Book 12 Chapter 44 - Blood Soaked Streets and Alleys

Since there was a bit of blood that dyed the white boned nostrils, this cultivator whose white hair had been cut through seemed especially terrifying.

The air between the black gold carriage and this cultivator produced countless noises again, as if there were many centipedes crawling about.

The noseless cultivator’s yellow square hammer struck forward. With a weng noise, an expanse of golden lightning scattered out in front of him. Many wounds suddenly appeared on his chest.

“I heard Elder Jiang achieved sacred level through a long blade, but after you became a Sacred Expert, you comprehended the technique of sound ripping, truly a horrifying technique. Today, I’ve finally witnessed it.”

Right at this time, following this type of sound, a single legged elder instead walked out.

This was an extremely aged elder, the wrinkles on his face already making it hard to distinguish his five organs.

The skin on his face seemed to be steeped in a layer of black oil that was difficult to wash clean.

He only had a single leg, but he walked just like a normal person. When he took a step, there would be a soft wave of soul force that would land on the ground, as if an invisible leg was supporting him.

The bodies of everyone outside the black gold carriage turned completely cold.

For them, what made their hearts go cold, feeling that things were strange, weren’t these two’s appearances, but rather the cultivation and identities of these two cultivators.

These were two Sacred Experts!

Two Sacred Experts the two of them had never seen before in written accounts!

Sacred Experts weren’t like bok choy that could be seen at any time. The number of Sacred Experts in all of Central Continent City was numbered, all already known.

For two Sacred Experts who weren’t within the known Sacred Experts to appear here, according to normal reasoning, this was something only the emperor should have the ability to do.

The emperor really went mad?

He actually dared to directly break relations like this?

All of the Jiang Family personnel around these black gold carriages didn’t dare believe this. However, the scene before their eyes was instead incomparably real.

A streak of sword radiance surged from behind the single-legged elder, instantly crossing over the single-legged elder’s head, descending upon the black gold carriage’s surroundings.

This wasn’t a perfectly straight flying sword, but rather a s shaped, round bladed small purple sword.

Chi chi chi chi…

The explosive sound of a string of concentrated blades tearing through the air sounded. More than ten blades hacked towards this small sword.

However, while it was flying about, the radiance this small purple sword released actually formed countless mirages, as if over a thousand flying swords were descending.

A faint blood mark appeared on the throat of an official. Immediately afterwards, blood erupted from his throat, as well as the throats of many other cultivators around him!

Rapid vibrating noises sounded from within the black gold carriage.

Countless invisible long blades seemed to have suddenly appeared in the sky. The small purple snake-like sword’s radiance suddenly disappeared. It seemed to have frozen in the air, starting to tremble intensely.

In front of the black gold carriage, the cultivator with the golden square hammer in hand began to advance towards the black gold carriage, his speed fast to the point where it seemed to directly exceed the boundaries of time and space. In that instant, he was only a dozen or so steps away from the black gold carriage.

“All of you, leave!”

An explosive cold shout sounded from Jiang Yanzhi within the black gold carriage.

Within the cold shout, that snake-like small purple sword’s runes all seemed to be covered in dust, the radiance becoming dim. The runes all seemed like they were about to be destroyed. 

However, everyone around the black gold carriage understood what would happen if they left.

No one left.

The people at the sides of the black gold carriage all blocked in front of the golden hammer holding cultivator.

That incomparably sinister face revealed an even more sinister smile.

The golden square hammer continuously struck about in the air. Everyone standing in his path completely flew out, their bodies exploding.

No ordinary soldiers or cultivators could face a Sacred Expert, only large amounts of State Master level cultivators or other Sacred Experts could face Sacred Experts.

However, State Master level cultivators were similarly rare.

Moreover, no one expected this type of battle to happen at this type of time in this type of place.

At this type of time, no clan power and no official authority was useful, only pure power could decide everything.

All of the radiance on that small purple snake-like sword completely went out.

The snake shaped sword suddenly twisted, the rune patterns digging into the sword. The small sword seemed to have been cut through by countless invisible steel wires, crushed into countless fragments in the air.

