Book 2 Chapter 24 - The Natural Opposition Between Golden Spoon and Bumpkins

Lin Xi didn’t see Luo Houyuan. He originally wanted to obtain some explanations behind the strange movements this elder taught him, but the one who guided him out from the valley was a lecturer with sideburns he hadn’t met before.

In a vacant area outside the training valley, Lin Xi saw that many students from all different departments were gathered here.

Heh, Lin Xi, what, you also entered the training valley today?” The moment Lin Xi stopped moving, wishing to see just what exactly was going on, a familiar voice called out loudly towards Lin Xi in a teasing manner, making many of the students in this vacant area turn around, their eyes concentrating on Lin Xi’s body.

Lin Xi frowned slightly. The one who spoke so loudly everyone could hear was the one with a face that was pretty and tender, but had a sinisterness and craftiness that didn’t match his age, it was precisely Qiu Lu who he had never gotten along with.

Perhaps because he had exhausted quite a bit of strength in the training valley as well, Qiu Lu’s face was pale like porcelain, to the extent where it even turned a bit green.

When he saw the momentarily silent Lin Xi, Qiu Lu faced a student next to him who was also rather graceful looking, his facial features pretty, and said with a laugh, “Zi Xuxiong, this is our Self Defense Department heaven’s choice who ate a Clear Truth Pill but only managed to pull back the bow two finger lengths, Lin Xi.”

This student whose facial features were pretty, to the extent where it made Lin Xi feel like he looked like the younger Jimmy Lin[1] was dressed in gray robes, a Medicine Department new student.

When he heard Qiu Lu’s words, this new student who had pretty features, height roughly the same as Lin Xi smiled, but didn’t say anything. He produced a snow-white handkerchief, wiping his forehead. On his hand was an emerald ring that flickered with a true precious dark green radiance.

This ring could probably buy a small half of a shop in Deerwood Town, and together with Qiu Lu’s rare humble attitude, his natural grace and pride, Lin Xi immediately knew that this was, without a doubt, a true golden spoon.

Lin Xi didn’t express the enmity naturally produced between bumpkins and golden spoons, nor did he pay Qiu Lu any attention, calmly walking over. However, he saw that there was a piece of simple and crude public announcement tile there.

He had a set of memories that those of this world couldn’t even imagine, and he was even a few years older than Qiu Lu, so how could he be bothered to argue with this ‘kid’.

When he was in Deerwood Town, towards those youngsters who were similar in age as himself, but were clearly much stupider, he already couldn’t help but think that the children of this world really were quite pitiful… Even if they wanted to listen to a story, they would have to see if there were any free dads or moms that were willing to tell them one. The way in which they acquired information from the outside world was just that crude, even the most diligent students from private schools could only learn a bit of information about the outside world from their private school teachers. Even though there was the popular saying ‘read ten thousand books, walk ten thousand li[2]’, how many private teachers were there who actually traveled ten thousand li? Could this compare to the world he and Principal Zhang were familiar with, the world with televisions, internet, the apple Steve Jobs bit into...

He was a young man, yet he was a young man different from all of the other youth in this world, which was why many of the lecturers felt that he was a bit different. Meanwhile, in his eyes, Qiu Lu, this type of golden spoon, was a true brat.

However, his indifferent attitude instead made Qiu Lu feel like he was being shown contempt, making him feel resentment for no reason. He screamed at Lin Xi, “Lin Xi, from the looks of it, you were beaten quite badly today again… what are you even coming here for? Don’t tell me you want to see yourself on this announcement?”


Lin Xi nodded towards the students from other departments around the public announcement in a friendly manner. When Qiu Lu’s voice sounded, he was momentarily distracted, seeing that what was stuck to this notice were the achievements of the top ten students in the training valley over the past few days.

“Firefly”, withdrew with five emblems three times.

“Thunder Python”, withdrew with five emblems three times.

“White Winged Tiger”, withdrew with five emblems three times.

“Silver Fox”, withdrew with five emblems two times.

Apart from the black-armored symbols’ names, there were even drawings, making it extremely obvious.

He really did see his own code name on this list.

Silver Fox, ranked fourth.

“Seems like this withdrawing with five emblems really isn’t that easy…” When he heard the voices of discussions and hot-blooded vows of the students around him, Lin Xi muttered to himself. He almost immediately realized the significance of the academy setting up this signboard here.

Many students saw the opponents who defeated them before on this list, many of them vowing to get revenge, that they would stop the opponents on this list from obtaining continuous victories.

Some individuals he hadn’t faced before were also discussing among themselves, saying that they had to fight with these experts, seize a golden pentagon emblem from their hands, because that would bring back even more glory.

Meanwhile, this training valley had already been opened for many days to the new students, yet the highest accomplishment was still only three five emblem withdrawals. Apart from the three that were ranked at the very top, the other seven only withdrew with five emblems twice. It seemed like Lin Xi’s luck really was quite good, because even if it was these individuals with three five emblem withdrawal achievements, if they lost tomorrow, then their achievement would have been for nothing, forced to start all over.

“It seems like starting from tomorrow, I’ll be chased after by many people.” Lin Xi curled his lips, feeling like he was quite pitiful.

“So? You could only admire the glory of others, right?” Right at this time, Qiu Lu looked at him coldly, speaking with contempt, “However, I can tell you right now that I am one of these people.”

Normally, Qiu Lu might not bother Lin Xi ever so persistently. However today, there was Liu Ziyu here.

