

“After getting used to jumping, when I look at this type of height, I want to jump… this really is a bit weird.”

Lin Xi said in self-mockery. Before he could open his mouth to ask something, Bian Linghan who understood Lin Xi’s nature extremely well already spoke. “Jiang Family is already no more.”

The wind noises were extremely loud.

Even though Bian Linghan turned around and spoke to Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, in the crazy winds, her voice was still a bit warped, seeming not that real.

“What?” Lin Xi frowned. He wanted Bian Linghan to repeat herself to make sure he didn’t hear incorrectly.

“Jiang Family is no more.” Bian Linghan looked at Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, her voice becoming a bit louder. “Jiang Family’s Jiang Yanzhi, after facing his majesty, was assassinated on his way back home. Jiang Family thus started a retaliation.”

Lin Xi now knew that the voice that was a bit warped under the crazy winds was real. He immediately became silent.

The greatest power in Central Continent City was naturally still the Imperial City and the Central Continent Army.

Even though Jiang Family was formidable, in Central Continent City, regardless of how great the counterattack is, how bloody it is, from the very beginning, their fate of eradication was already set in stone.

He previously didn’t have any friendly or hostile relations with Jiang Family. However, the sudden fall of such a huge influential family naturally left him quite shaken as well.

“No wonder the Divine Elephant Army wanted the military equipment to enter Heavenfall Province military’s hands. Jiang Family’s people control Heavenfall Province, so when Jiang Family’s people learn that they are already the last of Jiang Family’s people, once they obtain this equipment, they will definitely be like the Jiang Family members in Central Continent City, starting an indiscriminate destruction in retaliation.” Lin Xi imagined just how much blood would scatter across that majestic city he had never stepped foot in yet, imagined just how many Yunqin citizens worthy of respect would be cut down because of a certain conviction. He released a sigh, and then looked at Bian Linghan, asking, “How did the other families react?”

Bian Linghan answered with a grave voice, “Many officials in Central Continent City have perished, the current situation is extremely chaotic, the situation still not clear. According to the academy’s deduction, the following trend will still mainly rely on the emperor’s attitude.”

Lin Xi recalled the attitude of that Tangcang middle-aged man, and then nodded in a positive manner, “The ones who are colluding with the Divine Elephant Army are definitely not Jiang Family. With the methods the emperor used to deal with Huang Family, Wenren Family and the other senators, he definitely wouldn’t be as stupid as most people believes him to be. Even if there is some proof, in a situation where all doubt and suspicion have not been fully investigated, he definitely wouldn’t be stupid enough to directly assassinate Jiang Yanzhi in the streets. This is especially the case for him who has nurtured his own strength in recent years, he definitely wouldn’t directly use this type of method of killing a thousand, but suffering eight hundred casualties himself before he has completed all protective measures, suffering the loss of so much of his own power under Jiang Family’s retaliation.”

Bian Linghan nodded.

“What kind of attitude does the academy have right now?” Lin Xi frowned. After remaining silent for a moment, he then continued to ask.

Bian Linghan answered in an extremely simple manner, “Display some power to make some people feel reverence… start our retaliation.”

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s eyes landed on ‘Brother Ming’ behind Li Wu, both of them able to understand Bian Linghan’s words.

“What about the others?” Lin Xi looked at Bian Linghan’s side profile, asking this.

“The others have all already left the academy as well. Apart from Zhang Ping who has already left for a long time, unknown where he went, you should be able to meet with the others again soon.” Bian Linghan’s expression softened a bit, saying, “The method regarding how to deal with the Divine Elephant Army is something the academy feels is feasible. They are already making preparations.”

“I wonder if our encounter with that Big Black wielding Tangcang officer will incur the other party’s vigilance.” Lin Xi frowned. “After all, we encountered that Tangcang officer while tracking down that horse field’s owner.”

Bian Linghan calmly said, “For the sake of some things that might be possible, paying a bit of a price is naturally worth it. Vice Principal Xia originally had me pass on some words to you. Do not try to aim for a hundred percent success for all things.”

Lin Xi nodded. He sensed the output of the soul force within Li Wu’s body, the speed at which it was poured into the Wooden Divine Flying Crane’s runes. Raising his voice a bit, he asked in a humble voice, “Teacher Li, is the soul force consumption of this Wooden Divine Flying Crane actually not that great?”

