Book 12 Chapter 8 - Charging Through the Army

If they were going to remove their clothes, they had to first stop what they were doing at the moment, moreover completely stop. While removing their armors and clothes, all of these Great Mang soldiers in the camp suddenly realized that the whole camp suddenly became very quiet.

Then, all of these Great Mang soldiers who were in shock and extreme nervousness realized that as long as they didn’t panic, this camp wouldn’t be chaotic at all. Most of the activity actually came from their own people.

Not far in front of the central military tent, Jin Chengyun who released this order to strip off all clothing and equipment only coldly waited.

He was sure that there was no way Lin Xi could quickly leave this camp region.

A moment later, in the south eastern corner of the entire army barracks, a wave of shrill shouting and warning voices sounded.

Several dozen burning phosphorescence arrows flew across the skies of that region, making everything dazzling white.

Jin Chengyun’s eyes narrowed. The instant this white fiery light was reflected in his eyes, the soul force in his body already surged. He crazily rushed towards the camp’s north eastern corner in a straight line manner. Under his body’s boundlessly surging power, tents were sent flying one after another, as if giant dandelions were scattering along this perfectly straight line.

Devil armors!”


“Archery Army!”

Several simple words sounded from his mouth in an ice-cold manner like claps of thunder.

For those Great Mang officials who were extremely familiar with him, these words were already enough.

A hundred massive steel figures were always silently waiting. When they heard the two words ‘Devil Armors’, a commander released a low roar.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

These runes on these hundred steel figures who originally looked like they didn’t have any life force suddenly lit up… In the next breath of time, the sounds of metal surging and rumbling became like a great tide. These Great Mang soul weapon heavy armors also began to run at full speed, their heavy bodies charging on the ground making the entire camp shake.

Forget about Gao Yanan definitely not removing her armor, even Lin Xi definitely wouldn’t remove his armor.

It was because as long as Lucky couldn’t create a disturbance, even if he also removed his armor and clothing, he would still be immediately discovered.

Jin Chengyun ordering for the removal of armor was indeed the simplest and most effective method.

That was why the instant this order was given, both him and Gao Yanan quickly charged out of the camp at full speed.

Right now, this entire army already didn’t have any cavalry. As long as they weren’t completely surrounded, there was still a chance for them to break free.

Chi! Chi! Chi!...

After breaking out at full speed, the instant his figure was exposed, Lin Xi who was running crazily continuously drew his bow, firing more than ten arrows.

These explosive dozen or so arrows were like white waves as they shot in all directions around him and Gao Yanan, one arrow among them only stopping after penetrating the bodies of five Great Mang soldiers.

After firing these dozen or so arrows, Lin Xi hung the bow on his body with a single hand. Cold light flickered, the light green longsword on his back was already drawn.

Right at this moment, a densely packed expanse of black arrows already descended from the skies, falling towards him and Gao Yanan.

Jin Chengyun’s thunder clap-like orders to the army were still simple and effective.

He knew the layout of this entire camp’s military force like the back of his hand. What he transferred, apart from the soul weapon heavy armor, were the two other troops which were precisely armies that just happened to be in the area where Lin Xi suddenly attacked.

When faced with the rain of arrows that instantly descended, Lin Xi’s face still didn’t show the slightest change, only remaining grave and calm.

The light green longsword in his hands instantly flowed with silver radiance, hacking forward with astonishing speed, instantly deflecting all of the arrows that truly threatened him and Gao Yanan behind him.

In the white phosphorescent arrows’ fiery radiance, the pupils of the Great Mang commander of this seven hundred Archery Army rapidly contracted.

He had seen situations of cultivators facing a rain of arrows, but almost all cultivators would use soul force to completely cover their bodies, charge head-on like this. This way, even if the arrows couldn’t penetrate their bodies, they could greatly exhaust these cultivators’ soul force.

However, in that instant, Lin Xi instead cut down all of the arrows that truly threatened him and Gao Yanan.

The one with Xu Qiubai’s dark red giant bow was undoubtedly Lin Xi. However, according to military intelligence, the other party was only a State Knight level cultivator, yet in this instant, he did something not even high level State Masters could react to in time.

This Great Mang Archery Army commander couldn’t believe his eyes.

A black claw silently reached out in his shadow, landing on his calf.

His calf directly lost feeling. Only, the instant fear filled his heart, turning around on conditioned reflex, a wave of biting cold chilliness already spread along his body to his heart.

His heart was instantly frozen, its beating stopped.

Fierce shouts and cries of alarm sounded in this Archery Army.

Only when this Great Mang Archery Army commander died, his entire body releasing cold air, did the surrounding soldiers realize that a black figure was quickly moving by their feet with horror.

There were some soldiers that realized this black shadow was Lin Xi’s fiend beast companion, but they couldn’t keep up with Lucky’s speed. While quickly making its way through the crowd, streams of biting cold chilliness ended these soldiers’ lives before they could even release a cry.

The current Lucky was more like the legendary true beast of plague.

As long as its claws and tail landed on a soldier’s body, that soldier’s body would immediately lose all of its body temperature, immediately die as a result.

This Archery Army entered complete chaos after only firing a single wave of arrows.

The arrows that flew across the sky became increasingly sparse and scattered.

Meanwhile, after deflecting all of the arrows that posed a true threat to Gao Yanan and himself, Lin Xi then changed positions with Gao Yanan.

Gao Yanan charged in front of him, that Purgatory Mountain old Divine Adjudicator’s banner appearing in her hands.

All of the scattered arrows that landed in front of her were completely swept up by this banner in her hands.

At this time, Lin Xi turned around, returning his sword into its scabbard  with a flip of his hand, his other hand removing the dark red giant bow hanging on his back. In an instant, he continuously fired three arrows behind him with three weng weng weng air noises!

Behind him, tents continuously swelled from the surging air, exploding.

A shadow rushed over with terrifying speed, precisely the current highest ranked general Jin Chengyun.[1]

Lin Xi’s three arrows were all aimed at Jin Chengyun’s chest.

When faced with these three arrows, Jin Chengyun released a sky shocking furious roar. The runes on his armor began to burn like flames. His entire right arm smashed forward like a steel hammer.


Only a single explosive noise sounded.

The three comet-like arrows were completely smashed aside by his iron fist.

However, a furious muffled groan immediately sounded together with wisps of blood that crazily shot out of his mouth. His figure also suddenly stopped in the sky, remaining in place.

Gao Yanan and Lin Xi cut into the Archery Army ahead.

Under the infusion of Gao Yanan’s soul force, Purgatory Mountain’s banner instead became like a burning rectangular plank. All Great Mang soldiers who stood in her way were completely struck flying, their bodies were even set aflame.

1. Jin Chengyun is the Left Vanguard General, while the rest are his subordinates B12C7

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