Book 11 Chapter 41 - Star General's Advance

All of the soldiers in this city were showing this youngster a serious military salute.

Regardless of whether the countless powers in the royal court were willing or not, Lin Xi came.

Even though his priest gown was a bit wrinkled, even though there was a bit of dried blood traces on them, under the scorching sun, his entire figure carried an exceptionally moving brilliance.

Suddenly, all of the soldiers in Meteor City instantly froze.

There was a snow-white haired, but face without any wrinkles, straight and tall elder who appeared. Just by walking, there seemed to be countless formless blades released from his body, appearing at the head of Meteor City and facing Lin Xi.

Gu Yunjing, Dragon Snake Border Army’s Great General Gu.

In the eyes of all Yunqin soldiers, this elder who not even time seemed to be able to bring down was precisely the only hope for defeating Wenren Cangyue and restoring their past glory.

Gu Yunjing looked at Lin Xi. Standing at his side was that red metal masked, grave and stern officer who always seemed to follow him like his shadow.

A bit of a smile appeared on his face.

He always admired Lin Xi.

Even though he inwardly understood that there was definitely something fishy in that great battle within Great Desolate Swamp, afterwards, regardless, Dragon Snake Border Pass became much more peaceful than ever before. Moreover, he always believed that a person’s character was above all.

If someone like him wanted to understand Lin Xi, the information at his disposal was naturally detailed to the point of making one’s hair rise in anger. Moreover, through these resources, he was sure that someone of Lin Xi’s character, at the very least, was someone the military needed, someone Dragon Snake Border Army needed.

Gu Yunjing had remained the sole Sacred Expert in Dragon Snake Border Army for a long, long time. He naturally understood how great the difference between Lin Xi and Xu Qiubai was even more clearly than Zhantai Qiantang. This was especially in this type of frontal combat, this type of difference would be magnified further.

That was why when he spoke to his own trusted aide, he even said that only if a miracle happened, would Lin Xi be able to defeat Xu Qiubai.

The reason why miracles were called miracles, was because they were things that were basically impossible.

However, Gu Yunjing still swept away all obstacles, allowing Lin Xi to arrive here.

For others, this was extremely hard to understand, but as for Gu Yunjing… first of all, he believed that Vice Principal Xia and Green Luan Academy’s elders were naturally more formidable than him, they wouldn’t let someone like Lin Xi throw his life away for nothing. Secondly, in his opinion, just the things Lin Xi did in Great Desolate Swamp’s decisive battle alone were already miracles.

That was why he felt like there was at least a fifty percent chance of seeing another miracle happen today.

Meanwhile, in the previous battle where Lin Xi fought with Hu Piyi, his presence was indeed extremely brilliant, extremely beautiful. That was why right now, this youngster whose presence alone could make all of the soldiers here like this, made even him, this elder who hadn’t felt his own youth and hot-bloodedness for a long time, feel the urge to directly jump down from this city tower.

However, he didn’t fly over, instead turning around and walking down from this gate tower. Then, he directly walked out of the city gates, greeting Lin Xi.

Under the gaze of all of the soldiers in this city, two individuals, one old one young, met in a vacant area outside the city.

Lin Xi looked at the white haired white bearded elder in front of him, showing him a sincere bow of respect. “I pay my respects to Great General Gu.”

Just from the other party’s expressions and dignified appearance, as well as the terrifying aura restrained within his body, he knew that this black clothed elder could only be Dragon Snake Border Army’s Gu Yunjing.

“I like humble and respectful youngsters.” Gu Yunjing bowed with a smile, returning the greeting. He gave Lin Xi’s body a look. “You didn’t bring a bow?”

Lin Xi nodded, calmly saying, “That bow has some issues, so it will only be a burden. Since I came, there should be a more suitable bow that will be brought over.”

“Not only are you humble and respectful, you are also honest and direct.” Gu Yunjing seemed like an examiner, in praise as he commented. Then, he asked, “Do you have any information regarding Hu Piyi?”

Lin Xi shook his head. “After that battle, he left.”

“A pity.” Gu Yunjing shook his head. He calmly yet seriously said, “Right now, all of Yunqin, especially these soldiers behind me, they all feel that I am their savior and hope. However, in reality, I am not the one most suitable for leading this place. Since you also previously served in Dragon Snake Border Army, you should understand that battles in our Dragon Snake Border Army are more like battles between small troops and cultivators.”

“There is already no chance of him working on this side of the border army again.” Lin Xi humbly said with the tone of a junior, “The defeat of the entire southern war is his to bear, the soldiers have also already developed doubt towards his abilities. He knows that if he remains in the military, it will instead make morale drop, which is why he chose to leave.”

“You are very smart, moreover also a Braveslayer[1] talent.” Gu Yunjing released a light sigh carrying slight regret, and then he looked at Lin Xi, saying seriously, “Do you have any advice towards the battle situation?”

“I do not understand the greater situation, but Xu Qiubai’s challenge might also become a pretense for Wenren Cangyue. He might take the chance to do something during the day of the decisive battle.” Lin Xi didn’t act too humbly either, looking at Gu Yunjing while saying this.

Gu Yunjing’s eyes carried even more praise. “You have thought through things in great detail.”

Judging from Gu Yunjing’s expressions, he already knew that this general with the greatest seniority in Yunqin already made preparations, thus saying, “I wish to ask Great General Gu to help me with a matter, help me receive someone from East Port Town. That person must arrive here before the decisive battle between me and Xu Qiubai.”

“The timing is a bit close.” Gu Yunjing’s brows furrowed slightly. “What is his name?”

