Book 11 Chapter 42 - Awaited Bow and Arrows

Within Meteor City, inside a quiet room.

While looking at Lin Xi who first drank a large pot of meat soup and then slowly munched on a wheat flour pancake, Mu Shanzi said in sympathy, “Bumpkins will always be bumpkins, always able to eat and drink, eating this type of wheat and flour pancakes with such sweetness.”

Lin Xi didn’t get angry, instead producing a slight smile, “I’ve been quite tired as I’ve recently been running around the border pass, so I need to spend the next few days slowly raising my strength to its peak.”

“This little chicken of yours isn’t bad though, looks quite cute.” Mu Shanzi gave the golden Meteor Sky Phoenix on a piece of flour sack on the side a look. It was currently pecking at some dry fish jerky. “You actually still have the leisure to raise a little chicken. You might as well eat it, the nutrition won’t be bad.”[1]

Rui… rui... The small Yunqin phoenix seemed to have understood Mu Shanzi’s words, starting to cry out in anger a few times.

“Oh? It seems quite fierce.”

Mu Shanzi made a movement like he was going to hit it, but when he saw that Lin Xi only chuckled, he then said with a bit of a dull manner, “Lin Xi, if you had to use a single line to describe our meeting again, what would it be?”

Lin Xi who drank another mouthful of soup didn’t hesitate, chuckling and saying, “What should have arrived didn’t, but what shouldn’t instead came.”

“You…” Mu Shanzi couldn’t help but get angry. However, when he saw Lin Xi’s expression, he instead reacted, “Are you trying to get me mad on purpose? You think I’ll fall for that? It’s beneath me to pay attention to you.”


While looking at Mu Shanzi who turned around and walked out, Lin Xi chuckled, seriously saying this.

“You aren’t saying that to me, right?”

Mu Shanzi released a cold snort again, his footstep sounds growing more and more distant.

“This type of enemy, it is actually the more the better.” Lin Xi shook his head, said this to himself and then began to drink a bowl of ginseng soup.

In these following few days, he wouldn’t be overly polite when facing the various nourishing foods.

Even though his cultivation was always growing during the past few days, his body’s fatigue also continued to accumulate. When facing an opponent like Xu Qiubai, he had to ensure that he was in his optimal state in every single aspect.

The sounds of footsteps quickly disappeared and then returned, moreover much more urgent this time.

Lin Xi looked towards the entrance in confusion. He was sure that these were still Mu Shanzi’s footsteps.

Mu Shanzi appeared in his line of sight again, unable to hide the envy and jealousy as he curled his lips. “What should have arrived also arrived.”

Lin Xi suddenly stood up, walking towards the entrance.

Under the darkness, he saw an extremely familiar tall and slender young lady who would appear in his head every single day, currently walking towards him under the escort of a group of soldiers.

Lin Xi’s eyes immediately stopped, carrying endless emotions. He recalled the scene of the flying fireflies by Summer Spirit Lakeside.

That tall and slender young lady who walked straight into his heart from that Summer Spirit Lakeside was naturally Gao Yanan.

“I really cannot stand the looks in your eyes.”

Mu Shanzi was originally also standing at Lin Xi’s side, also watching as Gao Yanan approached from the distance. However, when he saw Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s expressions, he instead grumbled in annoyance. Then, he shook his head, mumbling to himself as he left on his own.

Lin Xi began to smile.

He was smiling because of Mu Shanzi’s words and the one who came, smiling until his eyes were a bit sore, but his heart was full of warmth.

A black figure jumped out from Gao Yanan’s wide sleeves, continuously crying out as it urgently rushed over, rushing into Lin Xi’s embrace like an arrow.

The entirely soft and fluffy fur instantly added much more warmth to Lin Xi’s chest.


Lin Xi sighed, deeply moved, filled with a doting love as he stroked the head of this Three-Tailed Black Foxcat who grew a bit bigger in his embrace. He looked into its large eyes, at its four claws that still gripped firmly to his clothes.

Rui… Rui… The golden ‘little chicken’ waddled its way over. While looking at the Three-Tailed Black Foxcat in Lin Xi’s embrace, from the first look, it carried a bit of hostility. However, when it then saw how Lucky and Lin Xi interacted, all of its enmity disappeared, instead only having some confusion.

In the darkness, all of the nearby soldiers saw Gao Yanan who walked up to Lin Xi with the large wooden chest on her back, all of them so moved their hands began to shake a bit.

They didn’t know that Gao Yanan, this tall and beautiful young lady, was precisely Grand Secretary Zhou’s daughter, but they knew that this young lady represented Green Luan Academy.

The bow and arrows Lin Xi needed  should be in the wooden chest on her back.

Dressed in Medicine Department robes, Gao Yanan walked up to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi looked at this young lady who was normally completely detached from worldly affairs, proud when facing enemies, but still blushing before him from time to time. He didn’t say anything, only subconsciously grabbing her hand.

Gao Yanan’s face instantly flushed with a layer of redness.

For Lin Xi, this was an extremely natural and normal thing, but in this world, under the eyes of so many people, this was instead extremely brazen.

Only, this time, she didn’t struggle free from Lin Xi’s hands.

It was instead Lin Xi who reacted, feeling that this was a bit improper, letting her hand go and smiling in apology.

“Let’s talk inside?”

“Yeah, let’s talk more inside.”

