Book 12 Chapter 21 - Let’s See Who Can Kill Me

“Military Prison must have eaten bear hearts and leopard gallbladders!”

“We should throw them into a region occupied by Great Mang for a month and let them have a taste!”

In South Tomb Province, within a certain front line military tent, a full bearded Yunqin general flew into a terrible rage, directly smashing his table to pieces. “I personally examined every single one of them when they passed by this place. Just from their expressions alone, I know that they are definitely the people our Yunqin military needs the most! Don’t tell me that the return of these excellent youngsters was just so they could be humiliated by our own people? The horses were brought back by them, the crown prince was assassinated by Lin Xi, yet they dare say there are some issues with the details?! If they have any issues, have them go to Great Mang and try to seize back all of the horses of an army, have them try to assassinate a crown prince!”

“General Nan, this is your respected self’s intentions, Great General Gu will definitely share your opinion, or else he wouldn’t have sent someone to give consolation for Mo Xunhua and the others since he couldn’t go himself. Troubling these people is precisely not giving the great general any face, especially these brazen things these officials from Military Prison have done.”

Next to the smashed table, a dark faced high ranking military officer said with a sneer, “This isn’t his majesty’s idea, but rather the intentions of the officials in Central Continent City who wish to curry favor with his majesty.”

The full bearded Yunqin officer angrily said, “What does this have to do with his majesty?”

“Great General Gu admires Lin Xi, many people in our military do as well, but his majesty has never been fond of Lin Xi. Many of Lin Xi’s previous contributions, assassinating so many powerful Great Mang officers, wiping out a Great Mang army by Meteor Lake’s southern shore, and then killing the traitor Xu Qiubai in front of Meteor City, these shocking contributions have all been hidden. His majesty obviously doesn’t wish to hear more about Lin Xi’s achievements.” The dark faced officer coldly said, “Understanding the intentions of a monarch, doing things the emperor likes, these people in Central Continent City are naturally best at this type of currying the emperor’s favor.”

“Good! Very good! I don’t care just whose intentions these are, who from above this is. Since Military Prison’s officials dare do things like this, when the time comes, we also have our ways!” The full bearded high ranking Yunqin military officer was so furious he instead began to laugh. “When the time comes, when those officials involved with Military Prison come to the front line to inspect the army, I will send them to the very front, where the battle is most intense.”

The dark faced officer said in a grave and stern manner, “This is indeed what we are best at. However, there is still another huge issue. If Sir Lin returns and hears that the people he fought together with ended up being treated the same way as Great Mang spies, how would he act?”

“Things will be extremely bad!”

The full bearded Yunqin officer’s eyes immediately widened, “How about we just directly slaughter all of those bastards in Military Prison!”

The dark faced officer’s lips curled. Before he had time to speak, with a crash noise, the curtains of the tent were moved aside. Another young officer quickly walked in, his expression carrying mixed feelings. “Sir Lin has returned.”

“Lin Xi?” The full bearded Yunqin officer and the dark faced officer both stared blankly.

“We just received news.” The young officer nodded. “Sir Lin brought two hundred remnant soldiers of theThousand Sunset Border Army into South Order Province.”

“Then according to what you just said, we definitely cannot allow him to learn about Mo Xunhua’s matters.” The full bearded officer said in shock.

“It is already too late.” The young officer said coldly, “Sir Lin already received news, already en route to Rudong City.”

The full bearded officer was greatly alarmed. “Terrible! Things are utterly terrible! If he completely slaughters all of those bastards from Military Prison, what would we do then?”

“That’s only something you would do.” The dark faced officer finally couldn’t hold back, saying in mockery, “As early as when Lin Xi was in our Dragon Snake Border Army, he has already proved that he is extremely smart, why would he do something senseless like you?”

The full bearded officer stared blankly, “He won’t?”

“I don’t know, I am also looking forward to his reaction. However, I am sure that he won’t act as impulsively as you.” The dark faced officer said with a cold laugh, “Great Genreral Gu always says you are bold but not very astute, only knowing how to charge in hot-headedly. After transfering me over and putting us together, you still didn’t learn to change a bit. Could it be that in your head, apart from fighting and killing, there is nothing else?”

The full bearded officer didn’t get angry, instead laughing loudly. He patted the shoulder of this dark faced officer. “Who cares if I am hot-headed? Either way, I have you, right?”

When the young officer saw the dark faced officer release a cold snort, also seeing the full bearded officer’s loudly laughing appearance, his expression instead became extremely bitter. “Can you two please not act like this…”

Lin Xi was currently inside a carriage.

His appearance in the carriage was extremely graceless, to the extent where even his feet were raised up, his entire body looking like a person without bones, lying on the ground just like that. However, this was the most comfortable, more stretched out and relaxed stance. His face also had an extremely pleased and comfortable expression.

If Xu Zhenyan who was willing to serve as a dog, always scheming many things, already made many detailed arrangements, waiting for him to appear, saw his current ‘vulgar’ appearance, even if he wasn’t angered to the point where he coughed out a mouthful of blood, he would still be angered to the point where his chest would feel some hidden pain.

“The meaning of life… most of the time should just be enjoyment.”

Lin Xi listened to the sounds of cicadas along the way. He stretched out his body, releasing a groan.

Right now, he was indeed extremely comfortable.

After being accompanied by heavy rain and mud  for so long, even the most ordinary carriages would feel like heaven, let alone this type of smooth great military carriage that had steel plates embedded inside.

