Book 12 Chapter 36 - Extremely Tall, Extremely Powerful

The one on the Divine Wood Flying Crane was a State Master level archer.

This type of archer originally already posed a great threat against a Sacred Expert. The most crucial thing was that the Divine Wood Flying Crane flew extremely high, at least over four hundred steps high.

Under this type of situation, Xu Tianwang could only evade, completely unable to injure that cultivator archer on that Divine Wood Flying Crane.

Within the depths of Sanskrit Passage, there were winds that blew over again at this time. There were some quiet sounds of horse hooves that sounded.

The horse hoof sounds were soft, but this was because the horse hooves were wrapped in cotton cloth. The riders on the horses were all dressed in thick armor.

Black heavy armored cavalry soldiers emerged out from the mysterious and dim rays within Sanskrit Passage’s depths, entering this entire Sanskrit Passage like a flood. It was as if an extremely thick black iron wall slowly pushed towards the region of fighting.

There were some people within Jiang Family’s formation who closed their eyes in despair, starting to give up resistance. Some people even began to cry.

What made them cry wasn’t only the fact that they were just too insignificant before more than forty sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor, furthermore not even that this was completely a one sided massacre, even those who fled into the rock caves on the side would be chased down and killed by the metal sky devils, turned into crushed flesh, it also came from the fact that Li Zhenshi, this type of individual who could easily send a metal sky devil flying with his flying sword, was actually defeated in a single breath under Zhang Qiuxuan’s hands. On top of all of this, the one that was trying to kill them was his majesty, the one person their brothers and friends couldn’t even get revenge against.

“His majesty is the son of heaven, the will of his highness is precisely the will of heaven.”

Zhang Qiuxuan who was dressed in True Dragon Armor walked up to Li Zhenshi who was now sedated on the ground.

Many openings were  created on Li Zhenshi’s body, all of them starting to flow with blood. It was as if all of the injuries he had ever experienced in this life completely appeared on his body at this time.

“I came under heaven’s will, and that is why I wear this set of True Dragon Armor that is unparalleled in this world. How can you possibly be my match?”

When he walked past Li Zhenshi, Zhang Qiuxuan once again released a light sigh only the two of them could hear.

The wide black sword in front of Li Zhenshi suddenly trembled, about to fly out again.

However, a streak of sword radiance landed on his wide black sword.

Under the surging of soul force that exceeded the limit of what his body could bear, Zhang Qiuxuan also suffered quite the injuries. That was why right now, he didn’t use excessive soul force to activate the True Dragon Armor, instead only using his own flying sword.

It was that short small sword previously mocked by Li Zhenshi as being girly and feminine.

This half red half transparent sword radiance only struck down on the wide black sword once, and then the wide black sword could not fly again. Blood gushed out between Li Zhenshi’s mouth and nose once more.

Zhang Qiuxuan passed Li Zhenshi, walking towards Xu Tianwang.

“Just like how his majesty and I don’t like Wenren Cangyue, his majesty and I have never liked you.”

Zhang Qiuxuan looked at Xu Tianwang, shaking his snow-white head with pity. “That is why you could only remain as number three in Judicial Sector all these years.”

Xu Tianwang released a vicious roar.

The scarlet long mace produced countless afterimages in the air, just as if there were countless rose vines quickly growing in the void.

Following a muffled zheng noise, the long mace’s tail end swept up a blast of vital energy visible through the naked eye, striking towards that half red half transparent flying sword. During this extremely brief deadlocked state, the long mace went perfectly straight. The sword and long mace grinded against each other, producing a blast of dazzling sparks.

Zhang Qiuxuan’s expression didn’t change in the slightest, seeming like he was going to directly abandon his own flying sword.

The half red half transparent flying sword’s power was suddenly reduced. Xu Tianwang’s long mace wrapped itself around it two times, pulling it towards himself.

However, right at this time, a shrill scream tore through the air, a streak of arrow radiance already descending again.

Xu Tianwang’s foot tapped against the ground, the air around his body completely distorting. In that instant, his body pulled back another three feet. The arrow radiance landed right in front of his face, blasting open a crater in the ground. Countless crushed rocks flew everywhere.

