Book 11 Chapter 40 - He Came

Central Continent Imperial City.

Within the darkest prison, the darkest official resting room, Xu Zhenyan faced the young Religion Sector Nian Qingchen.[1]

“Sir Xu, are you sure that Lin Xi will definitely agree to this battle?” Nian Qingchen looked at this Xu Family’s third young master who matured at an astonishing rate within the royal court, asking him for his opinion.

“Of course, he inevitably will.”

Xu Zhenyan said coldly, “During Jadefall City’s battle, with the death of the crown prince, his official career has already been cut short. If he doesn’t dare to face this type of battle at this time, he will fall from being the bow wielding Spiritual Sacrifice Priest who has just risen to glory down to someone who leaves all of Yunqin’s people in disappointment. The higher one climbs, the more miserable their fall, I believe anyone can understand this type of reasoning. That is why he absolutely cannot refuse this battle, or else he will always carry a reputation of being cowardly, from then on completely be abandoned by our empire.”

After a pause, Xu Zhenyan’s sneer disappeared, becoming even more cold as he said, “In Great Mang’s military, Xu Qiubai and Wenren Cangyue also both seized this point. Otherwise, if it is just our military, how could news spread across all of Yunqin at such a shocking speed?”

“Indeed.” Nian Qingchen was a bit shaken, saying respectfully, “Even if it is our Yunqin’s fastest Crimson Dragon Scorched Tail level military intelligence[2], it will take four or five days for news to reach Central Continent Imperial City from South Tomb Province. Moreover, this is still purely the first immediate military report. If we are to wait until the other military reports confirm the information, it would take even longer. However, only a few days have passed, yet almost all of Yunqin is aware of this information, so this is definitely the result of Great Mang spies within my Yunqin Empire’s borders. Only, Sir Xu, when Lin Xi faces Xu Qiubai, is there a chance that he will instead win?”


Xu Zhenyan shook his head, somewhat patiently saying, “Sir Nian, you aren’t a cultivator, so you don’t understand the matters between cultivators. To put it simply, if we compare their cultivation levels, if Lin Xi is an ordinary Yunqin calf, then Xu Qiubai is at least equivalent to a Tangcang giant elephant with divine strength. The power source of soul weapons is also soul force. With this much of a difference between the two, it isn’t something soul weapons can cover.[3] Moreover, Xu Qiubai’s soul weapon longbow is an ancient weapon as well. The arrows of an archer like him can display power exceeding his own soul force. As long as a Sacred Expert doesn’t get close to him, he can even completely kill Sacred Experts, or force them to flee.”

“One side is one of this age’s most powerful archers, able to directly face Sacred Experts, as for the other side... if Lin Xi wants to kill a Sacred Expert, the only way is if that Sacred Expert completely exhausts their soul force, or if he coordinates with other powerful cultivators.”

“Even though he is a Spiritual Sacrifice Priest with fiend beasts on his side, this is still considered fighting without the help of other people, the most crucial part lies in that Xu Qiubai won’t let him get close at all… The height and depth of his cultivation itself represent a difference in perception and reaction speed. Regardless of whether it is evasion or releasing arrows, Xu Qiubai is a bit faster than him. If it was a Sacred Expert, in this type of fair duel, they might be able to forcefully charge up to Xu Qiubai and kill him. However, what is unfortunate is that even with all of the spiritual medicines of this world, they can only help a cultivator break through to the State Knight level. Even if Green Luan Academy supports him without holding anything back, there isn’t much that can substantially increase Lin Xi’s cultivation level, let alone raise Lin Xi to a Sacred Expert, a level that exceeds Xu Qiubai’s cultivation.”

“The character sacred is originally to stand aloof and transcend above, the meaning of exceeding mortal strength. If mortal strength can make one reach it, then it wouldn’t be called sacred.”


When one served as a trusted aide, they naturally had to learn how to weigh up one’s words and observe their facial expressions, Nian Qingchen was naturally no exception. When he heard Xu Zhenyan speak so many more words than normal, he knew that this youngster who had the same stone cold expression as usual inwardly felt indescribable joy. At this type of time, he naturally knew what was most suitable to say.

As such, he began to smile, looking at Xu Zhenyan while saying, “In that case, as long as Lin Xi appears in front of Meteor City and faces Xu Qiubai, then he will undoubtedly die.”

Xu Zhenyan released a cold snort. “He will die in the most dismal way at his most glorious time. Regardless of whether he fights or not, he will bring Yunqin great humiliation. Then, his humiliation will forever be recorded in Yunqin’s books of history.”

“What do you think?”

On Turtle Edge Mountain where dark clouds hid the sun. Several structures that looked like cave towers, but were clearly not, cave buildings were currently being built. Below one of them, Zhantai Qiantang asked the tender faced young Sacred Expert Nangong Weiyang.

“He will definitely go.” Nangong Weiyang said in an extremely clear-cut manner, just like her usual style.

Zhantai Qiantang released a bitter smile. “I originally thought that the first words you would speak would be that you are going to head to Meteor City to kill Xu Qiubai first.”

“That is also not a bad idea.”

