Book 12 Chapter 32 - Joy and Merriment

Zhang Ping bitterly swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

When faced with these words, what he should do is reveal shock, confusion, unjust treatment, and many other emotions. However, judging from the expression in the other party’s eyes, he knew that she wasn’t testing the waters, but was instead sure of it. Moreover, there was a type of extremely strange emotion in her eyes.

He himself understood extremely clearly what kind of consequences there were for someone who was discovered to be a Yunqin spy in Purgatory Mountain. That was why he knew what he had to do, yet he just couldn’t do it.

His expression became miserably pale, his originally continuously sweating body seemed to no longer sweat at all. “Why do you say that I am a Yunqin citizen?” He looked at this woman before him dressed in dignified Purgatory Mountain red divine robes, saying this with difficulty.

“You only know that I am Senior Sister Chang, you don’t know my name.”

This young lady whose facial features were ordinary, but carried a type of demonic nature  because of the exceptionally dignified Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator red robes, a type of divinity, didn’t reply to Zhang Ping’s question, only calmly looking at Zhang Ping’s eyes and saying, “My name is Chang Jingxiang.”

Zhang Ping didn’t reply.

While looking at this woman who was dressed in gorgeous red divine robes, he knew that the more calm the other party was, the more she wasn’t in a rush to interrogate him, signifying that the other party already grasped enough clues even more. As such, his heart completely sunk, his body becoming empty, the only thing in his head right now that woman whose face was even more beautiful than a bright and pure moon.

“The batches of arrows you made all have problems.”

Chang Jingxiang calmly looked at Zhang Ping whose body began to tremble slightly. As if this was a trial, she slowly said, “I have been in charge of this workshop for two years, recognizing one’s level of skill is but the simplest matter for me. Ever since seven days ago, the level you have shown is that out of a hundred of these arrows, the number of arrows with problems are at most two, the highest chance is no issues at all. It is because you have quite the talent in this field, moreover, you carried out the work extremely seriously.”

When he heard the word arrow, Zhang Ping’s face already became even more pale. He understood clearly that it was useless no matter how he refuted.

Chang Jingxiang didn’t stop, continuing to look at Zhang Ping while saying, “However, within every ten arrows, there will be two arrows that have mistakes, moreover the tricks you used are all extremely slight. There isn’t much that can be seen from their exterior, but in reality, there are some with grooves that are too deep, so the arrows will deviate. When they are truly fired, the arrows will miss. You are extremely attentive, so you most likely secretly watched the procedure in which the workshop examines arrows, moreover noticing that the inspection is just a sample test fire. Moreover, those examining craftsmen are always only removing the third, fifth, and seventh arrows as tests. That is why your rigged arrows are normally only placed on the fourth, eighth, or ninth arrow.”

“If it was only once or twice, then it is just a coincidence, but this is the case in every batch of arrows, so this is naturally not a coincidence.” Chang Jingxiang looked at Zhang Ping, saying with a calm smile. “Do you wish to speak any more words of defense?”

Zhang Ping shook his head, shaking his head in frustration. He knew that with Purgatory Mountain’s ability, discovering these things was already enough. Any further explanation from him would still be completely useless.

Chang Jingxiang looked at him, quietly saying, “However, I wish to know the reason, just what kind of thoughts you had in using this type of trick on those arrows.”

Zhang Ping clenched his fists. He remained silent for a moment, and then slowly raised his head. He looked at this red robed woman who was full of divinity and demonic nature, saying, “It is because I am someone from Yunqin. These arrows d will naturally be used against Yunqin, so I felt that as long as one arrow deviates, then at least one fewer Yunqin person will die.”

“You are extremely kind.” Chang Jingxiang looked at him deeply for a long time, shaking her head and saying with a light sigh. “However, you are too immature. You don’t understand how great of a price Yunqin had to pay in order to send you here, in the end just letting yourself be exposed over such a small matter… you are not qualified to be a spy.”

