Book 12 Chapter 14 - He is Still Alive

Following the deaths of the professors and lecturers of the opposition force who created this type of powerful soul weapon, Green Luan Academy’s disputes approached an ending, but the war between Great Mang Dynasty and Yunqin Empire still continued.

The battle between Lin Xi and the Great Mang cultivators who climbed over Thousand Sunset Mountains for all types of reasons also still continued.

Something known by tens of thousands of soldiers could not remain a secret forever, there was no way to cover it up.

News of Great Mang’s crown prince Zhantai Shouchi’s assassination within the army began to quickly spread throughout Great Mang and Yunqin.

Several subordinate generals who didn’t fall in battle that night all chose to atone for their sins through their own deaths.

As news of Great Mang’s crown prince being assassinated in the middle of the army spread, even more details of that night were released.

The ones who died weren’t only Great Mang’s crown prince Zhantai Shouchi, there were also Great Mang’s General Jin Chengyun, as well as a Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator Ji Yuelun who was capable of Devil Transformation.

“Sir Lin Xi didn’t die, he actually fled from the army!”

“The Green Luan Academy female student who is with him is Grand Secretary Zhou’s daughter?”

The entire body of a Yunqin vanguard commander who received conclusive information the earliest began to tremble, unable to control himself. There were some pieces of military information that were considered confidential, so he couldn’t reveal some details, but an indescribable emotion immediately filled his entire body. He couldn’t hold back at all, roaring out, “Sir Lin didn’t die! Sir Lin is still alive!”

“What?! Sir Lin still didn’t die?!”

“Sir Lin is alive! ...He is still alive!”

Shouts of cheers spread through this army, turning into a wave… these voices swept through all of Yunqin Empire.

“Two State Knight level cultivators, when facing two State Master level cultivators, one of them even a Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator capable of Devil Transformation, were actually able to win… he indeed has many secrets on him.”

Behind Thousand Sunset Mountain, in Great Mang’s territory, within Moon Seizing City that was just starting to be rebuilt, a white long gowned, long bearded middle-aged man with an exceptional bearing slowly stood up from a straw chair.

“Master, is your respected self also going to chase after this Green Luan Academy student?”

The expressions of several young Great Mang cultivators who were seated on a straw mat in front of him, listening to him lecture on soul force control and combat techniques, changed.

“Even that Divine Adjudicator Ji even died under his hands, so many cultivators and the army aren’t able to kill him, how can teacher kill him?” One of the students knelt down on the ground, not afraid of being punished as he bluntly begged for his teacher to remain behind.

“I passed on many things to you all, but there are still many things you all do not understand.”

“In that case, I am not in that much of a rush to leave either. I will teach all of you another lesson before leaving.”

The white long gowned middle-aged Great Mang cultivator revealed a faint smile, sitting down again. He sat on the straw mat, looking at the students before him. In a gentle voice that was neither too rushed nor too slow, he said, “In the past, the reason why Tangcang Ancient Country didn’t hesitate to fight year-round with Green Luan Academy so that they could keep Gu Xinyin in Tangcang was because Gu Xinyin obtained a powerful cultivation method that was lost in inheritance even for Sanskrit Temple or they couldn’t grasp the main points of. No one knows what kind of cultivation technique it is exactly… However now, many people should already know just like me.”

“It is because Lin Xi is precisely the Green Luan Academy student who went to receive Gu Xinyin… because from his details, we can confirm that the speed at which his soul force is transferred is far faster than that of ordinary cultivators. That is why what Gu Xinyin obtained in Tangcang is definitely a powerful cultivation method that can allow a cultivator’s soul force transfer speed to completely exceed one’s original limit.”

“You all should understand clearly that soul force is equivalent to the fist of cultivators. In the same amount of time, we can only throw out one fist, but Gu Xinyin and Lin Xi, with this type of powerful cultivation method, can throw out two. That is why this is one aspect which allows him to fight those above his level… a powerful cultivation method that greatly increases a cultivator’s strength. Just this type of cultivation method that makes one far above their peers is already worth me chasing after this Green Luan student.”

“However, there is more than this secret alone on his body.”

“His Three-Tailed Black Foxcat and Meteor Sky Phoenix are both powerful fiend beasts that can be used for soul merging.”

“Moreover, he can already control a sword just at the State Knight mid stage, what kind of sword is this? In this world, this is the first time this type of sword has appeared… I naturally wish to obtain this sword and take a look at it.”

“Right now, Great Mang’s soldiers are fighting Yunqin’s soldiers, but for the past sixty years, our Great Mang’s cultivators have also been continuously fighting Yunqin’s cultivators. During the  decades of impasse between Yunqin’s Thousand Sunset Army and our Great Mang army, the battles that were carried out in Thousand Sunset Mountains were mainly between Great Mang and Yunqin’s cultivators. Meanwhile now, the other party is not in Yunqin’s army. So many of our cultivators heading over to kill him is precisely another battle between Great Mang and Yunqin’s cultivators. This is related to the glory of all of Great Mang’s cultivators.”

“The reason why the other party can cross levels and kill Divine Adjudicator Ji, this type of existence, is because he has so many secrets. Right now, so many secrets of his have already been exposed. Even though he killed so many people, his degree of terror and threat is instead becoming smaller and smaller. That is why I have confidence that I can kill him.”


