Book 11 Chapter 36 - For Yunqin!

This Sacred Expert level cultivator who wore a set of powerful armor not even ordinary weapons and military equipment could break through, fully displayed shocking strength not even a thousand men could face.

Qilian Bao didn’t care about the weapons and arrows that landed on his body at all. He only roared crazily as he charged forward.

Everything that made contact with his body, regardless of whether they were blades or Yunqin soldiers’ bodies, everything was smashed and sent flying.

An expanse of Green King Heavy Armor fragments flew about, flying before Hu Piyi’s face before falling down.

In that instant, the soul force he accumulated in his hands already reached the peak.

Pa! An explosive noise sounded.

The golden longsword that was already floating in front of him seemed to instantly erupt with flames. In the dark night, it was as if there were many golden streaks of light that suddenly emerged from the pitch-black sky, gathering towards this golden longsword.

Several dozen giant dandelion-like sparks accompanied dozens of blasts of shock waves, instantly erupting on Qilian Bao’s body.

In that instant, the flying sword of a Sacred Expert that represented the greatest strength of this world delivered several dozen blows around Qilian Bao from all different angles.

The armor on Qilian Bao’s body shook with an extremely high frequency. There was a clear heavy muffled groan that sounded from within.

Under the fierce rippling, even the muddy water surging from the earth beneath his feet was blasted into extremely fine droplets.

However, Hu Piyi’s face paled a bit. His toes continuously tapped on the ground, his body instantly floating back more than ten meters of distance.

Qilian Bao’s armor didn’t display the slightest sign of damage.

Under the barrage of flying sword strikes, this terrifying stel figure only stopped for an instant, and then it continued to advance with large steps.

No one previously even imagined that a steel body this heavy, under the control of a Sacred Expert, could actually reach the speed of an ordinary strongbow’s arrow!

A hint of a decisive expression appeared in Hu Piyi’s eyes. When he saw the ruined limbs and flesh of countless Yunqin soldiers flying about, facing the incoming Qilian Bao, he didn’t retreat. In that instant, his entire body became incredibly heavy, completely sinking down. His feet dug into the earth, directly up to his knees. At the same time, the golden flying sword that already returned less than ten meters from him also crazily accelerated. Under ding ding ding ding noises, it struck against the flame mountain symbol on Qilian Bao’s chest who knew how many times.

Qilian Bao released another muffled groan.

His heavy body forcibly took half a step back.

However, in that instant, his hand directly landed on Hu Piyi’s golden flying sword.

The golden flying sword began to vibrate even more intensely, grinding out countless sparks within Qilian Bao’s metal palm and fingers.

Hu Piyi’s entire body was shining with light, right now shaking intensely. Blood began to trickle out from his mouth and nose.

This was a true clash between Sacred Experts.

The golden flying sword and Qilian Bao’s entire metal palm area instantly became thoroughly red from the friction. Qilian Bao released a furious roar of pain, but at the same time, his other hand also clenched into a fist. With a boom noise, his fist that carried terrifying power smashed viciously into the golden flying sword.

With a zheng noise, this flying sword actually didn’t break. However, Hu Piyi instead released a pu noise from his mouth, blood spraying out.

Qilian Bao roared again, brandishing his fists to strike at the flying sword again.

Hu Piyi’s body trembled again, vomiting blood once again.

Qilian Bao released another furious roar. He raised his head towards Hu Piyi and the countless Yunqin soldiers who weren’t that far from him, his eyes revealing an expression of mockery. He once again brandished his fist at the golden flying sword in his grip.


This time, many Yunqin soldiers couldn’t help but roar out crazily, no longer caring that the enemy was a powerful Sacred Expert that couldn’t be defeated, only frantically charging. It was because even if they weren’t elite cultivators, they could still tell that Hu Piyi was in an extremely disadvantaged situation. Right now, there was only a single thought in their heads; where exactly was Lin Xi, why didn’t he take action yet?


The instant all of these Yunqin soldiers erupted with great roars, Qilian Bao’s fist smashed viciously into the golden flying sword.

This time, the golden flying sword didn’t release that type of unbending will and power, not releasing that type of resolute sound, instead releasing the noise of copper being broken.

The golden flying sword’s runes already completely withdrew from the sword the instant the iron fist descended.

That golden flying sword that was so dazzling it couldn’t be looked at directly was now directly smashed apart just like rusty copper!

However, at the same time, all of the surging aura around Hu Piyi’s body instantly returned. His body flew out from the mud.

His right hand’s forefinger and middle finger became like a sword. All of his body’s power condensed endlessly into his two fingers, and was then fired out.

The instant the golden flying sword’s fragments scattered out, he already crossed the distance between Qilian Bao and himself, his fingers striking fiercely against the flame mountain symbol his flying sword previously continuously struck against.


In that instant, Qilian Bao’s chestplate released a cracking sound. Hu Piyi’s two fingers also broke at that time.

