Book 12 Chapter 49 - Waiting and Yellow Light Between White Clouds

Middle segment of Thousand Sunset Mountains.

Inside Sunset Gazing Pass’ general tower.

Four servant girls slowly added some dry firewood underneath a large bronze cauldron. The dry firewood slowly burned, while the inside of the bronze cauldron was full of a dark brown medicinal liquid, thick and dense, continuously releasing slurry hot bubbles.

Wenren Cangyue seemed to be taking a bath, sitting right in the middle of this boiling large bronze cauldron of medicinal liquid.

The thick medicinal fragrance spread throughout the entire general tower.

Two Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators dressed in blood colored divine robes and wearing tall hats stood in front of him.

While inhaling the strong medicinal energy, an exceptionally imposing middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator whose complexion was a bit pale, carrying a bit of strange light blue color reached out his hand, stroking the tall red hat above his head. His voice became increasingly cold as he said, “I know great general has fought for your entire life, so your body has definitely suffered some hidden illnesses, bathing a bit in wound easing water can indeed improve your condition a bit. However, the morale of the soldiers in the front lines is low. After suffering continuous defeats, the great general is only resting and recovering in this Thousand Sunset Mountain army division, soaking for more than ten days at a time, what kind of message is great general trying to send? I really am quite curious in hearing great general’s explanation.”

Wenren Cangyue’s eyes were originally closed. Several beads of fine sweat rolled down on his forehead, falling from his eyelashes. Only when he heard the words of this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator, did he open his eyes, coldly looking at this dignified Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator, saying, “On matters related to military strategy, I do not need to give you any explanations.”

The two Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators’ expressions both changed slightly.

“Is that so?” The pale faced, strangely light blue middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator said with a cold voice of mockery, “Is it because you don’t want to explain or you cannot explain? Or perhaps great general is already feeling some fear, feeling like you aren’t Gu Yunjings match after the front lines were beaten by Gu Yunjing until they were completely powerless to retaliate, while the originally resourceful Great General Wenren now only knows how to hole up and stick to military orders?”

Wenren Cangyue’s eyebrows that were thick like ink jumped slightly. He looked at this red divine robed Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator whose presence was full of a dignified and divine aura, saying, “In my army, those who doubt and oppose commanders, their actions and words unfavorable to the military, interfering with military affairs, producing unfavorable consequences as a result are all executed without exception.”

“You want to kill me?” The middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator calmly sneered and said, “Don’t forget who it was that gave you your seven armies and seven generals, and who gave you your great victory in Moon Seizing City. Let me remind you about one thing in case you have forgotten: the master of this entire Great Mang, including these seven armies isn’t Great Mang’s imperial palace, neither is it you, but instead was and always will be Purgatory Mountain.”

“At best… you are only a dog raised by our Purgatory Mountain.” After a slight pause, the middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator calmly and coldly said, “If this dog doesn’t know how to bite, then this dog will naturally also lose value.”

“What a pity.”

Wenren Cangyue shook his head, coldly giving this middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator a look.

The middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s body suddenly went rigid. He reacted to something, opening his mouth again, about to shout something. A wave of explosive energy erupted from his body, on the verge of emerging. However, he discovered that there was a layer of ice that seemed to have been applied to his mouth, and then that his tongue had already shattered. He found that an iron ruler-like demonic sword already shot into his mouth in mockery.

Immediately afterwards, this flying sword that directly shot into his mouth came straight out of the back of his head. It cut through his entire neck, making him instantly lose consciousness and his life.


The middle-aged Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s corpse fell forward, the blood red tall hat on his head touching the bronze cauldron, falling from his head in a crooked manner.

“What a pity, you don’t have the qualifications to say these types of words to me, a pity that even though you cultivated Devil Transformation, it is still too slow, unable to even block my sword.”

The Seven Planets Devil Sword[1] returned behind Wenren Cangyue, next to his clothes. Meanwhile, Wenren Cangyue looked at the corpse in front of him, releasing a sneer of mockery, his posture not even changing. Killing a Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator, for him, was as insignificant as trampling on a rat.

The four maids seemed to have already become accustomed to seeing this type of bloody scene. They only hung their heads, continuing to slowly add dry firewood.

“You… you actually dare kill Divine Adjudicator Han!”

The other red robed Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator still didn’t dare believe Wenren Cangyue would do this type of thing. While looking at the corpse in front of him with the back of his head penetrated, looking at the pool of blood that was still spreading, his body began to tremble intensely, starting to back up in fear.

“I won’t kill you. If I wanted you dead, there is no way you would be able to leave this general tower alive.” Wenren Cangyue lowered his head slightly, looking at this Divine Adjudicator who was scared and shocked, saying indifferently, “You remaining alive can allow others to know how he died.”

“You have to understand that none of you all can represent Purgatory Mountain and Purgatory Mountain’s patriarch. Unless Green Luan Academy and Yunqin Empire have already been crushed, none of you have the authority to even speak in front of me.”

“Since you all felt helpless yourselves, unable to kill Lin Xi, this single cultivator even after sending out so many people, you wanted to vent out your anger on me? You are even more gravely mistaken in doing so.”

“Also, if you want to selfishly transfer away any of the officers and troops in the seven armies and I find out, regardless of who it is among you, I will ruthlessly deal with it through martial law, execute you.”

“Dispose of his corpse.”

Only when Wenren Cangyue stopped speaking did this Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicator who was previously extremely dignified and even looked at Wenren Cangyue with eyes filled with disdain and contempt dare move. As he picked up the corpse on the ground, his body was shaking, quickly withdrawing from this tower.

Wenren Cangyue closed his eyes again. Only after another two hours passed, did he stand up from the almost entirely burnt black medicinal liquid, stepping out of the large cauldron.

