Book 11 Chapter 35 - Impenetrable, But Do Our Best to Break Through

Ducks flew into the night sky, the ghost fleet-like Great Mang army began to ascend to shore.

Several thousand Great Mang advance troops began to quickly rush along the mudflat. Large amounts of leather floats had just reached the shore, Great Mang soldiers just started jumping into the waist deep waters, starting to unload military equipment.

Right at this time, the thousands of Great Mang advance troops suddenly discovered that the muddy ground beneath their feet suddenly began to tremble like an earthquake. Drops of muddy water actually bounced off the ground like round gray pearls.

In the distant pitch-black night sky, there seemed to be an even darker night that was rapidly spreading over.

“Yunqin army!”

“There is a Yunqin army!”

“Enemy attack!”

Within a split second, this Great Mang advance army’s entire body rigidly reacted, instantly erupting with loud cries of shock.


The instant these countless cries of horror sounded, a giant war drum-like rumbling began to spread through the world, a harsh aura spreading through this dark night.

After this summer thunder-like war drum sounded, countless other war drum noises also sounded. It was as if Yunqin’s army covered the sky and earth, as if there were countless giants forcefully trampling on the ground, crazily charging over.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!...

In the same moment, countless bright flames flickered in the darkness. Some of them landed in the mud or shallow waters, releasing waves of white mist, some directly landing on the bodies of Great Mang cultivators, carrying waves of blood and also producing white smoke.

Under the extreme darkness, when such bright flames were suddenly lit, it would be extremely hard for one’s eyes to immediately adjust to the abrupt change in surroundings.

In that instant, the Great Mang advance army already became completely stunned, fully entering a state of extreme panic.

It was because they could feel that this Yunqin army’s numbers were extremely shocking. Moreover, all of these Great Mang soldiers knew that Yunqin’s army was the army that was best at fighting at night. Other troops might fear the darkness, but in their eyes, it was instead the best cover and their best weapon.

Two Yunqin cavalry fleets suddenly accelerated, separately penetrating Great Mang’s forces from two different sides, charging between Great Mang’s advance forces and rear army.

As iron hooves rapidly struck the ground, endless mud splashed everywhere, cutting off the Great Mang advance troop from the rear Great Mang main force. Countless arrows and crossbow bolts both formed an expanse of black explosive rain, instantly pouring down.

Pu pu pu… Many Great Mang soldiers that were standing in the water, still stabilizing the leather floats so that the military goods on them wouldn’t fall into the waters directly turned into hedgehogs. More importantly, large amounts of leather floats were directly penetrated by arrows, starting to rapidly leak air.

This lake surface instantly became suffused with countless kettle boiling sounds. The milky white lake water directly became blood red.

Yunqin’s first round of flame arrows used to examine the situation already made Great Mang’s advance army suffer greatly. Before they could even mount any type of effective counterattack, they already turned into zongzi.[1]

Steel wires were flung out one after another, completely wrapping up this advance army that had at least five hundred heavy armored soldiers.

Then, Yunqin’s heavy armored soldiers swept through this Great Mang advance army.

Giant steel figures turned into an iron stream, passing through this advance army, attacking willfully with their weapons, trampling over them.

In an extremely short amount of time, this entire mudflat was covered in countless chunks of steel and flesh.

Hu Piyi was precisely behind this charging heavy armored troop. The instant this heavy armored troop trampled over the Great Mang advance army wrapped up like zongzi, he raised a fist and then fiercely brought it down, issuing a military order. The strength at which he brandished his arm was extremely great, to the extent where the surrounding air even released a great explosive noise.

Some metal hinge striking noises rapidly sounded.

At the same time, he turned around, looking at Lin Xi with a giant bow on his back, dressed in the priest robes that made the eyes of the soldiers behind him burn fiercely. With the most respectful and serious voice, he said, “Today’s great victory is completely because of you.”

Judging from Hu Piyi’s previous vow before his troops, Lin Xi already roughly guessed at what happened. Meanwhile, now he could understand Hu Piyi’s emotions well. As such, he also bowed slightly, saying, “In terms of adapting to the immediate situation and leading the army of Yunqin officers, there aren’t many that can compare to great general’s skill… Our previous defeats were only because Wenren Cangyue was too formidable.”

Hu Piyi also knew about Lin Xi’s matters. Moreover, through some military intelligence, he also already knew that Lin Xi was that powerful Yunqin assassin. Right now, he could also understand Lin Xi’s emotions well.

“Yunqin needs glory. This glory will depend on you and Gu Yunjin.” He inwardly released a light sigh, the expression on his face filled with even more distress.

Under metal clanking sounds, thick Mountain Piercing Crossbolts carried power that could even threaten Sacred Experts, raining down on Great Mang’s main forces.

For the sake of maintaining their speed of advancement, Hu Piyi’s fleet only brought less than two hundred sets of powerful crossbows. However, these crossbows’ firing range was several times that of ordinary crossbows, able to land deeply within Great Mang’s forces. Right now, Great Mang’s forces were stuck on the shallows, extremely dense. Powerful crossbow arrows directly smashed through leather floats one after another, creating giant pillars of water. The waves that spread afterwards made it so that the surrounding leather floats couldn’t maintain their balance either, falling over.

