Book 11 Chapter 37 - Forgetting Honor and Disgrace, Living

The sharp and rapidly spinning metal arrow tore through the skin and flesh within Qilian Bao’s armor, fiercely digging into his inner organs.

In this world, no cultivators were unrivaled.

Cultivators were also human, they also had feelings and desires, they also died of old age and sickness.

Even if it was a cultivator who was so powerful they were granted the ‘sacred’ character[1], they would still bleed, they still felt pain. After suffering serious injuries, transferring soul force again would only make his injuries worse, only bring about his own death.

Qilian Bao lowered his head, looking at the black metal arrow that dug into his chest with complete disbelief.

What was left behind a Sacred Expert were oftentimes mountains of corpses and seas of blood, white bones piled up high. It was unknown just how many powerful archers he had faced before  in his life, some among them with cultivation and arrow strength much greater than Lin Xi’s. However, he had previously never met an archery master like Lin Xi who had left him in such disbelief.

“Could this be where the true terror of Green Luan Academy’s Windstalkers lies?”

When faced with these black metal arrows that seemed to have life, always arriving at the right time, accurate to the point where they aimed right for his weakest areas, ultimately even digging into his body, crumbling his retaliation, Qilian Bao turned around in a bit of a daze.

He didn’t do anything else, only releasing his last military order as a Great Mang general. “Sink the floats!”

For Great Mang’s army, this battle was already impossible to win. It was to the extent where under the continuous bombardment of cavalry archers and military equipment, the shallow waters that were already so disorderly didn’t even allow these Great Mang soldiers to escape. That was why for him, the only thing he could do was to make Yunqin army lose a bit of provisions and military equipment.

All of Great Mang’s troops’ hearts trembled. Some of them instantly felt fear, jumping into the water and wishing to escape, while some instead extremely silently and decisively carried out Qilian Bao’s orders, fiercely stabbing the weapons in their  hands into the leather floats below them.

It was because  Qilian Bao only turned around and gave the order, his body remaining in place, not moving.

Under metal rumbling noises, many Yunqin heavy armored soldiers began to frantically rush forward like stacking blocks, charging into his body.

In that instant, Great Mang’s awe inspiring Southern Path Great General only released an extremely berserk roar. “I, Qilian Bao, have always dominated all in my path, killed countless enemies. How can I die under you Yunqin brats?!”

Under his crazy roar, the Yunqin heavy armored soldiers covering his body were completely sent flying. The arrow wound on his chest surged crazily with blood. Then, he instead struck towards his own chest.

With an explosive dang noise, the black metal arrow was struck into his body. His metal palm and fingers also struck against his chest’s cracked armor, fully smashing it to pieces, sending them into his own body.

Dressed in priest robes, Lin Xi walked out from the darkness.

Then, he drew his bow again, starting to fire.

Cold black arrows smashed heavily into Qilian Bao’s lower back, pushing Qilian Bao’s body forward, sending him crashing down.

Normally, Lin Xi would definitely give Qilian Bao, this type of powerful opponent, his final dignity and pride. However, right now, he knew that Yunqin’s soldiers needed morale. This way, this battle would end faster and less people from their side would die.


All of the Yunqin soldiers here already saw that Qilian Bao was the other side’s main leader. Moreover, Qilian Bao was powerful to the extreme, possessing unstoppable might. When they saw Qilian Bao’s figure collapse like a wall, all of the Yunqin soldiers here felt their blood boil. They released sky shaking furious roars that instantly surged like rumbling thunder.

These Yunqin soldiers, this entire Yunqin Empire, needed this type of victory badly!

While watching this battlefield whose situation was already completely set, Hu Piyi didn’t care about his own image at all, not hiding his own weakness and weariness at all, sitting down in the mud.

“You should have entered Priest Hall… At this type of time, you can become even more glorious. The future Yunqin needs your glory.” He turned around, looking at Lin Xi who was calmly watching the battlefield, occasionally firing an arrow to kill a powerful Great Mang leader or a Great Mang cultivator who posed a great threat to Yunqin’s soldiers, quietly saying with a sigh.


Lin Xi fired while saying quietly in self mockery, “Don’t forget that I am actually just like you, someone abandoned by Yunqin’s emperor. Moreover, I am even more miserable than you, if it wasn’t because I just happened to be Green Luan Academy’s heaven’s choice, I might have long been executed.”

Hu Piyi and Lin Xi previously didn’t share any friendship, the two’s identities and strength also different. If they met normally, they might instead share some hostility. However, since the two had similar fates, they instead became like old friends who had associated with each other for a long time already.

When he heard Lin Xi’s words of self-mockery, Hu Piyi said with a bitter laugh, “Perhaps I should have died in this battle? If I depart with this victory, perhaps Yunqin’s people will hate me a bit less.”

“This is something related to the honor and disgrace of a single person.”

Lin Xi gave him a look and said, “if you were already a cripple, I would greatly endorse your way of thinking. However, you should also know that you are a Sacred Expert. Even if you are a Yunqin criminal, you are still a Sacred Expert.”

“What you say is correct. That is why no matter how Yunqin’s people hate me, I still have to continue living. It is because I cannot let those people who allowed me to return to Thousand Sunset Border Pass to have died for nothing, I have to take responsibility for my incompetence.” Hu Piyi nodded. He stood up again in the mud. “I am leaving… I don’t want to return to Central Continent to face that kind of power struggle again, nor do I wish to waste my life in prison.” After saying this, he gave Lin Xi another deep bow of respect. “Thank you for bringing me this type of victory, for bringing Yunqin this type of great victory!”

Lin Xi could sense Hu Piyi’s thoughts and emotions, and was also able to understand them. That was why he didn’t say anything else, only bowing slightly, and then silently continued to fire arrows.

“Thank you as well, my brother.”

Hu Piyi turned around to look at Hu Qianjun who stood not far away, releasing a laugh, and then saying this seriously. Then, he left.

Hu Qianjun whose arms were already broken released a cold snort, not replying, coldly turning his head. However, when Hu Piyi left, his figure slowly disappearing into the darkness, this brother who came from the same father but different mother as Hu Piyi still inwardly silently said, “Goodbye… my brother. If you can live, then keep living.”

On the chaotic battlefield, no one noticed Hu Piyi’s departure.

This battle, regardless of whether it was won or lost, was completely unrelated to him.

Meanwhile, when Hu Qianjun turned around, he saw that Lin Xi also already disappeared into the darkness, yet occasionally, there will still some audible arrow noises that were released from the darkness, landing in the battlefield, but these noises were becoming more and more faint.

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