Book 12 Chapter 11 - You Aren’t Undefeated in the East

Lin Xi didn't pay Ji Yuelun's words any attention.

The instant Ji Yuelun spoke, he was only a few meters away from him.

The soul force within his body surged crazily again. The longsword in his hands once again released a clear ringing noise, leaving his palm and fingers, flying out once more.

Ji Yuelun's face revealed a slight expression of mockery.

While he was speaking to Lin Xi, his eyes were always on Gao Yanan's body.

His interest seemed to forever be on Gao Yanan, not even this flying sword that began to fly was able to draw his gaze.

The flying sword in Lin Xi's hands flew out, the sword tip starting to rapidly pierce through the air.

However, at the same time, the air between Ji Yuelun and himself seemed to suddenly disappear into Ji Yuelun's divine robe sleeves.

An embroidery needle flew out from Ji Yuelun's sleeves.

This was a needle that looked no different from an ordinary embroidery needle, but there was obviously no way this needle was just an ordinary embroidery needle… Its thin needle body had wisps of extremely fine red runes, and there was an azure blue chain that was even thinner than the needle connected to it.

The instant it flew out from Ji Yuelun's divine robes, this thin needle and the fine chains connected to it were all wrapped within a layer of scarlet flames. Moreover the air that was sucked in all seemed to have turned into the propulsion force of this needle.

That was why this needle that was wrapped under blazing flames was extremely fast.

That was why this needle turned into a streak of light in the air.

This streak of light didn't aim at Lin Xi, instead shooting straight towards Gao Yanan's chest.

There was no way Lin Xi's figure could catch up to this streak of light that was as fast as his arrows, he also understood extremely well that both Gao Yanan and Lucky both already used up practically all of their strength in their joint attack to seriously injure Jin Chengyun. That was why he didn't show a hint of hesitation, the flying sword in his hands flying out to block in front of this streak of light.

Only by using the flying sword would he have a chance of defending against Ji Yuelun's attack.

The needle and the sword immediately clashed.

A ring of flames dispersed from where the tip of the needle and sword clashed, there was surprisingly no sound released.

Lin Xi released a muffled groan.

All of the power wrapped around the flying sword was scattered by this needle. The flying sword's silver radiance quickly faded, continuing to press towards Gao Yanan's body.

At this time, all of Gao Yanan's strength poured out without holding back in the slightest. The flying sword stopped in the air, the sword body covered in a layer of frost. Gao Yanan's body trembled slightly, wisps of blood rushing out of the corners of her lips.

The expression of mockery hanging from the corners of Ji Yuelun’s lips continued to widen. That thin needle released from his divine robes’ sleeves continue to push against the sword, as if it was frozen to the sword. However, the air in front of him once again rapidly pulled back, forming a powerful wind. The power within his body erupted once more, pouring into this thin needle.

Many times, Purgatory Mountain’s cultivators who were close to Sacred Expert level didn’t even fear the flying swords of Sacred Experts.

It was because the soul weapons produced from flame gemstones could create shockingly high temperatures, flames that posed a threat even towards Sacred Experts. Apart from this, more importantly, Purgatory Mountain possessed soul connection runes. When these types of runes were carved on various chains, they could allow one to send their soul force into their weapon, making these weapons just like the flying swords of Sacred Experts.

At this instant, Lin Xi gave up on his sword.

He completely gave up control over his flying sword, instead drawing his bow and firing towards Ji Yuelun.

A streak of golden light flew towards Ji Yuelun’s chest.

Ji Yuelun’s soul force surged from within his sleeves. It didn’t pour into the thin needle, instead rushing towards this streak of golden light.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan were both in a rush.

However, he wasn’t.

Moreover, from the very start, he didn’t intend to kill Gao Yanan, only wishing to capture her.

It was because for a cultivator like him who was even closer to the sacred level than Jin Chengyun, his senses were far sharper than those of ordinary people. The sounds released from the not too distant camp already made him understand that Great Mang’s crown prince died. Even though Zhantai Shouchi, this type of puppet was someone Purgatory Mountain pushed up, a crown prince was still a crown prince. Purely killing Lin Xi and Gao Yanan wasn’t enough to wash away the negative consequences.

It was because the death of the assassin after the crown prince died was but something to be expected. Everyone would think that this assassin was powerful and heroic, only feeling that Great Mang’s army was like tofu, actually treated like nothing by the enemy, even the crown prince being someone they dared to randomly assassinate.

Even though Grand Secretary Zhou already stepped off the stage, already a former Grand Secretary, in the past years he served as grand secretary, he left a great impact on the people. Moreover, the legend of the Frost Giants was even more so a story filled with exceptional brilliance and mysteries. That was why in his opinion, by capturing Gao Yanan and using cruel methods to humiliate her, making Grand Secretary Zhou’s daughter become the target of Purgatory Mountain’s lowest slaves to vent their desires, only then could this offset the negative consequences of the crown prince being assassinated just now.

Of course, if he could capture Lin Xi, then that was naturally even better.

Moreover, at this time, his first priority was to ensure his own safety, and not to immediately kill the enemy.

