Book 12 Chapter 43 - Alley Fight

A black gold carriage moved through Qilin Alley.

A thick browed elder dressed in a set of ancient dark green robes that didn’t seem to be gold or jade colored calmly thought to himself with his eyes closed.

He was Hu Chenfu, someone who had done many things for the empire before it was established, which was why he could sit behind those layers of curtains, ultimately becoming Hu Family, one of the most influential families.

Today, even though the words Jiang Yanzhi spoke today in front of the study would make most of the people in the royal court feel like he went too far, in his opinion, Jiang Yanzhi already took the big picture into consideration. Jiang Yanzhi’s performance already made both him and the others release a breath of relief.

The Son of Heaven had the Sacred Son of Heaven Sword. In the eyes of most people in Yunqin, the emperor’s will was the will of heaven. However, for people like them, the country was ruled by law, without rules, there would be no boundaries. If Changsun Jinse’s performance could make their opinions of him exceed the late emperor, they would naturally unhesitantly execute any of Changsun Jinse’s decrees.

Bottom lines naturally existed.

For elders like them, the bottom line was precisely ‘assisting subjects’. No matter what kind of authority they had, they would always be subjects, they had to acknowledge that Yunqin was Changsun Clan’s.

Meanwhile, on the emperor’s side, the bottom line was precisely that when there is a disaster, to eradicate an entire clan, even drag in those uninvolved.

This wasn’t a tacit agreement, but rather what the late emperor said before the nine of them and Changsun Jinse in front of the dragon throne.

Twenty years before Yunqin was established, all of Yunqin’s cultivators combined didn’t number even a tenth of the present, Yunqin Empire’s military strength actually being that weak. Meanwhile, the battles were oftentimes even more dangerous, for Central Continent to win, ending up as this world’s most massive empire, it was unknown just how many unimaginable battles were experienced. For the ruffians of the marketplace to establish friendship with the emperor, it was clear just how low the status and strength of the emperor was before he became the emperor. That night of violent rain, the attack in the long alley, those battles in the marketplace, they definitely didn’t happen just once or twice. It wasn’t just Jiang Yanzhi, there were also the remaining eight elders, the amount of life saving gratitudes they shared with the late emperor, their empire founding contributions, how could it be so easily erased by a bit of glory, splendor, wealth and rank?

Previously, Changsun Jinse still scrupulously abided by this bottom line, always waiting until Elder Huang passed away before carrying out some transferring and exile of Huang Family. That was why even though afterwards, he secretly reached an agreement with Hu Piyi, making Hu Piyi betray Hu Family, thus making one of Hu Family’s supporting beams collapse, Hu Family and the other elders in the black gold carriages didn’t carry out any extreme retaliation.

If they weren’t people who truly didn’t understand bottom lines, didn’t understand the greater situation, the past late emperor and Principal Zhang wouldn’t have allowed them to sit in this type of carriage.

After all, it was just like what Jiang Yanzhi said, this massive empire that was enough for them to be immensely proud of was something these elders gained through prices ordinary people couldn’t even imagine, piled up through these sacrifices. Their sentiments towards this empire were far above that of ordinary officials.

However, the emperor, under the withdrawal of Huang and Wenren Family and the departure of Grand Secretary Zhou, after his influence and power surged greatly, he seemed to have already forgotten this type of bottom line.

There didn’t need to be any explanations at all. By ordering Zhang Qiuxuan and some power he accumulated to enter Jadefall City, the emperor had already long prepared for a great slaughter. If there was a chance to completely eradicate Jiang Family, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate.

Only, perhaps he himself might have truly forgotten that deep down in his bones, Jiang Yanzhi was still a ruffian.

Apart from some power on the surface in Judicial Sector and in in Central Continent City’s marketplace, he was still the boss of many ruffian figures who were now already extremely old.

That was why this matter would all depend on the emperor’s following attitude.

As long as the emperor continued to do something that crossed the line, someone like Jiang Yanzhi who already fully expressed his attitude would definitely ruthlessly unleash a great slaughter in Central Continent City!

Meanwhile, these other families like his would definitely completely break relations with the emperor.

“Since time immemorial, there can never be construction without destruction. However, are you really going to be this impatient, unable to even wait until all of us die of old age, and then use some gentler methods then?”

Hu Chenfu heard the cicada sounds outside the carriage, quietly muttering to himself. He looked at the wrinkles and black spots on his skin no amounts of tonics and no cultivation level could remove, thinking this to himself in mockery, feeling that after this young emperor experienced today’s matter, he likely wouldn’t be that stupid again.

However, right at this time when many officials were still gathered outside the palace, when this thick browed elder who was thinking to himself about what he should do, when the cicada noises sounded in the blistering hot early morning, it was as if two blasts of flames suddenly began to burn within his eyes.

A red roofed palanquin followed behind the black gold carriage. Right at this time, the palanquin suddenly shook. The four servants who raised this palanquine all released a muffled groan. An aged topaz claw-like hand moved aside the palanquin’s curtains as if he wanted a certain direction’s smell to enter the palanquin, or perhaps he was waiting for the black gold carriage’s orders.

“Head to Long Light Alley! As fast as possible!”

Hu Chenfu’s fierce shout immediately sounded, that topaz hand disappearing the instant his voice sounded. It was because the owner of this hand already turned into a stream of flowing yellow light, moving with a rapid air shattering noise, rushing southward.

