Book 12 Chapter 46 - Bestowed By Heaven

The greater the force used, the easier it would be for traces to be found. If one wanted to keep others from the clues longer, then the only way was killing more people who could help with the investigation.

That was why when he ignited this Jiang Family barrel of gunpowder, Wen Xuanshu already threw in all of his forces on this matter.

The ones he wanted to assassinate weren’t only Jiang Yanchi and some of Jiang Family’s important figures, there were also many officials who carried suspicions towards him, people who might help the people in those black gold carriages, people who might help the emperor investigate these traces and clues.

For the sake of making the situation even more chaotic, he even sacrificed some of his own men, killing some officials who had nothing to do with the situation. This way, in the early phases of investigation, it would be like investigating a homicidal maniac who had no reasons to unleash such crazy slaughter.

In his opinion, in this type of chaos, some powers from Tangcang, Great Mang and even Wenren Cangyue’s forces would definitely take action. There was no way they wouldn’t try to stir up the chaos even further, indirectly helping him acquire even more benefits.

However, Jiang Family’s initial suppression and patience, and then the series of lightning methods those senators in the black gold carriages adopted after Jiang Yanchi was assassinated, their speed of reaction and the strength they revealed exceeded his predictions, making it so that many people he wanted to kill ended up surviving.

In the opinion of some ordinary officials who were overwhelmed with all types of emotions, the blood flowing through many of Central Continent City’s streets, even the imperial palace suffering several assassinations, all of this already made Central Continent City more chaotic than it was before Yunqin Empire was established. However, Wen Xuanshu knew that this degree of chaos was still not enough at all. The more situations those senators controlled, the more it meant that things weren’t under his control.

When his methodically arranged initiative was shattered, then his following situation would enter a reactionary state.


Any intelligent person could produce near perfect plans, but no one could guarantee that they could precisely control everything.

Even though there wasn’t a single cultivator among the cart driver and the people inside the carriage, Lin Xi still lost control.

Since the previous information recorded that 'Big Black' appeared in the Divine Elephant Army, that was why when this night descending terrifying aura appeared in his perception, Lin Xi already realized that this should precisely be Big Black’s eruption of power.

He couldn’t say for sure if the other party just happened to run into him or if the hidden power in Wuren City already discovered that him and Gao Yanan were following Lu Tianfu, this so-called merchant, waiting until they were far away from the well defended Wuren City before launching this assassination. Even so, what he was sure of was that neither him nor Gao Yanan could stop this person’s power at all.

The darkness in their perception suddenly descended.

The sky was still bright and clear.

Lin Xi felt like there was some type of great power that penetrated his body, instantly scattering all of his soul force, and then breaking out from within his body. Since the speed was too fast, completely exceeding the limit of his cultivation perception, he couldn’t sense if this arrow still had any other power at all. However, he could clearly sense that he wouldn’t immediately die.

His sturdy nature that had been polished from extensive grinding made him forcibly endure the powerful fear that flooded his body, forcibly preventing himself from pushing that ‘roulette’ in his head.

The dark night also quickly faded from his perception.

Lin Xi who forcefully suppressed the fear of life and death saw that both him and  Gao Yanan were both already lying on the ground.

There weren’t many abnormalities with the grass in his and Gao Yanan’s surroundings, only the deep gorges dragged out in the ground from the two of them flying out.

The clothes on their bodies didn’t even seem to suffer much damage, only having some fine holes.

Perhaps because they felt like Lin Xi and the others were still rather far away from needing to know about Big Black, or perhaps because Lin Xi never went back to the academy, Vice Principal Xia and Tong Wei previously never told him anything about Big Black. Lin Xi didn’t know too much about Big Black, this powerful soul weapon Principal Zhang left behind in the academy.

That was why he wasn’t sure if he heard an arrow sound just now or not.

Either way, right now, he was extremely weak, as if he had his cultivation instantly removed. However, he still had the strength to sit back up.

The instant he struggled to a seated posture, he saw that the carriage on the path continued moving, as if they didn’t notice what happened in the back at all.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Then, he only grabbed Gao Yanan’s ice-cold hand, quietly saying this by Gao Yanan’s ears.

Only a short amount of time passed.

Undisguised footsteps and sounds of underbrush being separated sounded.

However, because Lin Xi was counting every breath of time that passed, this short amount of time seemed especially long, suffocatingly long.

A middle-aged man with a large black iron plated case on his back, his temples dyed in frost appeared in Lin Xi’s line of sight.

“You are that Tangcang officer who obtained Big Black?” Lin Xi didn’t struggle to stand up, only sitting there, looking at this middle-aged man who separated the grass and came.

The middle-aged man’s eyes were already shining. When he heard Lin Xi’s words, his eyes even more so became bright like gemstones. “Your appearances are quite like two people.” He took a deep breath, looking at Lin Xi and Gao Yanan. “You two are Green Luan Academy students?”

“This was the reason why you didn’t directly kill us?” Lin Xi directly nodded and said, “Your intuition is correct. I am Lin Xi, she is Gao Yanan.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes became even brighter, an expression of happiness and joy appearing. “But aren’t you a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest? You should have two fiend beast companions.”