The speed at which soul force was transferred and surged would forever be slower than one’s reaction speed and senses.

Even if it was Lin Xi who had even obtained the inheritance of Sanskrit Temple, his body was still a hindrance for his soul force. There was no way his soul force could match his will.

However, for soul force to retract after being released, this was naturally something even slower than one’s will as well.

There was one other point. When a cultivator fought under close distance, their perception would forever be faster than their eyes.

This meant that when a scene took place before one’s eyes, the perception of cultivators would have already formed this scene a step before in their heads.

Right now, Ji Yuelun’s eyes naturally couldn’t see this golden light Lin Xi fired clearly, but he immediately sensed that it was a bit strange. It was because this arrow radiance seemed a bit too strange, a bit too thick, moreover the speed also a bit faster than normal arrows.

Then, when he clearly sensed what this thing was, his soul force was already surging towards this golden light.

At the same time, this streak of golden light changed directions.

This golden light that originally aimed at his chest forcibly flew down diagonally, landing on his right thigh.

In his world of perception that was already clear, this was quite the laughable scene.

It was because this golden light Lin Xi fired wasn’t an arrow, but rather a little chicken.

This chicken was fired like an arrow! It definitely couldn’t be shot that far, air friction would make this bird’s speed quickly slow down. In addition, a bird couldn’t endure the surging power of a soul weapon bow either.

However, after traveling five or six meters of distance, the little chicken that flew out had just finished its acceleration, so its speed wouldn’t be much slower than an arrow. Moreover, this bird wasn’t an ordinary bird, but rather the golden little Yunqin phoenix… Ruirui.

After experiencing Meteor City’s battle and the pursuit of many Great Mang cultivators these past few days, this little Yunqin phoenix who already experienced some growth also began to learn how to fight.

That was why at this moment, it turned into a winged golden arrow who could change its direction.

While it moved its wings and twisted its body at full strength, it diagonally shot at Ji Yuelun’s thigh.

It was like a golden sharp bludgeon, passing through, instantly cutting open a huge hole in Ji Yuelun’s thigh, producing a blast of blood, and then it flew into who knew where.

It was as if Ji Yuelun’s thigh was instantly cut in half, the blood and soul force that escaped his control frantically scattering everywhere.

The power that momentarily went out of control, this explosion of light that was mixed with blood and sparks blasted Lin Xi’s body several steps back, flying into Gao Yanan. Meanwhile, Ji Yuelun’s body even more so fiercely flew backwards, falling on the ground.

“Do you think you are undefeated in the east or something?”

“What a pity, you aren’t undefeated in the east, while I am truly an angry little bird…”

Lin Xi breathed heavily, forcefully adjusting the qi, blood and soul force surging within him. Meanwhile, at the same time, he sneered while looking at Ji Yuelun who descended miserably, saying this with mockery.

Ji Yuelun didn’t know what undefeated in the east meant, he didn’t know the meaning behind Lin Xi’s words. The large amount of blood loss and intense pain already made his body twitch uncontrollably, a bit of dizziness also starting to appear in his head. He also began to sense that what Lin Xi said before about having many methods this world didn’t know about weren’t just false words to attack his mind. However, he still refused to believe that he would be defeated under Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s hands. His brows were still raised with arrogance and ferocity.

“Is this all you have to show me?”

“I haven’t even shown you my most powerful move, yet you’re already shaken to the point where you can’t immediately retaliate?”

Ji Yuelun looked at the heavily breathing Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, coldly standing up.

The instant he stood up, the bleeding from his thigh also stopped. His flesh turned black colored, the rotten flesh by his wound also quickly showing changes. It was as if streaks of black asphalt were flowing. His body began to quickly swell, blood vessels swelling streak after streak, appearing on the surface of his body like runes.

A wave of terrifying aura around his body became more and more powerful, stirring the surrounding air until wuwu noises were released.

This was precisely Devil Transformation.

Purgatory Mountain’s most terrifying and powerful secret method.

Purgatory Mountain cultivators who could perfectly control Devil Transformation were truly devils, possessing strength which was able to instantly jump a level.

Right now, the Great Mang soldiers in the back were less than two hundred steps from Lin Xi and Gao Yanan. The winds produced by the crazily charging army already blowed against Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s bodies, the pressure suffocating.

All of these Great Mang soldiers already saw the changes that happened to Ji Yuelun’s body. As Great Mang people, all of them also knew what was happening to him right now.

For them, this signified mystery, signified power, signified undefeated might.

The ecstasy and reverence accumulated throughout endless years instantly overwhelmed the horror they initially felt towards seeing Ji Yuelun’s wound. In that instant, the dark expanse of Great Mang army released sky shaking cheers.

This type of cheers gave off an even greater suffocating feeling than the approaching rumbling footsteps.

Ji Yuelun, a cultivator of this level, after undergoing Devil Transformation, he would truly possess strength exceeding State Master level, even exceeding normal Sacred Expert level.

“You really are undefeated in the south.”

However, at this time, Lin Xi’s expression instead became even calmer. He spoke with a bit of mockery, and then he surged with soul force, steadily firing another arrow at Ji Yuelun.

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