Book 11 Chapter 46 - Furious Little Chicken

Xu Qiubai’s entire body was dyed dark red from the radiance his bow and arrow released.

His hair was dark red.

His brows were dark red.

Right now, even his eyes had been dyed dark red.

He fired with the fastest speed he was capable of, even pushing his perception and reaction speed advantage to his limit. The slight alterations in his firing rhythm even more so placed Lin Xi in a constant passive state. However, despite this being the case, every single arrow he released would always be accurately seized by Lin Xi. Every single arrow Lin Xi released would still intercept his arrows with incomparable precision.

Even the most powerful arrows that could continue their flight after being struck, if they couldn’t hit their targets, they were still useless.

While looking at Lin Xi who seemed to move with the rhythm of ‘Star General’s Advance’, his eyes narrowed to almost becoming a fine line.

Then, he began to back up.

Even though Lin Xi could intercept his arrows, this in itself already a miracle that didn’t match cultivation reasoning, for Xu Qiubai, he definitely couldn’t do anything that didn’t make cultivation sense. That was why he naturally had to respect the reasoning between a cultivators’ battle.

After pushing his concentration and soul force output to the limit, regardless of whether it was his physical or mental state, they were weary. This was also a reasoning all cultivators in this world could understand.

Lin Xi still had a longsword on his back, at this time clearly wishing to get closer.

That was why Xu Qiubai naturally didn’t want Lin Xi to get closer.

With Lin Xi’s advance and Xu Qiubai’s withdrawal, the incredibly tense atmosphere on Meteor City’s gate tower was instantly shattered. Almost all of these Yunqin soldiers felt their hot blood boil, releasing great roaring cheers. As these cheers mixed with the drum beats, releasing a boom noise, it truly was as if an intangible star general took a fierce step.

Xu Qiubai quickly stopped his retreating footsteps, the radiance in his eyes becoming even colder.

It was because he couldn’t retreat.

By retreating, his body needed more time to adjust, so his speed of firing became a bit slower. Meanwhile, Lin Xi’s firing speed instead exceeded his, an arrow arriving directly in front of his face.

His body fiercely leaned backwards, avoiding this arrow. At the same time, he fired an arrow, forcing Lin Xi to intercept his arrow. However, his retreating stance was instead stopped.

Xu Qiubai could only wait for Lin Xi’s body and spirit to show signs of fatigue.

He stopped, continuously firing arrows.

His arrow quiver quickly became empty.

It was because his arrows weren’t ordinary arrows, moreover, he never believed that many arrows were needed to deal with a cultivator, and as such never carried more than sixty arrows on him, or else the weight of the metal arrows would only exhaust his stamina. However today, he completely emptied the close to sixty arrows in his quiver, yet couldn’t shoot down his opponent!

Lin Xi’s quiver still had more arrows.

He still had seventy to eighty white arrows in his quiver.

When Xu Qiubai completely used up all of his arrows, he continued to fire, aiming an arrow at Xu Qiubai’s chest.

Xu Qiubai stood in place without moving. The dark red giant bow in his hands moved, smashing the comet tail like arrow light flying.

Lin Xi changed hands, and then continued firing.

At the same time, he began to charge crazily with great steps!

Right now, there was close to five hundred steps of distance between him and Xu Qiubai.

When he shifted from his previous extremely calm and accurate stance to this crazy charging stance, it was also the moment this ‘Star General’s Advance’ reached its most intense moment.

Dong! Dong! Dong….

Mu Shanzi suddenly shouted with all of his strength being exhausted, so the serious faced Gao Yanan’s hands struck the five drums in front of her so fast there were afterimages.

Under these most intense drum sounds, Lin Xi began to run crazily, firing arrows in a berserk manner.

All of the cheers and roars on Meteor City’s gate tower completely changed into a crazy tide.

Xu Qiubai couldn’t retreat.

It was because if he retreated, there was no way he could keep up with Lin Xi’s firing speed, unable to block Lin Xi’s arrows.

His concentration also became focused beyond his usual limit.

His feet dug deep into the ground, his body curling up as much as possible. The dark red giant bow in his hands became his shield, continuously moving about, striking away the arrows aimed at him one after another.

Lin Xi’s right hand that previously controlled the bowstring already had blood vessels bulging under his skin. Right now, his left hand was controlling the bowstring. Under the rapid infusion of soul force, his left hand also began to pour out some wisps of blood.

However, his complexion was still extremely calm, controlling his rhythm and using arrows to prevent Xu Qiubai from backing up, quickly closing the distance.

Compared to Lin Xi’s, Xu Qiubai’s appearance was much more bitter.

The space between his thumbs and forefingers, as well as his ten fingernails were already completely splitting apart, under the surging of soul force and continuously shaking bow, blood continuously scattered about. There were many areas on his arms’ skin that were already splitting apart. His body also had several deep scars from being cut by arrows.

His breathing also became heavier and heavier, the heat emitted from his head also dark red, evaporating like blood.

Under sky shaking shouts and this worlds’ most intense drum song, Lin Xi pressed towards Xu Qiubai’s body!


When an arrow tore through the sky, shooting up to Xu Qiubai’s face, Lin Xi let go of the longbow in his hands, grabbing his longsword. All of his soul force poured out from his feet, and then instantly gathered towards his hands.

His entire being followed behind the last arrow he fired, one sword thrusting at Xu Qiubai!

Green Luan Academy’s sword drawing form; this was truly a simple sword draw.

