Book 12 Chapter 12 - Search For Those Who Are Still Alive

This arrow directly shot towards the wound on Ji Yuelun’s leg that seemed to have been filled with black asphalt.

Devil Transformation still hadn’t been fully completed, but Ji Yuelun was already powerful enough.

The originally spacious red divine robes were already filled by his exceptionally sturdy and massive body, as if it became tautly stretched leather armor.

When faced with Lin Xi’s arrow, Ji Yuelun who already became powerful enough released a low roar from his throat. The white comet tail-like arrow was forcibly gripped by his hand, the cold metal arrow rapidly spinning between his palm and fingers, leaving his palm and fingers badly mangled. However, this arrow was still directly grabbed by his hand.

When they saw how Ji Yuelun grabbed this shockingly fast arrow with a single hand, the ocean wave-like Great Army behind Lin Xi and Gao Yanan released sky shaking cheers again.

However, under these sky shaking cheers, the expression of Ji Yuelun who just took a deep breath, enjoying the feeling of great power flooding his body changed.

He felt some things within his body that originally weren’t there.

These things that originally weren't within his body rapidly altered his body, making his body feel like a deflated balloon. That wave of power that made him feel pride and joy quickly disappeared.

He looked at Lin Xi and the ocean wave-like Great Mang army behind him.

While this entire great army was cheering for him, he instead felt extreme fear.

He began to run.

Before the power in his body completely crumbled, he began to run without any regard for anything else. It was because he had to bring back this piece of extremely important news that was enough to make all of Purgatory Mountain feel fear back to Purgatory Mountain.

The entire army’s cheering and shouts suddenly came to a stop.

It was because the Great Mang soldiers at the very front saw Ji Yuelun’s originally growing body actually shrink. They saw that Ji Yuelun began to run crazily, yet didn’t charge at Lin Xi, instead avoiding him, running towards their Great Mang army.

Within this extremely short amount of time, they couldn’t see Ji Yuelun’s warped expression. However, just from their intuition and from Ji Yuelun’s running stance, the Great Mang soldier that was running at the very front immediately became sure that this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator who underwent Devil Transformation a moment ago was now running for his life.

Why was this happening?

All of these Great Mang soldiers couldn’t understand it at all, unable to accept this type of reality.

At this time, Lin Xi turned around.

He once again fired three arrows towards the Great Mang army behind them.

Three white arrows separately shot at the three cultivator officers at the very front.

Pu! Pu!...

Two cultivator officers’ heads were directly penetrated by arrows, while another cultivator officer’s shield barely blocked an arrow. An extremely loud noise sounded, his body was directly blown back three steps.

Lin Xi bent down.

Gao Yanan leaned on his body. Then, he began to run crazily in the direction the little Yunqin phoenix landed, rushing straight there.

At this time, the Great Mang army was already less than a hundred steps from him and Gao Yanan, but two of the three cultivators with the highest cultivation levels died, while the remaining one was injured. As for everyone else, they could only watch as his figure got further and further away, unable to catch up.

Lin Xi disappeared into the darkness right before this army’s eyes!


When Ji Yuelun’s crazily running body was still a dozen or so meters from the Great Mang soldiers at the very front, he fell heavily onto the ground, blood crazily gushing out from his mouth.

A white arrow shot out from the darkness, penetrated his body and then came out of his chest.

At this time, Ji Yuelun’s body already shrunk to his original size, his entire body flowing with blood and sweat. The skin on his body was even cracking a bit, peeling off.


Many Great Mang officers and soldiers cried out in horror. A Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator, moreover one at the peak of State Master level, capable of Devil Transformation, was definitely just as important as the crown prince for Purgatory Mountain.

Meanwhile, this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator was also going to die soon.

The crown prince already died and General Jin’s serious wounds were difficult to heal. Now, this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator was also going to die.

During this single night, there were actually three great figures who died under the other party’s assassination!

Ji Yuelun’s consciousness quickly became blurry. If it was another cultivator, they might have directly died. However, at this moment, his will instead reached the peak of his life. While blood crazily squirted out from his mouth, he used all of his remaining strength to shout out one last time, “They have already produced medicine that can restrain Devil Transformation, bring my corpse to Purgatory…”

In the end, he wasn’t able to complete what he wanted to say, but the Great Mang soldiers who were within a dozen or so meters around him all knew that what he wanted to say could only be Purgatory Mountain.