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed slightly, as if she really was thinking over the feasibility. Then, she nodded. “Directly killing him without fooling around will still give everyone a refreshed feeling either way. With that person’s death, Lin Xi wouldn’t need to fight. Only, I have seen that person’s archery before. Even if I head out to kill him, there is no way to directly and efficiently do so. If I let him escape, the feeling it will give others will be entirely different. Moreover, Lin Xi definitely won’t agree to me doing this, he will definitely blame me for trying to seize his business. After all, it was that person who killed Changsun Wujiang[4], moreover, he almost killed him as well. That is why this type of revenge, in the end, has to be left up to him.”

Nangong Weiyang’s words were also clearly a bit more than usual, her way of speaking also a bit more interesting than usual. However, Zhantai Qiantang didn’t feel like these words were amusing at all, instead becoming even more grave. “Don’t tell me that you even have confidence in him defeating someone like Xu Qiubai?”

“Of course.” Nangong Weiyang nodded as if it was proper and to be expected, saying seriously, “Lin Xi is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. He’s definitely not an idiot. He originally left precisely to deal with Xu Qiubai, what he did before were clearly things similar to what Xu Qiubai did, understanding that he has no way of refusing if Xu Qiubai challenges him… Since he himself already understands this clearly, then how could he possibly throw away his own life for no reason?”

“But the difference in strength really is too great! According to what you said before, even if you went, you might not necessarily be able to kill Xu Qiubai.” Zhantai Qiantang frowned as he said, “I obviously understand that Lin Xi is intelligent as well, but I feel like previously, Lin Xi wanted to assassinate him. In this type of frontal clash, I really cannot find any ways in which Lin Xi can kill his opponent.”

“In terms of reasoning, there naturally isn’t much reasoning to speak of. However, I just have confidence in him.” Nangong Weiyang gave him a look and said, “The one who will live is definitely Lin Xi, the one who will die is definitely Xu Qiubai.”

Zhantai Qiantang released a forced smile. “Only, when not even I have faith in Lin Xi, I fear that in this world, aside from you, no one else will have this type of completely baseless faith in him.”

“Who said there aren’t any?” Nangong Weiyang retorted, saying, “At the very least, Chen Feirong will definitely have faith in him. Also, those fellow students of his will definitely have faith in him as well.”

What Nangong Weiyang said was precisely the case.

At the very least, there was still Chen Feirong who had faith in Lin Xi.

“Sir, you can finally kill your first great enemy.”

When news arrived at a certain fleet in Yunqin, Chen Feirong walked out from one of the carriages. She produced a pot of wine, scattering it slowly in the direction of Jadefall City that already wasn’t that far from this fleet, inwardly saying, “Sir, I am making an offering to your friend first. I await your good news.”

Chen Feirong had faith in Lin Xi, but in all of Yunqin, most cultivators and royal court officials didn’t have that kind of faith in Lin Xi. Many people began to first await the emperor’s intentions.

However, they quickly discovered that Yunqin Emperor maintained absolute silence towards this matter, as if he was only treating this as a battle between two ordinary Yunqin cultivators.

They quickly guessed that perhaps Yunqin Emperor was abiding by Green Luan Academy’s bottom line, or perhaps he even more so wished for Lin Xi to die in this battle.

Yunqin Emperor still wished for Lin Xi’s death, but there were even more officials who didn't wish for Lin Xi to die, not wishing for Yunqin to suffer humiliation again because of this battle. That was why some people wished to prevent this battle from happening.

However, at this stage, in Yunqin’s military, especially all of South Tomb Province, the only one who could preside over the greater situation was Gu Yunjing.

Gu Yunjing didn’t stop this battle from happening.

According to what happened in the war against the south until now, this empire’s oldest powerful Commander-In-Chief also already quietly did many things.

Under the emperor’s silence and Wen Xuanshu’s coordination, the entire southern situation was separated from Green Luan Academy. Not only did they not ask any of Green Luan Academy’s experts to join the war against the south, even the officers and officials who previously came from Green Luan Academy were transferred out from the empire’s south. There were many officials who retired because of Grand Secretary Zhou’s departure, some even resigned because of their anger towards the officials who carried out death remonstrations. However, Gu Yunjing was instead extremely direct, transferring all of those suitable troops and officials suitable for fighting, those cultivators who were transferred out because they came from Green Luan Academyl back to Dragon Snake Border Army.

This was undoubtedly a move that would anger the powerful Wen Xuanshu and even the emperor on the dragon throne, but Gu Yunjing instead did precisely this.

Meanwhile, now, Gu Yunjing did another daring thing… He swept clear all barriers, waiting for Lin Xi to appear in Meteor City.

All of the Yunqin soldiers in Meteor City were feeling extremely conflicted.

They were all hoping for that bow holding priest to appear in Meteor City, but were also worried that after Lin Xi appeared, that archery master who betrayed their country would kill him right before everyone’s eyes, so they also didn’t wish for Lin Xi to truly appear here.

This type of conflicted emotion didn’t continue for too long.

Soon after Gu Yunjing and some of his subordinates arrived at Meteor City, during a sunny noon, a youngster dressed in Spiritual Sacrifice Priest robes appeared before the eyes of all of the soldiers on Meteor City’s walls.

All of these Yunqin soldiers who saw this figure appear below Meteor City’s walls felt indescribably shaken.

One after another, these Yunqin soldiers unknowingly began to give this youngster who got closer and closer to Meteor City a military salute.

He came.

1. B11C18

3. Xu Qiubai's cultivation level is at the peak of State Master level B11C18. Lin Xi is currently at State Knight level

4. Also known as Chen Mu, the emperor’s son

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