Book 12 Chapter 6 - Arrow Sounds Everywhere

Over a thousand warhorses rushed out of the horse field in an instant, crazily charging north.

If they could have stopped them at the gates of the horse field with horse corpses, even the greatest waves would only be striking against a great dam. However, in this type of situation where so many of the horses already rushed out, any scattered Great Mang soldiers who tried to stop them would be directly blasted into the air like a tree in a flood.

The strength of ordinary elite soldiers couldn’t compare to a warhorse at all. The only ones who could disturb and stop this type of flood were cultivators.

A Great Mang army cultivator released a furious roar, directly causing several tent roofs to burst. With the greatest speed he could reach, a heavy battle-axe that was as tall as himself in hand, he charged crazily towards the horse stampede.

Even if he could only cut off a chunk of this flood formed from horses, only leave behind a few hundred horses, then there would be a chance of catching up to them and stopping all of the warhorses.

This Great Mang cultivator whose muscles were swelling, even the clothing on his body bursting, already saw some damaged black-armored figures in the flood, allowing him to easily figure out that this wasn’t some large scale Yunqin sudden night assault, but rather some leftover Yunqin troops.

His feet stamped fiercely on the ground. A few steps later, he prepared to throw out his axe first, cut through a wooden pillar on the side of the horse field, to produce a bit of hindrance to the warhorses in the back. However, the instant he stomped on the ground and leapt forward, he seemed to have been tripped by someone. His entire figure lost balance, falling forward.

This Great Mang cultivator’s eyes widened in disbelief, looking down towards where he just stepped.

It was clear that there was no one there. Even if there was an ordinary soldier who reached out a foot to trip him, that person’s foot might snap, and he wouldn’t fly forwards like this.

This Great Mang cultivator saw clearly that… there really was no one, yet there was a foot that was stuck out.

It was a black foot that reached out diagonally… or perhaps it should be called a claw.

The instant he saw it clearly, this claw dropped, landing on the ground.

Then, this Great Mang cultivator who hadn’t landed on the ground yet only felt the surface tremble slightly. After seeing it from the corners of his eyes, he saw that it was as if a bamboo shoot grew from the ground, a sparkling icicle rushing out.

He immediately wanted to cry out in horror.

However, the instant he landed on the ground, he already didn’t have any time to make any evasive movements.

With a light pu noise, this icicle easily penetrated the back of his neck, and then came out of his throat.

In the low underbrush, Lucky was breathing heavily, a bit tired. However, it was still extremely satisfied with its attack. Its black eyes blinked a few times, and then it began to quickly rush towards another location.

Mo Xunhua and all of the tattered black-armored Yunqin soldiers were all firmly stepping on the stirrups, their hands holding onto the reins, doing their best to hide under the horses.

Even though many of them really couldn’t hold on any longer, these Yunqin soldiers whose wills were sturdy like steel still bound the reins around their own arms, even if these reins were like iron sawtooths as they dug into their arms, covering them in blood.

It was because they understood clearly that right now, this was extremely important to their fate, deciding their lives and deaths.

These warhorses exceeded two thousand in number. If they wanted to control this many horses, they could only do so by scattering themselves throughout this group of warhorses as much as possible, controlling these leader horses and older horses, moreover using some methods from time to time to make the surrounding horses become more impatient and alarmed.

Right now, they didn’t know that Lucky who, after experiencing the academy’s training, became even more clever and better at understanding others, already treacherously dealt with the Great Mang soldiers around the horse field, but they could feel that right now, most of the warhorses already rushed out, while the nearby Great Mang soldiers still weren’t able to establish an effective interception. Those arrows that scattered down towards the horses instead made the horses even more alarmed, making them run even faster.

Right at this time, under chaotic roars and fierce shouts, there were some shrill, nervous voices, as well as some female voices that seemed especially sudden and clear.

“Protect his highness the crown prince!”

“Be careful of assassination!”


Mo Xunhua and all of the Yunqin soldiers who were already almost completely numb from the shaking began to realize with shock that… right now, in the army, that great figure who came to obtain contributions was actually Great Mang’s crown prince?!


Inside the central military tent, the complexion of Jin Chengyun who already received news that the horse field was attacked by Yunqin remnant troops, the warhorses currently charging crazily out of the camp, turned ashen, forcibly swallowing this word he wanted to blurt out.

“Tell those people to stop speaking randomly!”

“They are just some Yunqin remnant troops, what are you panicking for?! Are you all worried that the enemy might not know that the crown prince personally came to the front lines, currently in our army, so you all want to remind them?! Bring over the heavy armored troops! Have the soul weapon heavy armors be ready for an attack!”

“All of the battle formations are to hold their position, don’t move about randomly and give the enemy any opportunities!”

Jin Chengyun continuously gave out a few military orders, moreover having all of the officers remain inside their tents.

Zhantai Shouchi’s complexion was extremely pale.

He knew that with his current identity as Great Mang’s crown prince, the best thing to do right now was precisely to stay absolutely calm, best if he could appear cultured and refined like before. However, he hadn’t experienced many battles after all, so those alarming horse hoof sounds outside and the shouts of killing still made expressions of alarm and nervousness appear on his face.

“We’ve made your highness worry.”

“Your highness, there is no need to feel worry.”

