Book 12 Chapter 23 - Honor and Cold Laughter

Only Yunqin’s most powerful military equipment could have this type of speed and power.

The giant crossbow arrows released by the world’s most powerful military equipment descended precisely in such a fierce and unreasonable manner.

This moon white long gowned male who was always extremely confident suddenly lost his confidence.

In this instant, he felt indescribable shock and fear, unable to comprehend what happened. His soul force poured out from beneath his feet with speed exceeding the normal limit. Regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional, countless withered leaves beneath his feet were directly blasted apart and blown into the air like countless dried yellow and gray colored butterflies. All of the vines buried under the dried leaves directly snapped.

Under the propulsion of tremendous soul force, his body flew to the left.

The mountain forest released an explosive sound. A giant wooden pillar fell, smashing down into the giant boulder by the edge of the cliff with incomparable accuracy.

The split second that giant wooden pillar smashed into the boulder by the edge of the cliff, a crossbow arrow that was fast like a transparent figure fiercely smashed into the currently flying moon white long gowned man.

A blast of bloody mist erupted from this Great Mang cultivator’s body. His figure that left behind afterimages, flying outwards, suddenly stopped, nailed to the ground by that crossbow arrow.

Inside the troops by the valley entrance, all of the Yunqin soldiers, including that officer, raised their heads, extremely vigilant as they looked in the direction this crossbow arrow landed.

Those eight loaded crossbow carriages continued to move, the thick wheels made from the sturdiest Iron Pear Wood continuously groaning.

The massive sounds of the giant wooden pillar tumbling down entered everyone’s ears. Then, everyone heard a huge crashing noise, the sound of wood exploding.

Following that sound, everyone saw endless crushed stone scattering down from the top of the cliff.

The expressions of all of these calm and vigilant Yunqin soldiers suddenly changed.

That giant boulder that was even larger than an inn quickly tumbled down, crashing down towards them!


The ground shook heavily, as if the entire world was trembling. Endless dirt and stone fragments surged from the valleys’ mountain path, smoke and dust covering the skies.

This was a shocking scene no one had ever seen before.

Even though every single warhorse had undergone strict training, the dozens of mounts at the very front of the troop still entered a state of chaos. There were some horses that were so alarmed their front hooves left the ground. Under the mounted soldiers frantic attempts to control them, their bodies twisted to the point where they lost balance, even crashing down to the floor.

The young black-armored officer Yuan Tianyu at Lin Xi’s side began to tremble slightly under the crazy winds. He turned around to look towards Lin Xi who seemed to have long anticipated this giant boulder would fall, seeing that he instead reached his hand forward.

An extremely fine drop of blood blew over while mixed within dust, landing on Lin Xi’s fingertip. This young officer who was also a cultivator clearly saw this bit of irregular red color as well.

On the cliff, that moon white gowned man had his right chest penetrated by the child arm thick crossbow arrow, his body nailed to the ground.

He didn’t have much blood on his clothes, because when the great power behind the arrow penetrated his body, the powerful winds also blew all of his blood far away from him, scattering it outwards.

Around the cold and dark metal crossbow arrow, his crushed bones and smashed inner organs were just like countless dried branches and leaves mixed together. This was an injury that was enough to instantly end one’s life, but because he was like Ji Yuelun[1], his cultivation reaching the peak of State Master level, a cultivator with an extremely domineering body, he didn’t immediately die.

There was already not much of an expression of alarm on his face. Instead, there was a type of stupefied expression that seemed to have frozen on the corners of his mouth and between his brows.

This type of crossbow arrow’s speed and power was more powerful than any type of mobile large scale Yunqin crossbow he knew about. However, he understood extremely clearly that the more it was an intense wartime, the more the development of military equipment would be catalyzed, the more outstanding craftsmen that would emerge. He understood clearly that as the war continued, there would also be some powerful military equipment in Great Mang that had never appeared before. His shock only originated from the precision of these military equipment… this was what caused him to not have any time to react, the true reason why he couldn’t evade all of these crossbow arrows.

