Book 2 Chapter 27 - The Silent Do Seem More Formidable After All

As the remaining students headed into the training valley, Li Kaiyun nervously asked the three at his side, “Do you all really believe Lin Xi has a chance of winning?”

“He should be able to win I think.”

“Should be able to win.”

“He can.”

“...” Li Kaiyun didn’t expect that when he asked this question, Tang Ke, Bian Linghan, and Hua Jiyue’s answers would actually be so unanimous, as if he was the only one without much confidence in Lin Xi.

“Why?” He couldn’t help but look towards Tang Ke, Bian Linghan, and Hua Jiyue, asking this.

Tang Ke revealed a faint smile. His appearance was cautious like a lone wolf that had just been tamed, that if provoked, would immediately display a ruthlessness that was deeply embedded in its bones.

Bian Linghan was soft and docile, her nature gentle, while Hua Jiyue was naturally straightforward, even more heroic than many men. If the academy allowed the beating of others, Hua Jiyue might have been the first to go over and beat the crap out of Qiu Lu.

These three who had entirely different temperaments actually came to the same conclusion. This was especially surprising when Hua Jiyue, who always spoke directly, said this, someone who definitely wouldn’t speak against her will because of some friendly relations, making Li Kaiyun really a bit confused.

“It’s not that I believe in him, but rather believe in the academy’s professors.” Tang Ke suppressed his voice. He gave Lin Xi who walked at the very front a look, saying, “Associate Professor An taught him quite a few things, last night, I saw that the things Associate Professor An taught him in just a few days were comparable to what I accumulated from several years of real combat… What I am concerned about is whether or not he can find a blade, because then, defeating Qiu Lu isn’t an issue.”

“Say, do you think a city supervisor is that big of a deal? What about a provincial supervisor?” Hua Jiyue instead asked the nervous Li Kaiyun.

Li Kaiyun stared blankly. “Of course they are.”

“Above those bigwigs are even bigger bigwigs, those who yield to the will of those bigwigs… what he said, how they are nothing more than dogs, those so-called bigwigs, aren’t they all working for the current emperor? He dared to speak these words, moreover mustered such great forces, had so many lecturers make preparations just for two new students to fight it out, even if he is just a lecturer… he is definitely not an ordinary lecturer. Even he seems to favor Lin Xi, together with strength even Tang Ke approved of, what reason do I have to feel any more doubt?” Hua Jiyue reached out her hand to point forward.

Li Kaiyun immediately widened his eyes. He saw that at least seven black-robed lecturers appeared from the training valley, standing upright, awaiting orders, preparing to separately guide students into the valley.

During the academy’s great entrance examination by Summer Spirit Lake, just how many lecturers were sent out then?

Yet right now, it was just a battle between two new students… this really was something that couldn’t be any more insignificant.

“Then what about you?” Li Kaiyun opened his mouth, finally not knowing what to say, only able to ask Bian Linghan walking next to him.

“Teacher Tong said that Lin Xi can also be considered his own personal disciple. If he loses, then he will lose quite a bit of face… since he let Lin Xi come, then he obviously also feels like there’s not a high chance of Lin Xi embarrassing him.” This was what Bian Linghan was really thinking, however, she naturally couldn’t go against Tong Wei’s instructions and tell Li Kaiyun that she and Lin Xi were currently undergoing special windstalker training, which was why she could only point at Luo Houyuan. dressed in old-fashioned black robes, a bit lacking in confidence as she said, “I also believe in their eyesight.”

“Lin Xi, don’t fight! You didn’t cultivate for that long, how can you possibly win… we are all good students, amiability is what makes you rich!”

Right when Li Kaiyun felt like he was the only one among Lin Xi’s good friends who lacked good eyesight, someone ran over from the back in a flustered manner, shouting loudly before seeing the situation clearly.


When he turned around to see who it was, Lin Xi immediately couldn’t help but laugh. “Meng Bai, you got fatter again.”

Meng Bai who became a ring fatter was followed by two Natural Arts Department students dressed in red robes. One of them was the earnest faced Zhang Ping, another good friend of Lin Xi, the other a skinny and tender-faced man who seemed quiet and stubborn, precisely Zhou Zhou who Lin Xi rescued, he later rushed over to Self Defense Freshman Dormitory just to express his sincerity.

A fire beacon was lit in the training valley.

The silver-faced black-armored Bian Linghan looked at the black-armored students who were just like herself. When she saw that their chests’ symbols were already completely covered by the lecturers through a type of black medicinal liquid, she finally completely understood why Luo Houyuan said they could all watch the decisive battle between Lin Xi and Qiu Lu.

The place where the fire beacon was released from was a gradual slope with a jungle, a brook, and rocks, the terrain also extremely complicated. Meanwhile, all of these students were gathered on a cliff to the side of this low slope, able to clearly watch everything in this region from high above.

Ten minutes ago, Lin Xi and Qiu Lu already entered the training valley. Now, they should soon appear before everyone’s line of sight.

Two dark black smears appeared in all of the students’ eyes at nearly the same time.

These two black-armored warriors who were rushing through the forest couldn’t see each other yet, but the students on the cliff could already see everything clearly.

