Book 12 Chapter 28 - Radiance, Heavy Armor, Ruler and Subject

“Sacred light?”

Yuhua Shanhe turned around with a smile. “In our Priest Hall, we only call this type of light ‘Radiance’”.

“It is extremely mysterious and mystical.” Lin Xi said with admiration and sincerity.

“The most important thing… Tonight, while I am with you in Rudong City, there is one most important point you have to remember.” Yuhua Shanhe looked at the layers of homes in the darkness with his hands behind him, solemnly saying, “The greatest source of power for us priests in this world originates from our faith, and not from cultivation methods. Even though Priest Hall’s radiance can clearly erase much suffering for soldiers on the battlefield, it is only passed on to few individuals whose character can represent radiance, the few ones who can enter Priest Hall. This is because if this type of radiance can be found everywhere, those individuals who cannot represent radiance able to grasp it as well, then it cannot bring back faith.”

“This made me think of a multiple choice question.” Lin Xi nodded, expressing that he understands, and then said quietly, “If one side has one good person, the other side has ten thousand good people, killing one good person can save ten thousand good people, would you kill or not kill?”

“Your train of thought really jumps quite fast, but I can understand your intentions. For the sake of guiding even more radiance, bringing over more radiance, sometimes, there are some sacrifices that must be made.” Yuhua Shanhe looked at Lin Xi seriously. “If it was you, what kind of choice would you make? Would you kill one person, or would you save ten thousand people?”

Lin Xi shook his head. “I do not know. I always felt like this is an extremely cruel, extremely depressing question. Moreover, without personally facing this type of situation, how can I know what kind of choice I will make?”

“I do not know either.” Yuhua Shanhe said with a smile. “This is a normal reaction for a person. That is why everyone in Priest Hall are people with humanity, and not deities.”

Lin Xi smiled. He looked towards that young beggar who released a cry of joy after seeing that the ulcer on his neck was healing, now kneeling on the ground as if showing reverence towards a miracle, feeling sincere happiness. “Does this type of radiance only need to exhaust soul force?”

“That is not the case.”

Yuhua Shanhe shook his head. “This type of radiance also represents sacrifice. It will use our soul force, spirit, and physical strength, as if we are bearing the other party’s pain.”

Lin Xi’s expression froze a bit, looking carefully at Yuhua Shanhe. “This is equivalent to using our own lives to save the other party’s life.”

Yuhua Shanhe nodded. “You can interpret it this way. Our cultivators’ bodies are much stronger than ordinary people’s bodies, we will also heal faster.”

“Actually, the best comparison is like transfusing blood. If we transfuse blood, the other party will become better, while when we lose a bit of blood, we will also quickly recover. However, if we lose too much blood, we will also become extremely weak, perhaps even die.” Lin Xi looked at him and said this.

“Your comparison is extremely suitable.” Yuhua Shanhe looked at Lin Xi, his eyes carrying undisguised satisfaction.

Lin Xi continued to seriously ask for guidance, “Then can it be used to treat ourselves?”

Yuhua Shanhe chuckled in a profound manner, saying, “That is something only your Green Luan Academy’s Glorious King Destroys Restraints can do.”

Lin Xi chuckled. He bowed respectfully towards Yuhua Shanhe again and said, “This one has benefited from the advice.”

Green Luan Academy.

Within a Natural Arts Department workshop were several elders who didn’t really tend too much to their appearances, the black robes they wore even covered in all types of grease and metal fragments.

Gu Xinyin was standing precisely next to these elders.

However, as for these elders, apart from their black robes that showed they were academy professors, their appearances weren’t much different from old blacksmiths who didn’t seem to think that highly of even him.

This seemed rather absurd, but these old professors all had this type of qualification.

It was because in all of Green Luan Academy, or even all of Yunqin, they were definitely the greatest craftsmen, madmen who were completely infatuated with all types of metal smelting, runes and artifact refinement. Their interest towards ice-cold metal far surpassed their interest in people.

These people only came to Green Luan Academy because of the past Principal Zhang… It was also only because of an existence like Principal Zhang that all types of crazy professionals with incredible pride would gather in Green Luan Academy, become a powerful backing for this place.

Right now, these elders were all carefully examining a blueprint on the stone table.

This blueprint came from that wooden chest an academy cultivator tried to bring away on a Divine Wood FlyingCrane’s back, but was directly shot down by Tong Wei’s arrow. The surface was covered in many runes and some coded text some outsiders definitely wouldn’t be able to immediately understand, as well as many other fragmented designs.

“This is a concept.”

A rather slower looking old professor finally raised his head. He didn’t look at Gu Xinyin who was waiting for the final result, instead turning around to give the other old professors a look, saying in an authoritative manner, “It is a set of soul weapon armor… a set of armor that can be described with the word ‘sacred’, a set of armor that exceeds the most powerful armor in this world right now.”

The other old professors all silently nodded, as if they completely agreed with this old professor’s opinion.

“What kind of armor?” Gu Xinyin asked.

The old professor frowned, “Using Purgatory Mountain’s Blue Devil Meteor Gold for the main material, True Dragon Gem for the runes and Luoshen Jade as the armor’s lining.”

Gu Xinyin’s face became even more serious. “What is Luoshen Jade?”

