Book 12 Chapter 41 - Seven Carriages Advance Together

Early in the morning, a sealed secret document was delivered into the Imperial Defense Study.

It was still quite a bit of time before the morning imperial court session, but Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse was always used to working on some matters in the study an hour before the imperial court session. Right now, this secret document was delivered directly into his hands.

At this time, many court counselors were already like usual, gathering by the imperial gate one after another. However today, many officials discovered that seven black gold carriages appeared much earlier than before. Moreover, the expressions of the high ranking officials at the very front were all extremely grave and serious.

“Could it be that there were some huge developments in the front lines’ military intelligence?”

These officials who didn’t have access to secret intelligence, only having an information network that was far from effective as the other officials began to produce all types of suspicions inside. Only, because the palace gates didn’t allow any clamoring or disorder and since they knew that they would find out everything during the imperial court session, that was why they restrained themselves, not rushing over to ask the officials they were close to.

Yunqin Emperor steadily removed the lacquer seal, opening this secret document.

Just like what Wen Xuanshu said inwardly to himself, during these days, even though Yuhua Family ordered Priest Hall to grant Lin Xi the status of a High Priest, his mood was still the best since Jadefall City’s events.

The body of a certain Yunqin imperial concubine was in good health, her stomach growing larger and larger, already passing the period where it was easier to have a miscarriage. Moreover, the imperial physician was sure that the child’s condition was stable, so after a few more months, Changsun Clan would have another dragon child. This didn’t only signify that Yunqin would have another young highness, in his opinion, it also meant that the heavens didn’t abandon the Changsun Clan. Since another emperor could be added, there might be a second and a third.

Another thing that made his mood improve greatly was that Gu Yunjing’s performance was quite good. Even though Yunqin’s army was still powerless to launch a large scale counterattack, South Tomb Province’s current situation had already stabilized… If this type of deadlocked situation was maintained, they could instead use some popular will and some upright civil officials to push forward some matters.

“Just the figure from a wild marketplace, yet you ended up becoming one of the pillars of Yunqin Empire’s establishment, grasping authority and sitting at the son of heaven’s side, behind layers of curtains, a black golden carriage bringing you directly to the imperial palace in dignity… All of this should already be enough for you to feel satisfied, you ought to withdraw now.”

While carrying a bit of satisfaction, saying this to himself, Changsun Jinse’s eyes landed on the secret document that was opened before his eyes.

After just a single look, his dignified facial features immediately warped in extreme fury.

“How could you dare!... How could you dare!... How could you dare!!”

He lost his rationality. Only after continuously shouting this three times, did a hong noise sound, everything in front of him smashed apart. Thunder radiance surged out from the Imperial Defense Study. “How can Jiang Family dare do such a thing!”

“Today’s imperial court session will not be held!”

The emperor erupted into rage.

The Imperial City trembled. One after another, notifications spread out of the palace gates.

The palace gates were already about to open.

The imperial court session wasn’t going to be held?

The officials who waited outside of the palace gates, waiting to attend the imperial court session, immediately erupted into an uproar. Even during Changsun Jinse’s many years on the throne, this was something that had never happened before. What was it that could make the son of heaven order for today’s imperial court session to be cancelled? Under their great shock, how could these officials still care about the rules preventing noise outside the palace gates? They all rushed up to ask each other, doing their best to suppress their urgent sounds of discussion.


At this time, a surging metal crying noise sounded. A massive and dignified black gold carriage moved first, directly heading towards the palace gates that were about to open but still didn’t open.

“Open the palace gates!’

A dignified and low cold voice sounded from within the carriage, seemingly even making the vermilion painted golden plated palace gates tremble.

At the very front of the hundred officials behind the seven black gold carriages, Grand Secretary Wen Xuanshu frowned slightly. Many officials in the back trembled inwardly, the noise momentarily stopped, only the metal moving sounds of the black gold carriages advancing audible.

“His majesty has given the imperial decree that the morning imperial court session will not be held today…”

The voice of someone inside the palace gates sounded, this voice shaking slightly.

“Unbridled!” Without any excessive words, an angry berating sounded from within one of the black gold carriage. The air around the carriage seemed to have instantly warped.

Unknown as to where it came from, a low cough sounded.

Another flood-like metal shaking noise sounded. Another black gold carriage began to move.

Once this carriage’s movements were seen, two other carriages also seemed to move at the same time.

Then, the remaining black gold carriages all moved.

The palace gates came crashing open.

The faces of the servants inside all turned pale, their bodies trembling as they stood at the sides of the palace gates, not daring to stand in these carriages’ paths alone.

