Book 11 Chapter 44 - One Arrow, Shooting at the City

Xu Qiubai already arrived on schedule, now approaching Meteor City’s gates.

Within Meteor City, Lin Xi instead didn’t walk out of the room he stayed in these days. He raised his head to look at the Yunqin soldier who had just poured a cup of hot tea for him, saying calmly and with a bit of pity, “Turns out you were a Great Mang spy.”

Right now, there was already a Yunqin officer who entered Lin Xi’s room to give a report. Moreover, in the vacant area outside the gates, there was also a row of Yunqin soldiers waiting. Right now, these people all heard Lin Xi’s voice, their expressions changing greatly, their eyes uniformly locking onto the body of this tall and slender Yunqin soldier.

This tall and slender Yunqin soldier’s face didn’t change in the slightest. He only bowed, saying, “Yes, only, it is already too late.”

Lin Xi looked at him, shaking his head.

The tall and slender Yunqin soldier was moved. “I clearly saw you…”

Lin Xi stood up, raising his head. There were some drops of tea water that began to drip out from his priest robes. 

The tall and slender Yunqin soldier saw the tea water that dripped out from his sleeves, releasing a sigh. His face began to turn black, and then he began to cough lightly, coughing out mouthfuls of black blood.

The Yunqin officer and all of the Yunqin soldiers who heard the words between Lin Xi and the Great Mang spy were utterly furious.

In the eyes of those outside, since this was a decisive battle Great Mang’s side took the initiative to challenge, then the course of this battle had to at least be absolutely fair. However, who would have thought that before this battle even began, for the sake of ensuring safety, Great Mang’s side would actually have a spy poison Lin Xi!

“They want to ensure victory, but we instead have to ensure equality. This way, when I kill him, only then will this type of information truly boost morale.”

Lin Xi placed the ash gray longbow and purple quiver on his back, patting the shoulder of the Yunqin officer who was so angry his entire face was blood red, saying, “I know that Great General Gu previously definitely already gave the order for this battle to be carried out in an absolutely fair manner, but since even this type of thing has happened, you all need to be a bit more careful. You all have to be even more careful in ensuring that it is absolutely fair… I don’t want there to be any military equipment flying out of the city when I kill him, or when he is destined to die.”

When this Yunqin black-armored commander heard him say this, he shivered inwardly, nodding, his eyes immediately became filled with joy. “Sir Lin, your respected self has confidence in killing him?”

“Of course.”

Lin Xi knew what these soldiers wanted to hear the most right now. Since he also already completed his preparations, he naturally wouldn’t put on airs. As such, he nodded slightly, saying seriously, “I came to kill him, and not to throw my life away. I obviously have confidence in killing him.”

The black-armored high ranking Yunqin military officer took a deep breath. He was extremely moved, giving Lin Xi a bow of respect. “We will ensure that the battle will be carried out under absolute fairness, ensure it with our lives.”

Lin Xi bowed, returning the greeting, and then began to walk towards Meteor City’s gates.

As the extremely clean priest robes moved along the street, all Yunqin soldiers displayed a solemn and respectful military salute.

Meteor City’s heavy city gates slowly opened. Lin Xi walked out alone, appearing in the line of sight of everyone on the city gate tower.

On the city gate tower, when Mu Shanzi saw Lin Xi who was dressed in a brand new Spiritual Sacrifice Priest gown, appearing exceptionally pure and clean, his pupils instantly contracted slightly, saying rigidly, “What kind of bow is that? That isn’t one of our Green Luan Academy’s most powerful bows at all.”

The bow on Lin Xi’s back was ash gray.

It was just like the deathly pale complexion of a soldier who was seriously injured and lost a lot of blood.

It looked like it was made of jade, but the bow itself was also extremely sturdy, the bowstring almost transparent, as if it was made with a single tendon.

This bow that only looked a bit special, but didn’t seem all that domineering, was even a size smaller than ‘Little Black’. Meanwhile, those bows in Green Luan Academy’s weapons hall with the most shocking power, those soul weapon strongbows only those with State Master level cultivation could draw, if they weren’t massive, then they had shocking runes and presence. That was why he was sure this definitely wasn’t one of those Green Luan Academy most powerful bows.

“This isn’t a strongbow with the greatest power, just one of the bows in which soul force can be imbued, and then arrows can be fired at the fastest rate.” Gao Yanan took a deep breath and then slowly replied.

“What is the meaning behind Vice Principal Xia giving him this type of bow? Xu Qiubai’s cultivation is far above his, his perception and reaction speed also far above his. This type of bow can at most bring their firing speed to an equal footing… Without the power to kill the opponent with a single arrow, how can he possibly face an opponent like Xu Qiubai?” Mu Shanzi’s face became a bit pale.

Gao Yanan gave Mu Shanzi a look. “You’ll know soon anyway, so you don’t need to ponder over this.”

Mu Shanzi stared blankly.

In his line of sight, Lin Xi walked up to the vacant area in front of the city by himself.

Since everyone outside the city already returned inside the city, Lin Xi’s surroundings seemed especially vacant and empty. Meanwhile, in front of such a massive city, Lin Xi alone seemed especially insignificant.

Mu Shanzi saw that Xu Qiubai who was arriving from the lake was already pulling towards the shore.

