Book 12 Chapter 50 - Real Legend

Lucky and Ruirui suddenly woke up.

Just like how ordinary infants would sleep much longer than an adult, almost all fiend beasts would sleep longer.

Lucky and Ruirui’s ‘childhood’ were also more bitter and pitiful than normal fiend beasts’.

Regardless of whether it was Lucky who was born in the mud lakes or Ruirui who Lin Xi seized from Great Mang’s army, both of them were orphans the moment they appeared in this world, from then on already following Lin Xi through a series of bitter battles.

That was why Lucky and Ruirui both understood how to fight better than normal fiend beasts, they were better at it, better at cultivating.

Lin Xi also spent a lot of time cultivating, so Lucky and Ruirui who were raised in difficult environments from when they were young also cultivated longer than normal fiend beasts.

Unlike people, the reason why fiend beasts were good at fighting was because when they were young, they relied on some of their own talents, relying on their own instincts. They wouldn’t borrow any soul force tools. In this world, after existing for countless years and experiencing countless generations of evolutions, some of their perception and sensitivity towards danger were far sharper than cultivators’.

This was especially the case when a natural enemy or fiend beast who was more powerful than themselves appeared, this type of reaction would become even sharper.

Even though Lin Xi and Gao Yanan still didn’t discover the yellow light that flew through the white clouds, didn’t detect any terrifying auras, Lucky and Ruirui both sensed danger, thus waking up.

Lucky made its way out from Lin Xi’s leather backpack.

Ruirui also squirmed its way out, cowering as it stood on Lin Xi’s shoulder.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan stopped, the two of them nervously trying to locate the source of Lucky and Ruirui’s anxiety. Only when they saw that both Lucky and Ruirui raised their heads, did Lin Xi and Gao Yanan see that streak of light flying through the white clouds.

“Airplane?” Lin Xi couldn’t help but spit out this word.

“You are actually still in the mood to joke around.” Gao Yanan gave Lin Xi an annoyed look, saying this quietly.

Lin Xi corrected his words in an embarrassed manner. “Divine Wooden Flying Crane?”

“Are they the academy or the emperor’s people?” Gao Yanan looked at that streak of yellow light, saying with a frown.

At this time, they could vaguely make out that this streak of yellow light that was flying high up in the air was bird shaped. In this world, there was naturally no way there would be any airplanes Lin Xi spoke of. The only thing that could fly high up like this was naturally the Divine Wooden Flying Crane that only appeared in this world after the academy experienced great changes.

“We can only see after giving it a try.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit. He removed the longbow from his back, held a white colored arrow, and then in a smooth and flowing motion, fired towards the sky.

An arrow noise sounded.

A comet-like streak of white light rose and fell.

This was already enough to draw the attention of that streak of yellow light in the sky.

The yellow light between the white clouds quickly flew over.

A gust of crazy wind stirred about. A yellow wooden crane that couldn’t be described as all that exquisite, instead looking rather simple and fierce appeared in Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s line of sight. It was covered in many simple and unadorned runes, giving off a type of indescribable ferocious aura.

The instant they saw the outer appearance of this wooden crane and the ones on this wooden crane, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan both stood up straight amidst the crazy winds.

“Teacher Li Wu[1], Linghan, long time no see.”

Lin Xi was rather pleasantly surprised, bowing while a bit deeply moved. He showed the black-robed lecturer on the wooden crane a bow of respect and said these words.

These were people from their side.

There were only two people on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, both of them people Lin Xi recognized. One was Li Wu, the other Bian Linghan.

Li Wu had many scars on his face, his eyes already blind, his eye sockets caved in deeply.

It was precisely in this Jadefall City that, for the sake of blocking the arrow Xu Qiubai aimed at Lin Xi and Changsun Wujiang, that Li Wu’s eyes were blinded like this.

It was for him that Li Wu ended up like this. That was why when they reunited here in Jadefall City like this, Lin Xi naturally felt sentimental.

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane landed. Li Wu stood up, seriously bowing in returning the greeting. “It is my honor.”

Was it just because he was a ‘Divine General’?

Lin Xi suddenly began to choke on emotions, in that instant only able to bow deeply in respect again.

Bian Linghan who carried a large wooden chest on her back jumped off the back of the Divine Wooden Flying Crane. She wanted to smile, but when she saw the deeply bowing Lin Xi, her eyes instead became a bit moist.

Lin Xi raised his head. He looked at the black-robed Bian Linghan who seemed to have grown a bit taller, also a bit prettier, unable to help but release a cough, saying with a smile, “Your coughing stopped?”