With just the archery ambush of these two cavalry fleets and this wave of powerful military equipment, the entire Great Mang troop immediately sunk into a paralyzed state, unable to effectively rush up the shore. Even if they wanted to retreat into the depths of the lake, most of the leather floats were stranded in place, unable to do so  because of the leather floats falling over and running into each other.


Hu Piyi used all of his strength to release a great roar.


In this instant, all of the originally silent Yunqin soldiers drew their blades and swords. The entire Yunqin army erupted with shouts of killing that suppressed all war drum noises.

Great Mang’s army responded while in panic and alarm.

Many torches and phosphorescence arrows flew out, scattering the dark night they feared.


A biting cold arrow was released from a leather float, shooting towards the space between Hu Piyi’s brows with incomparable accuracy.

Hu Piyi released another great roar. The air in front of him seemed to have ignited. Blasts of yellow light even made the light in front of his face seem to distort. Pa! He didn’t even use his sword, only using a fist to smash into this dark blue metal arrow.

At the same time, many Yunqin soldiers in the back saw the giant bow in Lin Xi’s hands begin to shine.

They saw this priest that represented radiance and glory calmly raise his bow, control the bowstring, and then fire with speed exceeding their imaginations.


That Great Mang cultivator who had just released an arrow from a leather float didn’t even have time to shoot a second arrow as his forehead erupted with a blast of blood, falling backwards.

Since the arrow that Great Mang cultivator archer released was extremely powerful, drawing out a lightning-like blue streak of light in the darkness, most of the Yunqin soldiers charging at the front noticed the existence of this Great Mang cultivator archer. Right now, Lin Xi used archery to face archery, a single arrow taking down this Great Mang archer who fired at Hu Piyi. As such, all of these Yunqin soldiers’ morale immediately surged to the limit. With an eruption noise, there was another tsunami-like wave of roars.

This great army’s situation was one group in chaos, the other group completely overwhelmed.

Right now, this Great Mang army was fighting on both sides, half of the army stuck in shallow waters, half in complete chaos, leather floats capsizing and bumping into each other. No matter which officer it was in this world, if they watched this battle from the side, they would know that in this battle, there was already no chance of Great Mang winning, the key only laid in how many people could escape.

However, there were still some individuals with exceptional strength and sturdy wills, soldiers who had experienced many dangerous and nasty battle situations who still wanted to fight it out.

“Fellas! In order to take down thieves, you have to take down their leader first. Charge with me! Kill those two!”

The instant that Great Mang cultivator archer was shot between the brows by Lin Xi’s arrow, falling down, a great bell-like roar sounded from Great Mang’s formation.

Wu! A loud noise sounded.

A streak of black and red light flickered. Just like a crossbow bolt fired from a crossbow cart, it fiercely landed a dozen or so meters in front of Lin Xi and Hu Piyi. With a crash noise, a wide expanse unfolded. This was an imposing black and red banner, on it embroidered the two characters ‘Qilian’.

When the banner landed on the ground, metal rumbling noises that were even more deafening than crossbow carts sounded  in the messy shallow waters, as if a large pile of steel collided ahead.

An incredibly massive steel figure wrapped in rings of exploding air directly charged towards Lin Xi and Hu Piyi.

Everyone knew that this person was precisely Great Mang Seven Generals’ Southern Path Great General Qilian Bao!

Qilian Bao was completely dressed in a set of soul weapon armor, with only his eyes exposed, revealing a horrifying vicious light. The soul weapon armor he wore was entirely blue-colored with red runes winding about it. Right now, all of the red runes were swirling with red flames, carrying streaks of air streams, as if streaks of blood flowed along the blue armor. In front of the armor was a flame mountain emblem. Around the shoulders, elbows and other areas where attacks could be delivered, there were extremely vicious blue-colored blades.

Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!... Right now, the one charging at the very front of Yunqin’s great army was precisely a heavy armored army. Two cavalry fleets frantically fired arrows behind the heavy armored troops. When they saw that the other party’s main leader appeared, the runes on the bodies of more than ten Yunqin cultivators dressed in Green King Heavy Armor[2] began to shine like electricity was activated, all of them charging forward. However, they were completely crushed, Qilian Bao didn’t even use his hands, directly charging forward. All of the Green King Heavy Armors that charged ahead were completely knocked aside, falling heavily onto the ground and unable to climb back up.

“I do not know what kind of Purgatory Mountain armor this is… My cultivation is roughly the same as his, but this armor is hard to break through.”

Just from the faint scratch left on this armor after clashing into Green King Heavy Armors, Hu Piyi immediately turned around, saying this to Lin Xi.

“Keep him busy, try your best to break through!”

Lin Xi nodded, turning around and entering the darkness behind him.

1. Zongzi are glutinous rice and fillings wrapped in leaves

2. Yunqin’s most powerful soul weapon heavy armor B11C13

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