Book 12 Chapter 37 - Black

The golden staff of this Divine Elephant Army soldier smashed upwards in a simple manner, not much sparks of fireworks to this attack.

The earth that was blasted everywhere, wind that swept about, radiance produced from one’s bodies and blades when cultivators fought, these were all merely auras of the secular world… Yunqin revered martial might, so there would often be spars and fights between cultivators. As early as many years ago, there would be scholars who would describe the battles between cultivators. The scenes one enjoyed weren’t in the instant a blade cut into the opponent’s body, but rather from the powerful winds that sweep about when they fight, the light and flames that surge. Some gifted scholars would describe the battle between cultivators like a competition between two great chefs. The flames would rush forth, food in the pans flipping and turning under the movements of the ladle, steam rising, the entire process full of liveliness.

With these types of descriptions, more and more people began to come to watch spars and battles between cultivators in Central Continent City. Even amateurs would begin to have their own way of enjoying the scene.

When they saw that the other party’s display wasn’t all that great, they would mutter a bit in disdain, saying that even without any sparks and flames, you still want to show off?

Right now, this Divine Elephant Army’s straight golden staff smash, in the eyes of Yunqin Central Continent City’s people, would definitely receive this type of evaluation.

In the eyes of the cultivator attacking this Divine Elephant Army, this strike’s power was indeed also not that shocking.

However, the instant the war blade that was swirling with sapphire radiance in his hands made contact with the golden staff, the front legs of the golden armored white elephant beneath this soldier stamped fiercely into the ground, its body moving upwards. The Divine Elephant Army soldier’s stance didn’t change, but the golden staff in his hands directly continued upwards.

The sparks and flames instantly erupted.

Two blasts of dust surged from the ground, clashing together.

The giant golden elephant and Divine Elephant Army soldier’s golden armors released noises, the golden radiance dazzling.

The shaking of the golden armor and air immediately produced countless air exploding sounds all around them.

A giant wave of power surged from the ground, first traveling through the divine elephant soldier’s body, and then through the golden staff in his hands.

A huge dang noise sounded, as if two speeding steel carriages suddenly collided in the air.

The Divine Elephant Army soldier’s hands sunk a bit, blood appearing between his thumb and index fingers. The staff left his fingers and slid downwards.

Blood poured out crazily from the cultivator dressed in Sky Devil Heavy Armor, completely filling up his helmet, even the two white crystal eyes instantly dyed blood red. The heavy steel body came to a sudden stop in the sky.

A great cry sounded.

The sparks and flames became even greater.

A blast of white air shot out through the golden armored white elephant’s mouth, heat immediately rising.

With an explosive boom sound, the giant elephant’s golden armor covered trunk smashed heavily into this Sky Devil Heavy Armor cultivator.

This metal sky devil that had just begun to drop from the sky flew out again.

All of the metal sky devils that were preparing to jump forward or currently charging forward instantly froze.

These metal sky devils’ sapphire bodies and white crystals flickered with radiance, indicating the incredible shock and horror the cultivators inside were experiencing.

All of them could tell that most of the power of that Divine Elephant Army soldier’s attack didn’t come from the divine elephant soldier himself. In that instant, the Divine Elephant Army Soldier on the giant white elephant only served as a support, only turning his own body into a straight iron pillar, allowing the giant golden armored elephant’s power to smash into the enemy cultivator’s weapon through his staff.

Meanwhile, what every single person here feared weren’t the soldiers seated on the elephants, but rather the golden armored white elephants themselves.

What they feared were precisely these golden armored giant elephants’ size, their strength.

Even if their weapons could pierce through the bodies of this golden armored giant elephant, just how much damage could they even inflict upon such a massive body?

Perhaps it would just be something like a shallow cut on an ordinary person.

If they wanted to kill the Divine Elephant Army soldiers on the golden armored giant elephants, then they had to jump high into the air.

However, there was no way of easily adjusting their position in the air.

This type of body as a pillar battle style these Divine Elephant Army soldiers displayed, as well as the trunk of the golden armored giant elephants that could easily send heavy objects several hundred jin in weight flying, were both fatal threats for them.

This wasn’t the type of battle they were good at.

Or perhaps it should be said that this wasn’t a battle suited for cultivators like them, cultivators dressed in heavy armor.

After an instant of shock, before that metal sky devil even landed back on the ground, the eyes of the commander on the golden armored giant elephant at the very front, and also the largest elephant, revealed a hint of mockery.

The golden armored white elephant he sat on suddenly accelerated.

The steps still didn’t seem to be that fast, but every single step was equivalent to many, many steps of a cultivator.

The cultivator whose body froze up momentarily was horrified. He suddenly discovered that a giant flesh object was already descending towards him.


In this instant, this cultivator whose judgment regarding speed and distance was greatly mistaken only had enough time to release a miserable scream, using all of his strength to raise the war blade in his hands, stabbing upwards.

The war blade flickering with sapphire brilliance stabbed into the giant foot, but it couldn’t even produce any blood, nor could it stop this giant foot from crushing down.


The giant sole descended.

The metal sky devil was directly crushed underneath that golden armored giant elephant.

The golden armored giant elephant’s sole was raised, continuing to walk forward.

The metal sky devil’s entire body sank into the earth, its chest and other parts exposed on the surface.

However, the more it was like this, the more this type of scene left others horrified and in despair.