Bian Linghan could hear a bit of noise from his lungs from his cough, a bit worried as she nodded. “I recovered. How did you end up getting injured?”

“We ran into Big Black.” Lin Xi looked at Bian Linghan, shaking his head and said, “But we managed to survive somehow in the end.”

Li Wu and Bian Linghan’s bodies shook at the same time.

At this time, the ground also trembled slightly.

Lucky and Ruirui’s bodies both shook at the same time.

Lin Xi was a bit stunned.

Only then did he realize that turns out there was actually a duck on this flying crane, a vivid and brightly colored duck.

This naturally wouldn’t be an ordinary duck.

There weren’t any ducks in this world who, when they stepped down from the Divine Wooden Flying Crane like this, would have the type of stance of an emperor getting up from the dragon throne, able to make the ground shake fiercely like this the instant they stepped on the ground.

“This… this is Professor Ming.”

Li Wu immediately nervously and awkwardly explained to Lin Xi and Gao Yanan. He was scared that out of his momentary negligence, he would end up being disrespectful towards this academy ‘great figure’, producing some uncontrollable consequences.

“Professor Ming?”

Lin XI and Gao Yanan sized up this dignified ‘duck’. While sizing them up at the same time, this ‘duck’ also had a type of ‘live high and look down’ stance, sizing them up in a dignified manner.

The two of them found this hard to believe. How could this type of duck become a professor?

Suddenly, Gao Yanan was the first to react, swallowing and crying out in alarm, “This is Principal Zhang’s…”

Out of fear that Lin Xi and Gao Yanan would speak some unsuitable words out of alarm, Li Wu immediately cut in and said, “Professor Ming is precisely one of the companions who followed Principal Zhang.”

Lin Xi suddenly realized something, becoming stunned again.

That middle-aged uncle who stepped into Central Continent Imperial City sixty years ago was always extremely close yet extremely far from him. Meanwhile now, that ‘mandarin duck’ that was chanted in many of Yunqin’s stories and tales was precisely this creature in front of him?

Because of the different relationship between Principal Zhang and himself, this type of shock was even greater for him.

Lin Xi was stupefied, feeling like some things from legends suddenly seemed more real.

The dignified ‘Brother Ming’ instead looked at him, shaking his head slightly, as if showing him a bit of disdain, feeling like Lin Xi was too weak.

Then, its dignified gaze landed on Lucky.

Its gaze was a bit peculiar. When its peculiar gaze landed on Lucky, it became scared, immediately cowering behind Lin Xi.

Its gaze then landed on Ruirui on Lin Xi’s shoulder.

At this time, this golden Yunqin phoenix already knew that this terrifying existence wasn’t an enemy, already not that scared. When it was looked at by ‘Brother Ming’, this young Yunqin phoenix immediately lowered its head in a bit of embarrassment.

However, immediately afterwards, it also seemed a bit unconvinced, wishing to display its own status as a Meteor Sky Phoenix, that it wasn’t this unsightly. As such, its entire body released golden light, flickering with thick metallic luster. Its wings that never truly unfolded spread out, flying out from Lin Xi’s body.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan were a bit amazed as they looked at this young Yunqin phoenix. This was the first time it took the initiative to fly, truly taking flight.

At first, its stance seemed a bit clumsy, as if it might fall at any time. However, after some bumpy movements, its stance became more graceful, the golden radiance in the sky producing rings of pretty radiance in the sky.

‘Brother Ming’ looked at this flying little golden Yunqin phoenix in a dignified manner. Only now did it seem a bit satisfied, nodding its head.

This nod made the golden Yunqin little phoenix excited and happy. It landed, and just like a student, it lowered its head, remaining humble towards this ‘Brother Ming’.

‘Brother Ming’ gave this little phoenix, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan a look, and then turned around in a dignified manner, returning to the Divine Wooden Flying Crane.

“Professor Ming’s intention is that you all have already paid your respects, so we can leave.” Bian Linghan signaled with her eyes towards Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, saying this quietly.

Lin Xi nodded. “Did you all already receive the information Yanan sent?”

Bian Linhan turned around, returning to the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, at the same time saying, “We arrived at Wuren City first, and then we rushed over to meet you all.”

Lin Xi nodded again. He looked at the crane body that wasn’t all that wide, only able to accommodate four people, immediately unable to help but say with a light sigh of admiration, “This airplane… actually, I might have acrophobia…”

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