Book 12 Chapter 7 - Strip

Lin Xi raised the bow, and then with the greatest strength he could use at his current cultivation level, he continuously fired three arrows. Then, he directly turned around, quickly withdrawing.

Arrow sounds filled the skies.

Mo Xunhua and a dozen or so Thousand Sunset Border Army soldiers whose conditions were comparatively better brought up the rear.

Under the crazy arrow sounds, over two thousand horses already completely rushed out of the fencing, already more than a hundred steps away from the closest watchtower.

Furious cries and arrow sounds continuously rang through the air. However, in this type of situation where they brought out all of the horses, the Great Mang troops behind them temporarily couldn’t pose any threat to them.

When these Yunqin soldiers heard the arrow sounds, they knew that Lin Xi already launched his assassination in the army camp at this time.

“Sir Mo!”

Several Yunqin soldiers underneath horses immediately felt tears flood their eyes, releasing a loud shout at this time.

“Don’t stop! We are leaving!”

Mo Xunhua clearly understood what these Yunqin soldiers were thinking, but he instead exceptionally resolutely shouted this order.

“It is completely useless even if we go back right now!”

“We have to return alive!”

“If we cannot return alive, who will spread the news of what Sir Lin has done? Who will know what happened here tonight?”

After giving the orders with an extremely resolute shout, the eyes of Mo Xunhua, this officer who originally only held a civil post, but already became a grave and stern officer after this life and death struggle became filled with hot tears again.

The arrows and arrow sounds were much faster than the military orders released by this ordinary Yunqin soldier.

Inside the central military tent, Great Mang’s minor first rank Left Vanguard General Jin Chengyun’s brows furrowed fiercely.

The instant the arrows left the bowstring, even while they spun and cut through the sky, he already sensed that the location they were fired from wasn’t far from the tent both him and the crown prince Zhantai Shouchi were in.

However, in that instant, there were already arrow sounds everywhere, not even he could figure out where exactly the real arrows would come from exactly, where they were headed.

In that instant, he only keenly realized that in this South Tomb Province, in this great battlefield between the two countries, the only one who fire this type of arrow, release this type of arrow sounds, was the one who killed Xu Qiubai, that Yunqin bow wielding priest who was currently being pursued by hundreds of Great Mang cultivators: Lin Xi!

This person actually didn’t run towards Yunqin’s region of control, instead… he actually dared infiltrate this type of great army and launch a night assassination?!

However, these thoughts only quickly flashed past Jin Chengyun’s brain.

It was because the roof of the tent above his head was already torn through.

In the perception of cultivators, it was an arrow that tore through the tent’s roof, the wind stream that made the tent split and collapse.

However, in the perception of a normal person, it was as if a small mountain suddenly descended from the sky, crushing down on this tent.

Jin Chengyun released a thunderous roar. The black hair on his head flew straight backwards like steel wires. The magma-like runes on the black and red armor he wore completely shone, a fist smashing upwards.

It was because in his perception, one black arrow already aimed at the right part of his chest.


The metal armor plates covering his fist were dazzlingly bright, his fist like a piece of metal that was heated until it became red. A metal clashing noise sounded. The arrow whose speed already exceeded the limits of what the naked eye could see was smashed flying by his fist.

However, the instant this metallic dang noise sounded, two sounds that were comparatively quieter also sounded within a time frame not even a cultivator at Jin Chengyun’s level could react to.

Great Mang’s crown prince Zhantai Shouchi looked towards the sky with horror and loss.

He only felt as if a giant mountain suddenly descended from the skies.

He didn’t even know what happened.

Then, his head sunk.

The arrow pierced through his throat, cutting through all of the bones in his neck. Then, the air stream produced by the tail made his head completely fall off.

His head fell to the ground. It landed on the fur carpet below just like a falling wine glass, releasing a light noise.

At the same time, the head of a high ranking Great Mang military officer who was the closest to him, currently guarding the tent’s entrance’s head also fell.

Jin Chengyun’s expression suddenly turned snow-white, the corners of his eyes producing several wrinkles.

In that instant, he who had experienced who knew how many battles almost couldn’t accept the reality that was right before his eyes.

These three arrows respectively targeted the crown prince, himself and another Great Mang cultivator, the people that were closest to the crown prince.

That Yunqin assassin’s objective was clear, which was precisely to assassinate the front guarding battle supervisor and the Great Mang crown prince who came to accumulate contributions.

Being able to determine that the one inside this tent was Great Mang’s crown prince from the cries of those utterly stupid palace maids and attendants wasn’t all that surprising. However, how could the other party lock onto their positions with such precision without even being able to see the situation in the tent?

Could it be that the other party’s perception is even more powerful than Gu Yunjing’s, was it this type of Sacred Expert, able to clearly sense everything in the tent from such a great distance away?

Moreover, those arrows were extremely precise even in their timing.

The first arrow directly shot at him, making him instinctively put up defense. Meanwhile, the second arrow landed on Zhantai Shouchi’s body in that brief instant when he couldn’t react at all.

As for the third arrow that killed his subordinate general, it was merely a plus one.

This type of precise assassination… if it wasn’t done right before the enemy’s eyes, watching while firing, how could it possibly be done?!