Zhang Ping said in a difficult and bitter manner, “I am indeed not qualified to be a spy.”

“All spies, regardless of whether it is in Yunqin, Tangcang or Great Mang, would experience some training before carrying out their task. They would at the very least know that as long as a spy isn’t uncovered, as long as they remain alive, they will forever bring back even greater value for their country. They would at least understand that in order to be a spy, one needs to completely throw away their own individual emotions, to become like the enemy. You should understand that from the moment you entered Purgatory Mountain, you should have treated yourself as a Purgatory Mountain disciple unless your country wished to use you. Only, no knowledge gained from books will ever be able to compare to bloody realites that play out before your very eyes.” Chang Jingxiang calmly looked at Zhang Ping, saying seriously, “If you listen and obey my commands, I can continue to let you live.”

Zhang Ping suddenly raised his head.

He didn’t want to die… but he understood extremely clearly just what kind of criminal charge harboring a spy was. That was why he didn’t dare believe that this red divine robed woman would actually speak these types of words.

However, what happened afterwards left him in even greater shock, even greater disbelief.

“Remove all of your clothing, don’t leave behind even a single piece.”

Chang Jingxiang’s face became slightly more pale as well, even more mysterious emotions appearing  within her eyes. However, her expression was more resolute than any other time, even more so full of a divine and demonic nature that was unquestionable.

She reached her hand into her collar, undoing her gorgeous and dignified red divine robes.

The divine robes fell like a sunset, revealing her pure white jade-like body.

She was completely exposed, there was not a single article of clothing underneath her divine robes. Her most hidden parts were completely exposed before Zhang Ping.

Zhang Ping was dumbfounded.

The higher the status of a woman, the greater their appeal to men.

This was the case regarding the imperial princess to Yunqin’s men. Right now, this Purgatory Mountain red robed female Divine Adjudicator was also the same.

Moreover, this world wasn’t like Lin XI’s world. A young man like Zhang Ping hadn’t seen the enchanting nude body of a young woman before.

He almost stopped breathing.

“Don’t forget the words I just said and follow my orders!”

Chang Jingxiang’s long and slender legs were also shaking slightly. She walked up to Zhang Ping, her exposed skin touching Zhang Ping’s chest. Her lips were extremely close to Zhang Ping’s face, saying this in a serious and dignified manner.

However, Zhang Ping found it even harder to breathe, his body becoming even more rigid.

Chang Jingxiang released a light sigh.

At this time, Zhang Ping still didn’t know why she sighed.

When her hands moved down, Zhang Pin also became completely exposed.

“Hold me tightly.”

She held Zhang Ping, ordering him.

Zhang Ping’s brain went completely blank, his body and thoughts seemingly no longer belonging to himself.

However, Chang Jingxiang’s lips began to land on his body, starting to cause his body to move.

He began to breathe, and then his breathing became more and more rushed. “If you want to live and return to Yunqin alive, you must listen to every single one of my orders, obey and do things the exact way I order you to!” Chang Jingxiang breathed by his ears, her dignified and strict voice sounding a bit heated. Her burning body and his began to intertwine.

These words made Zhang Ping suddenly release a wild beast-like low roar. His rigid right hand fiercely gripped her chest, forcefully rubbing the snow-white soft skin. His other hand directly wrapped around her, raising her upwards, and then he lowered his head, biting down on her snow-white shoulder.


The instant he entered her, Chang Jingxiang released a low moan.

She frowned in pain, but her body instead relaxed. She only hooked her hands around Zhang Ping’s neck, allowing Zhang Ping to crazily ravage her body, allowing Zhang Ping to press her down against the rough iron bed.

Zhang Ping quickly released an even deeper wild beast-like roar.

“Continue… but be a bit gentler this time.”

Chang Jingxiang spoke again, but it was no longer as dignified as before.

Zhang Ping became silent.

He began to slowly obey her orders.