Zhang Qiuxuan took a step forward, calmly glancing at his own flying sword.

At this instant, the originally dim flying sword suddenly became brilliant. It began to spin rapidly within the long mace’s binding.

Xu Tianwang released another vicious shout. One hand held the long mace, while another hand struck backwards in reverse.

With an explosive hong noise, a Sky Devil Heavy Armor that rushed at his back suddenly left the ground, flying outwards.

A bit of blood trickled out from the corners of Zhang Qiuxuan’s lips. He reached out his right hand, as if he was holding an invisible incomparably heavy sword.

The long mace wrapped around the sword immediately trembled, completely pushed aside by the flying sword’s power.

The half red half transparent small sword instantly descended upon Xu Tianwang’s throat.

In this instant, Xu Tianwang only had enough time to release a bit of soul force, making his body fly upwards.

The half red half transparent small sword didn’t stab into his throat, instead stabbing fiercely into his chest, penetrating through one of his lungs.

Xu Tianwang fell to the ground.

Zhang Qiuxuan breathed heavily. The flying sword was just like a dragonfly, returning to his body.

Xu Tianwang lowered his head. He saw the wound that went through his lung, saw the blood and crushed flesh currently flowing out from the hole.

Through this hole, he saw the scene behind him.

That moving steel wall-like heavy cavalry army was still advancing at a speed that wasn’t too fast or too slow. The dozens of cloaked metal sky devils already all stopped, standing within an expanse of flesh and broken limbs.

All of those black armored Yunqin soldiers and Jiang Family people had already died. Only his son, Xu Zhenyan, was still standing alive and well, standing within those metal sky devils, not even a bit of blood splashed onto his body.

“So it was you.”

Xu Tianwang slowly turned around, looking at his son who was coldly looking at himself. He began to breathe heavily. His lungs had already been penetrated by the flying sword, so even though he was breathing heavily, he still couldn’t talk smoothly.

Xu Zhenyan looked at his own father, giving him a deep bow of respect. “It was what respected father taught me.”

Xu Tianwang looked at his own son who was just like a monster amidst the metal sky devils and chunks of flesh, breathing painfully and heavily, “I did it for Xu Family.”

“I also did it for Xu Family.”

Xu Zhenyan coldly raised his head, his eyes ice-cold as he looked at Xu Tianwang. “It is precisely because they have me that Xu Family will continue to prosper.”

Xu Tianwang revealed a hint of a bitter smile. He slowly sat on the ground. With a pu sound, the rest of his soul force crushed his own inner organs, mixing with blood as they rushed out from his wound.

Xu Zhenyan watched as Xu Tianwang ended his own life. The calm and cold expression on his face didn’t change in the slightest, as if the death he was currently facing wasn’t his own father’s, but rather of someone who had absolutely nothing to do with himself.

Zhang Qiuxuan frowned slightly. He released a slight cough, the cough covering the handkerchief he used with bits of bloody flesh.

While looking at this monster-like Xu Zhenyan who sold out his own father and then watched his father perish, he also felt incredible displeasure inside… In reality, ever since the moment Xu Zhenyan began to hold a post in Central Continent Imperial City, both him and the emperor never liked this Xu Family son either.

However, at the very least, this Xu Family son was useful for them.

At the very least, this result in Sanskrit Passage left the current Zhang Qiuxuan extremely satisfied.

More than six hundred heavy armored cavalry dressed entirely in heavy armor advanced to Xu Zhenyan’s side, starting to clear the scene. They gathered the chunks of flesh blasted apart by the metal sky devils to one place, and then prepared to burn them.

Zhang Qiuxuan threw away the handkerchief in his hands. His eyes shifted to not far behind himself, looking at Li Zhenshi who still hadn’t died, preparing to bid this old friend whose fate had tangled with his this entire life farewell.

However, right at this time, he suddenly turned around. He gazed behind the heavy armored army, looking towards Sanskrit Passage’s mysterious dimly lit depths.

The sand and stones on the ground shook, starting to jump.