Lin Xi nodded. “In East Port Town’s shores, everyone calls him Dragon King Zhang, this title even more famous than his original name, so he is extremely easy to find. If you say that I am inviting him to come, he will not refuse.”

“Alright.” Gu Yunjing didn’t waste any words. He nodded towards the stern officer who always wore that dark red metal mask behind him, the latter immediately rushing over.

After just a brief exchange of words, that stern officer immediately turned around, returning to the city with the greatest speed possible.

“Is there anything else pressing that needs to be taken care of?” Gu Yunjing then calmly looked at Lin Xi, asking this.

Lin Xi shook his head.

“Did you call over that Dragon King Zhang you spoke of before because of Xu Qiubai, or is it for the battle situation?” Gu Yunjing nodded, asking this.

“Both.” Lin Xi knew that the reason Gu Yunjing spoke with him outside the city alone was precisely to ensure that their conversation remained a secret, to keep it between the two of them. Moreover, when he was in Green Luan Academy, he already knew that Gu Yunjing was an extremely just and impartial general, moreover a general close to Green Luan Academy. As such, he didn’t hide much, explaining, “If Xu Qiubai is not a match, I feel like he will escape through the waters.”

“You feel like he will run?”

“This is war. Great Mang has always been continuously winning, this is merely some side decorations. He won’t give up his life for something like this, especially when this is someone who has already betrayed even his own country. What can a momentary tarnishing of his reputation count as?”

“So Dragon King Zhang can cut off his retreat along the waters?” Gu Yunjing nodded in approval.

Lin Xi nodded. “Moreover, our Yunqin previously has never had a naval fleet, even though this naval fleet only refers to a fleet that can cross a lake. They can cross Meteor Lake to ambush us, so we can naturally do this as well… they might not expect it either.”

Gu Yunjing’s expression became a bit more serious. “This is the most strategic idea I heard from when I left Dragon Snake until now.”

“How is the overall battle situation in South Tomb Province?” Lin XI couldn’t help but ask.

“Extremely terrible, half the province has to be given up. From here on out, I prepared to use the strategy my Dragon Snake is most proficient at using, to launch countless small scale disturbances. I cannot match Wenren Cangyue in a greater situation, but in the smaller methods I am best at, I have an edge.” Gu Yunjing looked at Lin Xi and asked, “Do you have confidence in dealing with Xu Qiubai?”

Lin Xi looked into Gu Yunjing’s eyes. “If nothing unexpected has happened to Green Luan Academy and someone comes, then there should be certainty.”

“As far as I know, Green Luan Academy seems to have remained extremely quiet.” Gu Yunjing chuckled. “It is just that his majesty isn’t willing to acknowledge Green Luan Academy, while Vice Principal Xia isn’t willing to acknowledge him either.”

Gu Yunjing’s information was definitely more accurate and faster than most people in Yunqin.

Since he said Green Luan Academy was extremely quiet, then Green Luan Academy should really have acted extremely quiet, at the very least, there were no undercurrents appearing on the surface, so everything was within Vice Principal Xia’s absolute control.

In that case, in Lin Xi’s opinion, what he needed to do, was just to wait.

News of Lin Xi’s arrival at Meteor City began to spread with astonishing speed.

When the sun set this day, a lonesome rider appeared at the limits of Meteor City’s defending army.

This was a seemingly extremely prideful youngster, judging from his appearance, he rushed here rather urgently, already extremely tired.

When faced with the lookout post’s questioning, this rather prideful looking youngster only said a single line. “I am Lin Xi’s fellow student. You’ll understand if you let him see me.”

Lin Xi quickly appeared at the head of the city, seeing this youngster who reached the city gates.

What made his brows furrow was that this wasn’t the one he was waiting for, but rather someone completely outside of his expectations.

This person was actually that golden spoon fellow student from Green Luan Academy, Mu Shanzi.[2]

“The academy sent you?”

Under the city gate tower, while watching Mu Shanzi walk up to him, Lin Xi’s brows were a bit furrowed, a bit confused as he asked.

“Nope, it was me who came on my own.” Mu Shanzi laughed loudly, just like how he was in the academy, a face others really wanted to step on. “What, you’re not going to welcome me?”

Lin Xi declined to respond, saying, “Then what did you come for?”

Mu Shanzi said with a laugh, “I came to see how you are going to die! If I still don’t come even now, I might not be able to see you again after today.”

“What did you say?!” When these words sounded, the surrounding soldiers’ faces immediately became covered in cold frost, tightly clenching the weapons in their hands.

Lin Xi revealed a faint smile, instead nodding towards these soldiers. Then, he looked at Mu Shanzi, asking, “It was only for this?”

“Also to see you off, hit a war drum a bit or something.” Mu Shanzi looked at Lin Xi, still having an extremely lowly appearance. “For better or for worse, we were fellow students for a bit, so I learned Star General’s Advance.”

When the surrounding soldiers saw Lin Xi’s expression, they knew that Mu Shanzi wasn’t really like what they saw from the outside. When they heard what he said at this time, these soldiers’ expressions completely changed when they looked at him.

Star General’s Advance was precisely Yunqin’s war drum song with the most shocking power.

This song required one to have six war drums before them, strike them with extreme power and speed, only then could it be played. This type of war drum song consumed shocking amounts of stamina. Without a powerful will, it was difficult to complete. This song was also extremely complex, not something that could be casually learned just because one wanted to.

“Alright, thank you, fellow student, for taking the time to come here.” Lin Xi gave this fellow student who was always against him a look, nodding, “Then I will let you help me strike the drums.”

2. Mu Shanzi was the one who originally lost a bet to Lin Xi and had to call himself a pig during the entrance examination. Later on, they reconciled somewhat

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