After a long time had passed, Chang Jingxiang tightly embraced this man whose sweat mixed with hers, saying by his ears, “You have to lodge an accusation against me.”

Zhang Ping’s body suddenly became even more rigid. He couldn’t understand the meaning behind Chang Jingxiang’s words.

“I’ve already helped you deal with the arrow situation. I believe that after this matter, you will become a qualified spy.” Chang Jingxiang continued to calmly say by his ears, “I am also a Yunqin citizen… also a Yunqin spy.”

“While carrying out a mission, I had to face someone. The other party was seriously injured but not dead, and he understands extremely clearly where he injured me, as well as my approximate cultivation level. Right now, even though Purgatory Mountain doesn’t know it is me yet, they will definitely begin to search for someone who is injured in that place in Purgatory Mountain soon. They will first ask and interrogate, might not necessarily be able to find me  immediately. However, when they fail to find out, Purgatory Mountain will then do something else, which is precisely order everyone to remove their clothing for investigation.” Chang Jingxiang laid on her stomach, letting Zhang Ping continue seeing her body, see every inch of her skin clearly. “That is why I will definitely be discovered, will definitely die.”

“Since I am already definitely going to die, then for us, we naturally need to make our deaths a bit more valuable.”

“That is why you must remember every single word I’ve spoken to you. After executing me, they will definitely examine my body, possibly ask some questions to confirm if you and I really had a lovers relationship. Also, Purgatory Mountain has a type of medicine used specially for interrogation. According to Purgatory Mountain’s traditions, they will definitely make you drink it. This type of medicine will make one muddle-headed, as if they are drunk, making it easy for them to spill the truth… That is why the most crucial point lies here. Me and my servants have tried this medicine more than once, you only have one method that can get over this type of Purgatory Mountain interrogation, which is that before taking this type of medicine, you have to do everything you can to forget everything, continuously repeat in your head that you are a Purgatory Mountain disciple, that you are loyal to Purgatory Mountain… make your mind like that of a lunatic’s. Only in this way can you pass through Purgatory Mountain’s interrogation, acquire Purgatory Mountain’s complete trust from this.”

“My backside, have you seen it clearly?”

Chang Jingxiang slowly turned around and faced Zhang Ping. “I hope you can continue to live well, and you must do so. Only in this way can the deaths of both me and some other unknown spies be meaningful.”

Zhang Ping looked at her body. His body began to tremble, unable to release any sounds. Tears began to flow from his eyes.

He hugged her, entering her again.

Midsummer, Purgatory Mountain was currently experiencing a great rain.

Purgatory Mountain’s rainwater was always extremely few. That was why even though other places often experienced thunderstorms in summer, for Purgatory Mountain, this was an extremely rarely seen thing.

That was why when this type of great rain happened, most of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators who were in charge of managing serfs would also reveal a rare instance of benevolence, let those serfs enjoy a rain shower to wash away the stench of sulfur and sweat on their bodies.

During this day of joy and celebration for Purgatory Mountain’s serfs, Purgatory Mountain executed a female Divine Adjudicator, a Yunqin spy.

After passing a series of tests, a Purgatory Mountain disciple who lodged an accusation against this female Divine Adjudicator was proven to be innocent, moreover loyal to Purgatory Mountain, obtaining rewards.

In this great rain, Zhang Ping who obtained rewards and a promotion walked on the black mines.

As the violent rain crashed down on black volcanic ash, countless black splashes splattered all over his body.

The rainwater was too great, so there was no way anyone could see the tears in his eyes.

Under the ice-cold rainwater, he knelt down. His hands’ ten fingers fiercely grabbed the black earth. All ten of his fingernails split open, blood flowing out.

“You’ve completed your mission, your death has value… however, have you considered how I would feel? Have you considered that I still have to continue staying in this type of place, that I still have to continue living, properly live in this type of place that makes me suffocate and go mad…”

The blood flowing from Zhang Ping became greater and greater, while the tears on his face instead became less and less.

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