Lin Xi looked at him, replying without a trace of hesitation, “When wearing skintight clothing, it isn’t convenient to bring two young beasts with me, it is better to let them cultivate in the city. Moreover, you can see my bow.”

“What you say is correct.” The middle-aged man nodded in praise, removing the cloth wrapped longbow from Lin Xi’s back without any politeness.

The cloth strips completely shattered upon making contact with his fingertips.

The dark red bow body instantly appeared before his eyes.

“It is indeed Xu Qiubai’s dark red bow.” The middle-aged man chuckled, the wrinkles around the corners of his eyebrows even relaxing from his smile. “It seems like you are indeed Lin Xi.”

Lin Xi nodded. “Of course I am Lin Xi.”

“Who would have thought that the Lin Xi so many soldiers and Great Mang cultivators couldn’t kill… the legendary Green Luan Academy heaven’s choice student who has Divine General talent would just happen to land in my hands.” The middle-aged man’s smile suddenly disappeared, sighing with sorrow.

“We can make a deal.”

Lin Xi smiled, his expression extremely calm. However, in his head, with each passing second, his pressure would become greater, the hand that gripped Gao Yanan’s even starting to tremble slightly, the palm of his hands covered in sweat.

“You can hand us to Green Luan Academy, I can ensure that Vice Principal Xia and the others won’t act against you. You can return to Tangcang to do anything you want to do.” He quickly said.

“This is quite the excellent proposal.” The middle-aged man looked into Lin Xi’s eyes in an engrossed manner. “If it was before, I would have most likely agreed.”

Lin Xi directly said, “You are saying that you refuse?”

The middle-aged man was a bit surprised at Lin Xi’s speed of reply, but he still nodded. “If there was no inner disorder that happened in Green Luan Academy, I wouldn’t have dared make an appearance here at all. Since the current Green Luan Academy doesn’t have the power to make me feel so much fear that I must remain in hiding, why must I hand over you two, hand over Big Black?” He turned around, looking at the large black chest on his back.

“You aren’t a Sacred Expert, nor did you use Big Black before, so you still cannot sense just how wonderful possessing this type of power is. Moreover, you still haven’t realized what your existence signifies for me.” The middle-aged man turned around, his eyes landing on Lin Xi, full of satisfaction as he said, “I am someone from Tangcang, so I naturally understand just how powerful a secret method the technique Gu Xinyin obtained from Sanskrit Temple is. Moreover, all proof states that this secret technique was passed onto you. Since you are the most important figure in Green Luan Academy, apart from this secret method, you also carry powerful Green Luan Academy secrets. These things not only possess great enticement for those Great Mang cultivators, they carry even more irresistible allure for cultivators like me. Together with Big Black, this is enough to make me someone who exceeds all people in this world, exceeding Vice Principal Xia and the Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.”

“I didn’t have any intention to strive for this world, just a down and out man who seeks survival. However, the heavens instead bestowed this right to me.” The middle-aged man said with a sigh of admiration, “If I do not take what the heavens have bestowed upon me, wouldn’t I suffer the wrath of the heavens?”

“I don’t like to waste words. As long as you agree to some of my requirements, reply to some of my questions, I can tell you all of these cultivation secret techniques to you.” Lin Xi looked at this middle-aged man and quickly said, “There is no harm in telling you my academy’s Glorious King Destroys Restraints and Priest Hall’s Radiance[1], of course there is the Windstalker’s Falling Moon as well.”

The middle-aged man smiled, his smile making his previous downcast expression that seeped into the space between his brows disappear, starting to release light. “I like those who are straightforward.” He looked at Lin Xi and said, “What requests do you have? I can let Grand Secretary Zhou’s daughter go and I can let you live, but I won’t let you recover your cultivation, won’t let you leave me and the Divine Elephant Army. It is because in the end, you possess the Divine General talent. I do not wish to leave this type of person who can pose a threat to me  in this world .”

“Fine.” Lin Xi quickly looked at this middle-aged man and said, “In that case, you can reply to some of my questions. Your Divine Elephant Army, who are you cooperating with that has allowed you to enter this place?”

“I cannot immediately answer this question of yours, you will quickly find out in the future. It is because before I get what I want, if I don’t kill you, you might still have some way of sending out some kind of secret signal, telling Green Luan Academy or the outside world some things.” The middle-aged man shook his head and said with a smile, “After the heavens have brought you before my eyes, I must act with a bit more caution. For the sake of seizing this entire world, I went from using an extremely small opportunity to now suddenly seizing a huge opportunity.”

“Where is your Divine Elephant Army hidden? Where are those military equipment you seized?” Lin Xi took a deep breath, looking at this middle-aged man and said, “I believe you are at least able to answer these questions.”

“The Divine Elephant Army’s whereabouts isn’t a secret, they are precisely wandering between Sanskrit Passage and Ghost City. Yunqin doesn’t have any troops that can cross Sanskrit Passage and pose any threat to the Divine Elephant Army.” The middle-aged man smiled. “As for where the military equipment is, this is also something I can tell you.”

1. A light manipulating method from Priest Hall B12C28

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