Book 12 Chapter 26 - Mentor

“It’s been a long time since I’ve visited Rudong City. Why don’t you accompany me for a walk?”

Yuhua Shanhe didn’t look at the reactions of Qiu Mochi and the officials next to him. It was because these people, for him, were small figures who weren’t worth mentioning. For Lin Xi, they were similarly insignificant small figures. He only said this to Lin Xi and then gave Gao Yanan a look. “Are you coming with us too?”

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan naturally wouldn’t refuse.

Even though the two of them had already wandered about the battlefield for a long time and knew quite a bit about the royal court’s matters, the two still understood extremely well that with the passing of Elder Huang and Grand Secretary Zhou’s withdrawal, under the emperor’s pressuring, Green Luan Academy and the senators behind the layers of curtains always adopted low-profile and restrained attitudes. When faced with the emperor’s sudden fierce moves and increasing pressure, none of them launched any type of retaliation.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, Yunqin’s structure might just be changed like this forever. All of the academies and these senators would thus become completely loyal to the emperor’s will.

However, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan who came from Green Luan Academy obviously wouldn’t think of these types of things. Right now, this old priest came with a High Priest’s red robes, having him enter Priest Hall.

Yuhua Family and Priest Hall’s moves, for all of Yunqin, were already a clear sign of retaliation under the emperor’s continued forceful actions.

The strength of all of Yunqin’s priests added together were extremely terrifying. The Priest Hall that consisted of all of these priests was an organization above that of the eight sectors’ Religion Sector to begin with. High Priests who had the authority to appoint and dismiss any priest possessed extremely respected and privileged statuses. This was naturally not just an act, not as simple as bringing over a High Priest red robe and wearing this robe, completed just like that. There were definitely some things that he had to tell him, explain to him clearly.

Rudong City was already covered under the night scene, currently the time when most people had just finished dinner, cleaning up their bowls and chopsticks. The lanterns in front of many stores released faint yellow radiance onto the ground. From time to time, fireflies flew about the green willows, the scene extremely beautiful.

“You can change into your priest robes. The two of us will carry out the rite of master and disciple here. In Priest Hall, I will be your mentor. This is not only for the process to appear a bit more dignified. More importantly, when Yunqin was established, because our military might had to be stabilized first, and back then, Yunqin truly lacked martial might, that was why we first established the policy of establishing the empire through might, the people holding bravery in esteem. However, in reality, back then, the late emperor and Principal Zhang already had the vision of changing this empire from being an empire established through martial might, to one where it is instead ruled by etiquette, for righteousness and grace to be one’s source of honor, to understand reverence through faith, in this way make the people upright and refined.” Yuhua Shanhe slowly walked on a Rudong City street that didn’t have many people on it. He turned around to look at Lin Xi following at his side. “As a priest, one must even more so prioritize executing etiquette. Moreover, those who are truly worthy of glory definitely won’t be embarrassed of glory.”

“Alright.” Lin Xi looked at this elder, as well as the green stone path that seemed to have a bit more of an epic feeling because of this elder. He didn’t say anything more either, revealing a smile, and then putting on the High Priest red robes.

“The priest robes you are wearing right now are made from the threads released by a certain ancient fiend beast, most soul weapons and military equipment unable to break through or tear it. Even if a crossbow machine fires at it, they can only injure you through the impact force and not tear through these priest robes.” Yuhua Shanhe walked at a leisurely pace, calmly saying, “Priest Hall’s warehouse only has enough to make three sets of priest robes like these, one set among them was given to Principal Zhang back then.”

Lin Xi was immediately a bit moved, but also a bit curious. “I truly am honored to have the privilege… what about the other set?”

Yuhua Shanhe gave him a look and said, “The other set is on my older brother.”

Lin Xi was speechless. Everyone knew that Yuhua Shanhe’s older brother was that Yuhua Family senator seated behind the heavy layers of curtains.

“What was it that made Priest Hall feel that this was an excellent opportunity?” Lin Xi couldn’t help but feel the shockingly valuable priest robes he wore, swallowing his saliva while asking. Taking the initiative to ask questions, doing it spontaneously while studying was always his style. When he received the Windstalker training from Tong Wei in Green Luan Academy, it was precisely like this.

Yuhua Shanhe gave him another look. He reached out his hand, blocking several drops of water that fell from a second floor bamboo pole that was drying clothes. In a manner that wasn’t too rushed or too slow, he said, “Your Green Luan Academy’s sudden events are already coming to an end. Even though many people died, Green Luan Academy still remains. The other point is that this is what you deserve. His majesty has turned a blind eye to your glory, already causing seething discontent among the people. Together with the deliberate disharmony incited by some people, out of fear of great chaos erupting, by doing this, Priest Hall is offering some compensation in his majesty’s place, the people’s resentment will be quelled quite a bit.”

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan exchanged a look, their brows both furrowing deeply.

