Book 11 Chapter 49 - Borrowing the General’s Hand, See Whether Alive or Dead

Several thousand Great Mang elite cavalry troops were currently chasing a Yunqin light armored troop of only a few hundred men.

When a Yunqin army carried out an intense suicidal attack as if they didn’t care about being surrounded by Great Mang’s troops at all, burning down the largest Great Mang food storage in South Tomb Province’s borders, this several hundred manned Yunqin light armored troop already ambushed a Great Mang provisions transport fleet.

This fleet knew that this provisions transport fleet wasn’t far from this Great Mang elite cavalry troop. Great Mang’s elite cavalry fleet was a mixed troop of Great Mang elites, the number of warriors many, the types of Great Mang equipment they used also many and varied. Compared to Yunqin light armored troops of similar numbers, they were stronger. Moreover, being a mixed cavalry and infantry army, Yunqin’s light armored troop didn’t have an advantage in speed either.

However, this Yunqin light armored army didn’t consider whether or not they would be able to escape. The only thing they did was loyally carry out their orders, attack that provisions transport fleet, set all of those provisions carriages on fire, and then withdraw.

Right now, a several thousand manned Great Mang elite cavalry army was already tightly closing in on this Yunqin light armored army. Every single Great Mang soldier’s eyes were already filled with blood-thirsty radiance and killing intent.

This type of difference in military strength, in the eyes of any Great Mang soldier, was completely a one-sided massacre.

However, they saw that the several hundred membered Yunqin light armored troop suddenly stopped, their speed decreasing.

Then, they discovered that there were close to two hundred entirely black soldiers who stood up from the weeds, appearing in front of this Yunqin light armored troop.

Two hundred infantry troops weren’t much at all for this Great Mang elite cavalry army, they similarly wouldn’t be able to do much. That was why in that instant, the lips of many Great Mang soldiers charging on warhorses that were rushing at the very front even curled upwards in mockery.

However, in just a breath or two of time, they discovered that something wasn’t right.

The Yunqin light cavalry army who had already experienced a battle, this  army that was already exhausted and had many wounded members suddenly became extremely excited. Meanwhile, in that black infantry army, someone made a few gestures, and then this incredibly excited Yunqin light armored troop didn’t stop, continuing to retreat according to their previous itinerary, only these close to two hundred infantry soldiers bringing up their rear.

Then, all of these Great Mang soldiers discovered that even though these infantry soldiers’ armor were black-colored, they were entirely different from normal Yunqin leather armor.

The armors on these infantry soldiers were black metal armor, and there were flag-like runes engraved on the surface of the armor.

The aura of every single one of these metal armored Yunqin soldiers was entirely different from a normal soldier. Moreover, almost all of these two hundred soldiers used entirely different weapons, practically not a single set the same. The most shocking thing was that heavy battle-axe that was most horrifying, most eye-catching, not only was the hatchet surface already the size of a person, the handle was even linked to chains, as if it could be flung out like a shooting star!

When facing the arriving enemy army, this Yunqin fleet only had some people raise their weapons, there were even some whose blades didn’t even leave their scabbards, only standing in place, waiting.

This wasn’t an ordinary troop!

“Black Flag Army!”[1]

“Dragon Snake’s Black Flag Army!”

Finally, in the Great Mang army that began to feel waves of chills, someone shouted out this army’s name in horror. Then, horror began to spread like a plague.

Everyone under the sky knew that Yunqin had two armies that were the most powerful. The first was Wenren Cangyue’s Sky Wolf Guards, the second was Dragon Snake Mountain’s Black Flag Army!

The Sky Wolf Guards were practically completely wiped out in last year’s Jadefall City battle. In all of Yunqin, the most powerful empire, it now only had Dragon Snake’s Black Flag Army.

Dragon Snake’s Back Flag Army’s history was as long as all of Yunqin Empire. Their reputation in this world was originally even above the Sky Wolf Guards.

Even though most people in Great Mang’s armies had never seen the Black Flag Army before, the reputation of the Black Flag Army and the aura their soldiers gave off from just standing in place was already enough to make this Great Mang army completely lose morale, completely enter a state of panic.

If they immediately completely retreated, then this Great Mang troop’s fate of being entirely wiped out might be altered. However, unknown if it was because their numbers were far greater or because they still wished to make it through by a fluke, or if it was because orders weren’t released due to alarm, the two armies still quickly faced each other.

Then, it was like weeds being mowed down.

The close to two hundred membered Black Flag Army experts turned into several dozen death scythes, sweeping through the enemy troops. Great Mang soldiers’ blood and broken limbs flew everywhere, instantly turning this grassland that used to be farmland into a scene from hell. An order of retreat sounded due to panic, but these Great Mang soldiers already didn’t have time to escape. As they fled in horror, they continuously fell.

The same day, a bit later.

Inside of a military tent near Meteor Lake’s southern shore, Wenren Cangyue received a piece of the newest military report, a military report relating to Lin Xi and Xu Qiubai’s battle in Meteor City.

When he saw the content of this military report, Wenren Cangyue’s finger joints gradually exerted force, those finger joints turning a bit white.

