Book 12 Chapter 9 - Divine Robes Ahead, Army Behind

After forcefully striking aside three arrows, Jin Chengyun already suffered some internal damage. However, the instant his body landed, his soul force already poured out from his feet, propelling his body forward fiercely just like before.

When he saw how many soldiers in the Archery Army still displayed their fierce and fearless side, even throwing aside the bows in their hands, directly throwing themselves at Gao Yanan and Lin Xi, yet they still couldn’t stop Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s charge in the slightest, this highest level general of this army didn’t reveal too many changes in his expression, only his eyes becoming even more stern and ice-cold.


A military order sounded from behind him, and then it was instantly drowned under suffocating giant metal rumbling noises.

These metallic rumbling sounds that were like waves battering against an iron wall could only be the charge of soul weapon heavy armors.

As if their entire bodies had electric circuits turned on, all of the runes shining, these massive metal figures already completed the initial acceleration, now at their fastest speed. Their heavy bodies instead seemed to have completely lost weight, able to rush seven or eight meters of distance with a single step.

Amidst military orders, these soul weapon heavy armors who didn’t conserve the release of their own soul force at all, reached the fastest speed, unable to immediately stop their momentum even if they wanted to quickly gather into groups of five.


A commander released a military order, his voice still instantly drowned out by the great metal rumbling sounds. Most of the soul weapon heavy armors whose bodies were swirling with fiery light only did similar actions, throwing out one of the weapons in their hands.

This Great Mang troop was equipped with ‘Night Evil’ armors that were on the same level as ‘Night Devil’ armors. The weapon in their left hand was a round shield blade, while their right hand held a death scythe connected to thick chains.[1]

This type of soul weapon heavy armor that could throw out curved blades posed even more of a threat against cultivators. However, right now, these soul weapon heavy armors were still behind Jin Chengyun who was struck by Lin Xi’s three arrows, so there was no way their attack could reach Lin Xi and Gao Yanan.

The death scythes in their hands were all flung towards a companion in the middle of their group!

Four ‘Night Evil’ Heavy Armors’ were flung out close to a meter, wrapping around their companion in the middle.

The instant the scythe blades drew out sparks along their companion’s cold and heavy armor, roars were released behind the four ‘Night Evil’ Heavy Armors’ masks at the same time. As if engines began to operate at their greatest power, they all exerted force, directly flinging that ‘Night Evil’ Heavy Armor forward like a catapult!

Under their sprinting that was extremely fast to begin with, every four sets of ‘Night Evil’ heavy armor turned into a catapult.




The twenty sets of soul weapon heavy armors were like twenty meteors that dropped from the sky, smashing into the archery army, closing in on Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s surroundings.pref[There are 100 sets in total in this army[/ref]

In that instant, it was unknown just how many Great Mang soldiers were instantly crushed to death under these twenty sets of ‘Night Evil’ Heavy Armors, turning into warped flesh.

The twenty sets of ‘Night Evil’ Heavy Armor that landed with half kneeling stances at the same time stood up in the bloody paste. The metal armor covering their bodies released great rumbling noises once again, already starting to crazily accelerate.

The twenty sets of ‘Night Evil’ Heavy Armors were like twenty metal walls, instantly reaching a terrifying speed, charging towards Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, wishing to crowd around them.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed.

“Carry me on your back!”

Gao Yanan’s brows also furrowed, but there was no alarm visible in her eyes, instead, they were filled with the powerful expression she had that day when she disciplined Thunder Academy students, an expression that was normally not revealed.

Lin Xi reached out a hand, instantly picking her up.

At the same time, her hand also reached out.

Snow immediately began to scatter about in the air.

Even before the snow landed on the ground, the ground was already filled with even more terrifying cold air, forming a thick layer of ice.

In less than a breath of time, the originally muddy ground condensed into an extremely tough frozen rug, a scene that was hard to imagine even for cultivators.

However, this type of scene really happened at this time.

When the extremely heavy ‘Night Evil’ Heavy Armors stepped on the frozen ice surface, only some slight marks appeared on the frozen surface. Meanwhile, these armors that were already crazily accelerating couldn’t stand still, losing their center of balance.

If it was a normal cultivator, in this situation where their feet suddenly slid, they could still make some adjustments through the surging of soul force. However, soul weapon heavy armors completely merged soul force with the armors to begin with. The heavy bodies’ power and inertia couldn’t be stopped by the cultivators inside at all.

Not a single one of the twenty sets of ‘Night Evil’ Heavy Armors could stand still. They all flew outwards. More than ten sets among them ran into each other, releasing loud noises that even made one’s ears want to split.

Lin Xi’s brows were furrowed tightly. His body bent down, making his way under a set of heavy armor that flew over. In that instant, a small black figure leapt onto his body, its four claws tightly gripping his chest’s clothes.

Lin Xi suddenly exerted force again.

The soul force in his body, with a speed no one apart from Gu Xinyin could understand surged from his body, leaving all of the hooks that flew towards him behind him. When his feet landed on the ground again, he already completely broke through the Archery Army formation, leaping past this camp’s fencing!