Even though Liu Ziyu’s father was only Nanping City’s city supervisor, because his achievements were extremely outstanding, according to the secret information Qiu Family obtained from the imperial court, once this year came to a close, the Martial Sector would definitely give him a promotion. At that time, Liu Ziyu’s father would become Shanlu Province’s provincial supervisor.

Once the promotion became official, with Qiu Lu’s current status, if he wanted to become friends with Liu Ziyu, then it would be a bit too low, there would be many obstacles then.

Meanwhile, under the current circumstances, if they could develop good relations, even if it was a relationship with a bit of fake emotions, it would still be well worth the rather heavy price Qiu Family paid to acquire this information.

Prostitutes feared not being as dazzling as other prostitutes, while influential officials often feared being looked down on by higher influential officials.

“You are one of them?” When Qiu Lu said this, it immediately drew Lin Xi’s attention. He turned around, a bit astounded as he looked at Qiu Lu.

When he recalled that warrior who was beaten rather miserably by Uncle Liu, Lin Xi immediately realized that this golden spoon with the small, pretty and tender face, in his family, likely also already underwent quite a bit of martial skill training.

When he saw Lin Xi finally reply, Qiu Lu’s expression became a bit better, saying with a sneer, “When talking to a countryside bumpkin like you, is there a need for me to lie?”

Many of the surrounding students, especially those who were also bumpkins, all frowned, feeling that Qiu Lu really was too overbearing, too disrespectful. However, Lin Xi didn’t become annoyed, instead asking with a rather strange tone, “Even if you are on that list… it’s not all that special, right?”

“Not that special?” Qiu Lu was so furious he laughed, saying with a shrill voice, “You aren’t able to do it yourself, yet you dare speak these words, dare mock the achievements of others?”

“Lin Xi, do you not have any sense of shame? Do you not know what is considered the empire’s glory?! The honor of a warrior?!”

“You really are an idiot…” Lin Xi didn’t pay Qiu Lu any attention, instead starting to calmly think to himself. With three more five emblem withdrawals in a row, he could obtain a course point of reward… wouldn’t this be even a bit faster than breaking the record of the Direct Spear Strikes Trial?

His indifference only infuriated Qiu Lu further. He heavily stomped his feet, screaming out, “Lin Xi, do you dare fight against me or not?!”

Everyone’s attention was immediately drawn. The Liu Ziyu next to Qiu Lu also looked at Lin Xi with a ruminate expression.

Yunqin Empire was established through militant force, full of a martial style, examples of slight conflicts resulting in drawn blades could be found anywhere. As such, a coward who disregarded honor and glory, compared to a bossy and domineering golden spoon, drew even more disgust.

“How do you want to fight?” However, this time, Lin Xi didn’t refuse, quietly looking at Qiu Lu and saying, “We tell each other our black armor symbols, and then we set a date to face off in the training valley?”

“If I tell you my black armor symbol, what if you had Tang Ke come and deal with me instead? I definitely can’t guarantee that I’ll win against that kind of border barbarian.” Qiu Lu sneered, speaking in a mocking tone, “If you dare fight against me, tomorrow, we’ll just meet up here first, and then enter the training valley together. Then, we’ll enter the training valley together, decide the place to settle things, and then immediately hurry to that place. Moreover, Tang Ke and the others are not allowed to enter the training valley tomorrow to prevent you from scheming with them. As for the black armor’s symbol… I don’t want to let you know either, feel free to find some dirt along the way to cover it up.”

“Covering the black armor’s symbol… is this even allowed?” Lin Xi was a bit stunned.

“Covering it normally is naturally a sign of cowardice, no one will do this, but there aren’t any rules forbidding this in the training valley… since we want to fight, but don’t want to expose our own identities, then covering it isn’t a big deal.” Qiu Lu shot Lin Xi a sneer, saying, “If you don’t dare, just say it right here, there’s no need to find so many excuses.”

“Sure.” Lin Xi chuckled, revealing a radiant smile, directly agreeing. His straightforward agreement left Qiu Lu and Liu Ziyu both stunned, especially Qiu Lu who immediately opened his mouth, swallowing the vile words he originally planned to utter right back down his throat. At this time, he instead saw Lin Xi shake his head again, seemingly somewhat vexed as he said to himself, “As for the relationship between Tang Ke and myself… he will probably give me face, not enter the training valley tomorrow, right?”

Liu Ziyu couldn’t help but become stunned. Could it be that this Self Defense Department heaven’s choice who was rumored to be extremely lacking in both cultivation and combat strength wasn’t worried about tomorrow’s battle at all, instead concerned with whether he could stop his border barbarian friend?

His immediate reaction was that Lin Xi was putting on a front, but Lin Xi’s tone, and the way his lips were slightly curled instead didn’t carry the slightest trace of being faked… even those who wandered about the upper echelon of the imperial court, who didn’t let their emotions affect their behaviors definitely couldn’t hide it this well, let alone a countryside bumpkin from Deerwood Town.

However, just as he was filled with shock, Lin Xi, this Deerwood Town bumpkin gave him a look, directly saying, “Please move out of the way, do not block my path back to the freshman dormitory.” Then, he forcibly squeezed his way past his side.

Lin Xi didn’t give Liu Ziyu’s expression a look at all. At first, he didn’t have any negative impressions towards this person who stood next to the tender golden spoon Qiu Lu, but later on, Liu Ziyu not only didn’t advise against it, he instead had a look of watching an interesting play, making him feel disappointment towards this handsome young man who looked a bit like Jimmy Lin… in that case, he naturally wouldn’t be too polite either.

1. Taiwanese singer

2. knowledge comes from books and from experience

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