Book 12 Chapter 10 - Fist and Sword

Gao Yanan was also Green Luan Academy’s heaven’s choice, her cultivation always above Lin Xi’s. Even after Lin Xi suffered severe injuries after Jadefall City, his cultivation speed was still something even a true cultivation master like Nangong Weiyang felt inferior to. In the eyes of Vice Principal Xia, Gao Yanan, Bian Linghan and the others were all like those seventeen Green Luan Academy students back then, emerging to meet a historic destiny with the Divine General’s appearance.

If the Divine General who appeared sixty years later was like the most dazzling star that suddenly appeared in the sky, then Gao Yanan, Bian Linghan and Jiang Xiaoyi, these people were like other stars that rose to the sky at the same time.

That was why after these young students were brought back to Green Luan Academy, under the full support of all of Green Luan Academy’s resources, Gao Yanan and the others’ cultivation speeds weren’t slower than Lin Xi’s.

However, despite this being the case, Lin Xi also reached mid stage State Knight level[1] from the battles during these past few days, while she was only close to late stage State Knight level. Their opponents were two State Master level powerful cultivators.

Two State Knight level cultivators against two State Master level cultivators, especially when one of them was a general from the army full of combat experience, one a mysterious and powerful Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator, this type of battle, in the world of cultivation, according to normal reasoning, was something they had no chance of winning.

However, when she heard Lin Xi’s voice at this time, Gao Yanan only released a light en in acknowledgement.

Right now, Ji Yuelun already spoke.

It was an arrogant and dignified voice.

Purgatory Mountain’s apostles in Great Mang Dynasty had the most noble statuses, they were existences that were above the secular world. Meanwhile, he was just like Shentu Nian[2], both existences who had been entrusted with authority exceeding normal Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators. In this world, there already weren’t many people with strength greater than theirs, so he naturally had the qualifications to be arrogant.

“I sense an aura of frost.”

“So you must be Grand Secretary Zhou’s daughter… The descendants of Frost Giants in this world’s legends. In the legends, Frost Giants are mortal enemies with our Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s bloodline[3] to begin with. However, I am going to end this type of legend.”

“It is because I will capture you and bring you back to Purgatory Mountain.”

“Our Purgatory Mountain has the most serfs in this world, so it also has the most lowly brothels in this world. I will put you there, while the children of those serfs and yourself will become servants of Purgatory Mountain one generation after the next. The legendary Frost Giant descendants will no longer have the qualifications to be considered Purgatory Mountains’ enemy, forever becoming our slaves.”

Ji Yuelun’s imposing voice caused surging flames that swept far into the distance. As if it was the judgment of a devil god, even the distant great army could hear this clearly.

His words weren’t targeted against Lin Xi at all, completely against Gao Yanan, as if Lin Xi was already no different from a corpse.

Gao Yanan didn’t get angry, because she understood extremely clearly that at this type of time, anger was a completely useless emotion. She jumped off following Lin Xi’s loosened grip, standing still.

Lin Xi was extremely angry, but even though he didn’t possess true Windstalker talent, he possessed all other Windstalker techniques and mentality. That was why the more angry he became, the more calm his expression became, the more steady his hands became.


He quietly spat out this word that the people of this world didn’t understand. Then, he raised his dark red giant bow, the soul force within his body starting to surge rapidly, directly  continuously firing three arrows at Ji Yuelun.

Ji Yuelun reached out a hand, the soul force within him first becoming a sea between his fingers, and then instantly condensed into a spring, pouring into the flame gemstone ring on his thumb.

All of the dust-like runes on the flame gemstone ring instantly turned into countless strands of flames. A flame spewing volcano suddenly formed  in front of his face.

The three white arrows entered the flames, their surface instantly peeling off layer by layer, quickly becoming thinner. From their originally pinky thickness, after passing through the flames and making contact with Ji Yuelun’s divine robes, they already became as thin as strands of hair.

Ji Yuelun’s left hand moved downwards. Just like brushing aside three wisps of dirt, three fine white metal strands snapped, falling to the ground.

Among all the opponents Lin Xi had encountered before, he had never seen someone deal with his arrows as easily as Ji Yuelun… At the very least this easy on the surface. However, his expression didn’t change in the slightest. It was because the instant he fired these three arrows, he already turned around, crazily running backwards, instantly firing another three arrows, aiming somewhere else.

Two of the arrows didn’t directly shoot at Jin Chengyun’s body, instead separately shooting to the left and right of him, cutting off Jin Chengyun’s path of retreat and his evasive movements.

Jin Chengyun was originally only thirty steps of distance away from him and Gao Yanan. When these three arrows had just landed on the ground, Lin Xi and Jin Chengyun were already only a few meters from each other.

Jin Chengyun understood what Lin Xi and Gao Yanan were thinking right now  extremely clearly. Eliminating one enemy first was naturally the best decision. However, when facing the incoming Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, he didn’t show any sign of pulling back or running. His feet sank into the ground, and then he simply sent a fist towards Lin Xi and Gao Yanan.

This was a true simple fist without any techniques.

However, this was also a true powerful fist.

It was because Jin Chengyun was different from Xu Qiubai. His combat experiences were all accumulated through charging through enemy formations in close combat. Close range was originally precisely his most powerful area.

