Book 12 Chapter 35 - The Shortest Sacred Expert Battle

Li Zhenshi walked towards Zhang Qiuxuan.

Compared to when he was young and to when they fought that Central Continent formidable faction, he now walked much faster.

His wide black sword rapidly advanced. He followed right behind this wide black sword, his body always only a few steps from the rapidly flying wide black sword.

“After you reached Sacred Expert level, I had never seen you fight again. It seems like some rumors are indeed true, that Wenren Cangyue indeed learned your sword style.” While watching this wide black sword and Li Zhenshi get closer and closer to himself, Zhang Qiuxuan got off his horse, saying this with a sigh.

Li Zhenshi coldly looked at Zhang Qiuxuan, saying with a snort, “Even though he learned my sword style, he is much more powerful that me.”

Zhang Qiuxuan shook his head, feeling like this type of conversation between the two of them really was vapid and senseless.

Xu Tianwang was also advancing calmly.

Regardless of how the battle situation went, regardless of whether the other party still had other trump cards, the conversation between Li Zhenshi and Zhang Qiuxuan already made it clear what they had to do.

What they needed to do right now was precisely to fight two against one, to use two Sacred Experts to first kill the other side’s single Sacred Expert.

However, his expression suddenly became a bit sluggish. Within an extremely short amount of time, the powerful soul force in his body surged once again, pouring into the scarlet red long mace in his hands.

The long metal mace’s python pattern like runes became incomparably brilliant again. It turned around in front of him, instead thrusting backwards, smashing into a Sky Devil Heavy Armor behind him.

This Sky Devil Heavy Armor’s body swayed a few times, and then it finally couldn’t hold on anymore, sitting down.

However, in that instant, Xu Tianwang’s expression became a bit pale, inwardly shocked.

Three cultivators dressed in Sky Devil Heavy Armor were already at the same height as him.

However, the source of his shock didn’t come from these three metal figures, but rather from the sky above.

In the sky far above the two cliffs of Sanskrit Passage, he saw a wooden crane that flickered with yellow radiance fly past.

A streak of arrow light that was brilliant like a candle was currently falling from the wooden crane, descending towards his body.

When Zhang Qiuxuan shook his head, Li Zhenshi’s wide black sword already released a weng noise. The air between him and Zhang Qiuxuan was completely crushed, blasting towards Zhang Qiuxuan’s chest.

A normal sword controlling Sacred Expert either used a direct piercing stance or used a revolving hacking stance, this way, they could quickly cut through the wind, the flying sword’s flight also being rather swift. However, Li Zhenshi only took action when he was close to Zhang Qiuxuan. His sword crushed all of the air, and when the flying sword did this swatting stance, its speed didn’t slow down at all. Moreover, this horizontally striking flying sword, after smashing apart the air, seemed like it was being tossed about in a great storm, its next position even harder to deduce.

Zhang Qiuxuan also used a sword.

His sword was a foot long, half red, half transparent, its name Red Slumber.

Unlike Li Zhenshi who Zhang Qiuxuan didn’t know what kind of methods he used after becoming a Sacred Expert, in the years after Zhang Qiuxuan became an Imperial Court Great Consecrator, there would always be some powerful cultivators from various parts of Yunqin who would come to Central Continent Imperial City to issue challenges, wishing to use this type of method to replace him as a Great Consecrator.

That was why this flying sword of Zhang Qiuxuan had already appeared in Central Continent City  many times before.

What Li Zhenshi wanted to do the most right now was clearly to wait until this flying sword appeared, and then smash it to pieces.

However, Zhang Qiuxuan only watched as this wide black sword got closer and closer. While shaking his head, he only released a sigh.

That half bright red, half transparent flying sword in his sleeves still rested calmly, not flying out of his sleeves.

Instead, at this time, the white gown around him completely turned into black ashes within an instant. No one apart from Sacred Experts could react to this, it shattered, quickly turned into scorched ashes, and then scattered into the wind.

Countless thumb thick streaks of golden lightning erupted from Zhang Qiuxuan’s body, crossing the scattered ashes and spreading outwards.

His entire figure was immersed in the golden lightning, becoming a massive golden sphere of lightning.

Li Zhenshi’s pupils rapidly contracted and expanded, becoming a dazzling golden color.

He was one of Central Continent City’s most powerful Sacred Experts, so in this extremely short amount of time, he could clearly sense that Zhang Qiuxuan’s soul force was being released with all his might, able to clearly sense how this golden lightning was released. His body could withdraw in time, but his wide black sword already didn’t have time to.

That was why he didn’t retreat, only releasing a muffled groan. The speed at which soul force surged from within his body increased somewhat again!


His right hand’s sleeves also completely disintegrated, scattering outwards piece by piece.

The wide black sword’s radiance became a bit brighter again, moving through the stream of golden lightning.

Countless streaks of golden lightning struck down on this wide black sword. In this instant, the wide black sword cut through who knew how many streaks of golden lightning, but its momentum also became slower and slower. In the end, when it was less than three inches from Zhang Qiuxuan’s body, it stopped.

A mouthful of blood sprayed out from Li Zhenshi’s mouth.

Golden lightning reached his right arm.

Both him and the wide black sword began to withdraw.

The golden lightning disappeared.

Li Zhenshi and Zhang Qiuxuan stopped twenty steps from each other. His right arm was also completely scorched black, his skin already chunks of cracking scorched pieces.

The wide black sword dropped in front of Li Zhenshi’s body in a decrepit manner, stabbing into the ground diagonally.

Li Zhenshi’s complexion was snow-white, spitting out a mouthful of blood again.

“Excellent sword.”

Blood also trickled out continuously from Zhang Qiuxuan’s mouth. He spat out these two words.

Zhang Qiuxuan wore a golden set of armor.

The entire armor was made out of a gemstone that was more golden than the purest gold. There was a fingernail sized golden gemstone within every single piece, looking as if there was a golden dragon swimming about, a streak of golden lightning.

“In terms of the sword, I am inferior to you.”

Zhang Qiuxuan shook his head. His head lowered, looking at this gemstone armor he wore. “In terms of me myself, I am also not as strong as you… however, the things I have on me make me stronger than you.”

Li Zhenshi’s body swayed.

He was completely lost for words.

True Dragon Mountain’s True Dragon Gem[1], every single piece was extremely rare, it could be made into powerful soul weapons. During the past few decades, the feeling Yunqin Emperor gave the entire world was also that this True Dragon Gem was just too rare, only a few granules produced. However, who would have thought that the amount of True Dragon Gem the emperor had on him was actually many times greater than what the entire world thought.

When facing this individual who never planned to use his flying sword from the very start, only wishing to use this set of armor to face him, what words could Li Zhenshi have left?

Xu Tianwang’s expression became snow-white.

The Divine Wood Flying Crane, this type of thing appearing didn’t make him feel any particular shock or surprise.

It had already been quite some time since Green Luan Academy’s inner conflict ended. Someone like him already knew that Green Luan Academy had these Divine Wood Flying Cranes that could have a powerful influence on the battlefield.

There was definitely an extremely deep relationship between the emperor and Green Luan Academy’s opposition faction. Being able to obtain a Divine Wood Flying Crane could only mean that the materials needed to make it might not be exceedingly rare.

What he didn’t expect was that the battle between Li Zhenshi and Zhang Qiuxuan would actually end this quickly, ending after he just evaded the second arrow that descended from above, ending in this manner.

1. One of the materials needed for the nearly invincible item - B12C28

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