Book 11 Chapter 47 - Revenge, Is Always a Happy Thing

The golden radiance around the Yunqin little phoenix’s entire body swirled like flames, but there wasn’t any heat at all, only a serious and resolute aura.

Its entire body and even its feathers seemed to have become this world’s most sturdy metal.

Xu Qiubai’s chest armor was penetrated, blood flying outwards.

 Xu Qiubai’s body leaned slightly backwards. The dark red arrow was a few inches from hitting the longsword in Lin Xi’s hands. As such, Lin Xi didn’t need to expose his secret of already being able to control a flying sword, so his sword didn’t need to leave his hands.

The longsword swirling with silver radiance continued to hack diagonally, penetrating the armor. It entered the thick armor covering Xu Qiubai’s abdomen, instantly hacking out a long and deep wound.

Xu Qiubai released a vicious roar, unable to maintain the strength erupting in his right hand. The dark red giant bird instantly exploded. Several dozen transparent arrow-like ice fragments carrying the last of Lucky’s strength instantly cut into his body, digging deep inside.

In that instant, Xu Qiubai felt as if he suffered several dozen blade cuts, his entire body bleeding, even his scattering hair covered in his own blood.

In that instant, Lin Xi released a muffled groan. With a stance normal people couldn’t accomplish, his wrist forcibly resisted the upwards motion, instead fiercely smashing towards Xu Qiubai’s body.

The excessive soul force eruption also made him feel pain. However, at the same time, his heart was also extremely happy.

The bow he used before, in Green Luan Academy, couldn't be considered an especially powerful bow. However, this bow’s speed of taking in soul force was extremely fast, making it one of the bows with the greatest firing speed.

In the world of cultivators, rapid firing wasn’t the most important, because if one purely pursued firing rate, they might as well use a continuous fire crossbow. Most powerful cultivator archers pursued power, what they wanted was a one shot kill. That was why this Cloud Piercing Bow could only be considered quite the ordinary level soul weapon longbow, unable to compare to Green Luan Weapon Hall’s Eight Reflexion Silencer, Ceramic Glaze Imperial Seal, Cold Moon Ginkyo, Mournful Morning Crying Snow, Heavenly Radiance Cloud Shadows, Moon Embrace Luminous Stars, these types of powerful bows at all.

However, the moment he saw that Vice Principal Xia sent him this type of bow and large amounts of Comet Tail Arrows, Lin Xi already knew that Vice Principal Xia’s way of thinking and his own were the same. He knew that in the past, Principal Xia might have also displayed archery like his today. That was why from the moment he saw this bow, he already had absolute confidence in defeating Xu Qiubai.

After breaking through to the State Knight level, he could already push his roulette in an extremely detailed manner. The experience he gained from the previous battles gave him enough confidence, allowing him to carefully seize the trajectory of every single arrow Xu Qiubai fired, moreover able to grasp Xu Qiubai’s response after he closed the distance.

The only thing he had to worry about was that when facing a powerful individual like Xu Qiubai, just how much of his secrets should he hold back.

However, the only thing he didn’t expect was that he would actually win this easily.

It was because this golden little Yunqin phoenix suddenly erupted with power.

In the end, this Yunqin phoenix was still too young. The reason why Lin Xi brought it with him was because regardless of what Lin Xi said, unknown as to whether it didn’t understand or didn’t want to, it just insisted on following Lin Xi, Meanwhile, right now, this young Yunqin phoenix’s strength was also limited, only tearing open a bloody hole in Xu Qiubai’s chest.

However, its speed was extremely fast, moreover, the power within its body was not like the flames Lin Xi previously anticipated, but rather the ability to make its body surface exceptionally sturdy. Even though it only produced a bloody hole in Xu Qiubai’s chest, this was already enough. For Lin Xi, this was already a miracle outside of his expectations.

A single miracle was already enough to decide the battle situation, let alone continuous miracles.

This battle’s results were already decided!

Xu Qiubai released a vicious shout. The arrow grasped in his left hand moved again, wishing to stab through this golden young Yunqin phoenix. However, right at this time, the cold sword edge already pierced through his armor again, entering his flesh.

As such, he continued to shout viciously, soul force surging from his feet. His entire figure was like a radish that shot out of the earth on its own, flying backwards.

There were just too many miracles that didn’t match normal reasoning. The wounds covering his body and his flowing blood made his strength deteriorate rapidly.

For him, this duel was only a single corner of the battle, so he wouldn’t use any time to feel shock or anger. What he needed to do was escape and live.

Xu Qiubai began to run.

It was as if he didn’t care that this was a duel at all, that this would be recorded in the books of history, as if he didn’t care about honor and disgrace at all. He didn’t even pay the dark red bow on the ground any attention, only holding an arrow in one hand and using his other hand to cover the largest sword wound on his abdomen, using his greatest strength to flee towards the Meteor Lake behind him.

The Star General’s Advance just happened to end here.

Mu Shanzi’s throat was already completely hoarse, unable to utter any more sounds.

All of Meteor City became quiet, only sounds of endless military banners fluttering in the wind audible.

The silence right now was even more shocking.