Moreover, he wasn’t an ordinary cultivator, he was the leader of an army. There were twenty-five thousand troops behind him.

He understood extremely clearly that Lin Xi and Gao Yanan needed to end this battle in an extremely short amount of time, so he didn’t need to hold back at all, he didn’t need to treasure his own body. He could just release his soul force with everything he had. That was why this fist was the most powerful fist he released in his entire life.

Countless strands of light flowed out from his fist, his arm’s meridians and skin all releasing tearing sounds. Under the surging power, after the runes on his armor shone with dazzling brilliance, they even split open with a zheng noise, scattering.

This powerful general armor was instead smashed apart by his own power.

Radiance surged out faster than Jin Chengyun’s own reactions. A four footed fiend beast shape took form in front of Jin Chengyun’s fist,.

This fiend beast, instead of saying that it was like a four footed giant turtle, it was better to call it a living strange ancient cauldron.

This was the Fiend Cauldron Beast unique to Great Mang.

The air suddenly condensed because of his release of soul force that exceeded the limit. Together with his merged soul’s two-fold pressure, it produced a powerful vibration.

Lin Xi’s body that was leaping through the air trembled under this type of air pressure.

This was pure power. At this time, Jin Chengyun used the most simple pure power, something that had the least chance of having something unexpected happening to face his enemies. The air pressure alone was already enough to prevent Lin Xi from getting close, impossible for him to approach Jin Chengyun, so how could he possibly kill Jin Chengyun?

However, at this time, Lin Xi didn’t continue moving forward.

All of his body’s power seemed to instantly disappear. Under the push of the air in front of him, his body flew backwards.


A light cry sounded from his back.

Jin Chengyun’s narrowed eyes suddenly widened.

Not far out, the prideful and imposing Ji Yuelun’s body suddenly went taut, suddenly freezing.

Silver radiance left the scabbard on Lin Xi’s back, quickly flying out. While flying along the borders of Jin Chengyun’s tremendous power, as well as with speed faster than the surging of vital energy, it hacked towards Jin Chengyun’s neck.

“Sacred Expert?!”

The meaning this streak of sword radiance represented exceeded the true power of this sword. Jin Chengyun completely lost himself in shock.

He leaned over and turned around to block this streak of sword radiance.

As he lowered his body and turned around, the tremendous power made the silver sword radiance tremble, cower and flicker, as if it might go out any time.

Jin Chengyun suddenly realized that this sword radiance wasn’t as powerful as a true Sacred Expert’s flying sword.

However, this instant of absentmindedness and alarm was already enough.

Lucky took action.

Gao Yanan also took action.

A blast of white snow suddenly surged in the air like cotton. In that extremely brief instant of time, a white frozen sword took form, fiercely rushing at the sideways standing Jin Chengyun’s waist.

Jin Chengyun’s entire armor instantly turned white, covered in a thumb thick layer of frost.

Lin Xi whose pressure suddenly lessened released a low shout.

All of his soul force poured out from his body. That silver sword light that seemed like it was fluttering through wind and rain, as if it might go out at any time, suddenly shone. While Jin Chengyun released a groan, his body truly going rigid, it rapidly flew above Jin Chengyun’s head, then stabbed into Jin Chengyun’s neck  with even faster speed, and then flew out again.


A fountain of blood spurted out from Jin Chengyun’s neck. Jin Chengyun’s body kneeled forward, the ice and snow around his body splitting apart.

The silver sword radiance flew back, almost directly landing on the ground. However when it was just a few feet away, with a xiu noise, it tenaciously returned to Lin Xi’s hands.

Then, Lin Xi turned around.

Ji Yuelun whose body swirled with heat and sparks was already less than twenty steps away from him and Gao Yanan.

Behind him and Gao Yanan, Jin Chengyun knelt on the ground, his hands rigidly clasping the wound on the nape of his neck. Blood continuously spurted out from the gaps between his fingers. He couldn’t stand back up.

Behind Jin Chengyun, densely packed Great Mang soldiers were also charging  crazily, now only six or seven hundred steps of distance from Lin Xi and Gao Yanan.

Borrowing the fiery light around Ji Yuelun’s body, these Great Mang soldiers saw Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and Jin Chengyun’s battle. However, their reaction speeds and sight couldn’t keep up with the instantaneous speed. Right when their eyes were still focused on Jin Chengyun’s fist, immediately afterwards, they saw that their main general already suffered serious injuries.

Only the cultivator officers charging at the very front could clearly sense that streak of sword radiance, the crazy dance of that flying sword wrapped in formless power.

These people were also horrified to the point where their bodies went rigid, their bodies mechanically moving forward.

“It’s an issue with the sword.”

Ji Yuelun’s figure also stopped at this time. He looked at Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, still speaking with an arrogant and dignified voice. Within that extremely short amount of time, he already deduced the key of this problem.

“I have many methods this world doesn’t know of, not only this sword.”

Lin Xi spoke coldly. He actually didn’t stop, instead pressing towards Ji Yuelun.

“Attacking the mind? This type of method is useless against me.” Ji Yuelun shook his head, speaking coldly.

1. Lin Xi broke into State Knight level in B10C27

2. One of Great Mang's seven great generals B11C48

3. Shentu Clan descendants

4. Literally reads brain deficient

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