The cliff that was facing the desert’s yellow sand also began to shake, as if there were countless people currently scattering down even more sand from above.

Then, both cliffs of Sanskrit Passage began to shake.

Just like him, everyone began to stare into the depths of Sanskrit Passage in horror.

An exceptionally massive figure walked out from the blurred rays. With every step, muffled impacts could be heard. There was no sound, yet the ground would tremble intensely.

This was an entirely white giant elephant, its most important parts, even the trunk, were covered in heavy metal armor.

Resting on the giant elephant’s back was a golden lotus-like metal saddle. The rider who sat on top of it held a giant golden staff in hand, his entire body covered in armor that was covered in profound runes.

What was even more suffocating was that it was more than just one giant figure that appeared from within the dusky lighting.

Behind this giant elephant, more giant elephants continued to appear in these people’s line of sight one after another.

These giant elephants filled up the entire Sanskrit Passage, also forming a wall that pressed forward, only, this one was several times taller than the one formed by the heavy armored soldiers from before.

This was an unimaginable scene.

Every single giant elephant only had a single rider. These riders were high up above, not saying anything while advancing, not releasing any sounds.

However, because they were too large… even without saying anything, their presence alone was enough to describe their strength.

“Divine Elephant Army!”[1]

Zhang Qiuxuan’s breathing also completely stopped. His expression became snow-white, just like his hair and brows.

All of the warhorses began to cry out, the heavy armored troops starting to enter a state of disorder. The warhorses began to run into each other from alarm and panic, releasing countless iron striking sounds.

Yunqin’s warhorses had all undergone rigorous training. Even when facing heavy spears that towered densely like a forest, under the urging of their riders, they would still decisively charge forward. However, when facing these white giant elephants who were several times larger than themselves, these warhorses’ natural fear completely overpowered the riders’ frantic attempts at controlling them.

Yunqin’s soldiers never feared opponents who were more powerful than themselves. However, for this heavy armored soldier, facing this Divine Elephant Army right now was near impossible.

A fierce shout sounded from Zhang Qiuxuan’s mouth.

Fierce radiance shot out from the white crystal eyes of more than ten sets of Sky Devil Heavy Armor. The metal cloaks behind them raised upwards, their figures began to sprint as if they were flying at low altitude, facing the incoming Divine Elephant Army that filled up the entire Sanskrit Passage, their numbers impossible to know.

These white colored giant elephants looked like they were moving slowly, but every step was equivalent to four or five steps of an ordinary warhorse. In reality, their speed of advance was extremely terrifying.

The cultivator dressed in Sky Devil Heavy Armor at the very front leapt high into the air, directly reaching the head of a white elephant. The cold and fierce war blade in his hands was wrapped in sapphire radiance, hacking towards the golden armored soldier on the white elephant like a streak of electricity.

This cultivator dressed in Sky Devil Heavy Armor naturally understood extremely clearly that the Divine Elephant Army was Tangcang’s greatest secret, also their most powerful army. Most of Yunqin’s cultivators only knew about the Divine Elephant Army’s power, but never truly faced them before. However, the face of this cultivator underneath his armor’s mask was still extremely cold and confident.

It was because Sky Devil Heavy Armors were powerful to the extreme. Jiang Family’s cultivators were all chopped up like vegetables in an extremely short amount of time.

He obviously wouldn’t believe that a single Divine Elephant Army soldier could match an existence like himself.

Moreover, the one he attacked wasn’t the divine elephant soldier at the very front.

The one at the very front had the highest chance of being the Divine Elephant Army’s commander, the one with the greatest strength.

He charged at a divine elephant to the left. In his opinion, only an ordinary Divine Elephant Army soldier could allow them to accurately gauge just what kind of strength this entire Divine Elephant Army had.

The sapphire war blade hacked down like lightning.

The brows of the Divine Elephant Army soldier on the giant elephant that were exposed in the openwork metal armor raised slightly. Not willing to be outdone, the giant staff in this Divine Elephant Army soldier’s hands smashed towards this metal sky devil.

1. Divine Elephant Army disappeared in B12C24

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