The seven massive and awe-imposing black gold carriages were all standing side by side, following Yunqin Imperial City’s central main street towards the golden coiled dragon floor tile, advancing towards the Imperial Palace!

With the construction of the entire Central Continent Imperial City, the main street itself was made to accommodate nine carriages side by side. However, only rarely did these black gold carriages appear together, all of them deliberately staggering their entrances. Right now, even though there were only seven carriages, while moving side by side on Imperial City’s central main street under the morning radiance, it was instead an exceptionally moving sight.

An old subject with hair as white as snow looked at this scene, feeling momentarily shocked, sighing with amazement, unable to help but release a type of indescribable sad sigh. “They were pressured too much.” Old tears immediately moved across his face.

In the scene within his memory, it had already been eighteen years since the last time the black gold carriages all moved together.

After eighteen years have passed, when this type of scene appeared again, Yunqin was tossed about by wind and rain. Only seven of the previous nine carriages now remained.

The eyes of quite a few old subjects like him already couldn’t see clearly, but they still understood everything clearly inside.

Huang Family’s foundation came from upright subjects, came from popular will, from local upright citizens. When Huang Family’s elder died of illness, they were continuously weakened by the emperor, using the revenge for the crown prince as a pretence, using the war against Wenren Cangyue to stir up the people. Now, there wasn’t even a single person among Huang Family’s clansmen and disciples who could enter the throne room’s discussion hall left behind, all of them transferred to the border or other distant provinces.

What Wenren Family relied on was the foundation of the previous dynasty, on their prestige and support from older subjects. However, with Wenren Cangyue’s rebellion, Yunqin Emperor didn’t face them head-on, borrowing the opportunity to directly make Wenren Family’s prestige vanish. Then, some old subjects, under their admonishing and opposition towards the events in the south, began to die. As the elders left one after another, Wenren Family could no longer make a return to Central Continent Imperial City again either.

In the hearts of many old subjects whose hair was white like snow, this Jiang Family originally always helped Changsun Clan, supported Changsun Clan, always on the emperor’s side. Why was it that today, they would be forced to this extent? What kind of disaster was going to happen in front of the palace today,?

The seven massive black gold carriages followed the Imperial City’s central axis, rumbling as they advanced.

Quite a few officials, especially the ones at the very front, after a moment, all either raised their heads, clenched their teeth, or clenched their fists, setting their resolution and stepping towards the palace gates.

What was most praiseworthy about the people of this world in Lin Xi’s perspective, was that the people were all simple and honest, sincerity found everywhere.

Meanwhile, towards the royal court, what was most praiseworthy in this world was that sometimes, there would be some people with backbones that were a bit stronger, those who dared to stand out without any fear regarding their own lives.

“Do not enter!”

However, right when these people prepared to go against imperial orders, doing everything they could to change some of the empire’s unhappy matters, Wen Xuanshu who stood at the very front of the hundred officials slowly and calmly spoke. “Face! More chaos!”

After shouting these officials to a stop, he simply spoke these words.”

However, these words instead made all of these officials who were about to disregard his obstruction all stop, hanging their heads in anxiousness and grief.

The emperor needed face.

As the emperor, he needed face more than anyone.

Regardless of what kind of refute Jiang Family had, the emperor and Jiang Family had already completely become hostile.

If more people saw the emperor’s rage, saw the emperor lose himself, this would only make things head in an even more unfavorable situation.

The remaining six carriages entering together at the same time only represented a type of attitude… even if they entered, there was no way they could enter before these six carriages.

That was why regardless of what kind of opinions they normally carried towards Wen Xuanshu, none of them able to possibly know Wen Xuanshu’s current true emotions, at the very least, these officials all acknowledged that Wen Xuanshu’s way was the correct one.

Wen Xuanshu took a deep breath. He inwardly told himself that this was already anticipated, something that was inevitable, that before the final straw appeared, all of this wasn’t worth feeling happy over. After making sure that none of his true emotions were exposed on his face, he turned his head in a serious manner, looking at the middle-aged official at his side.

The middle-aged official standing at his side was Leng Qiuyu[1]’s father, as well as someone who already sat behind layers of curtains, he definitely had the qualifications to enter together with the seven carriages right now.

Right now, he could ignore the attitudes of all of those hundred officials behind him, but he definitely couldn’t ignore this official standing at his side.

What made him truly feel a bit of joy was that this official didn’t move, only continuing to stand silently at his side.

1. Medicine Department student that Li Kaiyun likes

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