The old professor gave him a look and said, “It is a type of red-purple nephrite, extremely rare. In our entire lives, all of us added together might not have seen more than a two fists sized piece. Its most powerful use is that it possesses astonishing cushioning effects. When power strikes one point, it will quickly spread over the entire piece of Luoshen Jade. To put it simply, even a Sacred Expert’s strike will be greatly absorbed by the Luoshen Jade. If we follow this blueprint’s plans, if the armor really can be lined with a finger thick layer of Luoshen Jade, even a State Master level cultivator can continuously endure the strikes of a Sacred Expert.”

“Blue Devil Meteor Gold is known to be this world’s sturdiest metal, almost nothing that can cut through it can be found in this world. Together with these materials…” Gu Xinyin said with a low voice, “Then it naturally possesses a great threat to Sacred Experts as well.”

“If someone close to Sacred Expert level, or someone already at the Sacred Expert level puts on this set of armor, what do you think will happen?” The old professor gave Gu Xinyin a cold look. “That is not all.” While saying these three words, he produced something from his sleeves, throwing it onto the blueprint in front of him.

This was a lump of transparent bath ball like object.

This was something Lin Xi and Tong Wei weren’t unfamiliar with.

Meanwhile now, Gu Xinyin clearly knew what kind of use this object had as well.

“What?” Gu Xinyin’s brows furrowed a bit deeper.

“This set of armor will use this type of thing as its hair.” The old professor looked at Gu Xinyin, slowly saying, “Together with this armor’s runes, this thing will truly be like the hair of a cultivator. Moreover, it will serve as an extension of perception, make a cultivator’s perception speed faster, moreover allow one’s soul force to spread beyond the armor, even make flying swords fly further away.”

Gu Xinyin couldn’t help but shake his head.

He was the most powerful sword controlling Sacred Expert to begin with, so he obviously knew that the reason why Sacred Experts couldn’t put on heavy armor and fight was because almost all heavy armors were like the bodies of cultivators, restricting and hindering the release of soul force. If a set of armor not only hindered the output of soul force, but even made one’s perception even sharper, reaction speed faster, and sent soul force even further… this type of armor would naturally be extremely terrifying, exceeding all armors in the present world.

“Does this blueprint already have practical use value?” After shaking his head, he seriously asked this old professor.

As if Gu Xinyin finally asked something that was professional and had value, the old professor’s brows relaxed, even carrying a bit of expectation as he nodded his head heavily. “As long as these materials are gathered, it can already be made.”

“Our Green Luan Academy has never been against making some weapons and equipment that exceed all others in the world. After all, the most powerful is still the self.” Gu Xinyin bowed slightly and said, “We will do our best.”

“Soul weapon heavy armors aren’t a big deal.” Within Central Continent Imperial City, inside a study, Yunqin Emperor said with an overcast voice, “This one already has enough Green Wolf Heavy Armors and Sky Devil Armors. Even if we have more soul weapon heavy armors, there aren’t enough cultivators who can use them. However, among this batch of military equipment and heavy armors left behind in Jadefall City by that traitor Wenren Cangyue, there is a group of special Warrior Heavy Armor. According to a reliable source, these Warrior Heavy Armors all have flexible steel by the joints, the final work of great craftsman Long Xing before he passed away. As long as it is a soldier who has reached a certain level of strength, they can use this armor, moreover display strength that isn’t bad, their functions far exceeding Green Wolf Heavy Armor. This one must obtain these heavy armors.”

To Yunqin Emperor’s side sat an elderly but still extremely sharp Imperial Court Consecrator.

This Imperial Court Consecrator was precisely Zhang Qiuxuan who served as his teacher when he was young, as well as the individual he trusted the most.

“This subject is more than willing to take care of this matter for your majesty.” Zhang Qiuxuan looked at this Yunqin Emperor who he had seen grow up. He naturally understood this Yunqin Emperor’s nature and thoughts extremely well, so he didn’t hide anything, only revealing a faint smile while saying, “Your majesty is not at ease with Jiang Family, or is it that your respected self wishes to use this chance to deal with Jiang Family?”

There was immediately a bit more haze that appeared between Yunqin Emperor’s brows. His dignified head lowered slightly, coldly saying, “In all of Central Continent Imperial City, the only ones I felt at ease towards before were you and Grand Secretary Zhou, but now, the only one who can make me feel at ease is you alone. Huang Family, Wenren Family and Hu Family have already lost much of their authority. The newly established Inspection Division can already suppress Kong Family[1]. Once Jiang Family falls as well, a larger half of this one’s worries will be gone. There won’t be many who can stand in the way of my steps then.”

Zhang Qiuxuan said with a sigh of amazement, “Your majesty is making an all-out effort, you will definitely become the brilliant sage of this age. This old subject will take care of this matter in your majesty’s place.”

“This one has many things that still must depend on sir.”

There was also a bit of a moved expression added within Yunqin Emperor’s gloomy expression. He nodded his head in respect towards Zhang Qiuxuan, saying with sincerity, “Sir definitely has to watch your safety. I will remain in Imperial City, await sir’s return with a feast.”

When he saw Yunqin Emperor reveal a rare bit of his true emotions and thought about everything they experienced these years, the changes in the empire and Imperial City, Zhang Qiuxuan who had accompanied the emperor his entire life also began to feel a bit overwhelmed by emotions.

1. Another one of the nine families who have an elder behind the curtains.

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