However, at the same time, the noseless cultivator released an exhale. All of the soul force within his body sprayed out without any reservation, pouring into the golden square hammer in his hand.

The golden square hammer smashed down on the black gold carriage.

Countless waves of golden lightning erupted from the golden square hammer, erupting on the black gold carriage like a giant golden sunflower.

The black gold carriage flew upwards.

All of the runes on the golden square hammer died out, countless golden grains that were even finer than sand fell off. This was also the case for the countless profound runes on the black gold carriage, the golden color completely shedding.

Inside the black gold carriage, blood flowed out from Jiang Yanzhi’s ears.

The single-legged elder already arrived in front of the carriage, reaching over a hand.

His hand was several feet from the carriage door, surging with soul force. The moment the runes on the black gold carriage were completely destroyed, he took advantage of the situation to blast the mechanism apart, the door becoming wide open.

Jiang Yanzhi’s hands were originally completely empty, yet at this moment, he reached out a hand, drawing a blade from below the soft padding. He drew an extremely old, extremely ordinary well-tempered black long blade that was even nicked in many areas.

This long blade was the blade that he used the most in this life, the blade he was most familiar with.

His left hand drew the blade, his right hand’s forefinger instead striking down heavily on this blade’s tip.

Countless streaks of light rushed out from his fingertip and the blade.

This wasn’t radiance caused by the powerful release of his soul force. In this instant, his soul force was condensed to an extremely small point on his fingertip.

These rays of light were a certain frequency others couldn’t hear. They were the radiance that cut through and rippled through a type of compatible vital energy force.

There were no sounds. Jiang Yanzhi’s blade shattered into countless pieces, shooting towards that single-legged elder together with countless rays of light.

The clothes in front of the single-legged elder completely exploded into fine powder. In front of him, a wave of power contracted and exploded like a black hole.

All of the light rays were extinguished.

The fiery light in Jiang Yanzhi’s eyes also began to die out.

It was as if nothing made contact with the single-legged elder. However, there was already a huge hole blasted open  by the single-legged elder’s abdomen. All of the inner organs were crushed to pieces, as if completely gouged out by someone.

The single-legged elder lowered his head, looking at his own wide open abdomen.

However, he didn’t feel the slightest trace of alarm or shock, as if he knew that this type of thing would happen, also extremely satisfied with this result. There was instead a smile that appeared on his face.

Jiang Yanzhi saw that on this elder’s body, apart from that gaping hole around his lungs and shoulder, there were several other holes that couldn’t disappear at all, the flesh around them clearly healing on its own after being penetrated by chains for a long time.

He suddenly realized this elder’s identity.

“You were actually still alive?” He looked at this elder, unable to understand as he asked, “Was it worth it?”

“Towards enemies… there is nothing more worthy than destroying what the enemy cares about the most. This is especially the case when your enemy might have already died, you already lost the chance to directly get revenge on him.” These words were extremely long, while the elder’s injuries were beyond terrifying. That was why after he spoke these words, this elder fell over and died.

Urgent whistling noises sounded.

A yellow robed older woman appeared in front of Jiang Yanzhi’s opened carriage.

There were many shining metal arrows inserted in her body. The instant she stopped, these metal arrows all exploded, turning into streaks of fine metal wisps.

These metal crossbow arrows couldn’t leave the slightest injury on her robes or body, instead, they only temporarily stuck to her body because of her speed.

When she saw Jiang Yanzhi’s appearance, this clearly extremely powerful old lady’s breathing suddenly stopped, her arms both trembling slightly.

A black gold carriage rumbled over from the distance.

In a further alley, there were also sounds of rushed air shattering noises and black gold carriage rumbling noises.

When the first black gold carriage that rushed over stopped, Jiang Yanzhi fell forward.

A wave of air scattered out from his body, as if endless dust rushed out from within him.

In that instant, the yellow robed old lady’s entire body began to tremble slightly. What she saw wasn’t Jiang Yanzhi’s death, the scene in her eyes was the blood that flowed through many of Central Continent City’s streets and alleys many, many years ago.

It was an expanse of blood red.

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