“How is the academy?”

From Jadefall City until now, almost a year passed. After not seeing each other for so long, moreover in this type of situation, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan naturally had many things to talk about. However, when he gripped Gao Yanan’s hands again, the first thing Lin Xi asked about was still the academy. It was because Lin Xi understood extremely clearly that the academy situation Gao Yanan spoke of was definitely going to be vastly different from the academy Gu Yunjing talked about.

“Senior Gu Xinyin and the rest of us all returned to the academy  safely. I heard that Vice Principal Xia threatened the emperor, with Senior Gu Xinyin residing precisely in his small courtyard… Everyone else is doing fine, just that Meng Bai jumped off a cliff once, broke many bones.” Gao Yanan raised her head, looking at Lin Xi’s face while quietly replying.

Lin Xi was a bit nervous, his brows furrowed slightly as he asked, “What about now?”

Since this involved Meng Bai, she thought about Jiang Yu’er again, so Gao Yanan’s voice clearly became a bit heavier. “After jumping off that cliff, he seemed to have woken up, nothing else happening.”

“What about the others?” Lin Xi asked quietly. He looked at Gao Yanan and said, “The emperor wants to prove Yunqin Empire doesn’t need Green Luan Academy, so did you all always remain in Green Luan Academy? Apart from you, are there any others who came?”

“Zhang Ping[2] left the academy a long time ago, I don’t know what kind of mission he was given. Later on, Hua Jiyue was also sent out. As for the others, they have always remained in the academy.” Gao Yanan nodded. “This time, it is still only me alone who came out. Jiang Xiaoyi and the others are still in the academy.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit and said, “What kind of intentions does Vice Principal Xia have?”

“We feel that Vice Principal Xia’s condition might truly be extremely bad, that the academy might experience some changes. By scattering us outside, it will instead be less safe than keeping us all in the academy.” Gao Yanan gave Lin Xi a look and then said, “There is another possibility, which is that he feels it is still not time, that the emperor needs to repent first. One other reason should be that Vice Principal feels that suitable candidates have already been chosen, so he wants our cultivation levels to be a bit higher, our strength a bit stronger before we come out again.”

“Before I came, Vice Principal Xia had me pass some words on to you.” Gao Yanan’s brows furrowed slightly. “He said that you don’t have to think about or worry about the matters in the academy, you just need to take care of your own matters outside. However, the more he says these types of words, the more I feel like the academy will undergo some changes.”

Lin Xi nodded. He looked at Gao Yanan. “However, since he dares bring so many of his chosen students back, this means that he at least has great confidence.”

Gao Yanan nodded. She gave the golden ‘little chicken’ who was currently looking at Lucky a look, unable to help but ask, “What is this?”

“This is a Yunqin phoenix.”

“Yunqin phoenix?”

“Yes, a pitiful little fella just like Lucky. I named it Ruirui.” Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan who was shocked and confused, briefly recounting how he met this Yunqin phoenix.

“This is actually a Meteor Sky Phoenix! Meteor Sky Phoenixes actually looked like this?”

Gao Yanan was truly shocked. The legendary powerful Yunqin phoenix who annihilated a Nanmo Country army was actually this weak looking during its childhood.

“Has it displayed any abilities yet?”

Gao Yanan looked at this little gold chicken that was staring into Lucky’s large eyes, unable to help but ask.

“It hasn’t yet. It needs to sleep two-thirds of the day every day, and when it sleeps, it is extremely deep like meditation, not waking up even if it is extremely noisy.” Lin Xi gave Lucky a look. “What about Lucky? What is it like now?”

“If you can bring it close to Xu Qiubai, then it can already pose a fatal threat to Xu Qiubai. However, it alone is not enough.” Gao Yanan looked at Lin Xi, seriously saying this.

Lin Xi understood the strength of fiend beasts extremely clearly, especially a fiend beast with strength like Lucky’s. Moreover, the ability to transfer some of the world’s vital energies even more so couldn’t be accurately evaluated through cultivation levels. As such, he nodded. “For you to arrive this quickly, you all left the academy before Xu Qiubai even issued the challenge. It seems like Vice Principal Xia had long predicted that as long as I did things that way, then Xu Qiubai might challenge me to a fight.”

“This should be the case. Many things that happen by chance instead carry an inevitable nature. If we carefully think back, even I could deduce that a battle between you and Xu Qiubai is extremely possible. It is because the chances of you two meeting outside is extremely small, while Xu Qiubai wouldn’t give up the chance to knock down Yunqin’s morale. That is why from the moment you began to do the same things he did, this type of decisive battle between you two already became extremely likely.” Gao Yanan nodded and said, “You should also know that the academy has many lecturers and professors who have great knowledge over the psych of enemies. Moreover, there are many lecturers in Ailao Rear Peak[3] who specialize precisely in the analysis of data and probabilities.”

“That is why some thoughts that transcend this age of thinking are still useful. Things were actually really like I expected, the academy temporarily not having any changes and Vice Principal Xia sending someone over. This way, I have even more absolute certainty in prevailing over Xu Qiubai.”

Lin Xi smiled and then said, “Then just let me see if the bow and arrows Vice Principal Xia sent me are what I anticipated.”

1. Meteor Sky Phoenix was the name Principal Zhang gave B11C26

2. Zhang Pring agreed to infiltrate Purgatory Mountain previously B11C11 

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