As such, he knew that what Gao Yanan said was true. Regardless, it was already completely pointless for him to try and figure out how Lin Xi was going to win. That was why what he himself needed to consider, was just what he could do now.

His expression became serious, turning solemn.

Then, he nodded towards Gao Yanan, picking up two golden drum hammers with many golden threads tied around them.

Lin Xi stood in the vacant area outside the city. He didn’t continue walking towards the lake, only waiting for Xu Qiubai to reach shore. Then, he calmly watched as Xu Qiubai reached shore, and then slowly walked over.

In Jadefall City, it was precisely this archer who killed Changsun Wujiang with a single arrow, moreover almost ended his life as well.

However, it was also only at this moment that he saw this archery master’s true appearance for the first time.

This was an extremely arrogant cultivator, his expression confident to the extreme.

While watching this cultivator with the dark red giant bow on his back slowly walk over, Jiang Yu’er’s[1] figure appeared in Lin Xi’s head. A wave of pain surged from deep within him, flooding his body, but at the same time, his heart also felt joy again.

Regardless, revenge was always a joyful thing.

Xu Qiubai coldly looked at Lin Xi.

There was also a hint of pleasure that surged within his mind as well.

As a powerful archery master, his objective in this life was precisely to shatter the legend of Windstalkers being the most powerful archers in Yunqin Empire.

However, he also inwardly understood extremely well that right now, there was still a huge difference between Tong Wei and himself.

That was why for him, right now, this was an extremely good opportunity.

He was going to first kill this most powerful Windstalker disciple, give himself a bit more confidence, and then after he broke through to the Sacred Expert level, he would then kill Tong Wei, this type of most powerful true Windstalker.

Apart from joy, he also felt a bit of curiosity and expectation, wishing to see just what kind of methods this individual who obtained the Windstalker inheritance had to face him.

From the moment Lin Xi left the city until Xu Qiubai reached shore, all of Meteor City already entered absolute silence, becoming deathly still. It was as if even wind sounds completely stopped and disappeared.

Everyone was watching these two figures that seemed extremely insignificant below the city.

No one wanted to take action first.

When he reached seven hundred steps from Lin Xi, Xu Qiubai stopped. Then, he narrowed his eyes slightly, looking at Lin Xi and saying, “With your bow and arrow, this type of distance should be the optimal firing range. That is why both sides attacking from this type of distance should be quite the fair contest.”

Lin Xi calmly nodded. “As long as you feel that it is fair, then it is fair.”

Xu Qiubai suddenly laughed, moreover, it was an extremely rare laugh. “You don’t fear death?”

Lin Xi coldly replied, “Everyone fears death, but the one who dies will definitely be you. Why should I feel fear?”

Xu Qiubai said with a bit of mockery, “Do you hate me that much because I ended your career with a single arrow, that is why you want to challenge me and kill me? However, hatred, this type of emotion will often make an archer produce many problems.”

Lin Xi shook his head. “This type of psychological attack is completely useless against me.”

“Then this is truly an extremely senseless thing.” Xu Qiubai shook his head, no longer saying anything else, removing his dark red giant bow from his back.

The two were extremely far from each other, their conversation spoken through surging soul force, so everyone on the walls could hear everything clearly. Right now, when he saw Xu Qiubai remove his bow, Mu Shanzi immediately knew that this battle was about to start. That was why after taking a deep breath, he immediately released a low roar, no sign of his usual mischievous self. With a dong noise, a drum noise carrying extremely shocking force immediately sounded.




After the first drum strike sounded, a noise carrying a rhythm that immediately made everyone feel their heart boil began to sound. In front of the five human height massive war drums, every single strike Mu Shanzi released would make all of the muscles on his body instantly release a light explosion noise, every single strike as if already using all of his strength. However, within the rhythm, there would often be sounds that were even more powerful, even more majestic.

Star General’s Advance!

In that instant, these drum beats seemed to have reached the distant skies and then descended from the skies again. It was as if the stars in the skies were shaking, the air around them as if filled with weapons. It was as if invisible war gods held these weapons, descended from the city gate tower, and then pressed towards Xu Qiubai step after step from behind Lin Xi.

Xu Qiubai now already held his bow and aimed at Lin Xi, but he still hadn’t added an arrow.

He was waiting until Lin Xi completed his preparations, he didn’t want to try to be the first.

Lin Xi didn’t speak too many excessive words either. He raised the ash gray longbow in his hands, aiming at Xu Qiubai.

When several drum noises sounded in front of him, Xu Qiubai’s expression remained the same as before. However, when the drum sounds immediately surged to a shocking level, as if a war deity rose up, even making all of the blood within his body seem to boil, his brows instead furrowed slightly. “Star General’s Advance?” He quietly spoke these three words. At the same time, a dark red glossy arrow appeared in his hands like lightning, appearing on the bowstring.


An arrow noise instantly tore through the sky.

Xu Qiubai made his move.

However, this arrow wasn’t aimed at Lin Xi, but rather at Mu Shanzi who was striking the war drum with all of his strength!

1. Jiang Yu’er was the quiet and delicate Medicine Department Student Meng Bai fell for. She died together with Changsun Wujiang while protecting Lin Xi

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