Jin Chengyun naturally saw through Zhantai Shouchi’s true emotions from a single look. After continuously speaking some words of comfort, his complexion became extremely overcast.

A remnant troop could actually enter the horse field without making a single noise, this left him utterly furious. However, at the same time, he knew that not even the value of all of those warhorses combined could compare to a single arm of this crown prince who seemed a bit timid from his failure to conceal his true emotions.

That was why he left behind all of his powerful subordinates in this tent, relying on his subordinate generals to take care of things outside. He even transferred the most powerful individuals among the generals over as well.

This was a central army tent within an army of twenty-five thousand!

Unless it was an expert like Gu Yunjing who personally came, there would simply be no way anyone could slaughter their way into the military tent, kill them and then kill the crown prince.

Even though right now, Zhantai Shouchi showed weakness that most soldiers would feel contempt towards, the crown prince was the face of the entire Great Mang. That was why both him, as well as all of the powerful subordinates here would block in front of him. If the enemy wanted to kill the crown prince, they could only do so over their corpses.

This tent’s subordinates had already followed him for a long time, so they naturally understood what he was thinking.

That was why after seeing Zhantai Shouchi become even more alarmed, his face becoming increasingly pale, the corners of his lips even starting to continuously tremble after seeing Jin Chengyun’s face turn overcast, a subordinate general also released a light cough, saying, “Your highness, all of us have gathered here to protect your respected self. As long as we don’t panic ourselves, this is precisely the safest place in the entire army.”

When he heard this subordinate general’s words, Zhantai Shouchi seemed to calm down slightly. He opened his mouth, wishing to say something quietly. However, under the howling wind and torrential rain sounds outside, he instead still couldn’t utter a single word, only producing a pale smile.

Jin Chengyun gave Zhantai Shouchi a look, about to say something. Suddenly, his brows furrowed, his body standing up.

The moment his black chainmail shook, his figure standing up like a mountain,, a wave of fierce shouts of killing sounded in front of the central military tent. In addition, there were rapid drum beat like sounds that could only be produced when a cultivator’s soul force struck against the ground, only a quickly advancing cultivator could release this kind of sounds..

Fierce malicious spirit like howling arrow sounds immediately rang out.

The curtains blocking the front of this tent were immediately ripped apart. Two arrows carrying terrifying white streams traveled through countless cowhide fragments, appearing before Jin Chengyun’s rapidly contracting pupils.


When faced with these arrows that possessed terrifying speed and power, Jin Chengyun finally fiercely spat out this word. At the same time, he only did a single thing, which was to use his hands to press down on Zhantai Shouchi’s shoulders who was right next to him, preventing Zhantai Shouchi from making any movements. Then, he raised his head slightly, looking towards the distance.

It was because he could clearly perceive that these two arrows didn’t head for Zhantai Shouchi or himself.

This was something completely reasonable.

It was because there was no way the assassin could see their positioning through the soundproof tent.

That was why these two arrows could only be shot blindly.

Moreover, the other party attacked from the front. He was extremely sure that those loyal deathsworn knights and servants definitely wouldn’t give the other party another chance to fire. This was definitely a suicidal attack.

Just like he expected, the instant he raised his head, his field of view was already completely filled with metal. The dozens of heavy armored soldiers who were originally standing to the side of this tent already completely plugged up this path. Moreover, endless military equipment already flew towards that assassin.

Even if this assassin didn’t care about his own life or death, he still only had to worry about one last attack, one last arrow.

However, this final arrow didn’t descend.

It was because right now, Lin Xi already clearly saw the situation in the tent, also keenly noticing Zhantai Shouchi who was terrified to the point where his body almost went limp.

The instant countless weapons and arrows descended on his body, he only inwardly coldly said the word ‘return’.

Time returned to less than a halt ago.

Lin Xi moved through the darkness, to the extent where his figure wasn’t even exposed yet.

Inside the central military tent, Jin Chengyun’s subordinates were looking at the increasingly panicked, pale faced, even mouth trembling Zhantai Shouchi, one of them speaking out in comfort, “Your highness, all of us have gathered here to protect your respected self. As long as we don’t panic ourselves, this is precisely the safest place in the entire army.”

None of them could have imagined that Lin Xi already ‘saw’ the exact situation inside the tent.

Jin Chengyun’s confidence wasn’t mistaken at all. In this world, apart from an existence at Gu Yunjing’s level, there was indeed no one else who could slaughter their way into the military tent and assassinate the crown prince under their eyes.

However, he still didn’t know that the one who arrived was Lin Xi.

He also didn’t know that in this world, Lin Xi was the only other person who had Principal Zhang’s ability.

Lin Xi was the Divine General Vice even Vice Principal Xia, this type of figure believed in.

He didn’t need to rush into the central tent.

While Jin Chengyun and those subordinate generals were comforting Zhantai Shouchi, Lin Xi didn’t continue to approach, instead continuously backing up.

Then, under the shadows of an empty tent, he produced three arrows.

These three arrows weren’t the Comet Tail Arrows with the greatest speed, but rather black metal arrows that he had specially carved modifications, able to release arrow sounds that make it hard to differentiate where the arrows came from.

In the darkness, he raised the dark red giant bow, instantly firing these three arrows.

Three black metal arrows disappeared in the darkness.

Arrow sounds filled the entire camp’s skies.

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