Regardless of what kind of form authority was replaced with, in the instincts of most people of this world, after the dust settled, the emperor would still be the true emperor in the end. Just like the death of Changsun Wujiang, the death of Great Mang’s crown prince Zhantai Shouchi also stirred up a huge commotion in Great Mang.

If while the emperor of a country carried out a royal court meeting, an emissary from a different country walked up and directly struck him in the face, the emperor powerless to do anything back, only able to watch as this emissary swaggered off… this type of thing, how would his country’s people feel about it?

The emperor and the crown prince, these types of individuals didn’t only represent authority, they similarly represented an empire’s dignity and face.

Lin Xi assassinated the crown prince who came to Great Mang’s army to boost morale and then fled, this was simply striking Great Mang’s military and the emperor’s face in front of all of Great Mang’s people.

Together with the amount of shocking secrets Lin Xi revealed, that was why in many places within Great Mang’s borders, there were many conversations similar to the ones carried out between that moon white long gowned cultivator and his students. There were other cultivators who were indifferent to worldly rewards, but couldn’t resist the urge of greater power who also began to set out from Great Mang’s borders, starting to set off for Thousand Sunset Mountains.

Four Great Mang cultivators cautiously advanced through some ruins.

These ruins looked like a horse relay station on the surface, but in reality, it was a Yunqin Thousand Sunset Border Army secret provisions transfer point. Many houses that looked ordinary on the outside were actually storerooms, inside of them were deep cellars.

Right now, this place had already been swept through by Great Mang’s troops, all of the houses burned down, already in complete ruins.

A shrill sou arrow noise sounded.

A white arrow flew out from one part of the ruins. With a muffled duo noise, it instantly penetrated the leather banner in a cultivator’s hands, entering this cultivator’s right shoulder socket. Blood shot out crazily.

The four Great Mang cultivators were not only not alarmed, they instead revealed expressions of crazy joy and sneers. Even that Great Mang cultivator whose shoulder was penetrated by the arrow only furrowed his brows and then quickly rushed in the direction the arrow came from.

The one who fired the arrow was Lin Xi.

They understood extremely clearly that this was precisely Lin Xi.

It was because last night, their group of seven already ran into Lin XI and Gao Yanan. After continuously fighting, fleeing and chasing them here, they were also already extremely weary. There were three who died under Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s hands. However, they were already certain that Lin Xi and Gao Yanan already couldn’t continue running.

Just from the power of this arrow alone, they were already sure that Lin Xi’s soul force was already exhausted to its limit. Now, forget about killing the four of them, they couldn’t even run from this abandoned Yunqin provisions location.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s figures revealed themselves from behind these ruins.

The two of them only walked slowly, their faces clearly pale from excessive soul force exhaustion, unable to run anymore.

The two of them didn’t continue running, only watching as these four individuals got closer and closer, facing these Great Mang cultivators who already tangled with them for a larger half of a night and half a day, as if they already calmly prepared to face death.

Chi! Chi!...

However, right at this time, a burst of concentrated air tearing noises sounded. An explosive rain of arrows descended!

Among the four cultivators, one whose soul force was also on the verge of being completely exhausted, unable to cover his entire body with soul force was directly penetrated by the arrows, turning into a porcupine, blood covering his entire body, dying on the spot.

The other three cultivators relied on the weapons in their hands and the surging of soul force to survive. They released cries of shock, anger and confusion. However, the instant the first burst of arrows descended, another dozen or so metal nets and crossbow arrows descended.

These three shocked cultivators couldn’t evade in time, completely wrapped up under layers of metal nets.

They saw that there were two to three hundred black-armored Yunqin soldiers who rushed out from the ruins. This Yunqin army all had some injuries, their Yunqin black armor tattered, expressions wan and sallow, but they all carried terrifying biting cold killing intent.

Spears and crossbow arrows continuously flowed towards their bodies, as well as even more chains.

These three Great Mang cultivators frantically struggled, but under such concentrated attacks, they couldn’t struggle free at all. After just a dozen or so breaths, these three Great Mang cultivators’ bodies couldn’t move anymore, turning into corpses full of various inserted weapons.

Lin Xi slowly exhaled, bowing slightly towards these Yunqin soldiers who showed him a military salute.

What many Great Mang cultivators were thinking wasn’t wrong. As one person’s secrets were gradually revealed, it would be the same as this person’s strength being greatly reduced, being beaten into his true form, no longer having the strength to fight against those with higher cultivation levels. However, what they didn’t expect was that Lin Xi was already no longer fighting alone.

They thought that Lin Xi was no longer in the military, that this would be purely a battle between cultivators. However, in reality, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan already found some Thousand Sunset Border Army ruined troops who were still alive.

These Yunqin soldiers’ minds and bodies were extremely weary, but being able to survive until now undoubtedly meant that they were all those with the toughest wills, Yunqin soldiers who were most proficient at fighting.

Apart from secretly gathering many of these Yunqin soldiers, what all of these Great Mang cultivators didn’t know was that Lin Xi still had more secrets that he didn’t reveal… which was why Lin Xi was still alive.

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