“How many people in our Green Luan Academy died?” Lin Xi took a deep breath and asked, “Teacher Tong and those fellow students…”

“Don’t worry, the ones who died were mostly those who tried to change the current Green Luan Academy.” Yuhua Shanhe calmly said. “Everyone thought that Green Luan Academy was already like a western mountain setting sun, but in reality, they instead accumulated even more backing.”

Lin Xi released a breath of relief, and then said, “Priest Hall is doing this out of consideration for the emperor, but the emperor will definitely feel that this is a challenge directed at him.”

“Do not always think about fighting.” When he heard Lin Xi say this, Yuhua Shanhe shook his head with a bit of displeasure. “Everyone makes errors. What Priest Hall seeks is radiance, we will only seek to do what is right, and not try to deliberately deal with a certain person. The reason why Priest Hall approved of you becoming a red robed High Priest through a congressional decision was because many people felt like even after being unfairly treated, you still don’t care about your own glory, still remaining calm even when facing the emperor’s attitude.”

Lin Xi shook his head. “Actually, most of the reason behind this was because I promised the crown prince to understand some of his father’s feelings.”

“At least you are extremely honest.” Yuhua Shanhe calmly said, “However, you need to understand that when the late emperor and Principal Zhang established the nine senators, it was precisely because they believed even the emperor needed to be supervised… However, balance and supervision aren’t the same as acting against or overthrowing.”

“This is naturally something I understand.” Lin Xi said, “Everyone wishes to use more gentle and not radical measures to make an empire progress in an even better direction.”

“It is just like when Principal Zhang walked into Central Continent City a long time ago, he was already far more wise and farsighted than many people who were about to die.” Yuhua Shanhe released a light sigh of praise. “In many areas, you seem to be even more wise and farsighted than me.”

Lin Xi bowed slightly, thanking this High Priest for his praise.

“Follow me.”

Yuhua Shanhe spoke simply again, his steps becoming a bit faster. His body began to release a bit of faint golden radiance.

As he, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan moved through Rudong City’s streets, many Rudong City people noticed the golden priest robes and the red robed High Priest Lin Xi. They couldn’t determine Yuhua Shanhe and Lin Xi’s identities through this alone, but most people knew the meaning these two priest robes’ colors represented.

As if they saw deities descend, many Yunqin commoners immediately prostrated themselves in a devout and fervent manner, showing Yuhua Shanhe and Lin Xi bows of respect.

“Remember, what these people are bowing towards aren’t us, but rather the righteousness and glory our clothes represent, for the things all priests do.” Yuhua Shanhe didn’t stop at all. When faced with these civilians who were bowing with zealotry and reverence, he only nodded his head in return. At the same time, his calm and stern voice entered Lin Xi’s ears, “You have to remember that throughout various parts of Yunqin, every year, it is unknown just how many ascetic priests there are who help the common people. The things they do might be extremely ordinary, only helping some people repair their roofs during cold weather, bringing a bit of medicinal rocks to some impoverished families when they are ill, to the extent where they might teach some people some skills to earn a living… but it is precisely because these priests exist, because they spread their teachings and radiance, that we can obtain this type of reverence.”

Lin Xi nodded, but inwardly, he was thinking that wearing these clothes really brings tremendous pressure.

Yuhua Shanhe made his way through the bustling streets, entering a secluded alley with almost no one walking through it.

There was a shoemaking store here.

There was a shoemaker inside the store. Since the candle flame was dim, it was hard to make out his appearance. His hair was neatly bound above his head, styled in Central Continent City’s most popular ‘gazing immortal’ hair bun.

When Yuhua Shanhe, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan entered this alley, when this shoemaker who heard the sound of footsteps turned around and saw Yuhua Shanhe’s golden priest robes, he silently stood up.

The instant he stood up, he seemed no longer like an ordinary shoemaker, but instead like a great scholar.

His originally slightly yellow face also became a bit more fair, more like the color of white jade

Under the dim candle flame, his originally fifty something year old appearance seemed to have become younger, becoming less than forty.

Lin Xi sized up this cultivator who was full of a great scholar aura. He didn’t know the other party’s identity, didn’t know the purpose behind Yuhua Shanhe bringing him here.

However, he quickly sensed fierce killing intent.

That person under the murky candle flame, after remaining silent for a bit, stooped down.

He removed a long flexible sword from the praying mat he sat on.

Yuhua Shanhe didn’t stop. A wave of powerful vital energy surged, instantly wrapping around him and erupting.

Lin Xi saw dazzling and pure golden radiance erupt from this High Priest’s entire body.

In that instant, that cultivator who was filled with a great scholar aura released a fierce shout. He subconsciously closed his eyes, the flexible sword in his hands releasing dazzling multicolored brilliance. It tore through the wind with shocking speed, stabbing towards Yuhua Shanhe’s throat.

A wave of pure radiance blasted against his sword, sweeping around his sword and sending it flying. Then, this wave of radiance blasted this cultivator’s face.

This cultivator’s face instantly became filled with an expression of fear.

His closed eyes, despite being closed, also quickly caved in, still instantly blinded. Then, his entire head seemed to be shone through by the radiance, as if all flesh was instantly purified, turning into a crystal-like substance.

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