However, it concentrated all of Lin Xi’s hatred, concentrated his soul force that far exceeded a normal person’s, concentrated Star General Advance’s drum beats and the blood boiling shouts of all of the soldiers in the city. The loftiness of this sword was already hard to imagine.

Xu Qiubai didn’t actually excel in close combat, but he was still at the peak of State Master level after all, a cultivator who was a step away from becoming a sacred level powerful cultivator.

The instant this arrow and sword both arrived, moreover just after blocking Lin Xi’s previous arrow barrage, in this type of situation where his body and spirit were already exhausted to the extreme, he still made a reaction ahead of time. His body crouched down slightly, his body’s soul force gathering endlessly towards his hands. Then, he raised his bow.

Thud! Thud! Two explosive noises sounded.

Xu Qiubai’s wrist felt a wave of intense pain, almost breaking. However, just by raising his bow like this, the bow already blocked the arrow and sword with absolute precision. Moreover, his extremely resolute and calm will made it so that his body wasn’t affected by the pain at all. He could clearly see Lin Xi’s sword tip quickly slide down his bow, hacking towards the wrist of his right hand that was gripping the bow.

As such, he extremely simply let go of the giant bow, his right hand’s five fingers clenching and then relaxing.

Many times, for an archery master like him, the bow and arrows were his life. However, for someone like him who crawled out step by step from a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, he would never let anyone truly fully understand him. He would always have some type of killing methods saved to use for a final gambit.

When his five fingers clenched and then released, the air around his hand rapidly contracted and then exploded, releasing a powerful ringing noise like that of a giant bird’s cry.

At the same time, there was a terrifying dark red radiance between his palm and fingers that surged again, instantly condensing into a dark red giant bird between Lin Xi and himself. It looked like a vulture, but also wasn’t like a vulture. It was because in this world, there were no vultures that were dark red, and no vultures in this world had this type of terrifying might and power.

This was a cultivator’s merged soul.

In this world, there weren’t that many cultivators above State Knight level to begin with. Among State Knight level cultivators, those who could merge with the soul of a suitable fiend beast weren’t many either. As for cultivators who could merge with high quality fiend beasts’ soul force, they were even fewer in number.

Previously, even in the records of the Cultivator File Library, there were no recordings of Xu Qiubai being a cultivator who successfully merged souls, the records merely stated that he always assassinated from the shadows.

Lin Xi’s body froze.

The instant Xu Qiubai fully released the soul force and merged soul power within his body, just the compressed air already made his body and the longsword in his hands unable to proceed further.

It was clear that the soul Xu Qiubai merged with was definitely a type of extremely rare, but extremely powerful fiend beast.

This type of power was something Lin Xi couldn’t contend against.

However, he was a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest, he still had Lucky.

In his plans, when he got close, he wasn’t going to rely on his hidden moves, but rather rely on Lucky.

Lucky’s two claws reached out from his chest.

In this instant, after experiencing Jadefall City’s battle, Lucky who personally saw Lin Xi’s despair and pain also finally began to release a furious cry. Yi… All of it’s body’s power rushed out from its mouth and two claws without holding back in the slightest, firing at Xu Qiubai.

The air instantly fluttered with snow. This snow in summer was extremely brilliant and dazzling, bright and multicolored.

Terrifying frozen air condensed in the air with a speed that was impossible for cultivators to perceive. It clashed with the dark red flames of light ahead, as if it was burning.

Xu Qiubai’s power was still more powerful than the layers of terrifying frozen coldness. However, the dark red giant bird still found it hard to break through the ice, moving extremely slowly.

For Lin Xi, this type of sluggishness was already enough.

His body’s soul force surged again.

Right now, all of the people on the city gate tower were unable to perceive the slight changes that were taking place. However, in Xu Qiubai’s perception, this was already a second miracle.

It was because there was no way his soul force could be transferred that quickly.

There were no cultivators in this world who could transfer soul force that quickly. This was especially with Lin Xi’s cultivation, this didn’t match normal reasoning at all.

However, regardless, this second miracle already happened.

Lin Xi pressed forward again!

The longsword in his hands already turned into silver mercury. It shot up from beneath the dark red giant bird, hacking diagonally at Xu Qiubai’s underbelly.

Xu Qiubai’s left hand reached out. His left hand held a dark red arrow, sending it smashing down towards Lin Xi’s sword!

In the end, his cultivation far exceeded Lin Xi’s after all. That was why in this extremely short amount of time, he could still make a reaction.

Lin Xi prepared to let go.

Xu Qiubai’s strength already exceeded his predictions, so he couldn’t completely preserve all of his secrets. He prepared to make his sword instantly leave his hands and change directions.

However, right at this time, a third miracle happened.

Lucky was releasing its power without holding back at all, already releasing blood from its mouth.

The golden little Yunqin phoenix was right at its side. It didn’t understand why Lin Xi and Lucky had to go all out against this person in front of them, but it could sense Lin Xi’s hatred, feel Lucky’s anger, sense how Lucky didn’t hold anything back.

As such, it suddenly also mysteriously became angry.

It also released a cry.

However, unlike its previous cries, this cry was exceptionally penetrating, as if a hole was ripped open in the sky, and then a blade descended, entering the hands of that invisible advancing star general.

Lin Xi only felt the pit of his stomach tremble.

The golden little Yunqin phoenix already flew out from his chest, its entire body wrapped in swirling golden radiance, as if it was covered in layers of golden armor.

The instant he was about to let go of the sword in his hands, this golden little Yunqin phoenix already smashed fiercely into Xu Qiubai’s chest like a golden arrow!

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