Qilian Bao released a miserable crazy roar, having his body blasted back another half a step.

Hu Piyi flew out backwards, floating in the air like a butterfly.

Qilian Bao roared crazily, all of the soul force within his body was just like Hu Piyi’s just now, erupting with everything he had without holding back in the slightest.

A ring of majestic vital energy formed several tangible tornados around his body, directly blasting away the dozen or so Yunqin soldiers around him.

His massive steel body caught up to Hu Piyi’s retreating figure, sending a fist smashing down on Hu Piyi’s right shoulder.

Hu Piyi’s right shoulder’s bones were completely smashed!

Lin Xi still didn’t make his move.

It was as if he completely disappeared into this dark night’s winds.

Right at this time, when Qilian Bao released another wanton berserk roar, raising his fist again, a black figure also released an explosive roar. Afterimages carrying air shattering sounds appeared, the long spear in his hands surging with flames, instantly becoming a tiger of light. When Qilian Bao’s fist descended, this spear fiercely stabbed into Qilian Bao’s chest, stabbing into the breastplate that previously already released some cracking noises!


Qilian Bao’s body froze fiercely, pieces of metal flying out from his chest.


This figure that leapt out from behind Hu Piyi erupted with power again, all of his strength surging. Even his body was pressed against the end of this spear.

The radiance that formed a tiger of light on this spear quickly scattered behind Qilian Bao’s figure, forming a resplendent and unforgettable scene.

Qilian Bao’s figure was forcibly stopped, his fist was only a few feet from smashing into Hu Piyi. However, the power his body erupted with instead once again directly clashed with the power of this spear.

This spear wielding black figure couldn’t withstand the power, his wrists instantly snapping. The dim spear and his body were both blown backwards.


Hu Piyi who landed at almost the same time as this black figure looked at this individual who continuously coughed out blood, asking this.

This person was actually Hu Qianjun.

This was someone from Hu Family who previously even wanted to stop him from leading the army.

“For Yunqin!”

Hu Qianjun coughed out blood, saying bitterly.


Right at this instant, a streak of light shot towards the heavily breathing Qilian Bao’s eye socket.

Qilian Bao only hung his head. With a dang noise, this streak of sword radiance was directly sent flying by his helmet’s forehead region, bouncing off.


At the same time, another streak of arrow light already descended upon his chest. The arrow’s position was precisely in the extremely small crack in his breastplate.

This was an archery skill that powerful archers often used, using one arrow to distract the opponent, make the enemy make an evasive movement, and then the second arrow dealt the true vicious blow.

The perception skills of ordinary cultivators couldn’t keep up with this type of arrow speed at all.

However, Qilian Bao wasn’t an ordinary cultivator. He was a Sacred Expert who exceeded the imaginations of ordinary cultivators.

In his perception, this arrow was still slow. He still had enough time to react.

A wave of extremely fine and pure soul force directly rushed out from the skin within his breastplate, smashing into this arrow.

In his perception, this arrow directly stopped and then fell to the ground powerlessly.

However, right at this time, another streak of arrow radiance already descended.

Just now, he made an extremely simple and extremely effective head lowering evasive action. As such, he would naturally subconsciously raise his head. In the instant he raised his head, an arrow already arrived before his eye socket.

Qilian Bao’s pupils rapidly contracted. His right hand’s fist was brandished with inhuman speed, actually smashing this arrow flying the moment before the arrow made contact with his eyeball.

However, a fourth arrow already arrived as well.

It aimed at the opening in his chest.

Within this brief instant, only Hu Piyi and Hu Qianjun, these types of cultivators knew what kind of clash was happening.

Both of them were more shaken than those ordinary soldiers.

It was because in the scene within their heads, Lin Xi didn’t stop at all, only mechanically firing arrows with the greatest speed possible.

However, every single arrow seemed to have predicted every single movement Qilian Bao made in advance.

Every single arrow was like something that had life, tracking down Qilian Bao’s weaknesses on their own.

Qilian Bao released a furious roar. When the fourth arrow pierced through his chest’s skin, it was sent flying by the soul fore surging from within his body.

However, this time, Qilian Bao subconsciously used his arm to block in front of his chest, while his other hand that struck an arrow flying still covered his eyes.

Originally, Hu Piyi was already powerless to fight further. However, in that instant, that hand that could still move, with two fingers broken, instead grabbed that spear that dropped to his side.

All of the remaining power within his body surged with speed exceeding his limit, completely disregarding the injuries in his body.

This spear became a leaping tiger of light, fiercely smashing into Qilian Bao’s body.

Qilian Bao’s body once again erupted with countless streaks of light.

The tottering Hu Piyi was still watching with his eyes widened. In the end, that Windstalker dressed in priest robes didn’t leave him disappointed after all. A streak of arrow directly descended viciously at this time, smashing into the falling Qilian Bao, fiercely making its way through that extremely fine breastplate gap!

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