Lin Xi didn’t immediately chase after Xu Qiubai.

He only casually stuck the longsword in his hands into the ground, and then he picked up the dark red longbow that fell in front of him.

Like moving clouds and flowing water, the instant he picked up this dark red longbow, he already picked up a white Comet Tail Arrow, drew the bow, controlled the bowstring, and then fired.

The arrow noise seemed like it was going to penetrate this entire world.

The white comet tail like arrow instantly arrived in front of Xu Qiubai.

Xu Qiubai released a vicious roar, blasting this arrow aside. Blood scattered out from his body’s countless wounds.

Lin Xi calmly continued firing.

The dark red arrow in Xu Qiubai’s hand was already bent.

This was already his last arrow, his final weapon. Unknown as to whether there was a special reason or meaning, this final arrow wasn’t placed in the quiver, but rather on his armor’s back like a sword. His arrow quiver had long become empty, so everyone thought that he didn’t have any arrows left.

Right now, this arrow whose significance was unknown, always hidden behind him, also bent.

With a pa noise, he used this bent arrow to strike aside Lin Xi’s arrow again.

Only, this time, he couldn’t completely send Lin Xi’s arrow flying.

The white arrow pierced through his right shoulder, his right shoulder now also completely penetrated.

Xu Qiubai suffered another serious injury. All of the soldiers on Meteor City’s gate tower were long shocked and stirred up to a speechless degree. However, Xu Qiubai who had his right shoulder penetrated by an arrow, his feet crisscrossed, still flying backwards, didn’t seem to feel much pain. He instead coldly looked at the bow holding Lin Xi, saying, “It is a pity that even the most powerful archers are human, our hands can only bear so much burden.”

Lin Xi understood the meaning behind Xu Qiubai’s words extremely clearly. However, he instead laughed and changed hands. “I can shoot at least a few more.”

When his figure stabilized, Xu Qiubai coldly forcibly straightened the metal arrow he used like a sword.

Lin Xi smiled, and then fired again.

A white stream of air descended upon Xu Qiubai again. Xu Qiubai’s strike made the wounds all over his body release blood again. He directly knocked the arrow flying again, but the dark red arrow in his hands already bent again as well.

A second white streak instantly descended.

The dark red arrow in his hands already faced it, but his strength couldn’t keep up with this type of speed, unable to send it flying.


The white arrow barely missed his heart arteries, digging deeply into his chest.

XU Qiubai’s mouth even spurted out blood.

However, he still released a nasty grin.

It was because he was still alive, not dead. Meanwhile, Lin Xi’s hands were already shaking, already lowering the dark red giant bow in his hands. Meanwhile, he arrived at the lake, already sensing the moisture released from the water surface.

His body leapt high into the air, flying backwards. He didn’t land into that bamboo float of his, instead directly falling towards the even more distant water surface.

A wave of irresistible cries of alarm erupted from within Meteor City.

This battle was already a great victory, enough to stir up the hearts of all of Yunqin Empire’s people. However, everyone knew that Lin Xi wanted revenge, but they also knew that with Xu Qiubai’s current actions, it meant that his swimming abilities were excellent, that this water was his escape path to begin with. If he couldn’t kill Xu Qiubai, even if Xu Qiubai had two arrows in his body right now, even if Xu Qiubai’s body was almost completely in tatters, for Lin Xi, this battle couldn’t be considered complete.

However, Lin Xi instead remained calm.

He wasn’t in a rush to continue rushing forward either, only lowering the dark red bow first. Then, he began to shake his hands, continuously rubbing his arms, stretching his ten fingers.

Xu Qiubai entered the waters. With a splash, he already deeply entered the waters, only a bit of bloodiness rushing out.

However, in an instant, the calm Meteor Lake surface suddenly surged. Bursts of shocking undercurrents and splashes rushed out from the water surface.

It was as if there was a flood dragon that suddenly appeared at the bottom of this lake!

Most of the soldiers on the city gate tower didn’t know what kind of things happened in the water depths. They only watched with shock and speechlessness. Then, they saw a body covered in blood roar, emerging on the water surface again.

This person’s eyes were widened, his face also seemingly having a wound added. This was precisely Xu Qiubai.

Lin Xi laughed, a bit sentimental, but also a bit delighted.

Then, he raised his bow again, raising the dark red long bow that originally belonged to Xu Qiubai.


In the skies, a piercing roar sounded again. The white comet-like arrow descended, deeply penetrating the center of Xu Qiubai’s chest.

With a boom noise, Xu Qiubai’s body sunk fiercely, producing countless splashes.

Xu Qiubai’s body sunk into the surging lake water, in the instant death descended, he was completely swallowed up by despair, fear and perplexity. Like a twisted shrimp, he floated to the water surface, dying.

Everyone knew that he was definitely going to die.

Lin Xi’s arms were also already sore and numb to the limit. However, he still didn’t feel satisfied. As such, he once again smiled, drawing the bow again.

Two more arrows descended, penetrating the body of Xu Qiubai that was already turning cold.

The arrows that nailed Xu Qiubai’s body made Xu Qiubai look a bit like a hedgehog, a hedgehog that floated in the water.

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