The four maids immediately used warm water that had been previously prepared and dried towels to clean and wipe down his body. After changing into a set of clean green cloth clothes, Wenren Cangyue slowly walked out of the general tower, walking into the highest point of this checkpoint.

After taking a deep breath of the fresh air, he began to use soul force to dry the fine parts of his body.

When he thought of the words of that Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator, the corners of his lips released a hint of mockery. He thought that the stupidity of people in this world really had not a trace of connection with one’s status and cultivation.

In this type of situation, when faced with a powerful opponent like Gu Yunjing, for him and Great Mang, the best strategy was naturally just to remain steady and wait.

Gu Yunjing was much older than him, Yunqin Empire in much more unrest than Great Mang. Yunqin Empire’s worst times still haven’t arrived, so what was he in a rush for?

For this type of battle, victory or defeat didn’t lie in wiping out one more troop, killing a bit more of the enemy’s soldiers, but rather in the greater situation.

When Wenren Cangyue killed an important Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator, feeling more refreshed in mind and spirit, about to carry out some of his own cultivation, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan quickly made their way into a sea-like meadow.

The two of them stopped for a bit of rest beside a small creek in this meadow.

“We chatted about so much, but it seems like everything we said might just have been pointless.” After taking some medications to treat the wounds around her lungs with some clear water, Gao Yanan poured some medicinal powder into Lin Xi’s hands. When she saw Lin Xi swallow the medicine with water as well, she then said this in a similar manner.


Lin Xi looked at her slightly drooping eyes. Looking at her slightly trembling pretty eyelashes, he released a bitter laugh. “Previously, we spoke so vigorously and so happily, but if we can’t find this fleet, everything will have been pointless.”

“Is it really impossible to ascertain where the fleet is exactly?” Gao Yanan looked into Lin Xi’s clean and clear eyes, asking quietly.

Lin Xi shook his head. “I can only know about things that have happened before in my world of perception, or else there is no way… that is why I can only be sure that there is this type of fleet that entered Mountain Sun Path, but the exact itinerary of this fleet is something I don’t know.”

Gao Yanan nodded, a bit worried as she said, “I wonder if we already missed it.”

Lin Xi released an en of agreement. “That is why it seems like we don’t really need to be rushing like this either.”

That worn-out Tangcang officer who didn’t know his own name didn’t know that he just passed by Green Luan Academy’s ‘Divine General’ Lin Xi, even more so didn’t know that under his complacency and arrogance, even if he was extremely careful and didn’t tell him exactly what kind of relationship the Divine Elephant Army had with Yunqin, he still ended up exposing a piece of information that, even though it was already insignificant for him and the Divine Elephant Army, it was actually extremely precious for Lin Xi -- the whereabouts of the large amounts of military equipment Wenren Cangyue left behind in Jadefall City after so many years.

In reality, during that long conversation between that Tangcang middle-aged man and Lin Xi, this was the only information he exposed.

The reason why he didn’t think this piece of information was extremely important, that he could reveal it, was that this batch of military equipment was precisely what the Divine Elephant Army planned to let Heavenfall Province’s military discover, letting these goods enter the hands of Heavenfall Province military’s hands.

Even though right now, Jiang Family began a bloody retaliation in Central Continent City, and they were then suppressed in a bloody manner, news of Jiang Family’s eradication in Yunqin still hadn’t spread throughout Jadefall City. Yet even so, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan could vaguely make out the intentions of the Divine Elephant Army.

It was because previously, in Sanskrit Passage, the emperor and Jiang Family already completely broke off all relations. Meanwhile, there was proof that Heavenfall Province’s Provincial Supervisor He Zhukui was someone from Jiang Family, so if the emperor and Jiang Family’s conflict worsened, some troops in Heavenfall Province under Jiang Family’s control obtaining this batch of powerful military equipment would naturally allow them to initiate another round of chaos in Jadefall City.

There just might be a great battle that would break out in Heavenfall Province and Jadewater Province.

For Lin Xi, being able to seize this fleet before the military was doing the dirty of another villain. This was the true gift the heavens bestowed him with.

As for how to transport and shelter these goods, it wasn’t much of an issue either.

It was just a matter of sending this batch of military equipment to some random desolate meadow valley, ensuring that it wasn’t immediately found out, and then contacting Zhantai Qiantang and Nangong Weiyang. With these two’s abilities and talent, they could naturally deal with these military goods.

The bandits on Turtle Edge Mountain, even if they were armed to the teeth, they still wouldn’t be able to use up Wenren Cangyue’s so many years of accumulation. This military equipment could completely be used to set up an even more powerful collective army.

After escaping the pursuit of the worn-out Tangcang man, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan only returned to Wuren City to prepare some treatment medication. After bringing Lucky and Ruirui, with them and leaving behind some messages for Chen Feirong, they immediately set out to intercept this fleet.

When they thought about how this was a batch of military equipment that Wenren Cangyue had accumulated for so many years, a batch that even the emperor drooled over, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan both naturally discussed extremely excitedly about how they were going to use this batch of military equipment after they obtained it… This was naturally something that easily made one happy, yet the enticement of the equipment was too great. The two of them were a bit too happy and excited as they chatted, indeed a bit ignorant that all of this was founded on them being able to find this fleet first.

Meanwhile, after spending so much time rushing here and then searching for the fleet , the chances of them finding this fleet seemed to become lower and lower.

Right when Lin Xi and Gao Yanan prepared to helplessly accept this reality, a streak of faint yellow light was currently flying over from the distant skies, passing through the white clouds.

1. Purgatory Mountain's most powerful sword that was passed down since the age of gods and devils B10C13-14

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