All of the golden runes on the black gold carriage began to shine, releasing streaks of flowing golden lightning streaks of light.

The entire carriage seemed to have suddenly become several times lighter. The fine horses pulling the carriage all began to run crazily.

The seven black gold carriages already all respectively headed down their own paths, already rather far from Imperial City.

In the massive Central Continent City, these seven massive and dignified black gold carriages were nothing more than seven water drops.

The hundred officials in front of the imperial palace were either shocked, angry, in hesitation, worry, or weeping with grief. However, the Central Continent City outside the imperial palace was still extremely auspicious and peaceful.

There were people collecting scrap metal in the streets, people who attracted quite a few children with sweets, currently starting to heat them, many people who had just walked into breakfast stands, some who wanted to sleep in, but were woken up by their family members… However, in this instant, it was as if a calmly resting piece of lens shattered. Within this serene scene, there were suddenly many cracks, flesh hacked apart, wind and thunder raging.

In Long Light Alley, the black gold carriage Jiang Yanzhi was in already stopped.

The dozens of people who gathered around this black gold carriage had cold and utterly furious expressions.

Powerful machinery springs sounded, a torrential rain of cold crossbow arrows tore through the air, the shrill noises ear-splitting as they shot towards this black gold carriage from all directions .

Standing right in front of this black gold carriage was a snow-white masked man whose white hair crossed his shoulders.

A clear dragon cry instantly sounded from within the powerful machinery. A green clothed middle-aged scholar who followed beside Jiang Yanzhi’s black gold carriage drew the longsword from his back, the blade turning into an expanse of green multicolored light in the sky, sweeping through all of the metal crossbow arrows. In the time it took for fingers to snap, it suddenly accelerated several times in speed, hacking towards that strange white haired white masked cultivator standing in front of them.

Li Zhenshi, the brother who had experienced countless battles with Jiang Yanzhi already died in Sanskrit Hall.

Judicial Sector's number three, Xu Tianwang, who had just broken through into the Sacred Expert level, overtaking everyone else in Judicial Sector, also already died.

However, Jiang Yanzhi actually still had Sacred Experts by his side, he had a powerful sword controlling Sacred Expert.

Even under the cold crossbow arrows’ attacks, not a single one of the dozens of servants outside the black gold carriage fell.

Even though the green multicolored sword radiance was fast, it still carried a type of leisurely aura as it flew towards the white masked cultivator.

The white haired cultivator suddenly fluttered upwards.

All of a sudden, Tthe sword controlling green clothed middle-aged scholar’s breathing stopped.

Countless strands of white hair that were clustered like fine arms instantly wrapped around that green multicolored sword radiance.

The green clothed scholar’s aura shook, the sword radiance scattering out like a giant brush soaked in dark ink, instantly severing countless strands of white hair that was tougher than steel.

However, in that instant, the cultivator whose white hair was cut already turned around.

In his hand was a short golden hammer.

An explosive dang sounded.

The short golden hammer slammed heavily into the green multicolored radiance like a flying sword.

An expanse of sunflower-like golden lightning scattered across the frail flying sword.

The flying sword fell heavily to the ground.

With a pu sound, a blast of bloody mist erupted from this green clothed scholar’s mouth.

Even though the flying sword was detached from a cultivator’s body, when a Sacred Expert controlled a sword with all his strength, one’s soul force and the flying sword would be closely connected. This strike that knocked down his flying sword already made him suffer injuries.

This type of injury naturally wouldn’t be fatal.

However, in that instant, a flute holding man standing at his side reached out his hand, drawing a long stinger. The instant blood gushed out from his mouth, it fiercely stabbed into his back, penetrating through this Sacred Expert’s heart, and then came out through his chest!

A furious roar sounded from within the black gold carriage.

When two powerful cultivators fought, wounds were extremely natural. Even Sacred Experts were mentally prepared to suffer injuries. However, the death of this Sacred Expert wasn’t because of a powerful opponent, but rather from the betrayal of his own people!

This green clothed scholar naturally didn’t expect that a colleague he normally trusted would suddenly become an assassin that came after his life. While in disbelief and horror, the instant he realized he was going to die, he counterattacked decisively. All of the soul force within his body poured out from his five fingers as he brandished them backwards.

The flute holding man’s face became blood red, his body flying outwards. That flute in his hands snapped into five pieces.

In his perception, he already avoided this green clothed scholar’s final attack.

However, at this moment, several mournful cries sounded.

The abdomens of the yellow cicadas on the tree to the side who already became silent exploded. His internal organs also suddenly produced several cracks outsiders couldn’t see, his entire body going rigid.

He knew that Jiang Yanzhi was a powerful cultivator. However, ever since Yunqin Empire was established, practically no one had seen Jiang Yanzhi take action. No one expected his cultivation to be this powerful and strange.

When five waves of sword energy swept past his body, the body of this cultivator who killed a Sacred Expert instantly broke apart into many pieces, falling from the sky.

Blood scattered down from the skies above, across the earth below.

The air around the black gold carriage suddenly produced many distortions visible with the naked eye.

In front of the black gold carriage, the sound of a finger striking on a metal blade sounded. Meanwhile, to the black carriage’s side and back, there was only a strange ringing noise.

After almost all of his white hair was completely cut off, the white mask on his face cracked as well, an aged face without a nose, only two bone white nostrils where the nose should be was revealed.

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