“Indeed.” Even though his eyes were blinded, when he heard Lin Xi’s words, Li Wu still turned around in a customary manner to ‘look’ at Lin Xi. With a concentrated expression, he replied, “The consumption of soul force is mostly in the ascent. While moving through the air like right now, it is only like guiding a kite with a string. By borrowing the wind streams and gliding, the amount of soul force we use is only equivalent to always holding onto that thread, one doesn’t need to constantly use the strength needed to hold up this kite.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit, and then asked seriously, “This Wooden Divine Flying Crane, is it hard to make?”

Li Wu said, “A craftsman can make one Wooden Divine Flying Crane in about a month of time. The divine wood used to make this Wooden Divine Flying Crane comes from Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, most of it is controlled by the academy. According to the current situation, our academy should be able to make three divine wooden flying cranes a month, while in Central Continent City, a month or two of time can allow them to make a single Wooden Divine Flying Crane.”

Lin Xi released a breath of air and said, “In that case, this wood material is available right now, and the academy also obtained the manufacturing methods, just that they don’t have enough materials… Regardless, in a month of time, only four or so of these Wooden Divine Flying Cranes can appear in this world. Even though they are rare, they cannot be described as overly precious.”

Li Wu nodded. “What you said is correct.”

“That is why this is something that is enough to produce many variables.” Lin Xi looked at the Wooden Divine Flying Crane that could be described as fierce, but definitely not elegant, saying this with a sigh of admiration.

“Indeed.” Li Wu could sense Lin Xi’s intentions. He seriously said, “The flight speed of the Wooden Divine Flying Crane is at least several times that of speeding horses. Just some corresponding shortening of this time, as well as the increased speed in transmitting information can leave a huge impact on this world.”

Lin Xi revealed a bitter smile.

He who had more knowledge than most people in this world naturally understood extremely clearly that the industrial revolution of his world came from something called a steam engine.

Meanwhile, for the cultivators of this world, this Wooden Divine Flying Crane thing might very well be a fuse like the steam engine.

The speed, flying height, field of view, long term flying ability… all of this made it so that the enemy would definitely have to spend huge amounts of energy researching how to deal with it. This would definitely lead to some transformations in military equipment and some new soul weapons.

Future battles might no longer be as simple as just happening on the ground.

If only the academy had this type of thing right now, Lin Xi might feel like there was no need to immediately feel worry. However, the emperor had it as well. As long as there were Wooden Divine Flying Cranes circulating around, it would trigger many worrisome things.

Enemy archers and cultivators on these Wooden Divine Flying Cranes would possess even greater power.

Before a wide and vast field of view, it would make many cultivators’ methods of stealth and hiding become completely ineffective.

Speed exceeding that of horses and the full speed sprinting of cultivators would make the escape of cultivators become not as simple as before.

“If we want to avoid the disadvantageous influences of the enemy’s Wooden Divine Flying Cranes, the best way is to have a Wooden Divine Flying Crane on our own side.” Li Wu instead chuckled and said, “That is why Vice Principal Xia had me come to control this crane. Even though my eyes can no longer see, through some pointers, controlling this crane and making it fly through the air is still within my capabilities.”

Lin Xi’s heart shook slightly.

“Everything is for the academy.” Li Wu could feel the fluctuation in Lin Xi’s body, able to understand his mood as well. However, he still ‘looked’ at Lin Xi. After saying this, he added, “It is also for Yunqin.”

Lin Xi took a deep breath and then exhaled. He narrowed his eyes slightly in the crazy winds, saying in a solemn and slow manner, “Yes… it is for the sake of power that will make the entire world feel reverence that Yunqin won’t experience so much bloodshed.”

“Carriage fleet.” Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan spoke at nearly the same time.

For this world, the Wooden Divine Flying Crane was indeed something that had the power to bring about great change. Lin Xi and Gao Yanan originally nearly gave up on searching, yet under this type of altitude, they could easily see a fleet making their way through the hills and advancing towards the Mountain Sun Path.

Meanwhile, even before Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan spoke out, a streak of gentle white radiance was released from Brother Ming’s, shooting to Li Wu’s face.

The heat of this streak of light seemed to give Li Wu accurate guidance. Li Wu instantly controlled this Wooden Divine Flying Crane towards this carriage fleet.

Lin Xi looked at this streak of white radiance released from Brother Ming’s body, momentarily at a loss as to what he sensed, remaining stunned for a long time.

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