Unknown as to what kind of emotion it was caused by, the entire Great Mang army began to stop, entering a deathly stillness.

While looking at the corpse of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator before them, a Great Mang officer’s entire body was instantly soaked through with cold sweat.

“Medicine that can restrain Devil Transformation… Purgatory Mountain’s Devil Transformation… is now something even Green Luan Academy can control?”

This Great Mang officer whose will was like steel, in this instant, felt his conviction of this war’s inevitable victory began to waver.

The little Yunqin phoenix was extremely tired, moreover, that collision left it quite dizzy. That was why after Lin Xi picked it up, it directly decided to sleep.

After it fell asleep, strands of indescribable vital energy began to flow in the air, starting to enter its body just like Lucky when it cultivated.

“The academy has already researched medicine that can restrain Devil Transformation?” Gao Yanan asked quietly, but with a satisfied voice.

In that last summer that left her, Lin Xi and the others with an unforgettable memory, when Wenren Cangyue delivered a sudden attack from above, taking Jiang Yu’er from them, that assassination that changed all of them, apart from that timid female student who wasn’t especially good at anything yet just didn’t have any bad thoughts, the academy only wishing for her to take on some burden for An Keyi in the future, Yunqin’s crown prince, their friend Changsun Wujiang also forever left this world.

Meanwhile, today, Lin Xi and her also killed the other side’s crown prince, killed the highest general of this army, and even killed a powerful Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator.

That was why there was no way she wouldn’t feel satisfied.

Lin Xi understood Gao Yanan’s mood well. His nose felt a bit sour, but he was similarly inwardly satisfied.

“Yeah, when I reported to Professor An before, it was precisely to help her prepare this type of Devil Transformation restraining medicine.” He adjusted his breathing while quietly replying to Gao Yanan, “This was originally the academy’s secret… but now that Vice Principal Xia had all of you learn secrets of even higher level, this is naturally not much of a secret anymore.”

“The death of this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator will make Purgatory Mountain discover this.”

“Indeed. Now that you are talking about this, I thought of a secret not even An Keyi knows about.”

“What secret?”

“That prescription in An Keyi’s hands… the medicine formula to restrain Devil Transformation is incorrect. Actually, at the time, when I helped her prepare it, we didn’t follow the prescription, I changed a bit of the dosage of some of the ingredients. At the time, I couldn’t explain why I did that, together with this medicine’s ingredients being something extremely hard for the academy to even gather, I decided to just not tell Teacher An.”

“That is why right now, even Teacher An believes that her prescription is fine, but if we follow that formula, we cannot produce the medicine to restrain Devil Transformation…”

Lin Xi nodded. “Yeah.”

Gao Yanan looked at the nodding Lin Xi, slowly laughing. “Turns out the Divine General talent is even useful for our Medicine Department.”

Lin Xi also laughed.

Their smiles contained many things, it wasn’t only because of this conversation.

“There is also Wenren Cangyue.” Gao Yanan said quietly. “It is best if he also goes and learns this Devil Transformation.”

Lin Xi shook his head with a smile. “We still aren’t strong enough. Even if he learns Devil Transformation, we still don’t have enough strength to force him to use Devil Transformation, or send the medicine into his body.”

Gao Yanan coughed lightly, moving about a bit, adjusting her body so that she was a bit more comfortable on Lin Xi’s back. Her face’s smile gradually disappeared, quietly asking, “What are you planning to do now?”

“Most people will think that after we seized this type of advantage, even just happening to assassinate their crown prince… we can definitely return now.” Lin Xi’s smile also disappeared. He seriously replied, “However, even many of Yunqin’s royal court members cannot understand that what we want isn’t some fame or achievements. Since we will encounter more ruined troops from Thousand Sunset Border Army here, I want to continue inwards… Moreover, if we continue heading towards Thousand Sunset Border Army, there will be more Yunqin soldiers who will live.”

Gao Yanan understood Lin Xi’s intention. She nodded. “Alright, let’s head further in, search for those Yunqin soldiers who are still alive.”

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