Soon afterwards, he heard the sounds of horse hooves. He saw two Yunqin reconnaissance cavalry rush out from the ravine where the giant wooden pillar crashed down. These two Yunqin reconnaissance soldiers’ faces were similarly filled with shock.

Then, he heard footsteps that were even faster than horse hooves.

His expression immediately became a bit nervous, even mysteriously feeling a trace of happiness.

A youngster dressed in green clothes and a similarly green clothed young lady, as well as a black-armored Yunqin officer rushed over, appearing in his line of sight.

“You are Lin Xi?”

This Great Mang cultivator whose entire mouth was filled with bloody suds was staring straight at Lin Xi, struggling to speak these words.

“Just how did you do it?”

“Could it be that this is precisely the so-called Divine General talent, just like the legends, able to anticipate an enemy opportunity?”

He looked at Lin Xi, continuously saying these words.

Lin Xi looked at him calmly, not saying anything.

He looked into Lin Xi’s eyes, but seemed to have suddenly understood. His entire mind and body suddenly relaxed, the expression of stupor on his face also starting to disappear. Instead, there was a hint of an unclear smile that appeared. “I am named Feng Mubai, Moon Seizing City’s personnel. I am extremely honored…”

His originally already weak voice came to a sudden stop here.

No one could obtain more information from this deceased Great Mang cultivator’s mouth, no way of knowing what he wanted to say at the end of his life after the word ‘honored’.

However, Yuan Tianyu and the other Yunqin soldiers were all momentarily kept silent, with solemn expressions on their faces, inwardly a bit more shaken.

It was because regardless of what this Great Mang cultivator wished to say in the end, the expression and smile before his death were already enough for everyone here to sense that Lin Xi was different from normal cultivators.

“So this is the so-called reverence you spoke of? The reverence that you have already established… the reverence I must defend?” Lin Xi quietly shook his head, silently saying this to himself.

Rudong City’s military department, within a Military Prison hall, Qiu Mochi calmly waited.

A round faced Military Prison officer quickly walked into the hall, still gasping for breath. Qiu Mochi’s brows jumped. “He came?”

“Lin Xi and Dragon Snake’s Cloud Cavalry Officer Yuan Tianyu suffered a Great Mang cultivator assassination attempt. Lin Xi is fine, but Green Dragon Valley’s official pass was blocked up by a large rock, the carriages cannot pass through. For them to make a detour, it will take at least another larger half of a day before they can arrive.” The round faced officer continuously spoke some words, and then began to breathe heavily again.

“Suffered an assassination attempt?”

Qiu Mochi remained quiet for a bit, and then a hint of a smile appeared at the corners of his lips. “Regardless of whether he is injured or not, after hurrying all the way here, suffering an attack and being forced to make a detour, this will definitely make his mood even worse. In that case, why don’t you help me find a way to make his mood even worse by the time he arrives to meet these people?”

The round faced official’s breathing gradually calmed down. When he heard these words, he revealed a bit of hesitation. “Sir, Lin Xi has Green Luan Academy backing him, and he is also extremely hard to deal with. Those officials who tried to treat him unfavorably have all ended up suffering, it’s extremely strange…”

Qiu Mochi reached out a hand, cutting off this round faced official’s words. “I understand what you are trying to say, but you have to understand that in the end, this is something between a certain great figure in Central Continent City and Lin Xi. If you want to climb up, you cannot walk on the path back. In the royal court, what one must avoid the most is being one who is easily swayed, when something serious happens, neither side will support him,they might instead even end up stepping on you. Set your resolution and lean towards one side. Even if you fall, the higher ups might still lend you a helping hand. Moreover, so what if he has Green Luan Academy? Could it be that those who come from Green Luan Academy will always be above us Yunqin soldiers who studied so bitterly to get here?”

“This Lin Xi… I will definitely deal with him.”

After a slight pause, Qiu Mochi coldly said, “I just want to see what kind of methods he has to prove things to me.”

“Even if we take ten thousand steps back, even if he has some kind of proof, I will just openly admit my wrongs, do things like normal. Don’t tell me he can still kill me then?”

1. Divine Judge from Purgatory Mountain who was able of Devil Transformation.

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