As if it was driving in a stake, a second foot then crushed down on this metal sky devil whose chest armor still hadn’t been covered in dirt.

The sole raised again, and then continued forward.

This metal sky devil now only had its head exposed on the surface.

Then, a third foot descended, rose, and then moved forward.

This metal sky devil completely disappeared into the ground, only a hint of metallic brilliance flickering in that crater.

All of the cultivators dressed in Sky Devil Heavy Armor seemed to completely lose their courage to fight further, starting to withdraw.

They had no idea how they were supposed to fight this type of army, how to kill even a single golden armored white elephant.

All of the Yunqin heavy armored cavalry also lost their fighting spirit.

The cultivators dressed in Sky Devil Heavy Armors were already like this, so these soldiers whose warhorses beneath them were even going crazy, would only have one result before the Divine Elephant Army, which was to be crushed one pile after another like snails.

Zhang Qiuxuan released a light cough, a mouthful of blood rushing out from his mouth, landing on the True Dragon Armor he wore.

He also lost all spirit in facing this Divine Elephant Army.

He knew that there were no unrivaled cultivators in this world, nor were their unrivaled armies. He also knew that the Divine Elephant Army, since its establishment, never exceeded a thousand. However, at the same time, he also understood extremely clearly that this Divine Elephant Army wasn’t something their men could face right now.

He raised his head again.

A Divine Wood Flying Crane flew past in Sanskrit Passage's skies, flickering with yellow radiance.

Right now, only the archer on this Divine Wood Flying Crane could deal with these Divine Elephant Army soldiers… Even though this archer definitely couldn’t kill all of the Divine Elephant Army soldiers on these giant elephants’ backs, he could at least provide cover for most of them in retreat, to the extent where if the situation was extremely unfavorable, it could serve as the only hope of bringing him out alive.

A streak of arrow radiance descended.

The Divine Wood Flying Crane’s archer even displayed an instance of hesitation from shock.

He originally wanted to shoot at this Divine Elephant Army’s commander at the very front, but during this extremely short amount of time, the scenes that appeared in his line of sight also made his confidence display a bit of wavering. His streak of arrow radiance only shot towards the Divine Elephant Army soldier behind the leading commander.

That Divine Elephant Army soldier couldn’t block this arrow. Under its attack, he fell from the golden armored giant elephant’s back.

A figure emerged from the entrance of Sanskrit Passage, appearing from within the mysterious brilliance.

The sun began to set.

This figure who appeared in Zhang Qiuxuan and the others’ path of retreat didn’t have much of an imposing sparks and fireworks presence right now either. However, the instant his figure appeared, Zhang Qiuxuan and most people here, even the archery master on the Divine Wood Flying Crane, all already noticed his existence.

Zhang Qiuxuan’s hands suddenly began to tremble.

The archery master on the Divine Wood Flying Crane was instantly filled with a type of mysterious fear, the pores on his back pouring out cold sweat, his heart in twitching pain.

This archery master secretly nurtured by the emperor didn’t understand why he would feel this type of emotion right now, but his intuition told him that if he couldn’t kill this person who appeared in Zhang Qiuxuan’s path of retreat, he would definitely die here.

That was why he held his breath, using the fastest speed in his entire life to fire an arrow at this person whose face still wasn’t visible under the dim radiance.

The instant the arrow radiance he released just descended from the wooden crane, a thick black round sphere of light suddenly appeared around that person, and then contracted. All the colors in this world seemed to suddenly dim.

An expanse of thick darkness instantly corroded his brilliant sword radiance.

The sturdy arrow instantly shattered.

The black radiance continued to sweep upwards.

The Divine Wood Flying Crane exploded into pieces, the two cultivators on the wooden crane also disintegrated under cries of horror.

Right now, Li Zhenshi who wasn’t far from Zhang Qiuxuan was still alive.

The instant the Divine Elephant Army appeared, there was a smile of mockery that appeared on the corners of his lips.

At this time, he who was on the verge of dying was powerless to release any sounds. However, he used the last of his strength to raise his head with all of his strength, looking at the entirely trembling Zhang Qiuxuan. His heart was now filled with a carefree and released feeling as he shouted, “What dogshit emperor’s will is the will of heaven?!”

The commander on the golden armored divine elephant at the very front looked at the Divine Wood Flying Crane that crumbled in the sky, nodding in icy arrogance and satisfaction. With a bit of a languid expression, he said, “A True Dragon Gem is hard to obtain, don’t damage it.”

His voice was only directed at the one standing at Zhang Qiuxuan and the others’ path.

That person didn’t reply, only nodding his head.

The concentrated black sphere of light suddenly appeared around that person’s body again.

Zhang Qiuxuan’s expression was that of complete distress. All of the soul force in his body surged outwards, the countless streaks of golden electricity around him forming a sea of lightning.

The black sphere of light was still there, yet that person didn’t take action.

Zhang Qiuxuan continued to press towards that person with countless streaks of golden lightning wrapped around him.

When he was only a dozen or so steps from that person, a streak of golden light instantly entered the sea of golden lightning.

Under the battering of countless streaks of golden lightning, this streak of black light became more and more thin, ultimately only a black hair, stabbing into Zhang Qiuxuan’s core.


An extremely fine streak of blood shot out from behind Zhang Qiuxuan.

Zhang Qiuxuan’s body continued forward, but the lightning around his body already disappeared.

He powerlessly fell in front of this person.

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