Almost all of the Great Mang soldiers who saw this scene released cries of alarm.

Could it be that not even an entire army could trap these two Yunqin assassins, actually allowing the other party to forcibly break out?!

The cries of thousands of people were naturally shockingly great.

However, this type of sound was actually directly overwhelmed by a heart ripping, lung tearing miserable shout.

These incredibly miserable and shrill cries sounded precisely from the Archery Army Lin Xi and Gao Yanan had just broken out of.

The ones who released these voices were the many soldiers on this frozen carpet.

Gao Yanan’s frozen carpet that was produced with all of her strength only surrounded a dozen or so meters of distance. However, the place she and Lin Xi were previously at was still the place where enemy forces were most concentrated. At this time, all of these Great Mang soldiers discovered that their legs snapped.

They were trying to run, but their legs didn’t move, still frozen in the ice. Moreover, their feet that lost feeling were brittle like frozen paper.

That was why they roared, yet suddenly discovered that their own feet didn’t exist anymore. Then, when they fell heavily to the ground, because of this extreme fear, they released even more unimaginable sharp and miserable cries.

“It is someone from Zhou Family!”

Jin Chengyun’s feet stepped over these Great Mang soldiers who were lying on the ground and lost their feet, moving across these miserably howling people. The corners of his lips only twitched slightly, using a voice only he could hear to coldly speak these words.

Lin Xi already rushed out of the army camps, but his brows that were tightly furrowed still didn’t relax.

Even if he didn’t turn around, through the roaring winds, he could hear that there was a cultivator currently chasing over with speed even faster than his own.

“Late stage State Master level cultivation, a bit inferior to that Xu Qiubai you killed, but his general armor is quite extraordinary. Moreover, the most crucial part is that his soul force is still surging without any regard for his own body’s damage.” Gao Yanan also furrowed her brows, looking at Jin Chengyun who was already quite close to Lin Xi and herself, quickly saying this quietly.

Lin Xi said with an overcast voice, “This means that the other party wants to stop us even if he has to give up his life to do so, allowing the army behind him to catch up in this way.”

Gao Yanan was breathing a bit heavily as she said, “This person should be the highest level commander of this army, but he hasn’t given any orders for the military to stop their pursuit. This means that there is only one possibility.”

Lin Xi opened his mouth, but didn’t immediately speak. There was only a wave of nervous and cold emotion that surged from within him.

It was because right at this time, an expanse of red color appeared in the night scene before him.

It was the divine robe of a Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator.

Under this type of distance, other cultivators of similar cultivation couldn’t see the red color clearly at all, but he could already clearly see that this was a Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator.

The instant this extremely dangerous red color appeared in Lin Xi’s eyes, inside the camp, several Great Mang ceremonial officials and servants already rushed up to the central military tent, seeing the bitter scene inside the tent.

After finally understanding what happened under extreme fear and alarm, a ceremonial official cried out in horror, “The crown prince has died under an assassination! His highness the crown prince has been assassinated!...”

“Idiot! Could it be that you are scared that the enemy doesn’t know that the crown prince has died, that our people don't know, so you are deliberately reminding them? Stop disturbing the morale!”

A Great Mang general really couldn’t bear to continue watching these inner court officials whose behaviors were always extremely stupid from the very start. After angrily berating him, blade radiance flickered, this ceremonial official’s head was directly removed.

When this ceremonial official’s head fell, blood rushing out from his torso, only then did this Great Mang officer recover a bit of his rationality. He knew that with the crown prince dying here today, moreover him directly killing an inner court official, this was also a capital offense. He clenched his teeth, and then without saying anything else, blade radiance flashed again, directly severing his own throat.

Ji Yuelun[2] calmly stood in the darkness.

Even without more information, just from the furious shouts and vicious roars of the distant Great Mang army, he knew that the one fleeing was definitely the Lin Xi he was chasing after.

When he sensed that Lin Xi changed his path of advance, no longer heading towards the place he was quietly waiting at, he already moved out.

His entire body began to shine. Heat and sparks began to fly about his body.

Purgatory Mountain’s Divine Adjudicator arrived.

Only at this time did Gao Yanan discover that there was actually a Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator up ahead.

Even though she didn’t face two Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators like Lin Xi, she was the sole daughter of Grand Secretary Zhou. She knew extremely clearly those who could wear Purgatory Mountain’s red Divine Adjudicator robes were all at least State Master level cultivators. Moreover, even though they were similarly State Master level experts… Purgatory Mountain’s cultivators were all much more powerful than ordinary cultivators.

There was a wall blocking the path up ahead and pursuing soldiers behind them.

Lin Xi and herself already couldn’t continue running, there was nowhere left to go.

Moreover, the key lied in that behind Jin Chengyun was a massive army.

“We can only try to end the battle as quickly as possible.”

Lin Xi’s quiet grim voice sounded by her ears.

2. Divine Adjudicator Ji Yuelun B12C22

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