“Even though it’s a vegetable knife, in any case, it is still a blade in the end.” Tang Ke’s expression behind the silver mask became relaxed. Right now, everyone knew that Lin Xi and Qiu Lu already came, but because the markings on their chests were also covered by black medicinal liquid, they didn’t know the two individuals’ identities. However, Tang Ke already knew Lin Xi’s identity from the cloth strips wrapped around his arm.

The three most commonly seen blades in the border army were first, the long-handled saber, second, the triple steel thick-backed black long blade, and the last was a type of slightly shorter waist blade.

The one in Lin Xi’s hands was precisely this type of shorter blade.

Meanwhile, what was in Qiu Lu’s hands, was a black pike -- Black Flower Pike!

“I am Qiu Lu!”

The moment the two black-armored soldiers who sprinted through the forest exchanged a look, Qiu Lu already brandished the Black Flower Pike, drawing out a beautiful arc. At the same time, he shouted in a complacent manner, directly stating his own identity.

“Tang Ke, Li Kaiyun, do you all really think Lin Xi can win?

Meng Bai saw that the reach of Black Flower Pike was clearly on a level the short blade couldn’t compare with, his face even becoming a bit pale.

“Black Flower Pike?”

The instant Lin Xi saw the Black Flower Pike wielding Qiu Lu, he was slightly stunned, a strange feeling emerging in his mind: Don’t tell me Qiu Lu was precisely that Rose Flower symbol opponent he faced?

If that was the case, then this time, Qiu Lu was almost guaranteed to lose.

It was because he had already defeated the Black Flower Pike once. Moreover, even though this ‘vegetable knife’ was a small half shorter than the border army black long blade, last time, when he faced the Direct Spear Strikes Trial, he already got quite used to it.

However, he overlooked one thing: there was no Rose Flower symbol on the public announcement signboard.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaoyi who had his symbol covered, was also currently watching Lin Xi and Qiu Lu.

The moment he saw the weapon in Lin Xi’s hands, Qiu Lu immediately thought that Lin Xi was incredibly unlucky… he didn’t even get his hands on a decent weapon. The corners of his lips behind the silver mask curled up slightly, sneering as he looked at Lin Xi. “You will be beaten extremely miserably today.”

However, when faced with this type of arrogant provocation, Lin Xi who rushed out from the forest didn’t utter a single sound, only coldly carrying the blade, approaching step by step, not too fast, not too slow.

“What, where is your usual cleverness and eloquence?” Qiu Lu’s right hand held the spear, producing a standard stance. “You’re so scared you are about to pee your pants, right?”

Lin Xi still didn’t say anything, continuing to advance at this pace.

Qiu Lu’s brows jumped, his voice falling. “If you speak out and beg now, I just might not beat you as miserably later.”

However, Lin Xi still didn’t speak a single word, his steps incomparably steady.

Everyone’s hearts jumped. Somehow, the quiet Lin Xi actually gave everyone a type of incomparably cold and resolute feeling.

Qiu Lu suddenly felt a chill run through his mind, his next words somehow unable to leave his throat, the speartip also starting to shake a bit uncontrollably.

“Teacher… seems like what you said really was true… not saying anything would instead make you seem more cold, more like an expert… more easily inflict fear on your opponent…” While carefully observing Qiu Lu’s speartip shaking, Lin Xi suddenly released a breath. Then, his entire body shifted to an incredibly ferocious stance, charging at Qiu Lu!


The small stream between Qiu Lu and Lin Xi, under Lin Xi’s forceful trampling, produced a splash of turbid muddy water. Meanwhile, at this moment, Lin Xi’s left hand flug out. The first attack he made was still not with that blade, but rather a fist-sized sharp rock.


Behind Jiang Xiaoyi’s mask, the sudden sucking of air produced a strange sound. The moment he saw Lin Xi’s movements, his eyes immediately widened!

Qiu Lu couldn’t help but take a step back, subconsciously evading the rock thrown by Lin Xi. At the same time, he who had experienced quite a bit of spear training normally immediately counterattacked. The Black Flower Pike in his hands weightlessly dropped to the ground, but then, just like a viper, it suddenly sprung up, stabbing towards Lin Xi’s lower jaw!

When he saw the black spear tip abruptly shoot out, Lin Xi suddenly sensed an incomparably familiar feeling. It was just like the non-reflective black spears in the gloomy stone hall. His left leg suddenly exerted force, twisting his body fiercely, taking a step out with incomparable speed. With a muffled thunk noise, the short blade in his hands was brought down on the Black Flower Pike’s shaft. The moment the Black Flower Pike trembled, the short blade in his hands seemed like a skipping stone on a water surface, bouncing up. It drew a beautiful curve, directly stabbing towards Qiu Lu’s chest!


A muffled sound rang out. Everyone’s hearts were beating intensely.

This was especially the case for people like Jiang Xiaoyi and Liu Ziyu, even more so gasping.

Jiang Xiaoyi’s reaction was because he felt that the movements of this blade were extremely similar, while Liu Ziyu and the others gasped because of their shock. In this instant, the nimbleness Lin Xi displayed was completely like a leopard wielding a blade, directly stabbing into Qiu Lu’s chest!

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