Inside the tent, six or seven cultivation officers witnessed the instant the crown prince died, saw the eyes on the head that were widened with loss, their bodies shaking in shock and fear.

“Your highness crown prince!...”

An officer even knelt down on one knee, continuously howling as if his heart and lungs were splitting, as if by howling like this, a miracle could happen, that the crown prince would come to life again.

This wasn’t merely the death of a great figure and the punishment they had to face.

A royal court crown prince was the face of a country. Once news of him being assassinated within a great army spread, this would be the shame of the entire army, the humiliation of all of Great Mang’s military.

“There is no way he can get away. Kill him!”

An extremely cold voice was released from Jin Chengyun’s mouth, cutting off that officer’s howling. The instant this voice was released, Jin Chengyun directly left the central military tent with a single step, his forehead instantly covered in many more wrinkles.

He didn’t know what kind of commotion the crown prince’s death would cause, but he understood extremely clearly that if he couldn’t kill Lin Xi today, then he could only commit suicide, using his death to apologize for the offense.

A Great Mang soldier quickly lit several fire pans with a torch.

Right at this time, he suddenly felt that something wasn’t quite right.

It was because he smelled a whiff of faint bloodiness. Moreover, there was an individual dressed in Great Mang military uniform to the side of a tent that seemed a bit too calm.

Then, under the lit flames, he quickly discovered that this Great Mang soldier’s face was extremely unfamiliar, moreover a bit too feminine.

He immediately reacted, wishing to release a shout. However, the instant he opened his mouth, that ‘Great Mang soldier’ already rushed up to his face, a palm crushing all of the bones and the heart within his chest.

“The assassin ran that way!”

Right at this time, someone continuously screamed.

In the continuous camp, cries of alarm and sounds of fire pans falling sounded from time to time. It was extremely chaotic.

After hearing this voice and seeing those two Great Mang soldiers fall, a group of Great Mang soldiers immediately rushed into several tents. However, what left them and the other Great Mang soldiers who were rushing over in disbelief was that the inside of these tents that clearly had voices released from within didn’t have any human traces.

“Expand the search! He definitely fled outwards!”

Under the shouts of several officers, Great Mang soldiers quickly spread out, lighting up even more fire pans, widening the search.

When a group of soldiers withdrew from a certain tent, within a corner of that tent, a small claw suddenly reached out from behind a small military iron cooking pot. Then, this small military cooking pot flipped over.

The entirely curled up Lucky stretched out its body, and then it quickly rushed out of this tent.

That ‘feminine’ faced ‘Great Mang soldier’ was naturally Gao Yanan.

After killing the Great Mang soldier who noticed her with a single strike, she quickly dragged this Great Mang soldier she killed into the tent behind her.

In just a few breaths of time, the side of this tent suddenly split open, with Lin Xi quickly entering from the opening and changing into a set of Great Mang officer equipment she already prepared ahead of time.

Then, he and Gao Yanan made their way out from that opening, rushing into the shadows.

“Why is it this chaotic? Even if there are Yunqin soldiers who are cooperating with him, he should have been killed a long time ago already. There is no way it should get this chaotic!”

Not far from the central military tent, an overcast faced Great Mang officer stood next to Jin Chengyun, speaking in disbelief.

In order to kill Lin Xi, they had to first find him.

However, the current situation seemed as if there was an invisible hand stirring up chaos inside, throwing the entire army into disorder, yet he was still nowhere to be seen.

Jin Chengyun’s complexion was also still snow-white, but his face was already much calmer and colder than normal.

“You all shouldn’t forget that he isn’t an ordinary archer, but rather a Windstalker most adept at stealth, in addition similarly excelling at close combat. The key lies in that he is also a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest.”

Jin Chengyun coldly said, “The Black Foxcat, in this type of situation, can naturally serve as the best disrupter.”

“Creating chaos in this type of time, even if it is a Sacred Expert, they still cannot compare to a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest with a small scale powerful fiend beast.”

When they heard Jin Chengyun’s voice, the surrounding Great Mang officers’ expressions became a bit paler. They reacted to the things they overlooked, this reality even more so obliterated any faith they had in finding Lin Xi… How were they supposed to find a cultivator who was extremely good at stealth in this type of increasingly chaotic situation?

“At this type of time, the best method is precisely placing ourselves in his shoes.”

Jin Chengyun’s cold voice sounded again. He quickly thought while slowly speaking to organize his own thoughts. “If it was me, I would definitely try to change into our Great Mang soldier’s uniform to make it harder to become exposed. Then, I might follow the searching soldiers, making it easier to escape… If there is someone to help during this process, then it would be completed faster. According to the news that came back earlier, that Green Luan Academy female student has always been fighting with him as well. That is why that female student should also be with him.”

“That is why there is a type of simple method that can find him!”

Jin Chengyun’s eyes flickered with tangible cold radiance. His body’s soul force also instantly surged. “Order all of the soldiers to remove their armor, to completely expose their upper bodies!”

“All soldiers who refuse to immediately remove their clothing are to be killed on the spot!”

This military roar erupted like thunder. At the same time, under the shouts of the officers around him, this type of military order quickly rang through the barracks.

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