Moreover, even though he was momentarily still too lazy to think about who it was that was manipulating things from the shadows, having Military Prison make things so troublesome for Mo Xunhua and the others, he really wasn’t worried at all, not angry in the slightest, only feeling that the other party was extremely stupid.

It was because he always felt like the people of this world were evaluating him through their standards.

Achievements, official post?

He didn’t care about these things at all. However, the other party was bickering with him over this matter, wasn’t this extremely comical?

After releasing a moan of comfort, Lin Xi only felt like it was more and more laughable, unable to help but release a light laugh. He looked at Gao Yanan across from him, “All of our Deerwood Town people love eating Sweet Soup Chicken, but I hate it. I just love eating salty tea eggs. However, even now, many of them still believe that I love Sweet Soup Chicken just like them, that if they steal a bowl of Sweet Soup Chicken in front of me, I would feel extremely angry, feel great pain… In that case, shouldn’t I instead pretend that I really love the Sweet Soup Chicken, that I care a lot about it? Let them do some even stupider things?”

While looking at Lin Xi’s somewhat lowly appearance, hearing his somewhat lowly words and then thinking about their conversation, Gao Yanan was quite fond of Lin Xi’s current stance. As such, she also laughed and said, “As long as you don’t take advantage of the situation to reach your hand over here, you can do whatever you want.”

Lin Xi laughed in an embarrassed manner, retracting the hand he reached towards Gao Yanan.

Gao Yanan liked this type of Lin Xi, the Lin Xi who liked to act mischievous sometimes, but was also obedient sometimes. She laughed, handing the scroll she was looking over in her hands to Lin Xi. “The current Lin Xi really is one day three changes. Merely in the time it took for spring to turn into summer, we were already cut off from the rest of the world.”

Lin Xi looked over the contents of the paper scroll, his expression becoming a bit serious, a bit shocked as he said, “Inspection Division? … Xu Zhenyan was this formidable, already reaching major second rank? He can also be considered Yunqin history’s youngest major second ranked subject, right? Wang Buping actually also reached major third rank? This really is like the Independent Commision Against Corruption! However, the emperor is definitely not some port supervisor, this Inspection Division will soon become an Independent Commision Against Corruption together with an Embroidered Uniform Guard…”

Lin Xi didn’t feel much misgivings in front of Gao Yanan, Gao Yanan also long used to his ‘nonsense’. That was why she only revealed a faint smile. “What kind of stories are these Independent Commision Against Corruption and Embroidered Uniform Guard?”

“There isn’t much to say about the Independent Commision Against Corruption, their meaning on the surface also about the same as the Inspector Division, purely in charge of dealing with corruption and greed. However, this Embroidered Uniform Guard is worth talking about.” Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan, saying lazily, “In my past world, there was a dynasty called Ming, an emperor surnamed Zhu. He established a secret embroidered uniform police that was originally only in charge of overlooking the emperor’s ceremonial guards and imperial bodyguards. However, later on, for the sake of increasing his own authority, this organization took over judicial responsibilities, taking over the authority of arresting, interrogation and punishment. In the end, they even specially became the emperor’s eyes and ears, seeing if anyone was speaking poorly of the emperor, and then arresting and dealing with them.”

Gao Yanan’s brows furrowed slightly, “You feel that his majesty might ultimately have this type of objective?”

“The events of the past are teachers for later generations.” Lin Xi chuckled. “I don’t know what Wen Xuanyu’s old man is really thinking, but I fear that the emperor’s intentions are likely not far off.”

“Liu Xueqing is currently one of the leaders of the upright and honorable faction. With him leading the Inspection Division, it shouldn’t be that easy for the emperor to carry out his ideas.” Gao Yanan became silent for a bit, and then said this.

“The more one is upright and honorable like him, someone who feels like it is hard to breathe when there is filth before his eyes, the more impatient he will be to purge the world of its filth, return brilliance to this world. Under the push of some people with ulterior motives, it is even easier for good intentions to turn into bad things.” Lin Xi shook his head. “The best timing should be before the southern war began, establishing the Inspection Division then, boldly and decisively carrying out the internal cleansing. Once the people are peaceful, the public purse plump, launching a war then would be the best. However, at this type of time, I feel like the best way is to make the corrupt obtain merit to atone for their crimes. As for those with comparatively lighter circumstances, if they are still capable, only a bit greedy, as long as they pay the punishment silver, then we will let bygones be bygones for now. If we are immediately too severe, it will instead make those corrupt officials start fleeing or look for patrons, the internal situation even more severe.”

Gao Yanan thought for a bit. She looked at the willow tree outside the window and said, “Now that you are saying this, I am instead worried for Liu Xueqing’s safety.”

“Thinking about things too far out will instead bring distress. Did you forget the things we talked about when we left Thousand Sunset Mountain?” Lin Xi chuckled and quietly said, “The one who secretly passed on this paper scroll to you before we got onto the carriage was your father’s man?”

Gao Yanan nodded.

“I still feel like I am rather blessed.” Lin Xi gave the Ms Perfect in front of him a look, a lowly smile appearing on his face. “Help me think about how to give those Military Prison people some brilliance to look at…”

“Father specially reminded me that because our traces are clear-cut, we might instead more easily suffer an assassination in broad daylight. In my opinion, you don’t look worried at all, instead as if you are looking forward to it” Gao Yanan helplessly shook her head, saying this while biting her lips.

“We can kill enemies without even going onto the battlefield, and we even have Gu Yunjing’s troops escorting us, so we don’t have to waste much strength ourselves.” Lin Xi stretched his body in satisfaction. “It is worth looking forward to… worth seeing who is coming to kill me, who can kill me.”

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