His eyes narrowed. After remaining quiet for a long time, he then loosened his hands. The military report instantly turned into ashes when he relaxed his hands.

“Send everything that happened in this battle, the entire process as it happened to Purgatory Mountain with the highest speed.”

“I do not believe that there really is a Divine General, this type of talent with intuition exceeding reasoning. However, Lin Xi, this brat is an extremely great threat, one that must be killed. Tell Purgatory Mountain’s patriarch that this is my judgment.”

Then, he made a rare motion of propping his chin with his hands, starting to think seriously, continuously giving out two most pressing military orders.

When news of Xu Qiubai dying under Lin Xi’s hands spread in Great Mang’s direction, making more Great Mang generals feeling like a shadow of death was looming over their heads, this piece of information also began to quickly spread within Yunqin’s borders as well.

Because of Gu Yunjing’s previous attitude, together with this being the victory Yunqin Empire direly needed to begin with, that was why no one would try to obstruct it from being released. All of the details were released to their utmost, spread with the fastest speed.

Wherever the information reached, those places were all completely shaken.

Everyone who loved this country couldn’t help but walk up to the streets, their blood boiling, unable to hold back their extreme joy and excitement as they celebrated this victory.

“For Yunqin!”

“For Young Sir Lin!”

Wherever the news reached, in many bars, this type of toast sounded from time to time.

Green Luan Academy, Training Valley.

An extremely weary looking, pale complexioned beautiful young lady whose face would still leave others with an unforgettable memory from the moment they first saw it walked out from a plank walkway.

She was the publicly acknowledged number one beauty among most of Green Luan Academy’s students, Qin Xiyue.

She raised her head to look south, and then she suddenly heard some sound behind her. She turned around, and then saw a fat figure slowly walk out from the wooden plank walkway.

“Meng Bai… your injuries didn’t hinder your movements, you can already start cultivating inside the training valley?” She stopped turning around and asked in a bit of a concerned manner.

Meng Bai who slowly walked on the wooden walkway,his entire body drenched in sweat slowly nodded. “Yeah.”

Qin Xiyue looked at Meng Bai who had a normal expression, just a bit exhausted from exerting himself too much and experiencing too much pain. She remained silent for a moment and then couldn’t help but ask, “There is no way you all wouldn’t be worried about Lin Xi… but why is it that regardless of whether it is you, Jiang Xiaoyi, or Bian Linghan, none of you are worried about him at all?”

“There isn’t much to be worried about.”

Meng Bai looked at Qin Xiyue who was extremely worried about Lin XI, slowly and seriously saying, “Someone who can ensure that they won’t fall to death even after jumping ten, twenty times, moreover able to ensure that those who jump with him won’t die either, how can this type of person throw his life away in a battle?”

Qin Xiyue stared blankly. “He jumped that many times for cultivation?”

Meng Bai wiped the sweat on his forehead and then shivered a bit from the wind. “It was right when we headed to Jadefall City, moreover the type where other cultivators would definitely die if they jumped.”

Qin Xiyue was stunned, her eyes becoming a bit round, her mouth also widening, giving off a bit of beauty that normally didn’t exist.

“It seems like I still don’t understand him enough.” Qin Xiyue slowly released an exhale.

Meng Bai gave her a look. It looked like he wanted to say something, but after a bit of hesitation, he still didn’t say anything.

Great Mang’s military report headed straight south, ultimately entering Great Mang’s most majestic land, Purgatory Mountain.

While looking at the contents of the military report with Wenren Cangyue’s comment added, the black robed Purgatory Mountain Scepter Elders’ bodies swirled with black energy and flames one after another. They walked out from the deep caves or palaces they normally cultivated in, following the mountain paths covered in profound patterns and entering Purgatory Mountain’s highest volcano’s black jade main hall.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s head was still hung, as if in thought, bathed in the red radiance released by the gemstone throne.

“I agree with Wenren Cangyue’s opinion.”

“Regardless of whether the Divine General talent exists, use some of our powers to kill him!”

Soon afterwards, when the six Purgatory Mountain Scepter Elders gathered, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch released a dignified voice.

The Six Purgatory Mountain Scepter Elders dressed in black robes also seemed to share the same opinion, which was why no one made any other sounds. They only showed a military salute, and then directly walked out from this black jade main hall.

The black jade main hall became spacious and quiet again.

Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch instead began to quietly cough.

“Is there really Divine General, this type of talent in this world?”

“I don’t believe so. Otherwise, why would you disappear from this world? Otherwise, in this situation where so many Yunqin people already perished, you should have already appeared.”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch coughed lightly. It was because after Li Ku and the old emperor perished, there was already no one else in all of Great Mang who had the qualifications to discuss matters with him. That was why he could only speak to himself.

In the end, apart from Principal Zhang and Lin Xi, no one else knew Principal Zhang and Lin Xi’s true secret. Meanwhile, for Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, the only person he truly feared was Principal Zhang alone. The main reason why he provoked this battle was still only to see if Principal Zhang was alive or dead.

1. Dragon Snake Border Army has three different elite armies, namely the Black Flag Army, Black Dragon Army and the Black Snake Army. Each one has about 200 members.

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